Peaches is a karpos who occasionally helps Meg McCaffrey when she's in need.

The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle

Meg LQ

Meg McCaffrey

While being ambushed by the Nosoi near Camp Half-Blood, Meg unknowingly summons a Karpos. He defeats the Nosoi by ripping them apart with his mouth. He repetitively says the phrase "Peaches", so Meg names him "Peaches". Percy Jackson attempts to kill Peaches, but Meg pleads for him not to.

He appears again when Sherman Yang and Connor Stoll try to get revenge on Meg. As they do so he slams Sherman's face on the ground and rips out most of Connor's hair.

As Nero is about to set Austin Lake on fire, he attacks the immortal emperor. After Apollo places the wind chimes on the Grove of Dodona, he goes with Meg back to Nero.

The Dark Prophecy

Meg tells Apollo that Nero took Peaches away from her saying that she didn't deserve a pet until she behaved. He first appears being tied high up above the ground during Commodus' naming ceremony rehearsal. The emperor plans to drive a race car with a giant match stick to burst Peaches into flames. Apollo saves him by having Livia the elephant knock over the car, Meg frees Peaches.

Peaches later appears with other Karpos to help Meg and Apollo escape the exploding Cave of Trophonius. They killed the last remaining Blemmyae and drove them back to Indianapolis.

The Burning Maze

Apollo mentions Meg has not been able to summon Peaches since Indianapolis.


Peaches is described as a "Demon Diaper Baby". He is also described as looking like a pudgy human baby toddler wearing only a linen diaper. He has green hair and eyes. He has sharp nails and dry, brittle wings like corn husks.


Peaches has the same abilities as any Karpoi.

  • Mouth: His fanged mouth is so powerful he can even get rid of Nosoi.
  • Flight: His wings permit flight
  • Backup: He has the ability to call for more Karpoi for help like he did with helping Meg in The Dark Prophecy after her experience in the Cave of Trophonius.


  • According to Meg, Commodus is like Peaches to Nero, vicious but controllable pets.
The Trials of Apollo
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