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Look, I didn't want to be a half-blood.

–Percy in the The Lightning Thief.

Perseus "Percy" Jackson[1] is the eighteen-year-old Greek demigod son of Poseidon and Sally Jackson. He is the main protagonist and narrator of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, and one of the main characters of The Heroes of Olympus series. He is the former Head Counselor of Poseidon's Cabin at Camp Half-Blood and a former Praetor of the Twelfth Legion at Camp Jupiter, formerly belonging to the legion's Fifth Cohort. He was also the temporary host of the Egyptian goddess Nekhbet. He is currently the boyfriend of Annabeth Chase.

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Percy Jackson is an eighteen-year-old Greek demigod and the main protagonist of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. He is the son of Poseidon and Sally Jackson, and he is currently the boyfriend of Annabeth Chase. Percy is the former Head Counselor of Poseidon's Cabin at Camp Half-Blood and a former Praetor of the Twelfth Legion at Camp Jupiter.
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Percy Jackson's fatal flaw is loyalty.
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Percy Jackson has ADHD and dyslexia.
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Percy Jackson's best friend is Grover Underwood.
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Percy accidentally summoned a water hand to pull the school bully into a fountain, and then killed his teacher, who turned out to be a Fury.
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Early life

Percy Jackson was born on August 18th, to Poseidon, the Greek god of the seas, storms, earthquakes, and the creator of horses, and Sally Jackson, a mortal who could see through the Mist. He was named after the famous Greek hero Perseus by his mother for good luck, because his namesake was one of the few heroes who had a happy ending and died a peaceful death.

When Percy was still an infant, his father Poseidon left, as is usual of the gods, leaving Sally to raise Percy on her own. In Percy's case, Poseidon left to protect him and his mother from Zeus who would have been angered to discover that his brother broke the oath; a pact made by Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, also known as the Big Three, to avoid having any more demigod children. As the most powerful Olympians, children of the Big Three wield incredible power and are seen as too dangerous to be brought into existence. Percy was left with vague memories of his father looking over him in his cradle; only remembering a warm smile, a hand on his head, and a "golden glow." At some point as an infant, Percy was attacked by a snake but managed to strangle it to death; just like the famous Roman demigod Hercules. As Percy grew older, his mother would tell him that his father had been "lost at sea," never confirming whether he was dead or alive.

Meeting Gabe

Sometime while Percy was a toddler, Sally married Gabe Ugliano and hoped his horrible smell would mask her son's smell from the monsters that would hunt him down. Monsters are attracted to the scent of demigods; the more powerful the demigod, the stronger the scent. With Percy being a son of one of the Big Three, his scent would be even stronger than other demigods. However, Percy despised Gabe, as Gabe would frequently bully Percy and abuse his mother. Percy nicknamed him "Smelly Gabe," since he smelled like "moldy garlic pizza wrapped in gym shorts." Gabe spent much of his time playing poker with his friends.

Early Expulsion

Strange things often happened around Percy, such as school buses exploding and aquariums flooding, which often resulted in him getting into trouble: he was kicked out of more than six schools over the course of six years. This unfortunately made Percy stand out. Many people bullied him during his childhood, while others, such as his second stepfather, Paul Blofis, suspected something was wrong with Percy and still accepted him. Paul was kind to Percy- even though he blew up his school music room.

It is said in The Blood of Olympus that Percy has been kicked out of several military academies where they believed that paddling is good for the soul.

In The Chalice of the Gods, it's said that when Percy was six, he and his mother were flying a kite when it got struck by lightning, in the middle of a sunny day.

In third grade, Percy attended a school with a basement cafeteria and pizza days on Wednesdays. He would also discuss trading cards with his friends and the history teacher who was also their lunch monitor named Mr. Christ. Percy and his friends were too scared to ask what the teacher's first name was. However, neither being in third grade nor the pizza had been wonderful for Percy.

While he was in the third grade, a man in a black trench coat followed Percy around when he was at school. After teachers threatened to call the police, the man left. However, nobody believed Percy when he said that the man had just one big eye. They thought that he was hallucinating.

When he was in fourth grade on a trip to an aquarium, he accidentally hit the wrong lever on the catwalk when his school was visiting the Sea World Shark Pool and made his class take an "unplanned swim."

In fifth grade, Percy accidentally fired a war cannon, which hit the school bus when he was on a field trip at the Saratoga Battlefield.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Lightning Thief

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Percy is a troubled 12-year-old boy who has been expelled from every school he has ever attended. Yancy Academy is where his troubles seem to be worse than usual. He only has one friend there, Grover Underwood, who is also Percy's best friend and whom Percy often protects from bullies (little does he know that Grover is actually a satyr in disguise sent to get Percy to Camp Half-Blood quickly). Percy also has two disorders: ADHD and dyslexia.

During a field trip to a museum, Percy is annoyed by the school bully, Nancy Bobofit, for bullying Grover, and in a fit of anger, accidentally summons a water hand from a nearby fountain to pull her in, but he didn't know how he'd done it. Mrs. Dodds, his Pre-Algebra teacher, witnesses the whole scene and tells him to follow her into the museum for a "talk." Suddenly, she turns into the Fury Alecto, and attacks him, looking like a bat with humongous fangs. Mr. Brunner (actually the centaur Chiron), another one of Percy's teachers comes in and throws Percy a pen (actually Riptide). While mid-air, the pen transformed into the sword Riptide and Percy used it to kill Mrs. Dodds. However, when Percy returns to the bus and asks his classmates, nobody remembers Mrs. Dodds. The only person that may have remembered her was Grover, who always hesitated before he answers no. Everybody else believed their pre-algebra teacher was Mrs. Kerr instead, and that they had never met a Mrs. Dodds. [2]

Percy arrives back at the school and hears Grover and Mr. Brunner talking about his life being in danger and becomes very suspicious since extremely strange things have been happening recently.

Percy eavesdropping

Percy eavesdropping on Mr. Brunner and Grover

At the bus stop, Grover sees that the three Fates are looking at Percy while knitting giant socks. Soon after, the Fates snip the string of life which makes both Grover very worried that Percy was going to die soon and Percy extremely suspicious. Later, while Grover was in the bathroom, he ditched Grover and goes home on his own at the end of the school year, even though Grover asked him to wait for him at the bus stop. He arrives home to his horrible step-dad Gabe Ugliano and his friends playing poker. Gabe immediately demands money for his poker game and although Percy denies he has any, Gabe deduces that he has changed from the cab driver and forces it from him. Percy's mother arrives soon afterward and tells him that they can go to his favorite beach in Montauk for the whole weekend. Percy, happy that finally something good has happened, packs his things and leaves, but not before seeing Gabe get hit in the butt by the door when he does a strange hand gesture he saw Grover use. During their night in Montauk, Percy had a vivid dream. The dream features two animals, which is a horse and a bird attacking each other. At the same time, there is a voice (that Percy describes as so deep and evil that it turned his blood to ice) egging the two animals on. Percy was awoken by the pounding of the door. He and his mother are shocked to see Grover outside their cabin, without pants (which Percy recommends not to see that) coming to him and his mom, telling them to leave. Percy was confused at his friend's appearance, as he was a goat from the waist down and revealed himself to be a satyr. Nevertheless, his mother took them both in Gabe's prized possession, a 1978 Camaro and began driving at daring speeds through a blinding hurricane, and it was blasted off the road by a bolt of lightning. Grover is injured and starts asking for food deliriously. As Percy and his mom help Grover up and try to get out, they saw the Minotaur, a half-man, half-bull monster, who had been chasing them. The three of them managed to dodge it by following Ms. Jackson's advice to jump out of the way at the last second, but Grover was too slow and the Minotaur injured him but got distracted by Percy's mother. The Minotaur forgot Grover, grabbed Percy's mom by her neck, and she disappeared in a golden flash of light (it is later revealed that she was captured by Hades). Percy, in a surge of new power and anger, managed to defeat the Minotaur by jumping onto him, breaking off its horn, and stabbing the Minotaur in the chest in a fit of rage (just like the hero Theseus had defeated the monster before him). Percy dragged the unconscious Grover past a hill, and then passed out himself when he reached the porch of a house. He was cared for in the infirmary by Annabeth Chase starting their friendship, waking up three days later. He learned that he was at Camp Half-Blood, a place where demigods like him were trained to survive against monsters.

Percy learned that the director of the camp was the Greek wine god, Dionysus, who was very unpleasant and moody, and Mr. Brunner, the former Latin teacher from Yancy Academy, was actually the hero-training centaur (half-human, half stallion), Chiron. Shown around camp by Annabeth, his new friend and head counselor of the Athena's Cabin, he found out that all the campers were demigods, also known as half-bloods. He himself was a demigod, but no one knew of his divine father yet. After being shown around the camp, he temporarily resided in the Hermes' Cabin, where all unclaimed demigods went since "Hermes isn't picky about who he sponsors," according to Luke Castellan, the head counselor for this cabin. Luke befriended Percy and treated him with respect though they had a little bit of rivalry after Percy beat Luke in a sword fighting match. Afterward, Percy encountered Clarisse La Rue, counselor of the Ares' Cabin, who performed the "initiation ceremony," which was sticking Percy's head in the girl's bathroom toilet. Her plan backfired when Percy shot water out of the toilet to blast back at Clarisse and her buddies. This officially began their rivalry. Unfortunately, Annabeth was not spared. When Percy apologizes, Annabeth says he wants her on her team in Capture the Flag (it is revealed that she wanted Percy to distract Clarisse, knowing she would want revenge). Throughout the course of this game, Percy defeated Clarisse and three others single-handedly when he touched the creek, which healed his wounds from the fight and gave him a sudden burst of adrenaline. After Capture the Flag, a hellhound summoned from the Fields of Punishment, came out of the forest and attacked him. Percy was nearly killed but Chiron managed to shoot the hellhound, killing it. Clarisse tried to blame Percy for summoning the hellhound but Percy denied any knowledge of it. Percy's injury from the hellhound healed by touching the water; then suddenly, a holographic trident floated above Percy's head, which told everyone that he was the son of Poseidon, the god of the sea, therefore explaining his powers over water. As the monster was not from the forest, it meant that someone within the camp had summoned it, because nothing, including weather, could enter the camp's magic boundaries without permission. Clarisse said that it was Percy who summoned it but Chiron didn't agree as Percy himself was attacked by the monster (it is later revealed Luke summoned this monster from Tartarus to kill Percy).


Fighting Ares, his enemy and cousin

One day, Percy was offered a quest to retrieve Zeus's Master Bolt by Chiron. Chiron explained to Percy that Zeus lost his master bolt, and since he has a rivalry with Poseidon, he blames Percy, as Zeus suspects that Poseidon is attempting to use his son to dethrone him because Percy was at New York (where Mount Olympus was) when the Bolt was lost. He believed that Poseidon told Percy to get the bolt since it is against the Ancient Laws to steal another god's symbol of power, so Poseidon could become king of the gods without stealing the bolt himself. Zeus was also suspicious as Percy was in New York when the bolt disappeared. Chiron said that if Zeus doesn't get his bolt back by that summer solstice, he would begin a war with Poseidon and that would force the other gods to take sides and cause a civil war between the gods. Percy accepts the quest and consults the camp's Oracle of Delphi and getting a prophecy. Soon after learning that Master Bolt has been stolen, Percy embarks a quest with his sword Anaklusmos, better known as Riptide (from Chiron), with Grover and Annabeth. Along the way, they face many monsters—the Furies, Medusa, Echidna, along with her pet/son Chimera. Percy took Medusa's head after he defeated her and packaged it to the gods, who weren't very pleased. After Ares offers them a mode of transportation west, they arrive in Las Vegas, where they stumble upon the Lotus Hotel and Casino. They get trapped in the casino for five days (though it only seems like a few hours), leaving them only one day to complete their quest. Then, they faced Procrustes and tricked him into getting stretched in his old bed before finding their way to the Underworld. The trio faces Hades, the lord of the dead, who believes Percy stole the Master Bolt and his Helm of Darkness, which was also lost. Hades saved Percy's mother right before she died from the Minotaur, explaining the golden flash but Hades also thought that Percy stole his Helm of Darkness which was also missing. To make things worse, Hades finds the bolt in Percy's backpack, to Percy's surprise and demands that he hands it over and he will give Percy his mom back. Torn between saving his mom and finishing the quest, Percy finally uses Poseidon's Pearls to find the missing gods' items. Immediately returning from the Underworld, he finds out that the war god Ares had put Master Bolt in the bag when and had Hades' Helm of Darkness, and challenges the god to a duel for possession of the bolt and the helmet, in which he wins unexpectedly due to him being close to water and Ares being too cocky. A dark force later revealed to be Kronos stops an infuriated Ares from killing Percy. Ares vanishes in his divine form, leaving the bolt and Helm of Darkness behind. Percy gives the helm to the Furies to return it to Hades, who in return sends back Sally to her apartment, and the trio goes to New York to return the bolt to Zeus. Percy gives Medusa's head to Sally, who uses it to turn Gabe into a statue which was covered as a sculpture.

Percy goes back to Camp Half-Blood, where everyone at the camp congratulates him, Annabeth, and Grover since they were the first people to return from a quest since Luke. At the end of the summer, Percy can't decide whether to stay at camp or enroll in seventh grade and live with his mom. He finally decides to go train to clear his mind, where he sees Luke training at swordplay. As they later drink Coke together in the forest, Luke reveals he was behind the theft of the bolt and the Helm of Darkness, and vanishes. However, before he left, he summons a pit scorpion to kill Percy. Percy manages to kill it, but it stabs its stinger into Percy's palm. He tried to reach the camp but collapses. However, several forest nymphs carry him and after being fed ambrosia and nectar, Percy heals and decides to enroll in the seventh grade and come back to camp next summer.

The Sea of Monsters

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When Percy is attacked by Laistrygonian Giants disguised as students at school in a game of dodgeball when the giants start throwing cannon balls at him, Annabeth rescues him along with Tyson one of Percy's friends at his new school who was at the school for a project. He was actually a Cyclopes which explained why he was extremely big. On the way to camp, in the Gray Sisters' Taxi, which is a taxi business run by the Gray Sisters, Percy learns some coordinates (the coordinates on where to find the Golden Fleece) that lead to something he needs. Percy arrives at camp to find the camp under attack by Colchis Bulls and drives them back with help from Tyson who is fireproof. He later learns Thalia's Pine Tree is poisoned, meaning the borders are weakened and the activities director Chiron has been blamed since he is Kronos' son. Clarisse, the daughter of Ares and Percy's enemy, is assigned a quest to go to the Sea of Monsters (using the coordinates Percy received) to find and retrieve the Golden Fleece, which has healing powers for plants, animals, and humans which they need to heal Thalia's tree. Percy and Annabeth decide to go also, but Dionysus and Tantalus, the new camp director replacing Chiron after he was fired, refused.


Tyson, his half-brother

Meanwhile, Polyphemus, a Cyclopes, has captured Grover on a bridal shop. Polyphemus believes that Grover is a female Cyclopes (since he was covered with jewels) and he wants to "marry" Grover, for he is wearing a bridal gown. In desperation, Grover creates an Empathy Link with Percy so he can call for help. With Hermes' help, Percy, Annabeth and Tyson board Princess Andromeda, the ship Luke and his forces are on and escapes. After escaping from Luke's ship, they fight the Hydra and defeat it with Clarisse's help and get on Clarisse's ship, the CSS Birmingham. The CSS Birmingham is a tribute to Ares and is crewed by the dead who died in a war. As they enter the Sea of Monsters, Clarisse, Tyson, Percy, and Annabeth have to get past Scylla and Charybdis. Scylla lives on a cliff, while Charybdis lives in the middle of the entrance to the Sea of Monsters. Instead of attempting to sail in between the sisters, Clarisse automatically goes for Charybdis, but Scylla appears and wrecks havoc among the crew. Tyson, a good Cyclops and the half-brother of Percy, supposedly perishes in Clarisse's ship after the ship got blown up due to malfunction problems leaving only Percy and Annabeth behind.

