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The gods knew she would open the jar. They were willing to punish the entire race of humanity along with us.

Prometheus, talking about Pandora, in The Last Olympian.

Pandora was a woman of near-perfection formed out of clay by the gods. She was the one who opened the jar (or pithos) with all the evils in humanity, mistranslated as Pandora's Box.

Percy Jackson's Greek Gods

Epimetheus, her husband.

To punish mankind for its part in Prometheus' theft of the secret of fire without revealing his interference, Zeus took Aphrodite's suggestion of using the love of a woman. Hence, Hephaestus molded the very first woman out of clay. Zeus breathed life into her, and all the other gods participated in ensuring that this woman was perfect in every way: Aphrodite gave her beauty and charm to make her irresistible; Apollo taught her how to sing and play the lyre; Demeter taught her how to tend a garden; Poseidon gave her a pearl necklace and promised she would never drown; Athena gave her cleverness and curiosity, and taught her weaving and crafts, and Hermes gave her deceitfulness. She was named "Pandora" and sent to Prometheus' brother, Epimetheus, to become his wife.

Before he was chained, Prometheus warned Epimetheus not to accept any gifts from Zeus, but he ignored his brother's warning as he couldn't resist the beautiful Pandora. Aphrodite later gave Pandora a mysterious wedding present in the form of a large ceramic jar (pithos) and warned her that under no circumstances was she to open the jar, for it was just for looking at.

However, because the gods had given her curiosity, Pandora eventually opened the jar and indirectly unleashed uncountable evils into the world: misery, disease, sorrow, death, and so on. Zeus' vengeance against mankind was therefore fulfilled, for these evils served as an utter plague on the world, making life for humanity far worse than it had ever been before. However, even in the midst of all this, it was still revealed that Zeus did have some sense of shame over his vengeance - Elpis, the Spirit of Hope, remained in the jar and stayed with humanity so that it wouldn't succumb completely to despair and would always believe in a better future.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Last Olympian

While Prometheus is talking to Percy Jackson, he gives him a gift, Pandora's Pithos and dismisses the legends of Pandora's "box." He tells him when he wants to surrender in the Battle of Manhattan against Kronos, just open the pithos and Hope will be released, telling Prometheus and Kronos that they have surrendered and are "giving up hope."

Tired of constant temptation, Percy later gives Pandora's pithos to Hestia when he revisits her in Olympus, stating that hope survives best at the hearth.


Due to having been crafted by Hephaestus and blessed by Aphrodite, Pandora was a woman of irresistible and unparalleled beauty, grace, allure and elegance and charm, with long flowing dark hair, blue eyes (her eyes were made of blue sapphires), and red lips (her lips were made of rubies). She also wore a pearl necklace given to her by Poseidon.


  • Beauty and Allure: Pandora was blessed with pure irresistible beauty and charm by Aphrodite.
  • Intelligence: Pandora received cleverness, deceitfulness, and curiosity from Athena and Hermes
  • Craftsmanship: Pandora was taught crafts and the art of weaving by Athena.
  • Gardening: Pandora was taught how to tend a garden by Demeter.
  • Musical Aptitude: Pandora was taught how to sing and play the lyre by Apollo.
  • Underwater Breathing (possibly): Poseidon promised Pandora that she would never drown, so it is highly likely that she had the ability to breath in both water and air, and was capable of staying underwater for as long as she liked.


Her name loosely translates as "all the gifts" or "the whole package", 


  • Although some versions of the myth claim that Pandora is the first ever woman created, Percy isn't sure about it, calling the idea "kind of lame and boring to [him]".[1]
  • Pandora is very similar to Eve, Percy Jackson even mentions this with Epimetheus being similar to Adam. Both women disobeyed an order to due their curiosity and later tried to blame their actions on someone else.
  • Prometheus says that she opened a pithos, which is a Greek vase. This is actually true in the original myths. Pandora's Box is a common mistranslation.
  • Pandora, a moon of Saturn, is named after her.


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