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Paola Santiago and the Forest of Nightmares is the second book in the Paola Santiago series by Tehlor Kay Mejia under the Rick Riordan Presents imprint.


Six months after Paola Santiago confronted La Llorona, life is nothing like she expected it to be. She is barley speaking to her best friends, Dante and Emma, and what's worse, her mom has an annoying new boyfriend. Even with her chupacabra puppy, Bruto, around, Pao can't escape the feeling that she’s all alone in the world. Pao has no one to tell that she's having nightmares again, this time in a terrifying forest. Even more troubling, at the central is her estranged father, an enigma of a man she barley remembers. And when Dante's abuela falls mysteriously ill, it seems that the dad Pao never knew is the key to healing the eccentric old woman. Pao's search for her father will send her far from home, where she will encounter new monsters and ghosts, a devastating betrayal, and finally, the forest of nightmares. Will the truths her father has been hiding save the people she loves, or destroy them? Once again Tehlor Kay Mejia draws on her Mexican heritage to the a wild and wondrous story that combines creatures from folklore with modern day challenges.


Third Wheel on a Date and Tension Between Friends

Paola Santiago reluctantly joins her mother and her new boyfriend Aaron on their date at Pizza Pete's. As the three sit in silence, she thinks of a recurring nightmare about finding her dad in the woods before being swallowed by the earth. She tries not to scuff, as her mother is watching her every move, as she watches three boys play a horror video game. Pao starts talking about a school project involving cloaking technology hen her mother spots Emma Lockwood with the rest of the Rainbow Rogues, their school's LGBTQIA+ club, and feels sad that she and Emma have drifted apart. As Aaron goes for another slice of pizza, a quarter hits Pao's glass and she is drenched in soda. Her mother scolds her but she points to the boys playing the arcade game as she goes to the bathroom to clean up. After cleaning herself off, Aaron rides his back back home as she and her mother walk home. As Maria is about to scold Pao, she hugs her mother and says she doesn't want things to change so quickly. He mom hugs her back and says the bond between parent and child is forever. When they return to the Riverside Palace Apartments, they find Dante Mata outside and he apologizes for missing pizza due to "soccer practice". Pao's mom leaves them alone as they have an awkward conversation. Things start off quietly until Dante's abuela calls him "Alberto" and says to come inside. Pao asks if she is alright and he snaps at her and insults her. Dante apologizes but Pao heads back to her apartment.[1]

That night, Pao has a dream about her father again, but this time she finds Dante's grandmother in her father's place. She calls Pao Maria and tells her stay away from someone named Beto, which she finds strange as her father is named César. Soon Seniora Mata vanishes and Pao sees floating green eyes start to surround her and she wakes up, still seeing the eyes and swats them away. After calming down a looking at Bruto, she hears giggling and the blender from outside. Leaving her room, she finds her mother and Aaron making smoothies and offers her some before inviting her to go hiking with them. She declines and goes to investigate Aaron's backpack and her mother's bedroom. After finding no incriminating evidence to get her mother to break up with him and realizing he is moving in despite her pleas the night before. In a fit of rage, she trashes her mother’s room and finds notebooks. After tossing them around, she finds a note with her father's name and a PO Box in Pine Glad, Oregon. After waiting for Dante to be at soccer practice, she goes to speak with his grandmother. After Seniors Mata brings out random ingredients for a dish she wanted to teach Pao to make, the girl tells the old woman she broke up with Beto and is now dating someone named César. The old woman pauses at this and, gripping her face, says the two names are the same and that some will stop to nothing to stop her before passing out. Pao questions the old woman's legal status and wonders if calling 911 would get her deported. She calls Emma who agrees to call and pay for a private ambulance. Soon the green lights return, as well as Dante who can see them as well. The lights vanish as soon as Dante comes close to his grandmother and reveals she has been acting like that since they saved Emma and blames Pao for it. The ambulance arrives and Pao tells the paramedic everything that happened and goes with the Matas to the hospital. As they rush to the hospital, Pao decides to go to Pine Glad to find her father.