Percy and Annabeth then journeyed to many dangerous islands including Circe's Island and the Sirens' Island, and Annabeth tells Percy several stories about Thalia's death, which she also mentions her prophecy. When they reach Polyphemus's island they join up with Clarisse (who managed to survive the explosion), Grover (who had been captured by Polyphemus), and later Tyson, who miraculously survived thanks to Rainbow, a friendly hippocampus who dragged him out of the water. They leave with the Golden Fleece after fighting Polyphemus and defeating and blinding him, which Polyphemus stole many years ago. When they return to the mortal world, they send off Clarisse on an airplane to the camp alone to drape the Fleece on the tree, and Luke kidnaps Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson, but Percy reveals Chiron's innocence in a secret Iris Message sent to camp which Dionysus responds to by sending Tantalus to the underworld once more and restoring Chiron's job. Percy challenges Luke to a duel, but unfortunately, due to Percy being out of practice and Luke being fully trained and experienced, he soon finds himself to be no match for Luke's polished swordsmanship and is swiftly defeated and very nearly killed by Luke. However, Chiron comes to rescue them with his strangely dressed relatives and they manage to chase off Luke and his allies. When they return to camp, the fleece is placed on the tree, which not only revives it but also brings Thalia back to her full life form. This revival was actually Kronos' plan, done so that he would have another chance to manipulate the prophecy that governs the future of Olympus and the Olympians.

The Titan's Curse

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Thalia Grace, Percy, and Annabeth heard from Grover that two half-blood siblings, Bianca and Nico di Angelo, had been found in a middle school. The three immediately set out to find him. Grover had been waiting for their appearance. He explained that he found the two half-bloods and that they were enjoying a function in the gym. He was very nervous and embarrassed as the only person he could dance with was Annabeth, who had recently grown taller than him so he looked quite stupid "dancing" with her. Percy, having been forced to dance to blend in with the crowd sees the two half-bloods following Dr. Thorn, a manticore which was not a very good sign. Percy felt disgusted by the fact that Thalia was always powerful and a hero at everything she'd done and so thought it was now his time to shine and ran to save the di Angelos from danger alone, though his plan did not work out as planned and he, Grover and Annabeth were nearly killed by Dr. Thorn.

Then, Artemis and her Hunters appear and Annabeth falls from a cliff as she had climbed on Dr. Thorn with her knife before the Hunters shot him down with their arrows. Being a son of Poseidon, Percy did not feel Annabeth dropping into the water, which confirms the fact that she had been captured. The Hunters saved Percy and his friends from the manticore. After a while, Percy clearly understood that he and Thalia were not under speaking terms due to the fact that Annabeth had fallen down the cliff. Nico had taken a great interest in the fact that he was a demigod and exchanged many thoughts on the Greek gods, while Bianca had been dumbfounded and was summoned by Artemis with Percy, where Bianca pledged her life to Artemis much to Percy's protests to become a Hunter (unaware at the time that she was a daughter of Hades and by joining the Hunters, she removed herself as a possible subject of the Great Prophecy).

Artemis then sends her Hunters to Camp Half-Blood with Apollo, her twin brother. When he got to camp, Percy had frequent dreams about Annabeth and that she was in distress. He even went to see the Oracle of Delphi, however, she didn't answer his questions and he left the attic in anger.

After a few days, the camp had a Capture the Flag game, where the Hunters were up against the campers. Thalia and Percy agreed to be co-captains of the demigod team while Zoë Nightshade leads the Hunters. During the game, he learned from Grover that Zoë had a bad dream about Artemis being in trouble, while Percy himself had a dream that Annabeth was suffering under the weight of some unseen object (later revealed to be the sky). Thalia told Percy to stay on defense to guard the flag, but when he saw that her team was about to be attacked, he ran up the middle and took the flag. On his way back, he saw Zoë running back with his team's flag and was tripped up by an arrow two feet from the line, allowing the Hunters to win.

Thalia then runs up to Percy, asking him what he was thinking as when she got to the flag's spot, it was gone. She then shocks him with Electrokinesis but claims it was an accident and apologizes. Percy, angry uses the creek water to splash her and claims that it was also an accident. Thalia and Percy begin to fight, each one summoning stronger attacks until Percy stopped, seeing the Oracle walking towards them. Percy simply watched as the Oracle approached Zoë, who asked about saving Artemis. The Oracle replied with a prophecy, saying:

Five shall go west to the goddess in chains,
One shall be lost in the land without rain,
The bane of Olympus shows the trail,
Campers and Hunters combined prevail,
The Titan's curse must one withstand,
And one shall perish by a parent's hand

Chiron then holds a meeting to decide who will go on the quest. Zoë originally wanted to take all Hunters, but she is convinced to allow a few campers as it was in the prophecy. Zoë, however, doesn't pick Percy because he is a boy, as Zoe thinks it's horrible to be with a boy, instead picking Thalia and Grover, as well as her own Hunters, Bianca di Angelo, and Phoebe. Percy was mad that he was not allowed to take part in the quest since it was his chance to save Annabeth. That night, he is awoken by Blackjack, a pegasus who tells him a sea creature is in trouble. He swims out and finds the sea cow trapped in a net and frees it slowly because it was scared of his sword, forcing him to free it by hand. On his way back to camp, he sees Nico spying on the Artemis' Cabin and uses Annabeth's cap to follow him. Percy overheard Zoe telling Bianca that Phoebe had been poisoned by Centaur Blood on a shirt that Connor and Travis Stoll had given her earlier as revenge for her defeating them during Capture The Flag so she couldn't go. Revealing himself to Nico, he is forced to promise Nico that he will watch out for his sister after Nico correctly guesses that Percy will follow the group on their quest. Nico leaves and Percy had just enough time to turn invisible before the Hunters leave the cabin, with Zoë almost bumping into Percy on her way out. As they leave, Percy followed them from above on his pegasi, Blackjack. They followed the car that the four traveled in and stops hours later when the group arrives at the Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. Percy then spots Dr. Thorn, the manticore, and overhears him saying that Annabeth is alive and that his dreams were true. He follows the manticore when it doesn't follow the group into the museum. He soon finds the General and Luke and sees the General creating several Spartoi that he was going to use to kill him and Bianca. However, the Spartoi got hold of parts of Percy's sleeve instead of the General's piece of cloth with the Hunters' scent on it, resulting in them hunting him instead. Percy quickly escapes using Annabeth's Yankee cap to find the others. Zoë in particular, was surprised and angry when they realize that he had followed them and they were soon attacked by a Nemean Lion with the Spartoi close behind. After finding the lion's weakness, Percy helps defeat it by filling the monster's mouth with astronaut food he found in the gift shop. This made the monster expose his mouth long enough for Zoë to finish it off with an arrow. The lion left behind a Spoil of War, its pelt, which Zoë gave to Percy as he had come up with the plan even though she dealt the finishing arrow. She also allowed him to join the quest after realizing that he is the fifth quest member, despite the fact that the Spartoi, now disguised as grey security men thanks to the Mist, are tracking him. They fled Washington and made it to a train line, where they jumped into a rail car with a homeless man who offered them his fire. Though at first oblivious to the identity of the homeless land, a very bad haiku reveals him to be Apollo. He asked Percy to save his sister by looking for Nereus, the Old Man of the Sea, as he could tell them where to find Artemis. Later that night, Percy has a dream where, unbeknownst to him, he is Hercules, and is being handed Anaklusmos by a girl who he later realizes is Zoë. Apollo takes them as far west as far as he could, to the last stop in a small town in New Mexico. Despite there being no real way out of the town, they tried to think of ways to leave including renting a cab. However, the Skeleton Warriors managed to find them again and attacked with handguns while Grover passes out as Pan's presence overcomes him. As they tried to defend themselves against the undead soldiers, who would reform when killed, Grover senses Pan's presence again, along with a gift from the wild - the Erymanthian Boar. However, because it is wild it attacks everyone, not only defeating the skeleton warriors and Thalia and Percy lead it into the woods. They are cornered at a cliff and he tells Thalia to jump at the last second. Thalia, however, is scared of heights, which Percy quickly figured out and pushed her out of the way causing the boar to crash into the snow.

Grover managed to use his nature magic to make an apple appear in front of the monster's face and the group rides it to a junkyard in Gila Claw, Arizona, owned by Hephaestus. They camp there for the night, but a limo appears and Percy's blood began to boil, which meant Ares was nearby. The god of war came out of the car and told Percy to get inside, as someone wanted to talk to him. Percy reluctantly does so and finds Aphrodite inside. She asks him to hold a mirror as she fixes some microscopic flaws on her face. As Percy watches her, she seemed to change into all the girls he had ever had a crush on. Aphrodite begins to talk about tragic love stories and eventually asked Percy why he was on the quest. He originally told her it was to save Artemis, but with some pushing by the love goddess, he admits that he is really there to save Annabeth. Aphrodite thrills at his response and tells him that she will make his love life very interesting, hinting that Annabeth and Percy will most likely have a romantic future together. She then sends him back to his friends and warns him not to take anything from her husband's junkyard.

While passing through, Bianca took a Mythomagic game piece of Hades for her brother, Nico because it was the only one that Nico didn't have. Because of this slight mistake, a defective automaton came to life and started attacking the group. Percy notices a manhole cover at the bottom of the machine's foot and was planning to enter it, however, Bianca went in instead, sacrificing herself to kill the monster and save her friends. Percy and everyone else tried saving her, but they knew that it was completely useless as Grover announces tearfully that the next line of the prophecy has been fulfilled.

Thalia takes a truck and drives them to a river, where they rent a few canoes and Percy convinces a few Naiads to steer them to the Hoover Dam. When the Naiads start messing with him and Zoë, she tells him that they have never forgiven her. When they near the dam, Percy, along with Thalia and Grover, begin sprouting facts about the Dam, indicating the depth of their relationship with Annabeth is as the Hoover Dam was one of her personal favorites. They also make dam jokes about the Dam Snack Bar and the Dam Restroom, though Zoë was lost on the humor. As they go to get food, Percy hears the sound of a sea creature he had befriended earlier. He tells it to go away and wonders how it followed him, but is distracted by the sight of remaining Skeleton Warriors - Bianca had managed to kill one in New Mexico.

He runs into an elevator to escape them but then becomes trapped deep inside the dam. A tour guide, who turns out to be Athena (Percy later realizes it was her since she had Annabeth's eyes and that she was trying to help him save her daughter), tells him that there is always a way out for those that are smart enough to find them, before ascending in the elevator. He is spooked when a girl appears behind him and he swings at her with Riptide, but the sword simply passes through her as she is a regular mortal. She then reveals she isn't so regular, as she sees the Skeleton Warriors for what they truly are and directs them away from Percy, who hid in a bathroom. As he thanks her, he introduces himself as Percy and that he has to go (which Rachel thinks means his name is Percy Gotta-go).

Up top, he warns the others of the danger and they are cornered at the top of the dam. He tells Thalia to pray to her father, but she doesn't think he will answer. He says that Athena thinks he will and Thalia asked her father for help. Two statues come to life and swat the undead skeletons away before flying the group to California. There, Zoë Nightshade, who knows a lot about Nereus, tells Percy to look for him by smell as it is different. Percy finds him and hangs on for dear life as the old man tried to shake him off. Percy tricks him into going into the sea, which makes Percy stronger. Nereus changes into many animals to shake Percy off, but his attempts fail and he eventually agreed to answer their question. Percy asked what the terrible monster that Artemis was hunting was, which Nereus says is easy and points to the water before escaping. Percy feels tricked until Bessie, the sea creature that had been following him, appears in the water. Grover understands it and they quickly learn it is the Ophiotaurus, the monster Artemis had been seeking as burning its entrails will give the person who does the power to destroy Olympus.

Just then, Dr. Thorn appears with a small force of mortals and attacked the group, wanting to make his own place in the Titan Army. He tried to convince Thalia to slay and burn the Ophiotaurus so that she could destroy Olympus but Percy manages to shake her out of her stupor. When they were cornered, Percy sends an Iris Message to Camp Half-Blood but finds only Dionysus on the other line. Mr. D makes Percy ask him politely for help, which Percy does between clenched teeth, and the god saves them by wrapping the Manticore and his men in grapevines, saving their lives. Percy then reluctantly thanks, Dionysus. He then sacrifices the Nemean Lion's pelt to Poseidon to ensure safe passage for Grover and Bessie back to Camp Half-Blood.

Percy then goes to see Annabeth's father, Frederick Chase, as he may have a car they could use to save his daughter. After meeting Annabeth's family, he is shocked that they are so much different from the way Annabeth had described them, as to him they only seem caring and loving. Mr. Chase wants to save his daughter personally but is told it is too dangerous for him, being just a regular mortal. He reluctantly agrees and gives them his car. Before they leave, Percy makes a promise to Mrs. Chase to tell Annabeth that she still has a home there with them.

As they drive up the mountain towards the Garden of the Hesperides, the car explodes due to a lightning bolt that struck it forcing them to complete the rest of the climb on foot. When they reach the Garden, Percy and Thalia find out that Zoë is a Hesperide after meeting her sisters, and she is poisoned by the dragon, Ladon but manages to distract it, clearing a path for the others. Then they continue on to the place where Atlas held up the sky, though they find Artemis holding that burden instead. Percy finds Annabeth bound and gagged by Luke and the General, who is actually Atlas. Percy challenged Atlas, but his sword becomes too heavy, as Ares curse had finally taken hold (Ares promised that his sword would fail him when he needed it most when Percy won against him before). They were thrown into battle where Luke and Thalia fight each other, while Percy tries his best to hold off Atlas. In the ensuing fight, Percy saw the ruins of Mount Othrys, rival capital of Mount Olympus and home of the Titans, rebuilding itself. He realizes that this meant that the Titans' chances of victory are increasing.

Zoë then intervenes, fighting her father, disappointed with what her father had done. Percy used that moment to ask Artemis to give him the sky as he realized that the prophecy had involved him and that only Artemis could have a chance against Atlas. He took it while Zoë and Artemis attacked Atlas together, but Zoë is hit and thrown against the wall speeding up the poisoning done by Ladon which begins to kill her. Artemis managed to push him back under the sky while Percy rolled out of the way. Sadly, Zoë began to die as Percy ran up to her during her last moments. She tells him that he is nothing like Hercules who had betrayed her before and she is proud he carries the weapon she made before dying.

Percy rescued Annabeth and they manage to escape the mountain, thanks in part to Frederick Chase shooting the monsters with his plane using Celestial Bronze bullets. He, along with Annabeth and Thalia, then go to Mount Olympus on Blackjack and his friends, Guido and Porkpie. While flying, Percy and Thalia believe that Luke is dead as Thalia had thrown him down a deep chasm, but Annabeth believes otherwise. Percy becomes slightly jealous of the affection Annabeth was showing for Luke, which surprises him because it has never really bothered him before now.

