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Tanngnjóstr (pronounced "TAN-ge-NYO-ster"), commonly referred to as Otis in the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series, is a goat that is owned by the Norse god Thor. He is not to be confused with the giant Otis in the Heroes of Olympus.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

Otis's first appearance involves him attempting to resuscitate Magnus via mouth-to-mouth CPR after Magnus had jumped off a cliff in Nidavellir. He has a moody attitude and low self-esteem, which may be why he sees a therapist, as he mentions in the book. The reason why Otis stumbles across Magnus, Samirah, and Hearth is because he is looking for reinforcements to help Thor, who is hammerless and stuck in between a giantess's legs in Jotunheim. Otis, Magnus, Sam, and Hearth follow Jack's directions on where to find Thor (not Otis's; he got lost), and they locate him in a river with Otis's brother, Marvin, also at the crime scene. Seeing no other option, Magnus opts to chucking Jack into the nasal cavity of the giantess who was trying to drown the Nordic thunder god, and that, for some reason, is effective. After he had been rescued, Thor invites Magnus and his friends to dinner where they gut and later eat both Otis and Marvin.

The Hammer of Thor

Otis, who is incognito and dressed in a trench coat,a porkpie hat, and sunglasses, meets up with Magnus at The Thinking Cup cafe to discuss the whereabouts of Mjølnir, Thor's hammer. Otis believes the hammer to be located in a Wight's barrow in Provincetown and that Magnus should retrieve it, along with Hearth and Blitzen. Initially, Magnus is skeptical, as this lead came from the gossip that Otis overheard while in his psychiatrist's waiting room. Briefly, Otis mentions something about him having a stalker before impaled by a flying axe, thrown by Utgard-Loki. His body then evaporates into "curls of white vapor like dry ice" which Samirah confirms to be mist from Ginnungap.

Later, Magnus is outraged to hear from Gellir, within the Wight's barrow, that he had been badly informed about the location of Mjølnir, stating that, "there's a goat I need to kill."

Eventually, Otis and Marvin make another appearance in Sif and Thor's home, after Magnus and his friends had been rescued from a mob of giants and taken into their home in Asgard. The two goats accompany Thor in his "man cave", where Thor paces in front of arcade machines and mutters about hammers. When Magnus, Alex, Sam, Blitz, and Hearth discuss their plans for Sam's arranged marriage, Thor offers for Otis and Marvin to pull the chariot, saying that he can use them to spy as he can "see and hear what my goats see and hear". Otis and Marvin comply and then pull the chariot into the giant Thyrm's lair. When Thyrm announces that him and "Samirah" are going to say their vows in the cavern of Loki, Magnus rushes to Otis and tries to communicate with Thor through him. He attempts the same thing again when Thyrm summons Mjølnir from the earth, trying to notify Thor, but to no avail.

Finally, Thor, Heimdall, and Vidar manage to break into Thyrm's lair to aid Magnus and his friends against Loki and the giants. The moment he is in the chamber, Thor reunites with his hammer that he calls "Mee-Mee", and completely ignores his two goats who had just witnessed a battle and are probably faced with PTSD (especially Otis).

The Ship of the Dead

Although Otis doesn't make an appearance in this book, Magnus sees a goat that he thinks to be Otis after jumping out of a moving train with Sam and Mallory. Whose name was Theodore and his belly wasn't a pillow.

9 from the Nine Worlds

Just another Decapitated Head

He and Marvin are being watched by Heimdall while Thor jogs the nine worlds. The watchman dresses them in pyjamas and takes videos of them. When Odin tells him to keep watch, Otis and Marvin jump off the Bifrost.


Otis is shown to be depressed and pessimistic.


  • Otis' real name, Tanngnjóstr, means "Teeth Grinder", since that is a nervous habit of his.
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