At the Hospital and Going to the Niños

Emma Lockwood

When they arrive at the Silver Springs Hospital, a nurse gives Dante paperwork, he goes with the doctors as Pao waits for Emma. Soon Emma arrives and she tearfully tells her everything that has been happening since Emma was saved, including her plan to go to Oregon to find her father and cure Dante's grandmother. Emma is shocked by this and convinces Pao to only do this if their is no logical explanation. They enter the room, claiming to be Dante's cousins, where they say Seniors Mata is fine physically but they are not picking up any brainwaves. Emma talks to the doctors as Pao pulls a reluctant Dante into the hallway to talk. He knows she is hiding something but before she can tell him, they hear screams and her phone rings. She chooses to focus on the screams. They find two specters terrorized the people in the hallway. Pao takes out her knife as Dante goes to get his grandmother's Arma del Alma. Soon Pao and a janitor are the only ones to remain in the hallway with the specters. He tells her to use her knife as he takes on one of the specters. As the janitor is preoccupied with one of the ghosts, the only grabs Pao and starts at squeeze her and the green lights return. Just then Dante arrives, telling Emma to stay back as he takes out the ghosts just before he saves Pao, the ghost squeezing her calls her by her name and says to seek it out for answers.

After a moment of calm, Emma comes out and tells them the doctors looking after Abuela Mata hid during the attack. The janitor tells them that the nurses called the police thinking Pao and Dante destroyed the hallway and to get away as soon as possible, after Emma says she’ll take care and everything, Dante reluctantly agrees to go with Pao to Oregon to save his grandmother. They sneak out the back and out of town before heading to the Gila River to spend the night with the Niños de la Luz to throw the authorities off their trail and ask them for help in getting to Oregon. When they get close, Dante accuses her of orchestrating everything and hurting his grandmother just so she can be the hero. She snaps back that everything just happened and she had no control over it. After calming down he agrees to spend the night. They find the camp abandoned and Pao starts to panic, with Dante's criticism only making her feel worse. After telling Pao this will be the first place the police would look, she snaps at him, saying she was going through things as he was pushing her away. Dante retorts by saying she abandoned Emma after saving her and helping her come out, and only contacting her when she needed something. Things then calm down and, after a couple hours rest, they agree to catch a bus at Rock Creek, the next town over. Pao takes first watch as Dante falls asleep. She soon falls asleep and dreams she is in the forest again, chasing Dante’s shadow before finding her father face down, begging for help before it is to late and Pao promises to save him.


Pao wakes up to find Naomi standing over her and the green lights circling her again. Pao notices Dante is still asleep and is happy he has not woken up. The lights vanish as Naomi interrogates Pao. Pao says they need to get to Oregon as Naomi says Franco has brought the Niños up north to investigate an anomaly up north. Pao listens as she criticizes Franco for making La Llorona stronger and his poor choices, as well as criticizing Marisa for blindly following him. After learning Naomi has been taking care of small problems to get by, she tells her Franco and Marisa are both terrible for leaving and asks if this anomalies are from Oregon. After a brief moment of silence, Naomi agrees to take them to a contact in Rock Creek who can take them to Central California, and hoping she would join her and Dante further north. Naomi offers to stand watch as Pao goes back to sleep. In the morning, Pao wakes up to find Dante glaring at Naomi. He reveals she let him get taken and has a great distrust of her. As Naomi secures the camp, Pao reveals to Dante that she asked Naomi to help them, much to his anger. After a brief argument Dante reveals that he's worried about his grandmother and the two reconcile as Naomi returns and they walk two and a half hours to Rock Creek. During the walk Emma calls to tell them nothing has changed with Señora Mata and that she was moved to a new room and the police believe drug addicts attacked the hospital. When they arrive, they buy sunglasses and breakfast burritos. Naomi reveals some she helped a few months back, Johnny, makes trips to Fresno and she thinks she can talk him into taking them. When they finish eating. Pao goes to wash her hands and a woman appears out of nowhere. After telling Pao a sob story, she transforms and attacks the girl. Soon the woman stops and tells Pao to find someone in a voice not her own. After that the woman reverts back to normal and leaves. Pao forgets the encounter and goes outside. After meeting up with her companions, Pao sees an alter in the store for someone named Querida Elenita before they go to meet Naomi's contact.