When they arrive in Mount Olympus, the winter solstice meeting had already begun, and they begged Zeus to believe that Kronos was indeed rising. Thalia then chose to be a lieutenant with Artemis to replace Zoë, before giving Percy a hug. When he said she wasn't allowed to do that anymore (as Hunters can't become attached to males), she says she was merely honoring a friend. The gods then voted if they should kill Percy as he is the only known child of the Big Three to reach sixteen for the Great Prophecy in two years. Fortunately, many of the gods vote to let him live after Artemis declares that if he is killed, then the gods are then no better than the Titans. Poseidon also vouches to let the Ophiotaurus live, although kept in Mount Olympus so it wouldn't be a "bargaining chip" against the other gods. Before Percy leaves Olympus, Poseidon tells Percy in private that he has done well and he is proud of him. Percy and Annabeth go off to resume their unfinished dance from Westover Hall.

Back at camp, Percy tells Nico that his sister had died and gives him the Mythomagic figurine of Hades that Bianca meant to give to Nico. However, Nico blames Percy for not protecting her and throws the figurine away, telling him he hates Percy. At that moment, four of the Spartoi appear, somehow managing to get past the Camp Borders. Nico thinks that they are for him and unintentionally splits the earth to swallow them and send them to the Underworld before fleeing into the forest. Percy, realizing that Nico is a child of Hades after the incident, tries finding him, but to no avail. While discussing Nico's abilities with Annabeth, Grover appears, claiming that he'd heard Pan's voice in his head. The three then promise to keep it a secret as Percy knows that Nico could also be a child of the Great Prophecy, but instead says that he himself will take the responsibility of the prophecy instead.

The Battle of the Labyrinth

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Percy Jackson thinks that freshmen orientation won't be fun, so his mother shows him the bright sides ("Tomorrow, you're off to camp! After orientation, you've got your date"). Orientation turns out to be hosted by empousai. When he is accompanied by a mortal acquaintance, Rachel Elizabeth Dare (which Percy thought she lived at Hoover Dam), who he met at Hoover Dam in The Titan's Curse, she tells Percy to leave the room when she spots the demon cheerleaders that Percy had encountered when he went in through the side of the building to ignore Rachel. As Percy leaves, he ends up having to fight the empousai and runs into Annabeth along the way. They were supposed to see a movie together, but Annabeth is upset when she sees Rachel with him because she is jealous to see Percy hanging out with her when they were clearly supposed to be at the theaters. Annabeth takes Percy to Camp Half-Blood, a camp just for demigods like them. Percy finds his half-brother Cyclops, Tyson, cleaning their cabin. Quintus (actually Daedalus in disguise), the new swordsman, is accompanied by Mrs. O'Leary, a hellhound that develops a soft spot for Percy.

During a game that Quintus made up, Annabeth and Percy go through the rocks of Zeus's Fist and fall in a dark cavern which they later find out is an entrance to the Labyrinth. Annabeth is offered the quest she has been waiting for since age 7: She must enter the Labyrinth, find Daedalus, and get Ariadne's String before their arch enemy, Luke Castellan does. Luke has been planning on burning down Camp Half-Blood and is trying to use the Labyrinth to get there, guided by Ariadne's String. As Annabeth goes inside to get her prophecy, Percy waited outside and felt a little worried when Annabeth didn't come back for a long time. When she returns, Annabeth begins to tell everyone what the Oracle had told her, but she doesn't say the last line saying she doesn't remember. This strikes Percy as strange that she would forget something so important and begins to wonder what the last line could be. Annabeth takes Percy, Grover, and Tyson along with her. Together, they enter the maze. They are joined by Hera for a short time. She tells them that Percy knows the way, but Percy doesn't know what she means by that. When they take a wrong turn throughout the maze they run into Nico, son of Hades, at the Triple G. Ranch. Nico is accompanied by Minos's ghost, who tries to convince Nico that they are not his friends. Once they get out without Nico, Percy and the others run into a quiz show run by a Sphinx.

After they escape from the Sphinx, they find an exit that takes them to Hephaestus, who has them travel to one of his forges to find out who has been using them, and in return, he will help them find Daedalus. Percy gets lost in the inner depths of Mount Saint Helens while battling fierce Telekhines. Before parting with Annabeth, she kisses him for luck. Percy faces four full-grown telekhines. They attempt to burn him with lava, but Percy, being a son of Poseidon, is hard to burn. In desperation, he unleashes an incredible amount of power and blasts out of Mt. Saint Helens, creating an explosion that damages the volcano, stirs Typhon in his sleep, and causes the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people living around Mt. Saint Helens. He ends up falling into Ogygia, where he meets Calypso, a young girl whom Percy thinks is much prettier than Aphrodite herself. Percy must leave the island and Calypso (who has fallen in love with him) behind. Calypso lets him use a magic raft that will take him to any place he wants, and the only place he can think of is Camp Half-Blood.

He returns to the shores of the camp and finds the camp strangely empty, except the amphitheater where everyone has gathered. As it turns out, they were getting ready to burn his shroud, and he walks in on his own funeral. Annabeth took the stage to say her final words, stating "He was probably the bravest friend I've ever had. He..." She then suddenly saw him and starts hugging him fiercely until she realizes she was making a big scene in front of all of the other campers. As they talk about plans to navigate the labyrinth, Percy realized he knew the answer after talking with Hephaestus on Ogygia; they need a mortal with clear sight to guide them. Once they are accompanied by Rachel, they run into a wide arena, where Percy battles a dracanae and the demigod Ethan Nakamura. Sparing Ethan, Percy challenges his giant half-brother, Antaeus, the arena master, that is accompanying Luke so that Luke's army can pass. Percy kills him by luring him off the ground, as his mother is Gaea meaning he is invincible on the ground.

When he finds Annabeth and Rachel again, Rachel leads them straight to Daedalus' workshop, who tells them that he is Daedalus and the name Quintus was only a cover, and he also reveals that they are too late; Luke got there first and took Ariadne's string. He says that Rachel is better and more accurate than the string. Monsters then attack the workshop, dragging in Nico in chains. Percy, Rachel, Annabeth, and Nico escape and leave Daedalus and Mrs. O'Leary to fight the remaining monsters. They find another entrance and enter the maze once again. Once they navigate through the maze, Percy hears the Titan Lord speak to him. Taking Annabeth's invisibility cap, he goes into the room and opens the coffin. There, not fully formed, is Luke. As much as Percy hated him, Percy did not draw Riptide. He finds the demigod whom he spared earlier in the maze, Ethan. Ethan joins the Titan's side and Kronos comes to life in Luke's body. Percy barely escapes, thanks to Nico and Rachel (who had hit Kronos in the eye with a blue plastic hairbrush).

While they were going through the Labyrinth, they meet up with Tyson and Grover again. Together, they all find Pan, the god of the wild, who tells them he is dying. As his spirit dies, it goes into the mouths of each of them except Nico, and it seems that Grover got a little bit more than the rest. Rachel leads them to New York, where pegasi take Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Nico and reluctantly, Tyson. The five of them had to leave Rachel behind because she is fully human. They go to help the camp ready for the Titan army's arrival. Battling side by side is Annabeth and Percy. Percy and Annabeth fight Kampê along with Briares's help. Grover, in a panic, screams so loudly that it scares the Titan army back into the Labyrinth. Grover's dryad girlfriend, Juniper, insists that it was Pan's wild scream that had scared the Titan army the first time. As Percy gets up, Daedalus comes and tells them that the Labyrinth is tied to his life. The child of Athena (Daedalus) dies, and so does the Labyrinth. Percy, Annabeth, and the other uninjured campers take the wounded to the Big House.

Percy decides to leave camp and go celebrate his birthday with his mom. Two surprising visitors stop by while Percy, Tyson, his mom, and Paul Blofis (Percy's mom's new boyfriend and fiancée) are celebrating. First, Percy's father Poseidon comes and tells him that he fears Luke/Kronos is only temporarily defeated and when Percy blew up Mt. Saint Helens, Typhon stirred in his sleep. Finally departing with Poseidon, Percy decides to go to his room to plant the garden he had earlier promised Calypso. As he does, Nico stops by and tells him that he needs to tell Percy things about how they might be able to stop the Titan army. Percy then invites him for cake and ice cream.

The Demigod Files

Percy Jackson and the Stolen Chariot

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Percy is in school when he hears strange noises and spots Clarisse La Rue outside. Clarisse is being attacked by arrow-throwing birds. Percy gets himself excused from class and goes to help Clarisse and find out why she is there. Clarisse is surprised, and not very happy to see him.

After the two of them have defeated the birds, Clarisse reluctantly agrees to tell Percy why she is not at Camp Half-Blood. Clarisse reveals that she is supposed to be taking care of Ares' War Chariot, and needs to get it back to Ares' temple by sundown. However, her immortal brothers, Deimos and Phobos (gods of terror and fear respectively) have stolen the chariot. Phobos comes to taunt Clarisse and gives them a hint about where to find the chariot. Together, Percy and Clarisse must go to find the chariot at the Staten Island Zoo.

On their way, they encounter Deimos, who is riding a sea serpent, but they quickly defeat both the minor god and the sea monster and continue on their way. At the zoo, they find the chariot and face the two minor gods again. Phobos and Deimos show Percy and Clarisse their worst fears, which are Camp Half-Blood and his friends in flames and Ares respectively. By overcoming the illusions, however, Percy and Clarisse easily defeat the two minor gods (it turns out that Phobos and Deimos are both extremely weak in battle without their powers of fear and terror).

Finally, just as sunset is fading, Percy and Clarisse bring the chariot to Ares' Temple on the Intrepid, an aircraft carrier. Percy promises Clarisse that he will not tell anybody about her worst fear. He also tells her that in the vision that Phobos showed him-of what he feared most-Clarisse was included as one of Percy's friends.

Percy Jackson and the Bronze Dragon

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Percy and Charles Beckendorf are on the same team for Capture the Flag, and the two war god cabins (Athena and Ares cabins) and the Aphrodite Cabin are on the other. Beckendorf, a son of Hephaestus, has a somewhat awkward conversation about girls (as he has a not-so-secret crush on Silena Beauregard for three years) and thinks Percy should ask out Annabeth Chase to the fireworks.

They set off into the woods and stumble on a huge Myrmekes anthill. Silena and Annabeth capture Percy, while Beckendorf charges straight ahead into the ant swarm as he tries to take back a huge bronze dragon's head, but immediately is bitten in the leg and has acid spit in his face.

Percy, Annabeth, and Silena want to rescue him but they need help so they take the metal head along to try to find the rest of the body of the bronze dragon which was once one of the camps defenses against monsters before Thalia's pine tree. They finally get the monster started (a dragon with no wings) which is an automaton and get it to help Beckendorf. It blasts open the ants' nest and the ants all attack the dragon. Meanwhile, Percy, Annabeth, and Silena dart in the anthill through tunnels and chambers full of weapons, armor, and jewelry and all a manner of other magic items as they find and get Beckendorf back out. When they come out and start fleeing, Beckendorf saves the bronze dragon from being ripped apart by the thousands of Myrmekes by activating its' ultimate defense system which causes the dragon to blast arcs of blue electricity from all over its' entire body.

After the demigods finish watching the dragon drive the remaining Myrmekes back into their anthill the dragon spots them and turns berserk on them. Percy distracts the dragon until Beckendorf could jump on the dragon's back and temporarily deactivates it. Silena is very relieved that Beckendorf is alive, and when he asks her to the fireworks, she gladly accepts the invitation.

Once they get back to camp, it turns out the Capture the Flag Game has not ended yet, and Annabeth puts them in Capture the Flag Jail. Percy and Beckendorf protest, but they wouldn't listen and get ready to go back to the game. Before Annabeth leaves to go back to the front line to fight for her team, she asks Percy out to the Fourth of July Fireworks, the biggest dating event of the summer at Camp Half-Blood, but she quickly leaves before Percy could answer. Percy and Beckendorf share a few lines about girls and it is revealed that the girls' team won the game, before the story ends.

Percy Jackson and the Sword of Hades

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Persephone has called by tricking all three children of the Big Three (Percy, Thalia, and Nico) into coming into the Underworld to retrieve Hades' new sword from a demigod spy who stole it. The problem is that Hades' Keys are in it, which lets anyone out or into the Underworld. Persephone gives them a magical carnation to track the half-blood, and when all the petals fall off, it would mean that the sword has made it out of the Underworld. Percy, Nico, and Thalia must retrieve the sword before time runs out.

At first, Thalia refuses to help because the forging of the weapon is illegal. All the other gods (especially Zeus) must know it first and agree in its creation. The creation of a new weapon (or a symbol) destroys the balance between the gods' powers. But the danger that the weapon implies can free the souls from the Underworld, so she figured she must help catch the thief. They catch the thief after interrogating Sisyphus, fighting and killing a group of violent Keres, and crossing Lethe, the River of Forgetfulness, after which they have a run-in with Melinoe the goddess of ghosts, who takes the forms of Maria di Angelo and Beryl Grace. The demigod thief is, as they suspected, Ethan Nakamura, but all the petals fall off the carnation because Ethan has raised the Titan Iapetus from Tartarus.

When Percy fights against Iapetus, he flings him into the River Lethe, thus causing the Titan to lose all his memories. Although Percy also falls in, he stays dry because of his powers, being the son of Poseidon. Percy tells Iapetus that he is his friend Bob, and Iapetus believes him, and becomes harmless as a result. Nico then has the Furies carry them and Iapetus back to Hades' palace.

When they return to Hades and Persephone with the sword, something goes wrong. Hades is very unhappy about the sword's creation and leaves in anger, threatening Persephone never to disobey him again. They later find out that Persephone requested the sword against Hades' orders to tip the power of the Big Three into her husband's favor, and that she had tricked them. Percy and Thalia return to the world above, but Nico stays behind to find Iapetus a job in the Underworld and to work with his father on a plan to help the Olympians fight the Titans. Nico also reminds Percy of their plan they had discussed at the end of The Battle of the Labyrinth, though Percy is still ambivalent.

The Last Olympian

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Percy is driving Paul Blofis's Prius with Rachel Elizabeth Dare, while on a quick vacation to the South Shore. Rachel is flirting her way into a relationship, Percy describes that he "felt like one of Apollo's sacred cows—slow, dumb, and bright red." They are soon interrupted by Charles Beckendorf and Blackjack landing on the hood of the car. Rachel briefly kisses Percy and Beckendorf makes a joke about not telling Annabeth about that little scene. Percy responds by saying, "Oh gods, don't even think about it." Then Beckendorf tells Percy that its time to initiate their plan to destroy Princess Andromeda, Luke's demon cruise ship inhabited by Kronos's Army. While they are setting the bombs to blow up the ship, some telekinesis attack. Percy distracts them to give Beckendorf time to arm the explosives. He battles Kronos, but Beckendorf is already captured. Because the explosives have no timer and Beckendorf has the detonator in his watch, he sacrifices himself to help Percy escape and carry out the plan and Percy jumps off the side of the ship and he loses consciousness.

In the water, he drifts to Poseidon's palace under the sea where he meets Tyson and other relatives. Poseidon is fighting Oceanus and his army, aging rapidly due to the state of his kingdom being destroyed. Percy wants to stay and fight, but he must return to Camp Half-Blood to relay news of what happened on Princess Andromeda to the campers. Chiron and Annabeth agree to show him the Great Prophecy, and after reading it he learns that his fate is to make an important choice and to have his soul reaped by a cursed blade. This how the great prophecy goes :

A half blood of the eldest gods

Shall reach sixteen against all odds

And see the world in endless sleep

The hero's soul , cursed blade shall reap

A single choice shall end his days

Olympus to preserve or raze

Percy is all keyed up for a while afterward until a confrontation with Annabeth when she calls him out as a coward. As he contemplates his fate, Nico returns to discuss the secret plan introduced in The Battle of the Labyrinth. He wants Percy to bathe in the River Styx to become invulnerable like the hero Achilles. To do so, Percy Jackson must first discover how Luke could do it and they go visit his mother, May Castellan in Connecticut, where they find her insane and unstable. She does tell them that Luke came and asked her for her blessing for something that he needed to do. They also meet the goddess of the hearth, Hestia, who shows Percy visions of the destruction being caused by Typhon. Percy and Nico visit Sally and Paul back in the city, to get her blessing. She insists that Percy is now his own person and that she has to let him go. Nico leads Percy to the Underworld, where Hades reveals that it was all a trick to make Nico the child of the prophecy. Nico rescues Percy, though he seems to have lost his trust, and takes him to the Styx, where he is submerged in the water and becomes invulnerable, but for one tiny spot on his lower back.

