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The Pahua Moua series is a series of books by Lori M. Lee under the Rick Riordan Presents imprint that focuses on Hmong mythology.[1]



Pahua Moua series
Books: Pahua and the Soul Stealer | Pahua and the Dragon's Secret
Main Characters: Pahua Moua | Miv | Zhong Vang
Secondary Characters: Mrs. Moua | Yeng | Bridge Spirit | Matt Moua
Minor Characters: Hailey Jones | Jocelyn | June | Shao | Shee Yee | Mr. Taylor | Mr. Moua | Spike | Suad Nag | Cag | Hluas
Hmong Gods: Ntuj | Xov
Mythical Creatures: Ghost | Poj Ntxoog | Dragon | Spirit Eagle
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