Naomi takes Pao and Dante to Juan & Sons Auto Repair and introduces them to Johnny. He agrees to take them to Fresno during a scheduled trip on Thursday, three days from then, but Pao insists they have to leave that day. Johnny rejects the offer and Naomi ushers Pao and Dante away after saying she will refuse Johnny's next call for help. Johnny gives in and agrees to take them in a car he is working on, as the owner won't pick it up for a few days. Pao and Dante get in as Pao tries one last time to get Naomi to join them. She refuses and they head out, only for Naomi to change her mind and join them soon after.

Heading to Central California

As they are driving across the Arizona-California border, Dante and Pao look out the window as they are driven to their destination. As they are about to get on the interstate, Pao sees a man dressed entirely in red with long black hair in a ponytail looking for a ride. She becomes captivated and forgets everything, asking Johnny to pull over to pick him up. However Johnny drives past the man, ignoring him, and asks Pao if she wants a snack. Annoyed, Pao turns on her phone to read texts, from Emma. After learning Señora Mata is still the same as when they left and the doctors are bringing in a specialist and new equipment, she relays this information to Dante, who's expression is hard to read. After that Pao reveals she doesn't know what to do with Dante to Emma as Emma says they will make up eventually, even assuming Pao and Dante were dating. Pao debunks this before turning her phone off.

After a few miles they reach a rest stop and Johnny gives them ten minutes to use the bathroom or eat. After Pao uses the bathroom, she heads back to the car to find no one is there. She then goes to a strange vending machine and gets a snack. However the green lights appear again and she takes out her knife. Soon the lights form a wide ring around her and five cadejo, large black dogs with glowing green eyes, appear. She tries and fails to stab one when Dante's Arma del Alma suddenly comes to her. She takes it and, after it turns into a club, uses it to take out four of them. As she kills them, she starts to see her companions. The fifth one bites her right arm, breaking the skin. Upon remembering the story, Pao licks her hand and the cadejo licks it before vanishing. Eventually Naomi and Dante see her and Naomi catches her. Pao feels disheartened upon learning Naomi came up with the plan to throw her the Arma del Alma, but gets angry after Naomi let's slip that she knew this things would happen. As Naomi defends herself by saying she thought Franco was exaggerating, Johnny comes up to them and says some tourists called the police on Pao "assaulting the vending machines" and they head out. As they continue north, Pao apologizes to Dante and says none of this is her fault and that they are still friends. He agrees that they are still friends as Johnny pulls into a dive for lunch. Pao turns her phone on to see if Emma has any news when her mom calls and she quickly turns it off. Back on the road, she notices a boy her age in red pajamas hitchhiking and asks Johnny to pick him up, but no one else sees him. She notices that the bite wound is acting up as Johnny asks for a drop off location. Pao and Naomi have nothing, but Dante requests they be dropped off in Raisin Valley, a town southwest of Fresno.

They reach Raisin Valley at sunset and Dante directs Johnny to a house. When they get out of the car, Pao winces a little and worries that the bite might be infected. Johnny gives his fair wells and leaves them. Dante knocks on the door as a woman answers it as Naomi catches Pao as her legs weaken and she sees green light. As Pao is about to pass out, Dante addresses the woman as his mother and asks if they could come in.

Dreams of Origins and A Broken Friendship


In her dream, Pao is back in the forest and sees a Duendecillos, a creature her mother told her about what she was younger. The creature tells her something is Spanish, which she has not gotten much better at since the summer, but deduces it wants her to follow it. Pao refuses and continues on the path, but the duendecillo pulls at the hem of her sweatshirt and Pao gives in. The creature leads her to a pond, saying something and pointing at the water. After a while, Pao realizes it wants her to get in the pond. Not being able to swim and fearing she might be on the verge of death, Pao is hesitant at first but gives in. The second Pao gets in the water, she feels better and notices that the bite is healing rapidly, not even leaving a scar. As soon as she is healed, Pao is sucked out of the bottom of the pond before finding herself falling down the the house they just arrived at. She picks herself up and finds a toddler who she realizes is a younger Dante. She realizes he can see her and pulls her towards the grapevines, saying a bad man is coming. Soon a large creature attacks the house, pulling a man out of the window and shaking him to death. Pao realizes he is Dante's father as a younger version of his mother calls for Dante to come to her before running away when she is nearly hit by debris. Pao tries to calm a crying Dante by saying they will be best friends in the future and he perks up when she mentions his abuela. Just then Señora Mata appears and takes Dante. She addresses Pao, again calling her Maria, and says to distract the monster as she takes her grandson to safety. Pao agrees and the old woman finally addresses her by her name, and tells her to find the ghost's family who died fifty years ago, as Pao readies herself to take on the monster.