The war begins and Percy leads the group of demigods into a dormant Manhattan to battle monsters and demons, while the gods are battling the monstrous Typhon in the east. Rachel arrives, revealing that she has had a vision that read, "Perseus, you are not the hero. It will affect what you do." Ethan, who was aiming at Percy's Achilles Spot during a battle to invade New York City nearly killed Percy but Annabeth had pushed herself in the way as if she had a feeling that Percy was in danger so she got injured instead. Percy is furious and horrified, knocking Ethan unconscious with his sword. Kronos threatens Percy to surrender or he will kill Annabeth, but Percy calls Blackjack who takes her to a hotel in a plaza. Annabeth is seriously injured, and Percy tells her where his Achilles spot is and that she saved his life. Annabeth remarks he looks "cute when worried" and that his eyebrows "get all scrunched up." When Kronos makes it to the Hall of the Gods, Percy battles him to stop the destruction of the Olympians' Thrones, which, if destroyed will cause the Olympians to lose their power. Kronos asks Ethan to kill Percy as he knows where his Achilles' spot is, however, Percy convinces him that what he is doing is wrong. Ethan then attacks Kronos and strikes him on the shoulder with his blade. However, due to Kronos also bearing the Curse of Achilles, Ethan's blade cracks and he harms himself fatally. Kronos then opens up a fissure which causes Ethan to fall to his death for his betrayal. Annabeth is able to convince Luke to resurface. She reminds him of his promise that he would protect her and asks Percy to give him the knife so that he can defeat Kronos. Percy hands over the knife, discovering he was not the hero after all, but his choice to give it to Luke was the decision he had to make, and it decided by fate of Olympus. Kronos is blown to dust and scattered by the wind, and Luke dies a hero's death. Right after that, the gods arrived after successfully defeating Typhon and are shocked to see Luke's dead body on the ground.

Through deaths and betrayals, the demigods stand victorious. Percy is offered the gift of becoming a god, but declines due to his feelings for Annabeth. He remembers how he felt when Annabeth might have become a Hunter of Artemis and notices Annabeth looks about the same way that he did then. Because of this, he declines their offer in favor of a request. He requests that the gods claim their children by the age of thirteen and that Camp Half-Blood construct cabins for Hades and the minor gods so their children have a place at camp. When he comes back to Camp Half-Blood, he finally expresses his feelings for Annabeth and they kiss twice, the first time in Camp Half-Blood's mess hall, and the second time being underwater, due to which a group of eavesdroppers tosses them into the lake, the latter which he describes as 'pretty much the best underwater kiss of all time.' At the very end of the book, he and Annabeth share a moment of bliss as they race toward the road down Half-Blood Hill back into the mortal world, not looking back at Camp Half-Blood for once.

Between the Series

Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo

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Percy celebrates Grover's birthday party alongside Juniper and other dryads at Prospect Park in Brooklyn. After gifting Grover aluminum cans, the satyrs suggest playing Pin the Tail on the Human, frightening the only human present - Percy. However, before the game could begin, Apollo arrives and greets Percy and Grover. They attempt to tell him that they're taking a day off to celebrate Grover's birthday, but Apollo interprets this as a day off to help him.

Apollo takes Percy and Grover to the side in order to introduce them to the Celedons, a trio of golden automatons who sing in beautiful harmony and will perform with the god in a concert at Olympus. Grover protests that they sound fine, but Apollo reveals that the Celedons are a quartet and one had gone rogue after Hephaestus' two-thousand-year warranty expired. Percy complains that Apollo could retrieve the celedon himself, but he explains that he needs to perform a soundcheck for the concert and that heroes are supposed to run the gods' errands. He suggests for the two to search at the Theater District of Manhattan as Celedons are always looking to be "discovered." Grover realizes that a Celedon singing in public could create mass panic causing Percy to agree to the quest, but asks why he picked the two to complete the quest. Apollo reveals he likes Percy and that his experience with the Sirens during the Sea of Monsters is a similar challenge. He summons his personal lyre and tells Grover that his immunity to magical music and the ability to play the lyre's magic will aid in the capture the celedon. He sets the rendezvous at the Empire State Building by sunset before vanishing.

Percy and Grover (who doesn't bother to disguise himself) take the subway to Times Square as it is located in the middle of the Theater District and filled with tourists and Broadway performers. While searching, Grover bumps into a hot dog vendor cart and clutches the lyre protectively. Percy questions the use of the lyre, but Grover explains that if the right song was played, it could create anything. Percy expresses doubt as Grover's skills on the reed pipes waver between days. The satyr spots the celedon approaching a mic on an outdoor stage and it prepares to sing causing Percy to stuff wax in his ears. He explains the difficulty in fighting automatons with mortals and manipulates the Mist to show a presidential motorcade to the cops in order to block off the area.

As the police block off the exit, Percy uncaps Riptide and attacks. However, the Celedon's song resonates through the earwax and causes mortals to weep in depression. Grover frantically imagines a cage around the celedon while playing the lyre, but instead summons a brick wall between Percy and the celedon. The momentum causes Percy to crash into the wall and topple it over the celedon who regains her composure and begins singing a song about Apollo and the sun. Percy begins wrestling with the automaton but notices that the heat resonating from the song has melted his earwax and signed his shirt. Grover attempts to think of a cage for the celedon, but random shifts occur due to him being nervous. With no other choice, Percy swings Riptide forcing the celedon to stop singing and transform into a quail who flies to the top of Times Tower.

Percy and Grover ride the elevator to the top of the tower and climb stairs to reach the roof. They spot the celedon serenading Times Square with "New York, New York." Percy thinks of shoving her off the roof but reminds himself that she would transform into a bird causing an idea to form in his head and asks Grover if he can use the lyre to summon a birdcage. Grover protests that birds should be free, but realizes Percy's plan and promises to try. Capping Riptide, Percy asks Grover for the blindfold he was going to use on Pin the Tail on the Human and approaches the celedon. As she finishes singing her song, Percy jumps on her back and gags the Celedon as Grover strums the lyre for a birdcage.

The Celedon, however, attempts to throw Percy off the roof of Times Tower while Grover nervously tries to think of lyrics. A birdcage of Celestial Bronze begins to form, but the Celedon spins Percy off her and pushes him off the tower. A metal rung catches his pants belt, but the momentum causes Percy to slip out of his pants and continue falling. The demigod snares onto a billboard to prevent himself from falling and reveals that he wears plain blue boxers claiming they're more comfortable than briefs. The Celedon smiles down at Percy and begins singing about Percy letting go of the billboard and falling.

Percy wills himself not to listen and thinks of Annabeth and his saving of her from the Sirens. He imagines her anger and resolves that it is scarier than monsters, breaking the automaton's spell. Percy realizes that the Celedon would only transform into a bird if she was startled and uses the Empathy Link to tell Grover his plan. He asks the automaton for an autograph and Grover tells her to check his pants for a pen. The Celedon complies and uncaps it only to be startled by the appearance of Riptide. She transforms into a bird, but Grover grabs her and shoves her inside the birdcage. He laments that he scratched Apollo's lyre and imprisoned a bird, deeming it to be the worst birthday ever.

Percy reminds Grover of his situation and the satyr, now focused as the Celedon is imprisoned, plays a tune that summons a rope for Percy. Upon noticing the sun starting to set, Percy states that they have to meet Apollo at the Empire State Building, but Grover suggests for him to put his pants back on. They arrive at the lobby where Apollo literally brightens upon seeing them. He exclaims that he'll have Hephaestus fix the Celedon, but notices the lyre's scratch. Percy intervenes and tells him to have Hephaestus fix it causing Apollo to lighten up. He invites the two to watch his concert, but Percy lies, claiming they're not worthy of his music and might explode. Apollo buys the excuse and leaves with the Celedons for his concert in a flash of light. Grover suggests picking up Juniper at Prospect Park to attend the sing-along and eat s' mores at Camp Half-Blood. Percy winces at the mention of the sing-along but agrees to go for the s' mores, claiming that they may still have time to turn Grover's birthday around.

The Staff of Hermes

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While celebrating their one-month anniversary, Annabeth asks Percy what he had planned for their special dinner that night. Percy, who never remembered promising something like that, stalls for time just as Hermes arrives. Percy takes Hermes into his truck to talk, where the god reveals that while he was delivering packages to Janus, Cacus snuck into his truck and stole his caduceus. Because Hermes doesn't want to be seen looking for it, as the other gods would never let him live it down, he sends Annabeth and Percy to find it for him. Annabeth takes out her Video Shield and at first when she said 'Let me see Cacus,' the shield shows her the city of Seacacus, New Jersey. After she rewords the sentence and finds that the giant Cacus is in the meatpacking district.

When Percy and Annabeth get there, they climb down a ladder into the sewers and find an underground cavern. There they meet Cacus and he tries to sell them watches and clothes, which Annabeth quickly notes are fake. When Percy asks for the caduceus back, Cacus claims he will figure out how it works and become the god of traveling salesmen, mostly by forcing George and Martha to listen to him. Annabeth and Percy go on the attack, with Annabeth stabbing him in the back of the knee and Percy stabbing his leg. However, Cacus backs her and Percy into a corner, destroys Annabeth's shield, and is about to turn her to stone when George and Martha turn into a cell phone. They escape the cavern when Percy calls thousands of gallons of New York sewage to him and it pushes them to the surface.

Annabeth then comes up with a plan and runs to a crane, knowing how to operate it as she observed them on Olympus. Percy lures Cacus under the crane's large hook and Annabeth drops it on his head before picking him up and swinging him into the air, where Percy destroys him with the caduceus' Laser Mode. Percy and Annabeth then return the caduceus to Hermes, who is very grateful. When questioned what other enemies the gods have and what exactly Zeus has been threatening, Hermes dodges the question. As a reward, however, Hermes transports them to Paris for special dinner gourmet foods. Their night ends with Percy and Annabeth walking by the river and Annabeth wondering what Percy has planned for their two-month anniversary, which makes Percy happy that she sees a future for them in a month.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero

Although Percy is not shown in the book, it is revealed that he and Annabeth are officially dating and that the entirety of Camp Half-Blood was extremely worried about him. For most of the book, his location was unknown with the only clue being that he disappeared around the same time that Jason Grace, a son of Jupiter, first physically appeared.

It is eventually revealed that Jason and Percy were exchanged by Hera/Juno to unite the demigods of Greece and Rome against Gaea and the Gigantes as well as other creatures.

The Demigod Diaries

Son of Magic

Alabaster C. Torrington mentions the son of Poseidon when telling Dr. Howard Claymore of Kronos' defeat, the son of Hecate states that if he ever encountered Percy he would give him "what he deserved".

The Son of Neptune

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SoN cover crop

Percy with the Eagle on the cover of The Son of Neptune.

Percy Jackson is being attacked by the Gorgons, Stheno, and Euryale, intent on avenging their sister, Medusa's, death. The sisters seemingly could not be killed as they reform every two hours due to Thanatos being captured while none of their attacks wound Percy because of the Curse of Achilles. He had been running from them for three days ever since they saw him. He had woken up at the Wolf House, having no idea who he was or how he got there (and wondering why the Gorgons can't kill him), and met Lupa, two months before the encounter with the Gorgons. The only thing he remembers is a dim memory of Annabeth. He believes what Lupa and the Gorgon sisters have told him about himself, that he is Percy Jackson, a demigod, the "son of a barnacle-encrusted god from five thousand years ago," which is Poseidon, whom they only know as Neptune. Percy then knocks out Stheno and uses her tray to slide down a hill.

He meets up with June, a goddess disguised as an old lady and she gives him a choice: carry her to the other side of the road, or leave everything and go to the ocean, creating a new and invincible life for himself. Percy chooses to carry June to the camp, even though it means that he will lose the Curse of Achilles. After reaching the borders of the camp, he uses water from a nearby river to create two giant hands that destroy the sisters (as the water breaks their connection to the Earth). The waters of the river seemed to have also washed away his Curse of Achilles, as after the waters receded, Percy felt like he had been in an acid bath and he felt vulnerable. Just then, Percy is met by many demigod children, including Frank Zhang, Hazel Levesque, and Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano (who has met Percy before). June introduces him as a son of Neptune and Reyna seems to know Percy somehow when she hears his name which confuses him. June then shows her true form as Juno and the campers bow in respect, except for Percy who thinks that because he carried her all this way, he didn't feel that she deserved his respect (and also because Percy didn't particularly like Juno in her Greek form Hera though he didn't remember that at the time).

Reyna then orders Hazel to take him inside where she could question him. During their conversation, Percy noticed that Reyna had feelings for Jason Grace, and considered him to be more than just a co-worker. When the conversation is over, Reyna believes that Percy is telling the truth about losing his memories and lets him go. Percy then meets Octavian in the Temple of Jupiter and then meets Nico di Angelo, who he does not remember, but he does think that he knows him from somewhere. From then on, he is initiated into the Roman camp where he impresses some of the campers with his battle prowess during that night's War Games, managing to help the Fifth Cohort win their first War Game's in a long time. At the end of the game, Mars himself appears and selects Frank, his son, and Percy for the quest to free Death. Percy vaguely remembers his antagonism towards his Greek counterpart, Ares. He somewhat visualizes that they had a fight in the past. They embark on their quest using the only vessel in the Roman Navy, a pathetic rowboat named the Pax.

They sail to upper California where they meet Iris and see the Giant's army. They then move to Portland where they encounter Ella and the wicked king and seer, Phineas who also appears to have knowledge of the past, present, and future although he is blind. Ella was wanted by Phineas as he thought she was a very precious harpy because of her knowledge. His intentions were to tie her up and keep her like that but the three friends find it cruel and make a bet with Phineas. They find the location of Thanatos when Percy gambles with Phineas using poison and healing Gorgon blood. By tricking Phineas, with Gaea's help, Percy is able to take the healing vial, from then on his memories begin to return. They eventually reach Seattle and the Amazon company which is run by Hylla, Reyna's sister and also the former secretary of Circe.

After escaping the Amazon compound with great difficulty, the group fled to Frank's house in Canada where his grandmother lived, who, unfortunately "had an appointment with death" as the house burst into flames. She had told Frank that he was a descendant of Neptune and he could turn into anything. This had a great effect on Hazel as she was told by Pluto that she would be freed by her curse (blackouts about her pasts whenever she thought about them and finding cursed jewels wherever she was) by a descendant of Neptune. She had thought it was Percy but now she had no idea who would free her. Hazel had also kissed Percy on the cheek for his moral support. From there, they went to Alaska as more of Percy's memories returned. After arriving on the Hubbard Glacier, Frank was able to free Thanatos by burning a piece of wood which contained Frank's life. When the wood burned out Frank would die but only after Frank played a big role. He had entrusted his life with Hazel. Meanwhile, Percy fought off a legion of Roman undead warriors, using his powers to create a hurricane and a massive tidal wave. While Hazel, Frank, and Arion tried to kill Alcyoneus, Percy thrust Riptide into the glacier. This caused several fissures to materialize, culminating in Percy and the undead soldiers falling from the glacier into the sea below. After Frank and Hazel killed Alcyoneus, they retrieved Percy who had the Roman standard and was waiting on a block of ice for them to return. Percy eventually saves Camp Jupiter from Polybote's attack and is raised on a shield to become Praetor. The following day, Percy tells the senators that he is Greek and that a warship is arriving with their former praetor Jason. Percy tells the Romans not to attack, and Reyna eventually agrees to his request. The senate meeting ends and Reyna confides to Percy that she hopes Jason is on the warship. Reyna also said she missed Jason Grace. Percy then wraps his arms around Hazel and Frank and wants to introduce them to his other family.

