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Why should Amazons follow Jupiter, that foolish king of Olympus, when we can follow a queen?

–Otrera, in The Son of Neptune.

Otrera was a Greek hero, the consort of Ares, as well as the founder and first Queen of the Amazons. She is the mother of Hippolyta and Penthesilea.


Otrera was sometimes considered the founder of the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus, which was closely connected with Amazons. She was also sometimes considered the founder of the Amazon nation, though many myths place the first Amazons much earlier. She was killed by Bellerophon.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Son of Neptune

Ares, her lover

Otrera was one of the people Gaea revived from the Underworld using the Doors of Death. Otrera began persuading some of the Amazons to turn over to her side later planning to challenge the current leader of the Amazons, queen Hylla, to a fight to the death over the control of all the Amazons. Planning on winning the fight against Hylla, Otrera would help Gaea and the giants to destroy Camp Jupiter by bringing the Amazons as reinforcements. It was around this time that Percy Jackson, Frank Zhang, and Hazel Levesque find the base of the Amazons in Seattle. Otrera wants to kill them right away, but Hylla says that it wasn't the Amazon way and has Frank and Percy put in cells. However, Otrera manages to have her followers guard the two demigods. Hylla comes up with a plan to help them escape and at the same time to make Otrera's guards and therefore Otrera look bad.

When the Amazons arrive at the Battle of New Rome, Polybotes expects to find Otrera at their head. However, it is Hylla instead, much to the joy and relief of Percy as it means that Hylla was able to win her duels against the former Amazon queen.

After the battle, Kinzie tells Percy that Hylla was able to defeat Otrera in two consecutive duels, earning her the name Hylla Twice-Kill. Thanks to Percy, Frank and Hazel freeing Thanatos, Otrera stayed dead the second time.


  • Hippolyta and Penthesilea , two other Amazon queens, were daughters of Otrera by Ares.
  • In the myths, Otrera is said to be a daughter of Eurus, the East Wind God. However, in The Son of Neptune, she is said to be the daughter of Ares. However, that is contradicted because her daughters were also daughters of Ares.
  • She was the unknown Amazon who was slain by Bellerophon in Lycia.
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