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I was erased. From the glyphs, my people's stories, as if I never existed. I was one of the most powerful of the gods, the great sky-watcher. I taught the people to read the stars, to plant their harvest at the appointed time, to prepare for the seasons. But then I made a grave mistake. I told of a prophecy the gods didn't want to hear.

–Pacific explaining why the other gods erased her existence in The Storm Runner.

Pacific, whose true name is unknown, is the former Mayan goddess of time.


Pacific used to be one of the most powerful of the gods, she was even on the council of the Old World. She taught the people to read the stars, plant their harvest at the appointed time, and prepare for the seasons.

But years ago, Pacific recited the Prophecy of Fire in which Ah-Puch, the imprisoned great god of death, and evil will released by a powerful innocent (someone who has no knowledge of their lineage) born with ancient blood, the Storm Runner, during a solar eclipse. The gods got frightened because it brought to mind the hero twins, the very first godborns from Ixkik'. The twins inspired jealousy in the gods, so the gods established a law that no godborns would ever be born. But Pacific's prophecy made them so angry, they erased her from all accounts and documents and sentenced her to death. However, she was spared by Hurakan and haven to K'ukumatz, who kept her chained in the ocean.

In Series

Out of anger at the gods, she found a man of supernatural Mexica heritage and had a daughter with him to anger the Mayan gods.

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Storm Runner

Pacific appears to Zane Obispo in San Diego after her Prophecy of Fire was fulfilled. She tells him how the gods made it illegal for them to have children with humans under the threat of death for them and their children. She gives him a tooth made out of Jaguar Jade and calls him storm runner before sending him to shore.

Pacific later comes to Zane with K'ukumatz to inform him that they will shave a few hours of his trip. Although Zane was successful in killing Ah-Puch, he was forced by Ixtab to write about his story on the truth paper of Itzam-yée'. As a result, Pacific was to be exposed to the gods. So she was forced to find a new hiding place, but not before giving Zane one last "parting gift" by speeding up time so he could get to Isla Holbox.

The Fire Keeper

Ren Santiago, her godborn daughter.

She angrily barges into the gods meeting and later claims Ren Santiago as her daughter. Later she arrives on Isla Holbox and meets Ren's abuelo, she gives her daughter a small gold watch to help her control her abilities and explains that her absence seizures are a gateway to her powers.

The Shadow Crosser

Zane sees his first encounter with her as he is walking through Chapat. She is imprisoned within Tlaltecuhtli along with the other gods and trapped in 1987. When the Mexica earth goddess is brought back to the present, she is found in the form of a teenager by Ren along with Ah-Puch, they head to Hurakan's treehouse afterwards to hear Ixkik' is hunting down the gods and orders Zane to come to the Ceiba World Tree. She tells the son of Hurakan how to speak with Ixkik' and, after he surrenders, she and the others agree to find as many gods as they can.


Pacific is described as a young woman with long white blonde hair with cat ears wearing a wetsuit.


Pacific is shown to be helpful to others, giving Zane Jaguar Jade at his father's request, however she is known to hold a grudge, having a child with a man of Mexica heritage to spite the Mayan Gods.

She is shown to be a caring parent, giving her daughter a watch to help her control her powers.



  • Based on her appearance, Pacific may be a jaguar goddess.
  • Her Greek equivalent would be Kronos in terms of attributes.
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