Pao races into the house and, after seeing pictures and thinking about what Señora Mata mention by finding the ghost's family, realizes she is looking for an old photo. She searches the house for any pictures that were taken fifty years ago and finds one of a woman and two girls in a silver locket. She then heads into the kitchen and the locket heats up, sticking to her hand. Pao resists crying out in pain as the ghost tries to grab her. She finds a bottle of Florida water and pours it on the locket, detaching it from her hand and returning it to its original gold color. The ghost then turns into a man and vanishes. Pao then plants the locket and gold flowers emerge from it. Soon a magnifying glass sprout from the flowers and, when she takes it, it turns into a spear, her very own Arma del Alma.

Pao wakes up in Dante's mom's house alone. She inspects the wound and finds no evidence of it. She finds the magnifying glass in her pocket and searches the unkept house for anyone but finds no one. She finds Dante by the well, who knows she knows about his past and blames her for letting his father die. Pao says there was nothing she could do as Dante brings out his club. He says that despite his weapon, tragic backstory, and lineage, Pao is the hero and not him. He goes on to say that someone told him the truth and her lineage and why she has these dreams, as well as the danger she poses to his family. He explains that he was distancing himself from her to keep his grandmother safe and that he should be with her now and berates her for trying to keep him to herself. Pao apologies for it as he lands a blow on her shoulder. Surprised that he hit her, Pao transforms her Arma del Alma and pins Dante to the ground. Unfazed, he digs up the locket and breaks it, unleashing the ghost and escaping while Pao is distracted. Pao struggles to fight the ghost as she deals with Dante’s betrayal. She manages to stab the ghost in his shins and runs into the house, takes some pans to make noise to distract it. Pao is then grabbed by the ghost and it throws her against a wall. After willing her staff to her, Pao stabs the ghost and it shrinks before exploding. Pao then goes upstairs to find Naomi and Dante’s mother locked in his old room. Dante's mother says their is a key in a drawer by the stove and Pao goes to get it. After unlocking the door, Pao runs out to the vineyard and vomits before calling Emma. After telling Emma the story, she says that Pao is not at fault and Dante is the one to blame. They call themselves each other's hero before hanging up.

Naomi catches up with Pao, who composes herself, and explains everything to Naomi. She's shocked and angered by Dante's actions as Pao goes to speak with Dante's mother. After asking why she abandoned Dante, the woman reveals she feared for her life and was too ashamed to look for him after that, knowing he was safe with her mother-in-law. Pao says they need to get to Oregon as by the following night and Mrs. Mata says a bus will come at five and tells them to sleep. Pao dreams of Dante telling his "new friend" that the ghost is ready and she wonders what it means. As they wait for the bus, Mrs. Mata explains that the bus often takes children to the farms to work and asks them to help Dante if they find him.

Reaching Oregon and Meeting up with the Niños

The Hitchhiker

For the first few miles, Pao and Naomi sleep with Pao dreaming in still images, her father begging for help, Dante in a white and gold outfit with glowing green eyes, and three dunedecillos by a pond talking about something important as something approaches and scares them. Pao wakes up screaming and tells Naomi about her dream. They then have a heart to heart where Pao reveals she thought Naomi had a crush on Dante, which she debunks and goes on to say she is disappointed in Marisa following Franco, who she sees as a bad leader. Pao is glad she and Naomi are bonding as they reach the California-Oregon border, however the bus stops and lets on a man in a Santa suit who starts bothering the female passengers. However he skips Pao and Naomi after catching a glimpse of Pao's magnifying glass. Pao thinks he is familiar and starts to think he is a ghost. Pao berates the man and he finally comes over to the girls. After seeing his eyes change color, they attack him, causing panic on the bus. The man then starts to change shape, which causes Pao to remember something from Rock Creek. The ghost then turns into the man and boy she saw before the Cadejo attack. When Pao shares this with Naomi, the niños backs away in fear upon realizing what the ghost is. The bus driver, who was driving at a high speed, pulls over a all bus Pao, Naomi, and the ghosts get off. Upon remembering the legend of shapeshifters who turned into young women to seduce men into giving them a ride before killing, Pao shares Naomi's fears. The Hitchhiker says it was ordered to follow Pao before going to kill the other passengers.