The Mark of Athena

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The Mark of Athena 3

Percy and Jason on the front cover of The Mark of Athena.

At the beginning of the book, Percy is spotted walking with Hazel and Frank as the Argo II arrives at Camp Jupiter. Annabeth improvises a plan to appease the Roman god of borders, Terminus, and allow them to enter Camp Jupiter. Camp Jupiter Praetor Reyna, on advice from Percy, allows Annabeth, Piper, and Jason to descend from their ship to have a meeting in the camp borders. Discussion over the Prophecy of Seven appears to go well and Reyna is on the verge of agreeing to co-operate. However, Leo, possessed by an eidolon, uses the Argo II's ballistics to fire at Camp Jupiter, causing a fight to break out between the two camps.

Jason, Annabeth, Percy, Hazel, Frank, and Piper escape to their ship with the Romans hot on their tail. They begin their journey to the ancient lands, making a few necessary stops and visits to certain gods in the U.S before they can leave. After many obstacles, they get to Rome. In Rome, many more monsters attack, with the worst to come. When the demigods of Camp Jupiter realized that Rome was their destination, they resolved to instead go to war with Camp Half-Blood, and they march toward New York. This, however, isn't their only problem. Annabeth, assigned a mission from her mother Athena to recover the Athena Parthenos, must go her own way and thus Percy becomes extremely worried. Furthermore, he still has to face his own problems, including drowning. After he battled with the twin giants Otis and Ephialtes (succeeding by working together with Jason and Bacchus, the Roman form of Dionysus), Percy goes on to help Annabeth, even though the child of Athena must go alone. Though he finds her in a workable situation, that quickly changes, and Percy and Annabeth go down to the stables to catch up.

Guarding the Athena Parthenos was Arachne, who Annabeth tricked into trapping herself. As Arachne falls into the abyss of Tartarus (she and the Athena Parthenos were over the void of Tartarus), she shot out silk spider webs, one of which wrapped around Annabeth's ankle. Annabeth gets dragged towards to Tartarus, and Percy desperately holds onto her. As a result, Percy and Annabeth, both, fall into the dark abyss clinging onto each other.

The House of Hades

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Percy and Annabeth have been falling for supposedly 9 days into Tartarus. They see the ground and a river rushing up to them, which Percy uses to catch them in their fall. The river was the river Cocytus, the River of Lamentation. It gave the two thoughts of giving up and drowning but Annabeth manages to get them to shore. The air in Tartarus is poisonous, and according to Annabeth, smells and tastes like styrofoam peanuts, which Percy remarks, smells like his stinky ex-stepfather, Gabe Ugliano. To enable them to survive the horrors of Tartarus, Percy and Annabeth drink from the flaming river, the river Phlegethon, which allows monsters to endure the punishments in Tartarus. After drinking from the Phlegethon, Percy and Annabeth feel much better and are able to journey through Tartarus. They come across various reformed monsters and Titans, such as Hyperion, and to their surprise, an old friend of Percy comes to help, the good-turned Titan, Iapetus. Iapetus, known as Bob, help them on their quest and allow them to find and close the Doors of Death. However, along the way, complications start to unfold as Bob starts to remember who he is. As they pass a golden bubble, in it the reformed Hyperion, Percy asks Bob to burst his golden bubble since Bob is the only one with a weapon. They then come across the arai. Percy pleads with Bob for help, but Bob hesitates and allows him and Annabeth to get hurt because he realized that they were the ones who wiped his past memories. Seeing Annabeth in deep despair and blindness, Percy has no choice but to battle the arai, resulting in him getting the curse of slowly dissolving. This stretches back to the previous book, The Son of Neptune, where Percy had a bet with Phineas, resulting in Percy surviving after he prayed to Gaea. Phineas then cursed Percy to die a painful death through dissolving. However, Bob finally decides to help after seeing who his true friends were. Together with Annabeth, he takes Percy to the giant Damasen's hut, to get him healed. With that, Percy is restored to his original health and the trio continue their journey to the Doors of Death. Percy and Annabeth use the Mansion of the Night to reach the Doors of Death. However, they are soon faced with great difficulty as the Death Mist fades and they can be seen by the hordes of monsters present at the Doors of Death. On top of that, the primordial of the pit, Tartarus, also takes on a physical form and begins his attacks on them. Percy intends to battle Tartarus, but is stopped by Annabeth, who feels that Tartarus is way too powerful and is a 'class by himself'. Bob and Damasen both agree with Annabeth. With much reluctance, Percy gets into the elevator with Annabeth and journey back into the mortal world, with a promise he makes to Bob to say 'hello' to the stars for him. Percy and Annabeth meet the other five demigods in Epirus and back on the Argo II, he fulfills his promise to Bob, by looking in the starry sky and saying "Bob says hello," before the Argo II continues sailing in the night.

The Blood of Olympus

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A few days after his return from Tartarus, he asked Jason to protect Annabeth for him when she was accompanying him to Ithaca, since he was staying behind to watch threats from the sea. Jason squeezed his shoulder and promised she would return to her safely.

Two days later, Percy met the seven for breakfast to discuss subduing Nike while eating blue waffles, sitting next to Annabeth, who chided him for using too much syrup. Percy was okay with fighting Nike, and suggested that the combinations of the demigods that went to fight her would spark greco-roman rivalry. Percy agreed not to go with Jason, since they might kill each other, and agreed to go with Hazel, Frank, and Leo.

Percy and Leo scouted the museum and then sat on a bridge overlooking the Kladeos river, skipping rocks. Leo was very intimidated by Percy after surviving Tartarus, his reputation at Camp Half-Blood, and his relationship with Calypso. Percy realized that Leo was mad at him and tried to discuss it, but they were interrupted by Frank and Hazel. The four walked around the ruins of Olympia and stopped at the Temple of Zeus, after Leo realized Nike was probably there. Percy suggested promoting adidas shoes to make Nike angry enough to show up, and he and Leo began insulting Nike, causing her to show up. After Nike split into Nike and Victoria, they decided to have Percy and Leo fight Frank and Hazel. Percy suggested fighting Nike instead, but she refused, saying if they don't want to fight each other she will persuade them. The Nikai forced them into the arena, and they discussed a plan to defeat them. Percy was against fighting and Hazel using the Labyrinth, but he reluctantly agreed.

After five minutes, the fighting began and Percy pretended to fight Frank and Hazel. He fired popcorn grenades and as Nike taunted him, he wanted to drown her in a river. He managed to cut a Nikette in half, making Nike angry. He and Leo escaped by jumping behind a wall, and he finally decided to talk about Calypso. He apologized for failing Calypso and said he knew about her and Leo. He explained that he was reminded in Tartarus about not following through with his promise to her and assumed the gods would free her, and between everything that happened in the series, he forgot about her. He then said he was glad Leo found her and if they survive, he would do anything to help him. Leo was shocked and exclaimed he can't hate him for being perfect and apologizing, making Percy smile. Suddenly, Percy heard Hazel in pain and ran to help her. He then fought a Nikette who almost killed him, but Leo saved him. After their victory, Percy was okay but sore and bruised. He then discovered that one of the seven would die.

A few days later, the Argo II arrived in Pylos. The seven discussed what to do after Piper and Frank returned from getting the mint, and Percy suggested setting Leo on fire after they heard about a statue. He then suggested for the ship to fly instead of use the sea to avoid a nearby sea serpent. The next morning, Piper recounted her dream about the giants to Percy, and he became so scared the plumbing exploded, which scared her. He insisted that Annabeth and Piper cannot face Mimas and the Makhai alone, wanting to go with, but Annabeth was against it since they may use his blood to summon the giants. Annabeth kissed him, then left.

On July 27th, there was a huge storm harming the ship, and Percy stood at the masts, keeping the Argo II from being capsized or destroyed. Jason went towards Percy, appreciating that he wasn't trying to protect him or force him to return to sickbay. Percy told him something was causing the storm and wanted him to go underwater with him, though he couldn't breathe underwater. Percy jumped overboard and Jason followed, using a bubble of wind around him to give him oxygen to breathe. Percy greeted him, and the boys followed a green light further underwater. They arrived at a palace, and Jason suggested it was Atlantis, but he said it was a myth. Jason pointed out that they deal with myths and he could see why Annabeth was the brains of the operation, and he then told Jason to shut up. They were suddenly greeted by Kymopoleia, who said she was Percy's sister and wanted to see him die. The three talked, and Kym was offended when he didn't recognize her. Percy asked her to stop the storm, but she refused. He was also happy when he found out she was married to Briares, and asked if she was around.

Suddenly, Polybotes recognized Percy and vowed to crush him once and for all. Serpents lunged to attack him, who sliced them in half as Jason tried to reason with Kymopoleia. Basilisks then closed in on Percy, who tried to push them away, but they kept circling. After Jason saved him, he drew his sword and ran to face Polybotes. But the giant created a pool of black, oily poison, which Percy ran into without hesitation. Percy began choking on the poison and dropped Ripide, falling to the floor as a weighted net dropped over him. Jason urged Polybotes to free him, but he laughed, saying Percy would die very slowly, wanting to see him suffer. Percy's face turned green as he writhed in the net, and Jason ran to help him, but he was blocked by the giant. Eventually, Jason saved his life by agreeing to honor Kymopoleia and all the minor gods, so the two killed Polybotes and freed Percy. Jason cut him out of the net and put him in his oxygen bubble to expel the poison. He thanked Jason, though he was cross eyed and fuzzy, and immediately threw up.

After the ordeal, Percy bid his goodbye to Kymopoleia and told her Briares was a good man and to give him a chance, but she refused. She also told him the gods will want his blood and that he has yet to face his fatal flaw: being unable to step away. She said he would face a sacrifice he is unwilling to make and it would cost him the world. He insisted he would not run when his friends needed him. She then told him the forces of the ocean were fighting for him and they may not survive.

After he left with Jason, Percy was still woozy from the poison, so he sat on a ledge to catch his breath. He thanked Jason for saving his life, and had him promise to not tell Annabeth or anyone else. He then began to confide to Jason about his trauma in Tartarus. He said when he was choking on the poison, he thought about Akhlys and when he poisoned her, how it felt good, and how he would've killed her if Annabeth didn't stop him. When he was being poisoned by Polybotes, he thought he deserved it for what he did to her and the Fates would let him die, which was why he didn't try to control the poison to get it away from him. Jason understood him and the two changed the subject, discussing how Ouranos was defeated and how it could help them defeat Gaea. They also discussed Jason's plan to honor the gods. Jason complimented Percy on how he turned down his immortality, saying it was noble and wondered how he did it. Percy joked that sometimes he regretted the choice. Percy was later proud of Jason when his wound was healed.

Over the next few days, the Argo II was damaged from the storm and Percy and Jason had to push it away from a rock. They eventually arrived in Mykonos, where he scouted with Annabeth and got gelato for everybody. He joked about seeing pelicans everywhere and sitting at bars. He also advised Frank, Leo, and Hazel to not mention haiku's when seeing Apollo. The next day, Percy discussed the house of Asclepius with the seven, and received the nickname "Aquaman" from Leo. Percy wished him, Piper, and Jason good luck before throwing up. He ate dinner with everyone that night.

The next morning, Piper, Annabeth, and Percy saw snake people who he suspected to be dracanae. But he realized they were different since they looked more human. He welcomed them aboard the ship, and one snake man introduced himself as Kekrops, the first king of Athens. When he explained he was a Geminus, Percy thought it was like a zodiac sign and said he was a Leo, but Leo corrected him: He was a Leo, Percy was a Percy. Hazel chided them and called them idiots. The group discussed Octavian and the giants, and as Kekrops said he was their best bet to make it to the Acropolis, Percy pointed out it might be a trap. After Piper charmspoke the king, he revealed his plans and Percy decided to go with Annabeth underground with Piper, since his scent would be difficult to discern. Percy shook Jason's hand and bid him goodbye until they meet again at the Acropolis.

The four walked underground and he held Annabeth's hand. Percy was creeped out by underground, comparing Gaea's heartbeat to Tartarus. Kekrops scouted the territory and Percy sat down with the girls. He talked about his mom and how he haven't spoken to her since Alaska, and almost started crying when he mentioned how he and Paul Blofis are all he has. Annabeth quickly corrected him and said he had Tyson and Grover as well. Percy also found out that Annabeth had family in Boston, and was surprised since she was a Yankees fan. They soon kept walking, and he saw the place where Poseidon and Athena started their rivalry. He touched the scars of his father's trident and then pulled Annabeth close, kissing her for a long time. When he pulled away, he said the rivalry ended here and proclaimed his love for her. Percy apologized to Piper for making things awkward, but she didn't mind. Soon after, Hazel used the mist to turn Percy and the others into Earthborns. He joked he was glad he kissed Annabeth before they turned into monsters.

They arrived at the Acropolis, and Percy scouted the middle, but he was captured by Enceladus. He and Annabeth struggled as they were brought to Porphyrion, who proclaimed them as the blood of olympus. Percy tried to defend himself by using a geyser of water, but to no avail. Piper saved him from Enceladus when she stabbed him in the forehead, distracting him enough to drop him. Though his sword was lost, Percy was able to grab Porphyrion's spear and stab it into the ground, making him fall over. He then tried to get a sword out of his hair, but he swatted Percy into a column like a pesky fly. He managed to get up, but he was dazed and couldn't defend himself. Eventually, after the others arrived, he faced Thoon but couldn't realize that his nose was bleeding. Piper tried to warn him, but his blood spilled and Gaea woke. But suddenly, all of the Olympians and some other gods arrived due to the Athena Parthenos being returned, so Percy fought alongside Poseidon to defeat Otis and Ephialtes. After the victory, Percy gathered to discuss Gaea with the seven and the gods. He complained about his nosebleed that woke Gaea, but Athena told him to not blame himself. He also explained to Leo that Gaea can pop up wherever she wants.

Percy and the seven, except Leo, were herded into the Argo II, which was catapulted to Camp by Zeus. Frank shapeshifted into an eagle and carried Annabeth and he, who hated flying. He then rallied the greeks to charge the monsters invading the Camp. After Gaea appeared, Percy yelled for Jason to wait, since Frank can fly him and the others, but Jason told him to stay with camp because of the prophecy. Frank then put his hand on Percy's shoulder, agreeing with Jason and saying only Jason, Piper, and Leo can defeat Gaea. Percy didn't like it, but he joined Annabeth when she beckoned, after a horde of monsters ambushed the Greek forces.

After the battle was over, Percy, the remainder of the seven, and Nico di Angelo discussed Leo's death at the big house. Percy became angry at Hazel and Frank when he discovered that he kept Leo's plan a secret, but his anger subsided when they started crying, and agreed it was a plan Leo would've done. Though Leo's body wasn't found, he was still hopeful the son of Hephaestus was alive, pointing out he always bounced back and they can take turns strangling him.

A few days later, Reyna Ramírez-Arellano gave he and Annabeth the news that they could go to college and live out their lives in New Rome. Nico approached the two after he heard them cheer, and they told Nico the good news. Nico was happy and told them he was staying at Camp, which Percy was happy about. Nico then decided to clear the air with Percy, since they would be seeing each other often, and said he had a crush on him but he was over it. Percy was surprised, looking at Annabeth, then at Nico, and could barely get a word in, asking for clarification. Nico reassured him that it was cool and though he was cute, he wasn't his type, and bid the two goodbye to join Will Solace.

Percy Jackson's Greek Gods

Shortly after the defeat of Gaea and the Giants in The Blood of Olympus, Percy was asked by a publisher in New York to record and write down what he knows about the Olympian gods, to which the young demigod agreed, reasoning that it would help inexperienced demigods survive any unexpected divine encounters with a major Olympian. Percy proceeds to compile all of the stories that the demigods of Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter told him over the years.

After finishing his narration of the book, Percy mentions being late to a meeting with Annabeth, which worries him.

Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes

A year after finishing writing Percy Jackson's Greek Gods, Percy is approached by the same New York publisher, who, very impressed with the last book, asked him to write one more, this time focusing more on the Ancient Greek heroes. While Percy had originally refused, he was finally persuaded by an offer of a year's supply of free pepperoni pizza, along with numerous blue jelly beans. Percy reasoned that this book would help his fellow demigods, instructing them on how to properly defeat most of the infamous monsters that they might happen to come across.

Right after finishing his narration of this book, Percy reveals that after the events of The Blood of Olympus, he and the rest of the Seven started the tradition of monthly Argo II reunion parties, and he is quite worried about being late to the current one.

Demigods & Magicians

The Son of Sobek

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Carter Kane

Carter Kane

A giant crocodile has been terrorizing Long Island, along with other magical disturbances in the area. Percy approaches and stabs the beast in the rear with Riptide. The crocodile proceeds to spit out Carter Kane and run away. In the process, Percy's orange Camp Half-Blood T-shirt gets splattered with mud, leaving the words on it unreadable to the other boy.

Much to Carter's surprise, Percy can clearly see his wand and khopesh, which would have been impossible for a mortal. Despite meeting almost all magicians in the North American nomes, Carter has no idea who this person is, only that everything about him seemed un-Egyptian.

Percy tries to get Carter to thank him for rescuing him from the crocodile, but Carter is somewhat embarrassed and ends up getting angry at Percy's comments instead. The two then get into a small argument over the ownership of the monster, with Percy thinking that the monster is Carter's pet after he said it was his monster, but only meant he was chasing it. Percy then asks Carter if he is a son of Ares as he must be a half-blood of some kind. He also asks why his sword is all bent, but Carter tells him it is supposed to be like that, being a khopesh. Carter also gets angry at Percy's use of the word half-blood (as his dad is African-American and his mom is white), as well as Percy offering to help because last time Carter was eaten by the crocodile.

Carter accidentally uses the "Fist of Horus" to cause a fist to knock Percy right out of his shoes and into the swamp. Carter instantly rushes over, thinking he might have killed Percy, but is hit in retaliation by a huge wave of water generated by the angry demigod. Percy lunges at Carter with his sword, forcing the latter to defend himself, not able to attack due to Percy's superior skills with a sword. During the fight, Percy accuses him of being a monster, which Carter angrily denies. Percy also asks if he is an escaped spirit from the Doors of Death, or if the monster was his pet and Carter was just trying to find it.

The fight ends when Carter uses some magic rope to tie Percy's sword to his head just as Percy hits his arm, causing Carter to bleed. During the small break, Percy comments that Carter must be a half-blood since the Celestial Bronze sword would have passed right through him had he been a mortal. Percy also asks if he was a rogue demigod who used to be part of Kronos' Army. After listening to Percy talk for a bit, Carter starts to realize that Percy isn't a magician and is something completely different, as Percy keeps using words related to Greek mythology. The two form a truce so that they can go after the crocodile, as it has been terrorizing Long Island for weeks now. The two also introduce each other, eventually revealing their names.

They eventually find the crocodile terrorizing a small cul-de-sac with a few kids spraying the monster with water guns and hitting it with water balloons. Carter sees a gold necklace around the crocodile's neck and tells Percy that they need to remove it to stop the monster, as it can't be killed. Percy tells Carter to distract the crocodile so that he could get it. Carter makes a large avatar of Horus around himself and attacks the monster. Percy then jumps on the crocodile and tries to unlock the necklace, but can't, as he isn't a magician. As Carter's avatar fades and the crocodile crashes into a house, Carter and Percy switch places. Percy creates a massive whirlpool in the center of the cul-de-sac using the water generated by the crocodile. The crocodile is swept up in it and Carter manages to make it to the necklace. As Percy begins to tire, Carter finally manages to remove it and the crocodile returns to its original form; that of a baby crocodile.

Percy and Carter run off with the baby crocodile after hearing some cop cars approaching. Resting at a nearby diner, Percy and Carter watch the news, as they report that a freak sewer incident had destroyed the homes in the cul-de-sac. Carter and Percy wonder if someone is trying to bring them together to cause trouble and agree to keep their respective worlds a secret from each other until the time is right. Carter takes the necklace and the baby crocodile with him but places an enchantment on Percy's hand so that if he ever needs to contact him, all he has to do is say his name. The two part on good terms.

The Staff of Serapis

While Percy himself never actually appears in this story, is mentioned multiple times by Annabeth, who was taking the subway to his apartment before encountering Sadie, and is implied to have gone there after her adventure.

The Crown of Ptolemy

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Annabeth goes to Percy's apartment and tells him about a dream that she had from her mother Athena, about trouble brewing in Manhattan. They take a ferry to Governor's Island where a freak hurricane has caused all the mortals to evacuate. While they are trapped on the island surrounded by snakes, they attempt to contact Carter and Sadie Kane but fail. Annabeth and Percy decide to face Setne, who is reading from the Book of Thoth, by themselves. They make a plan to use the invisibility cap to sneak up on Setne, while Percy distracts him. Before running off into battle, Percy gives Annabeth a kiss in case they die. While Percy is sneaking up on Setne, he trips and falls on his butt which makes him noticeable to the magician. Setne knows that Annabeth is using her invisibility cap and captures her, stating that he's been using invisibility magic for as long as the pyramids have been existing. Setne then uses a magic spell that pins Percy to the ground. Setne reveals that he was watching Annabeth and Sadie when they were battling Serapis and that it was an experiment to see the powers that Annabeth and Sadie possessed.

Setne summons Wadjet briefly so that he can consume her essence and take the Crown of Lower Egypt that she wears. Before he destroys her, he takes a selfie with her to "remember" the moment. Annabeth concludes that once he puts two crowns of lower and upper Egypt that he will destroy the world. Setne claims he learned that a "little" demigod blood is good for starting a war, but Percy stops him by hitting him in the gut with Riptide. With Riptide protruding from him, he absorbs the sword's essence and learns about all of Annabeth and Percy's adventures. Suddenly, Sadie and Carter arrive and attack Setne with a camel, but he manages to escape.

The squad decides to regroup and decide to plan while heading south of the Governor's Island. Carter and Annabeth decide that they need to combine attacks to defeat Setne. Carter gives Percy his wand turning into a kopis and Sadie teaches Annabeth the Egyptian word for exploding. In exchange, Annabeth teaches Sadie the Greek word for exploding and gives her invisibility cap to Carter.

When the squad finds Setne, he is trying to summon Nekhbet. They all charge, but fail at attacking Setne. Nekhbet is successfully revived and tries to attack Setne, but Percy and Annabeth pull her away since Setne is trying to consume her essence. Setne drops the Book of Thoth when Carter yells "stahp," and then he disappears with Nekhbet's Crown of Upper Egypt.

Nekhbet decides to stay with the four teenagers to get her crown back and help destroy Setne. She suggests that she merge with Percy since mixing Egyptian and Greek powers worked earlier. Percy reluctantly agrees to it, but only because it's the only way to defeat Setne. After merging with the goddess, they go off to find Setne again. After finding him, the quartet goes after the crown so he doesn't turn in the ground. Setne talks about Carter's dad, and Carter takes off his hat of invisibility and goes to attack Setne in his avatar form, but Setne blasts Carter to the ground. Setne then rambles on about why he wants to be immortal including getting souvenirs after him such as snow globes. After Carter gets blasted, Percy turns into his vulture avatar form, and Sadie whispers something into Annabeth's ear. Percy grabs Setne and swoops him into the air. While in the air, Setne tells Percy he was a fool for giving up immortality. Nekhbet agrees with Setne that Percy was foolish to turn down immortality, but Percy fights back then plummeting to the ocean. Once in the ocean, Percy regains all of his strength, drops his avatar form, grabs Setne by the throat, and drags him to the island. A newly bandaged Carter greets Percy, along with Annabeth and Sadie who have drawn a circle on the ground. Percy decides to make him suffer for eternity instead of destroying him. While sealing him off, Carter thinks of Setne's snow globe idea and traps him in a snow globe. Sadie reveals that she told Annabeth her secret name earlier, but Annabeth states she's already forgetting all the magic she learned.

Percy and Annabeth decide to not tell Camp Half-Blood, at least not yet. The four determine that they will remain in contact. Sadie and Carter Kane fly off, and Percy and Annabeth go on a date afterward.

The Chalice of the Gods

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Due to his semester-long absence, the son of Poseidon was expelled from Goode High School and attended an Alternative High School for his senior year where he joined the swim team.

As Percy is on his way to class during his first day at Alternative High School, he is summoned to the guidance councilor's office and is greeted by a Nereid named Eudora sent by his father. She explains that in order for Percy to get into New Rome University, he will need to obtain three recommendation letters from three gods by performing quests. The Son of Poseidon is outraged and Eudora gets a call from Poseidon and tells Percy his father will speak to him just as he is swallowed by the floor. Percy arrives at his father's summer villa in the Atlantic Ocean as it undergoes renovations. He sees his father and swims to the Lord of the Seas. Percy explains that he wants to get into New Rome University, but Poseidon reveals that, due to Percy being a child of one of the Big Three born of a broken oath, he is not supposed to exist by decree of the pact of the Big Three made in regards to the Great Prophecy. As such, he is ineligible to attend New Rome University. In order to go to New Rome University, Percy has to get three letters of recommendation from gods, based solely on new quests by the Winter Solstice. Poseidon, in an effort to assist Percy in getting the three letters of recommendation puts up fliers around Olympus offering Percy's quest services in exchange for letters of recommendation. Percy is disappointed at the prospect of going on more quests but agrees as it is his only option. Poseidon wishes Percy luck before sending him back.

After school, Percy goes home and speaks with Annabeth Chase about his requirement to attend college with her. The Daughter of Athena is shocked by the news and promises to help Percy however she can. Soon Percy's mother calls the two in to help with dinner. Percy sets the table as Annabeth helps Paul Blofis make tofu stir fry. Soon Grover Underwood arrives with a basket of strawberries and Percy tells him about his college admission requirements. Grover agrees to help after mentioning that Percy has just had his last summer at camp. The five then sit down for dinner.

The following day, as Percy is taking the subway to meet up with Annabeth and Grover at Himbo Juice , he is visited by Ganymede, the cupbearer of the gods, and Percy agrees to hear him out as they reach his stop. The Son of Poseidon takes Ganymede with him and the god explains to Percy and his friends that he needs them to locate his stolen chalice. The god starts to cry and, after consoling him and promising not to tell anyone it is missing, Ganymede says he needs the chalice back before Zeus declares a feast, which he does at random times. Ganymede suggests they question Iris and Hebe, who hang around Manhattan. After agreeing to the quest, Ganymede vanishes and Grover thinks he knows where to start.

They make their way into Time Square and Grover guides them to a storefront with blacked out windows called Hebe Jeebies. When they get inside, Annabeth and Percy are amazed at the sight of the various arcade games, candy selections, and activities. They walk past an animatronic and find an employee that resembled a nine year old girl and she says Hebe is by the Karaoke Bar. They find some middle aged patrons singing songs from the Vietnam War era and, after finding the Goddess of Youth, Hebe requests spot her join her for pizza. As they eat, Hebe brings up Percy's refusal of godhood and he says he wishes to grow old as it is a part of life. The group notices the patrons singing karaoke are getting younger and Hebe reveals she shaves off a few years so that those who visit her establishment can have a slight extension on their lives. The three then ask Hebe if she has any information on missing divine objects. The goddess deduces that stretch are referring to Ganymede and and that he list his chalice. However, Hebe becomes enraged when she thinks they are accusing her of stealing it. The goddess states she does not miss her old position and vanishes in an explosion of glitter. The three are knocked out and when they wake up, they are eight years old. Panicking, they decide to leave Hebe Jeebies in an attempt to become teenagers again. However they still remain children and go back inside to look for Hebe. They find the nine year old who pointed them to Hebe and she pulls out a bullhorn to state they have an age based complaint and to unleash the beasts. The chickens from the coop run towards them and, after Riptide fails to take sword form, the three run. The three run to an indoor playground and Annabeth has Percy and Grover drag a table over to block the entrance. Once they are inside, the Daughter of Athena comes up with a plan. She has Grover go on ahead to distract the chickens while Percy and her go to the ball pit and make their way to the chicken coop. Annabeth grabs a chick and they go to the Karaoke Bar. Grover meets back up with them and they barricade the door. Annabeth explains that the Karaoke Bar is Hebe's temple and that people would go to her temple on her sacred day to ask for forgiveness. She suggests they sing an apology song, but he and Grover have their doubts. They go over to the karaoke machine and he suggests "Jealous Guy" by John Lennon. The demigods sing terribly as Grover struggles to barricade the door. Soon Hebe arrives and demands they stop. Annabeth begs for forgiveness as the boys follow her lead. As Hebe threatens to turn them into infants, the goddess starts to de-age into one herself. Percy and Grover realize that Annabeth brought the chick as Hebe cannot physically be the youngest in a room. Annabeth promises to get rid of the chick if Hebe reverts the three to their true ages and give them information on the chalice. The goddess agrees and takes the form of a teenager once the chick is out of range. Hebe turns the three back into teenagers and agrees to tell them about the chalice.

Hebe states that she does not have it and suggests Iris, who hosts a farmers market outside the Lincoln Center on Saturdays, might have it. Hebe promises to keep Ganymede's secret as she wants to see Zeus's reaction when he finds out and warns them to be careful as Iris is not as forgiving as her. They exit Hebe Jeebies and go their separate ways. Percy returns home and sits on the fire escape, comparing this quest to all the world ending ones he had to do. His mother joins him and he recounts the days events to her. After asking what he was like as a child, Sally says he was afraid, but would try to understand what was going on. He then helps with the dishes and does his homework before going to bed.

For the next three days, the Son of Poseidon has no contact with the divine world. However on Thursday Ganymede comes to Percy's school for a progress report. Percy fills him in on what they learned and what they plan on doing. Before leaving, Ganymede threatens to withhold Percy's recommendation letter if he fails. That night, Percy speaks with Annabeth in her dorm room via Iris Message and the Daughter of Athena suggests they have one of Iris's demigod children introduce them. While Percy cannot think of anyone, Annabeth reveals she already contacted a daughter of Iris who lives in Soho and she agreed to meet them at the farmers market. Annabeth then ends the call when her roommate comes back.

The following day Percy, Annabeth, and Grover wait outside the farmers market for Blanche, a daughter of Iris who once absorbed the colors of the campers during a campfire and took pictures as they panicked. Blanche arrives and walks the three over to her mothers stall. Iris happily greets her daughter. He and the others become concerned when Blanche says they will accuse Iris of theft. The Daughter of Iris leaves and the three speak with the Rainbow Goddess. They explain why they are there and Iris reveals she did not steal the chalice and feels pity for Ganymede. She also reveals that Ganymede will need the chalice for the Epulum Minerva, a festival dedicated to Rhea, in two weeks. Iris agrees to help them look for the chalice if they take her staff to the River Elisson for cleaning. Iris advises them to watch out for the horned serpents and advises them not to kill the monsters. The goddess ushers them away as she starts to get customers. While the demigods never heard of the River Elisson, Grover reveals that it was a river that could clean anything but the god overseeing the river was disgusted by the filth polluting his river and hit it. Grover believers a water spirit might now where it is and Percy reluctantly agrees to ask his guidance counselor on Monday.

During seventh period, he visits Eudora to inform her of his quest. When she mentions he could of filled out a form to have Iris and Hebe write him letters as well, Percy requests if he could backtrack and get them to agree, but Eudora says it is to late and shows him the fine print on the brochure. When the Son of Poseidon asks about the location of the River Elisson, Eudora is hesitant about giving out the information as she does not want to get kicked out of the river god's yoga class. She agrees to send Percy to the general area of the river and wishes him luck. Percy ends up in Yonkers and wonders towards the Saw Mill River. As he inspects a drainage pipe, he sees shed snake skin for a second and decides to come back the following day with Annabeth and Grover.

He returns the next day with his friends and the staff and leads them to the tunnel he found the previous day. They trudge through the tunnel and, after having fun with luminescent lichen, they reach a vast field of tall grass and barren trees that house the river. Every inch of the river is filled with snakes but Annabeth sees an abandoned crevice with no serpents. Grover volunteers to keep watch as the demigods make their way to the crevice and says he will play his panpipes if snakes head towards them. Percy and Annabeth reach the crevice and, after seeing the sheer drop. The Daughter of Athena ties a rope around his waist to pull him up and pushes him in after they hear Grover start to play a song. After landing in the water, the filth starts to come off the staff until Elisson, the patron of the river arrives and tosses Percy out of the water. The god berates Percy for breaking the rules as Percy glances up to see Annabeth hiding from view. Percy apologizes and introduces himself as Poseidon's son. Ellison sarcastically berates Percy until the Son of Poseidon agrees to do anything, in which Elisson wants to see if he found drown the demigod or not. As Elisson is roughing up Percy in the water, coating his face in sludge and suffocating him, the Son of Poseidon snaps and takes control of the water. When he regains his sense, he sees Annabeth comforting Elisson after the god becomes traumatized by Percy's sheer power over water. Annabeth gives Elisson tea as the god agrees to let demigods wash sacred objects every other Saturday. The Daughter of Athena gestures with her chin and Percy sees the staff a few feet from him. Elisson leaves and Annabeth devises a plan to help Grover. Annabeth goes to help Grover and tells him to skip to get the snake's attention. The Son of Poseidon does so before realizing she was joking. Percy hears Grover stop playing and realizes they are safe and he does not know where the exit is. He trips and twists his ankle before climbing on a rock. Percy sees the horned serpents coming after him and uses the staff to distract them, creating various beams of colored light. Fearing he will die, he wishes to speak with Annabeth one last time and the staff turns him into a rainbow and he flies off. Percy meets up with his companions, happy to have surprised the Daughter of Athena, and they head home.

The following day, Percy and Annabeth go to return the staff while Grover attends his photo shoot. The demigods find Iris on Fifth Avenue and return the staff. Which she has named Mercedes. Iris tries to give the demigods crystals instead of the information they need, but the goddess agrees after they insist. Iris reveals the chalice thief is someone named Gary who lives in Greenwich Village. The goddess gives them pure nectar and warns them not to drink it as it will burn them. She says to use it to find the chalice as nectar is drawn to it. Iris charges the demigods five dollars for the nectar and as Percy is short on cash, Annabeth pays.

The following day at a swim meet, Grover comes to watch him and shows the Son of Poseidon the pictures Blanche took of him for Juniper's bloom day party. Grover reveals that Juniper was not happy with the photos and Grover reveals he mentioned Blanche a dozen times. Percy advises him to apologize and ask Juniper what she wants. Grover then reveals that he is nervous about Percy and Annabeth leaving him and Percy promises they will visit. Grover then reveals he has been talking with nymphs to narrow down the location of the chalice and says nature spirits have been seen leaving Washington Square Park, but he cannot find any nature spirit with a name that sounds like Gary. They agree to look into it Monday morning before school as the coach then calls Percy for the high dive.

That night, Percy is helping his parents get dinner ready when Annabeth arrives with cupcakes she made during a cooking class. As Percy helps Paul set the table, notices his stepfather is nervous and sees his mother say something to Annabeth. During dinner, Percy notices his mother is not drinking and she reveals she is pregnant. Everyone watches Percy waiting for his reaction, and the Son of Poseidon is elated, but is disappointed that he will only be with his younger sibling for a few months. After dessert Percy walks Annabeth to the subway and she is impressed with his reaction, thinking about her half-brothers when her father remarried. She reassures Percy that this is different and he will be a great brother.

The following day, he is called to the guidance counselor's office for a progress report. However when he mentions Gary, she leaves. Before leaving she tries to talk Percy out of his quest and warns him that finding Gary could get him killed. Eudora flushes herself. At lunch, Ganymede checks in and Percy tells him they have a plan, a name, and a general area where the chalice is. Ganymede does not know anyone named Gary and becomes fearful when Percy mentions the feast. Ganymede says Zeus could throw the celebration at any time and he tells the Son of Poseidon to hurry. After eating, Percy goes to the library to research any mythological figure with a name that sounds like Gary but fails.

At four-thirty Monday morning, Annabeth breaks into Percy's bedroom to wake him. Annabeth says she spoke with Juniper about pure nectar and learned one whiff could put a demigod into a coma and reveals she brought tissues to plug their noses. As Percy thinks about what would happen if he failed this quest, Annabeth asks if he is having second thoughts on going west but Percy reassures her that he wants to go to college with her and, after getting ready, they head out. The demigods meet up with Grover, who brought donuts with him, and they get to work after breakfast. Only half a dozen mortals are at the park. After plugging their noses, Annabeth unleashes three drops of nectar and they each go into a different direction. Percy follows one to the playground, Annabeth follows one to the chess tables, and Grover follows one to the trees. As he searches, Percy notices how quiet is is and sees Grover staring at a tree and Annabeth watching a chess game. He feels something that reminds him of Kronos and a voice says his power is similar. Percy sees a small old man who introduces himself as Geras, the God of Old Age. Geras reveals he took the chalice and shows it to Percy, who he likes for rejecting immortality. Percy realizes he took the chalice to humiliate Ganymede as Geras feels the cupbearer does not deserve immortality and should have died a mortal. Percy asks for the chalice back and Geras threatens to turn his companions into dust. Percy protests and Geras says he will give Percy the chalice if he can beat the god in a wrestling match, but if the Son of Poseidon loses, he will be turned into dust. Before he agrees, Geras says the match will be decided if Percy can bend one of the god's knees to the ground of if the god slams Percy's face to the ground. Percy requests that his companions be allowed to leave unharmed regardless of the outcome and that they be broken out of their trance. Geras releases his companions and they explain the terms and conditions of the match to them. Annabeth pulls Percy aside and asks if he is sure. Percy considers walking away for a moment but decides against it. They walk back and, after Geras rejects Grover offer to trade the chalice for donuts, the god jumps on Percy. He struggles to force the god to his knee as Annabeth and Grover watch in horror as Geras slams Percy against the playground equipment. Percy thinks of Chiron telling him to keep calm in deadly situations, but fails. As Grover holds Annabeth back, Geras threatens to turn all three of them into dust. Just then, Percy remembers Jason telling him of a vision he has for himself and Piper as grandparents during their fight at the Acropolis. Upon remembering it, he chooses to embrace old age and hugs the god. Geras and Grover are stunned, but Annabeth is pleased with Percy's action. As Percy has the god, he thinks of hat it would of been like to meet his mother's parents. Geras, who can not remember the last time he was hugged, is thankful that the Son of Poseidon has chosen to embrace old age and returns the chalice before disappearing. Not long after, a hula hoop, the hoop being a symbol of Ganymede, falls from the sky to tell them Ganymede needs the chalice immediately as Zeus is hosting a brunch for his mother.

As they brainstorm, Grover convinces Annabeth to lend Percy her hat as she heads off to school and he and Percy take a cab. As they head to the Empire State Building, Grover tells Percy the hat will not work on the Olympians and will not fool the Elevator Security Guard. He also tells the Son of Poseidon to head to the kitchens and meet up with a cloud nymph named Naomi as she could help him sneak in. When they reach the Empire State Building, they exit and Percy puts on the hat. Grover distracts the guards and Percy snatches the key card to reach Olympus. Once the elevator stops at the six hundredth floor, Percy heads to the palace. Percy walks through the city and makes his way to the kitchen to Zeus's palace. He knocks on the door and Naomi lets him in. She says Ganymede is nervous and tells Percy to pass the chalice on to him. As a waitress goes out the door, Percy looks out and sees all the gods around a table with Zeus standing close to Rhea. Percy and Ganymede see each other and the Son of Poseidon gestures for the cupbearer to come to him, but Zeus stops him, wanting him to hear a story about Rhea. Percy realizes he will have to sneak into the room to deliver the chalice. He hides under a cloth covered desert cart as Barbara, a dryad, pushes him into the dining room exchange for a meeting with Annabeth. As Zeus is telling a story about him being surrounded by llamas in Crete, he orders Barbara not to push the cart as he is speaking. Percy checks under the cart to see how far he is from Ganymede and comes face to face with Lucius, one of Rhea's lions. Percy lowers the cloth and, after checking again, comes face to face with Athena. After a stare down, Athena asks Ganymede to take the desert cart to the kitchen to get cream. Ganymede does so and, once they are in the kitchen, He hands over the chalice and Ganymede gives Percy a blank sheet of paper and tells the Son of Poseidon to dictate what he wants and then his signature will appear when he is done. Ganymede goes back to the dining room while Naomi gives Percy food for the road.

Percy returns to the elevator and makes way to the lobby and notices Grover is missing, but finds him outside. Percy fills him in on what happened and Grover hugs Percy. He tells the Son of Poseidon that he feared Percy would not survive the wrestling match and Percy says he thought of the two of them and Annabeth in their golden years. Grover offers to return Annabeth's hat as Percy goes to school. When he goes to the front office to try and explain to the secretary why he is late, she says she is talking to his father on why he is later and she hands him the phone as she writes out a hall pass. Percy is surprised to hear Poseidon and asks why the sea god is covering for him. Poseidon says he was moved by Percy choosing to wrestle Geras and says that he has always been watching Percy and that he is proud of him. Percy the phone back to the secretary and heads to class. As Percy heads to class, Eudora calls him in for a progress report and is thrilled that he has completed the quest. She compliments Percy and reminds him he still needs two more letters of recommendation. Percy then goes about his regular school day.

That night, Annabeth comes over to his apartment for dinner and she, Sally, and Paul help Percy write a letter. After several suggestions, the letter is complete. Percy is embarrassed, Annabeth is laughing, Paul feels bad for Percy, and Sally kisses her son. They manage to get Ganymede's signature and are happy with the outcome. Annabeth heads back to her dorm, but she and Percy talk via Iris Message when she gets there. Percy tells her everything he saw on Olympus and Annabeth is surprised when he says her mother helped him. However Annabeth quickly realizes that Athena is now supporting their relationship and realizes her daughter wants to see it through to the end. The daughter of Athena reminds Percy he needs two more letters before winter break and she and the son of Poseidon end the call with a kiss.

Wrath of the Triple Goddess

Percy house sits for Hecate to get a letter of recommendation.

The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle

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Percy appeared when Apollo and Meg McCaffrey showed up at his apartment, in need of his assistance. Percy was disgruntled and asked why they were here. Apollo introduced him to Meg and explained his situation and said that Meg must be taken to Camp Half-Blood. Percy was surprised to find out that Apollo was fully mortal and reluctantly let him and Meg inside. He let them in, and told Apollo to not mention Hera when he mentioned her, and told him that Sally Jackson was not cursed, she was just pregnant. Percy then introduced Apollo and Meg to his mom. After Sally suggested, Percy went to get Apollo cleaned up, after noting it was depressing that they were the same size. Percy left Apollo in his bathroom and gave him some Ambrosia and Nectar, and some clothes for him to wear. Apollo then went to talk to Percy, who was sitting on his bed. Percy recalled the last time he had a nosebleed after seeing Apollo's blood on his carpet, making Apollo remember how he was turned mortal. Percy told Apollo that the last time he saw him it was August, and now it was January. After Apollo said he didn't know how long he had been out, Percy recalled how Hera wiped his memory and that he hated memory gaps. After Apollo asked Percy to help him, Percy explained that he won't turn away a demigod in need, but he cannot get involved in another prophecy, since he made promises to his mom and Annabeth Chase to stay out of trouble and get his diploma, and he was busy catching up on classes. He also wanted to live long enough to meet his baby sister, and see his moms novel get published. He didn't want to abandon his family like that. Percy also explained that Annabeth was in Boston for a few weeks due to a family emergency. But Percy did promise to lead Apollo and Meg to Camp. Percy, Meg, and Apollo ate lunch together, and Percy complained about how he hates studying, since New Rome University required him to pass the DSTOMP test, all of his classes, and the SAT. Percy inquired that he would never forgive Apollo for writing a hard portion on the DSTOMP. Percy explained to Meg how he was a demigod, and asked Apollo how he and Meg met. Their story was interrupted when Sally brought Percy lunch, and Percy agreed with Apollo that his mom was awesome. Apollo explained to Percy the other two times he was a mortal, and how he was Meg's servant. The three also discussed what spirits may be following them, and Percy toyed with the possibility that Apollo may be barred from entering Camp, which worried him. Percy joked with Meg about how he started his demigod career by exploding a toilet, making her giggle, but she frowned when she found out he had a girlfriend. Sally then brought the three cookies, but then said Percy cannot have any unless he comes back safely, and made him promise he would be right back. Percy then told Apollo and Meg that a batch of cookies were at stake for him.

Percy drove Meg and Apollo close to Camp from Manhattan in Sally's Prius. Percy warned Apollo to not jinx them if they were being followed and explained to Meg that the Oracle isn't working. When Apollo said he hoped demigods went on a quest to solve it by now, Percy said that without prophecies, there cannot be quests, so they are stuck in a Catch 88. Suddenly, when they saw spirits, Percy swerved and drove through a drive thru and a strip mall to get away. Percy drove through a railroad crossing and soon ended up in a countryside near Camp. Percy then swerved, damaging the car. Percy, Meg, and Apollo left the car after that. Percy was upset and annoyed when he found out the monsters that were attacking them were Nosoi, and Percy said that when it seemed that he killed everything in Greek Mythology, he didn't. The three fought the Nosoi, and Percy wanted to cut them up with Riptide. Percy charged into battle, but every time he defeated them they dissolved into glittery mist then re solidified. Percy caused a tank to rupture to try to kill them, but it was no use. Percy soon after accidentally ran into a plume of smoke the Nosoi made, and he was unable to breathe. But Percy and Apollo were saved after Meg, with the help of Peaches, defeated the Nosoi. Percy was skeptical of the Karpoi, because he did not like them, but he was shocked how he liked Meg, so he trusted him. Percy was sick from the smoke and sneezed with such force that an irrigation pipe exploded behind him. Percy offered to drive them to Camp, but police came to tow the Prius, and Percy stayed while was interrogated and told the two how to get to Camp.

A few days later, Percy arrived at Camp with Mrs. O'Leary to help defeat the Colossus Neronis. They landed on the statues head and the Hellhound peed on the statues head, startling Percy. Percy immediately asked Apollo what he did, and Apollo told him it was only partially his fault, but he was making a plan to fix it. Percy threw a spike at the statues head and tried to get his dog to attack it. He jumped from the statues head to its shoulder and slid down it to the ground, impressing Apollo. Percy got the statue to chase him as he ran to the beach. During the battle, when Apollo began to doubt if he could make the shot to the statue, Percy and Chiron stared at him grimly and Percy put a hand on his shoulder, saying he was Apollo and that they need him, and if he didn't do it, he would throw him off of the Empire State Building. When Apollo defeated it, Percy and Chiron ran to avoid being crushed.

The next day, Apollo tried to leave Camp, but Percy and Rachel Elizabeth Dare followed him and told him not to leave. Percy tried to reassure Apollo that he belonged at Camp and that he was once in the same situation, but Apollo insisted that he must free the other Oracles to save everyone. When Apollo said he wanted to give up looking for Meg, Percy said that he should keep looking since they'd lost too many good people- Luke Castellan, Ethan Nakamura, even almost Nico di Angelo. Percy said he cannot give up on Meg since they are bound together and that she is one of the good guys. After Percy heard the prophecy from the Grove of Dodona from Apollo, Percy figured out that Leo Valdez was coming back on Festus and that he would be the one to help him on his quest, making him happy and grinning.

When Leo returned to Camp, Percy happily reunited with him and gave him a bear hug and not punching him like the other Campers, but he looked disgruntled. He also had a tense reunion with Calypso, awkwardly hugging each other. Percy and Leo bonded over how they both went through the Sea of Monsters and that they both hate Polyphemus. Percy also explained to Leo and Calypso the Triumvirate Holdings and Nero, and what happened in the last six months. As they discussed, Leo mentioned how he was with sarcastic pirates on the high seas, and he and a Percy high fived. Percy left that night before dinner and said goodbye to Leo and Calypso, with he and Leo hugging and Calypso pecking Percy on the cheek. Then he and Mrs. O' Leary disappeared into the Long Island Sound.

The Dark Prophecy

Apollo mentioned Percy when thinking about the pros of twenty-first-century demigods, he compliments the son of Poseidon's driving skills. Meg also mentioned that Percy taught her not to jinx her quests.

The Burning Maze

Grover mentions Percy, wishing he were with them. Apollo also mentions constantly how handy the son of Poseidon could be on their quest.

The Tyrant's Tomb

Apollo mentions the son of Poseidon when entering Camp Jupiter. He later thinks of a story he heard of Percy using Dean Martin to scare away a flock of attacking Stymphalian Birds and uses the same tactic on some attacking giant ravens.

The Tower of Nero

Having just graduated high school, he sets out west with Annabeth and Grover. After Apollo regains his godhood, he visits him and Annabeth at New Rome University where he is still struggling to figure out a major. Annabeth also seems disgusted at sharing a dorm with him. They express their sadness at Jason's death and he says he misses his mother's cooking. At that Apollo summons a plate for blue chocolate chip cookies and in surprise, he takes back most of what he said about the sun god.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Hammer of Thor

Percy is mentioned by Annabeth to Magnus when he asks her advice about travelling through the oceans and she responds by saying it is time for Magnus to meet Percy Jackson, her boyfriend.

The Ship of the Dead

Percy and Annabeth were in Boston to help train Magnus Chase and his friend, Alex Fierro, for the Quest to stop Naglfar from Sailing. Percy quickly got along with Magnus and told him that SPQR means "These Romans are Crazy". Percy tried to teach Magnus how to jump off a ship, handle the masts, control a ship, and try hand to hand combat in the bottom of the ocean. It was hard for Percy to train Magnus however, because every time he looked at him, his eye twitched, the stress of the weekend getting to him. Percy asked if Magnus was okay when Magnus tried to dive, but fell on the deck instead. When Sumarbrander started talking, Magnus introduced him to Percy and Annabeth. Percy was nervous when the sword flew to him, and learned that Riptide was actually a girl. Percy uncapped the pen and made it a sword so Riptide and Jack could bond with each other. Percy was shocked that she was a girl, but Alex told him to respect the gender. Percy thought it was strange that he never knew, and Annabeth teased him, saying he didn't know the pen could write until the year before. The four of them then got lunch from Fadlan's Falafel, and when Annabeth said that heroes can never be ready, they just have to try the best as they can, Percy said they haven't died yet, and Annabeth said that they keep trying. Percy put his arm around her and he kissed her curls on her head, making Magnus's heart do a twist, jealous that they would live to adulthood. Percy also said how excited he was to babysit his baby sister, Estelle Blofis, and said that she was awesome and drools a lot. Annabeth commented that she and Percy were similar because they both drooled.

Percy apologized that he couldn't help Magnus more, because the sea is unpredictable. Alex said that at least he felt better that time and that he can turn into a dolphin to save him, and Percy was shocked that he could do that. When Alex offered to show him, Percy said that he believed him because his friend, Frank Zhang, is a shapeshifter. Percy said that having a good team is better than having good sea skills. Percy also told Magnus advice about sea gods that would help him: they are territorial about their stuff, like Kymopoleia, Poseidon, Triton, and Galatea. Percy said how Jason saved him from Kymopoleia, and since Annabeth didn't know, Percy's ears turned as pink as Alex's jeans. He then said he was looking at things all wrong: you do not need a plan, you just need to improvise. Annabeth said as a daughter of Athena, she cannot endorse that, but Percy said that Annabeth is crazy smart and good at improvising, and that instead of training with him, he should have trained with Annabeth instead. Annabeth agreed that that was sweet and kissed him on the cheek. Alex called him Seaweed Brain, and Percy told him to not start with the nickname too. Before he left, Percy told Alex he would quote him on what he said about flaunting the weird. Percy and Magnus shook hands before he left. The last they saw of them, Percy was driving his Prius on First Avenue singing along to Led Zeppelin on the radio, with Annabeth laughing at his bad voice. Percy and Annabeth's future and Percy's little sister, Estelle, motivated Magnus to succeed on his quest.

When Magnus got home, he called Percy and Annabeth, who just arrived in New Rome. Percy told Annabeth to ask Magnus if he followed his advice on the quest, and Magnus told her to tell Percy that he kept his butt clenched like he said. Percy was upset during the phone call because of Jason's death.

Un Natale Mezzosangue

Nico takes Percy to Florence after the son of Poseidon struggles with finding a gift for Annabeth. The son of Hades takes him to store owned by Charu, the last of the Etruscan gods. After asking questions about Annabeth, he gives the son of Poseidon and bracelet of keys and asks him to explain the meaning of Christmas. After Percy explains the universal meaning of friendship and family behind the holiday, he is given the gift and the demigods leave.

The Sun and the Star: A Nico di Angelo Adventure

Percy appears to Nico in a nightmare of when Nico was trapped in the bronze jar by Otis and Ephialtes. In the dream, Percy stands at the height of a Titan and, crying, tells Nico that he has to go, that "we made a mistake. You have to fix it."

When he and Annabeth are studying for an English test, they revive an Iris Message from Nico and Will, who explain their quest to go to Tartarus to save Bob. Percy and Annabeth express their guilt that they forgot about Bob. After the son of Poseidon and daughter of Athena fail to talk them out of it, they tell the sons of Hades and Apollo that their best chance at surviving Tartarus is to stick together.

Hades later reveals to Nico that Percy had changed a lot of things for the gods, making them rethink their priorities, behaviors and standards. Hades in particular was affected by Percy's actions, causing Hades to rethink sending Nico after Bob when he realized that it put Will in danger too.


He's good-looking, but don't you dare tell him I said that.

–Annabeth Chase about Percy's appearance, in The Demigod Files interview

Percy has tan skin, disheveled, jet-black hair swept to one side as "if he just took a walk to the beach" and sea-green eyes, which he inherited from his father and grandmother. He also has a sarcastic, troublemaker smile. Percy gets his handsome looks from his father, a reason why Medusa wanted to preserve a statue of him. He doesn't seem to know it or may simply refuse to acknowledge it, but a great number of girls find him extremely attractive. He was complimented by Calypso, who then asked whether he was in love, Calypso states, "If you could see your face. Of course, you."

At the beginning of the series, Percy was average in athletics but later from his training, becomes very fit, muscular, and lean. Piper notes in the Mark of Athena that he does not appear as fit as Jason, but he is most likely just as strong. He is described in Camp Half Blood Confidential as having a "wiry build". He obtained a gray streak of hair in The Titan's Curse from holding the sky but has since lost it, as stated in The Mark of Athena. After he slew Polybotes in The Son of Neptune, Percy received a tattoo of a trident and SPQR on the underside of his left arm to signify that he is a full member of the Roman Twelfth Legion Fulminata. After their reunion in The Mark of Athena, Annabeth says that Percy grew even more handsome, muscular, taller, and tanner.

Hazel even stated that "[Percy] had the good looks of a Roman god." According to Piper in The Mark of Athena, Percy smells like the sea, looks like a skater and a troublemaker, but she can still see what women would like about him, even if he isn't her type. Piper later states that when Percy pleads, his sea-green eyes seemed to be "like a cute baby seal that needed help" and marvels at how Annabeth had ever won an argument with him.

In The Hidden Oracle, the god Apollo is struck by Percy's close resemblance to his father Poseidon, noting that he had the same handsome features, "which easily shifted from humor to anger." He was noted to have long, nimble fingers, with Apollo claiming that Percy's hands were perfect for a musician. Percy wore tattered jeans and a hoodie that says AHS swim team on it.

In The Ship of the Dead, Percy wore an orange T-shirt, jeans, and battered white leather Reeboks.


He's actually pretty intelligent, but he acts so dumb sometimes. I wonder if he does it just to annoy me. The guy has a lot going for him. He's courageous. He's got a sense of humor.

–Annabeth about Percy, in The Demigod Files interview.

According to Kronos, Percy inherited Poseidon's "too changeable, unpredictable" nature. Percy is a very kind-hearted, brave-spirited, natural leader. Many people tell him he is brave, such as friends, family, strangers, and even gods. He has the same "brooding" look as his father, which always had him branded as a rebel; his mother has a rebellious streak just like him. Percy is characterized by his sarcastic, smart sense of humor, and laid-back demeanor. His girlfriend Annabeth mentions that he is actually quite smart, but seems to act dumb.

Percy is somewhat short-tempered and thus has trouble controlling his anger, such as when he sees bullying. He can be derisively sarcastic and moody, especially when someone tries to manipulate him or forces him to obey. He does not like to follow rules, as shown when he escapes camp to go on the quest to save Grover, and when he bowed to Poseidon before Zeus. Like many heroes, Percy is very reckless and tends to do or blurt out things before thinking, causing him to get into a lot of trouble. He feels responsible for everyone and anything which goes wrong.

According to Annabeth, Percy is obtuse, meaning he doesn't always see the obvious even when it is right in front of him, such as people's feelings and what they are trying to say indirectly. He has romantic feelings for Annabeth over the course of the series, but he finally confirms them in The Last Olympian. Despite this he is perceptive when he needs to be, Percy could tell that Gaea wanted to keep him alive and gambled his life knowing that he was too valuable to Gaea for him to die at that time.

Although he has many friends in Camp Half-Blood, Percy is considered a troublemaker in school with a track record of expulsions, like most demigods. His dyslexia makes learning and reading difficult and his ADHD makes it hard for him to be attentive or to sit still in class. He has never been one of the "cool" kids in class because he hangs out with supposedly "un-cool" people, such as his best friend Grover Underwood or his half-brother Tyson. Possibly because of his bad history in school, Percy feels a strong level of affection and attachment to Camp Half-Blood. In The House of Hades, Hazel states that Percy was a child of Poseidon's better nature: powerful, but gentle and helpful, a person that would guide ships safely to the shore rather than destroy them.

After getting his memories taken by Hera, living on the streets and fighting monsters, Percy has developed a "wolf stare" that says "No matter how bad you think you are, I'm worse," which enables him to scare off people like gangsters. He is not afraid of anything in the mortal world anymore, including gangs. He notes that it is probably Lupa's influence on him, as he stayed with her pack for weeks. Despite being very confident in his own abilities, Hazel Levesque can sense there is a quiet sadness in Percy similar to Jason, like he saw his destiny and knew that one day he would face a monster he couldn't beat.

While in Tartarus in The House of Hades, Percy is starting to show a darker and more dangerous side of himself in his personality. He begins to question himself about his morality, and if he's really a good hero or not. He wonders about the people he had previously treated with apathy: Bob, Calypso, and Nico di Angelo. After his return, he tries to make up for his tattered relationship with Nico by thanking him for visiting Iapetus. While battling Akhlys, Percy taps into his rage and controls poison to overwhelm Akhlys—to the point where even Annabeth is terrified of him. He was shown to be more prone to aggression when he vows to destroy Gaea and avenge Bob and Damasen, something which doesn't seem to disappear towards the end of the book.

After the events of The Blood of Olympus, Percy seems to be less impulsive. He has grown a bit tired of the constant dangers of a demigod and looks forward to living a normal peaceful life as much as possible. The cunning sorcerer, Setne tried to manipulate Percy, but it backfired on him as Percy succeeded in capturing him. Percy gives more priority to his family and even turns down Apollo's offer to go on a dangerous quest to help the latter regain his godhood. However, he does small favors to others as it is his principle to aid demigods as much as possible, such as escorting Apollo and Meg to Camp Half-Blood at for Meg's sake and training Magnus Chase for a voyage across the sea at Annabeth's request.

At the end of The Tower of Nero, Percy seems to be more lighthearted and even softens up to Apollo than before (much better than how it was at the start, in The Hidden Oracle) as he has settled down with the hope of going to college, which is a much different view point from the start as he actually looks forward to it and somehow, with the help of Annabeth has actually done well in his exams. He has lost his impulsiveness and has matured to a lighthearted cheerful person who is at his happiest with Annabeth.

In The Last Olympian, Percy expresses to Hermes a hope that the gods can change for the better, although Hermes is doubtful about this. The gods actions during the Second Giant War, including breaking some of their promises to Percy, seem to prove that Hermes was right. However, in The Sun and the Star: A Nico di Angelo Adventure, Hades reveals that Percy's optimism and attempts to get the gods to change their nature were not without success. According to Hades, Percy had changed a lot of things for the gods, making them rethink their priorities, standards and behaviors. Hades at least changed because of this, rethinking sending his son on a dangerous quest after realizing that Nico could lose someone else that he loved in the process and visiting Nico in a dream with Nico's mother and sister to give his son closure and express his pride in Nico.

In The Chalice of the Gods, Poseidon tells Percy that he's saved the world multiple times and conquered enemies that would scare most immortals, but what proves that he's a true hero is his smaller acts such as accepting Geras' challenge instead of just walking away and leaving Ganymede to his fate. In doing so, Percy honored his promise, not because the world was at stake or for a letter of recommendation, but because that's just who he is, proving that he's a true hero. Percy gets emotional about how well Poseidon understands him, but his experience with Ganymede only cements Percy's desire to remain mortal and live out the rest of his life rather than becoming a god. Percy literally embraces Geras, who is the god of old age, and embraces the idea of growing older and looking back on a good life, embracing Geras like he's an old friend. In doing so, Percy earns Geras' respect as old age is never embraced and gives the god hope that not everyone is like the Olympians who have turned their backs on old age.

Fatal Flaw

To save a friend, you would sacrifice the world.

–Athena to Percy about his fatal flaw, in The Titan's Curse

According to Athena, