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South Florida Chapter.

The Party Ponies are a large group made by most of the centaurs. There is a different group for each state. The Party Ponies are wild and like root beer. Though Chiron is a centaur, he is not a Party Pony. They are known for attaching boxing gloves to the tips of their arrows. They use paintball guns with celestial bronze dust mixed into the paint. Kronos thinks they are a nuisance as they keep disrupting his plans.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Sea of Monsters

Chiron is fired from his job as camp activities director as the gods suspect him of poisoning Thalia's tree, and leaves Camp Half-Blood to join the Party Ponies in the Everglades. He hoped they might know a cure to the poison that he himself had forgotten. The Party Ponies (Florida Chapter) rescue Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson from the Princess Andromeda. They then take them to Camp Half-Blood.

The Last Olympian

Chiron leads the Party Ponies as reinforcements in the Battle of Manhattan. The groups mentioned were the South Florida Chapter, Texas Chapter, Hawaii Chapter, New Mexico Chapter, Rhode Island Chapter, South Dakota Chapter and Delaware Chapter.

After the battle, Percy cannot see any, meaning that they were either killed or ran away.

The Heroes of Olympus

The House of Hades

Rachel Elizabeth Dare mentions them during the meeting with the Romans, claiming that a waking Gaea had created a large fist in Colorado and swatted the Party Ponies like flies. Reyna questions who the Party Ponies are, but Rachel simply says that it is a long story before moving on.

Known Chapters


  • California chapter (37 centaurs, at least 3 died)
  • Delaware chapter
  • Florida chapter (multiple, including South Florida Chapter)
  • Hawaii chapter
  • Texas chapter
  • Illinois chapter (30 centaurs)
  • New Mexico chapter (Larry and more)
  • Rhode Island chapter (2 centaurs)
  • South Dakota chapter (Owen and more)
  • South Florida chapter
  • Honolulu chapter (foreign)
  • South Africa chapter (foreign)
  • London Chapter (foreign)


  • Paintball guns: Paintball guns are used in Percy Jackson and the Olympians and have been modified to shoot paint mixed with Celestial Bronze dust. In general, paintball guns work with compressed air.
  • Boxing Glove Arrow: Similar to regular arrows, except the arrowhead is replaced with a boxing glove. Despite this change, this type of arrow is still able to cause serious damage to monsters.

Known Party Ponies


  • Big Chief Uber guy was possibly a rank as Larry had a shirt that identified him as it.
  • There are roughly 500 party ponies.
  • They are apparently not very smart, as Chiron claims they can't afford the brain cells to head slam.

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