The girls jump off the bus and search for the passengers, but do not find them. Naomi sees a white shape moving ahead of them and they follow. They lose track of the thing and, after a jump scare with a rabbit, Naomi reveals to Pao that she knows she is hiding something, that something in her story doesn’t add up. Pao then tells her about the dreams with her dad telling her to save him. After mentioning Dante’s grandmother saying the name Beto, Naomi says that is the name of one of La Llorona's sons. Pao starts to think that he could be her father, but Naomi says it might be someone with the same name. They then hear different laughs coming from all over the forest and mark a tree with their initials before moving on, only to end up back at that tree. Pal falls to her knees and is about to give up when Naomi gives her a pep talk. After Naomi realizes it is a force field, just like the camp, she asks Pao how she navigated it before. Pao says she used her flashlight and Naomi jokingly tells Pao the niños used echolocation, which Pao believes and she laughs at Pao for it. Just then a duenducillos arrives, the same one from Pao's dream. Pal tries asking her for help, learning her name is Estrella, a more show up. The leader tells them to leave but Pao says they need help. Estrella informs them her kind don’t trust humans, but the leader says they don’t trust Pao's "other half". They decide to pass judgment later and look Pao, Naomi, and Estrella in a tree, where they realize they are not alone.

They find the Niños and Naomi becomes skittish when Marisa addresses her. Franco, who ignores them, says they have found the anomaly as Pao reveals what it is. Franco finds it hard to believe but Marisa takes her seriously. When Franco says there are timed appearances of the anomaly, he suggests using an experimental beam to catch it. But Pao, after learning he never tried it. Suggests something else. After noticing Estrella, Franco accuses her of being a spy, but Pao says she is not and goes to speak with her privately. Estrella says they will come if an emergency occurs. When Pao learns a fire counts she suggests, she suggests starting one, as she knows how, and the niños agree to help. After starting the fire they wait by the door. After several minutes of watching the fire grow to dangerous levels, the door opens and they escape, only to come face to face with the Hitchhiker. He comes at the group and they attack him. During the fighting, the Hitchhiker tells Pao that those are her will never accept her and that he can tell her about her father if she stands down. Repressing the urge to have her questions answered, she rejects the chance and keeps fighting. However it is a losing battle and Pao and the niños are quickly defeated with Pao being knocked out.

Pao dreams she is in a clearing with a reflective pool. When she looks into it, she sees herself as a pale skinned ghost with white hair and glowing green eyes. When she wakes up back in the destroyed cell, she discovers she is in a video call with Emma, who is with her mom and Bruto, and they are trapped in a ring of green lights that are closing in on them. Pap wishes they were with her and, after a second, they come to Pao. She sees the fight is still going on as Franco tries to use his device. Pao, who has a new plan, tells him to stop but he ignores her. Franco's plan backfires and the Hitchhiker knocks him out. Pap cuts off two of the ghost's arms and, telling her mom and Emma to stand back and having Naomi promise to take them home if anything happens to her, lures the Hitchhiker back into the cell where the green lights appear. After rejecting their offer again, Pao asks to be her father and the lights take her somewhere.

Finding Dad and Learning the Truth

Pao finds herself on the same path she dreamt of and walks it with Bruto at her side. At the top they find a trailer and a pickup truck and head for it. As She knocks on the door, Pao hears two male voices, one pleading to stop something and the other promising the former, Beto, his freedom if he does this. The door opens and a man walks out and hugs her. After a minute, Pao starts to ask questions, but he starts to talk to himself and she realizes he was talking to her. Bruto guards her as she walks away, but the man says he can answer her questions. Pao tries to run, but she is ensnared in tendrils of dark energy. She calls to Bruto for help, but he only obeys the man. Pao struggles helplessly as she is pulled into the trailer. The inside of the trailer houses numerous scientific equipment and a metal chair which her father moves her to. He explains that her dreams take her places, that she actually traveled back in time to save Dante. He explains how Carmela Mata has left her body due to traveling back to save Dante as well. He goes on to explain that he failed to get Pao when she was in The Rift, but has been whispering to Dante since then, manipulating him to get Pao to come to him. Pao blames herself as he shows her Dante, who he plans to dispose after everything is finished. As the man prepares to do something, Pao asks why he won’t look her in the eye. He reluctantly does so and she sees his life, after a while he apologizes to Pao.

Her father frees her and they hug, as he explains that he is La Llorona's son, he is possessed by the soul used to resurrect him. Pao tells her father to fight it, but he slaps her and straps her in. He explains how La Llorona abducted him and shows her the process that was used to create Beto's new body. He explains how it is too late for him to get his life back, but plans on using Pao, the granddaughter of the strongest ghost to ever exist, to open the void. Upon realizing her heritage, Pao believes Dante was right to say she wasn’t a hero. He points to purple mist around the ceiling and Pao realizes his attempts to open the void was the anomaly Franco detected. As he is about to proceed, a voice stops him. Pao hears her mother pleading with her father to come back as Emma frees her and Beto regains control. Pao has Emma take Bruto outside and her father explains how he has a plan to close the void and separate himself from the other soul. However the process will most likely kill him. After Pao asks about Dante, Beto says if he is in the void, then it is already to late for him. Pao is hurt by this but agrees to go about it. As Maria leaves, Beto has Pao strap him into the chair and tells her to wait until the other soul takes control before aiming a device at him. Pao feels angry but obeys, waiting until the other soul taken control before activating the device.

Her father’s body is coated in a purple goo and his sacrifice is separated from his body. After thinking about the agony fear he endured at the hands of her grandmother, Pao says she forgives him for luring her to Oregon, taking control of her father, and manipulating Dante. She asks for his name and, through looking into his memory, discovers it is Joaquín. He begs him to pass Onondaga helps him do so. Once he does, Pao returns her attention to her father, who is limp in the chair. Her mother and Emma come in the former goes over to her father. After a few seconds he comes to, albeit weakened from the separation. Soon the niños show up and Pao goes outside to greet them. As she does, she thinks of Dante, who is now trapped in the void, and promises to save him. Emma comes over to her and tells Pao she will be their for her.

Returning Home

Maria rents a van to sit all fifteen of them and drive back to Silver Springs, breaking up with Aaron upon returning home. After the forcefield around the niños camp devolves, they take over a warehouse with Beto donating his trailer. Señora Mata soon returns to normal and Pao and Emma head to the hospital to deliver the news of Dante to her. After Señora Mata calls Pao Maria again, they deliver the news. She reveals that she knows and doesn’t blame them for her grandson’s fate. They leave soon after and part ways. Emma invites Pao to a protest the Rainbow Rogues are putting on, but Pao declines as she is having dinner with her parents. Emma vows to help her get Dante back before leaving.



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  7. Sometimes Honesty Is Actually Not the Best Policy
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  17. The Last Kid You'd Ever Expect to Babysit during a Monster Attack
  18. Find Them, Purify, and Poof!
  19. The Unlikely Hero
  20. Fighting Monsters Alone Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be
  21. You Have Died of Dysentery!
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  23. The Hitchhiker of Doom
  24. Let's Never Talk About That Fluffy Bunny Ever Again
  25. A Tiny Green Ally Can Get You Only So Far in the Haunted Woods
  26. Not the Best Time for Pyro 101
  27. The Underdogs Don't Win the Big Game in This One
  28. One Last Trip on the Narcolepsy Express
  29. The Monster Within
  30. It's All in the Eyes
  31. The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth
  32. Don't Feed the Void After Midnight
  33. Forgiveness, Again
  34. Looks Like Aaron Won't Be Moving In After All


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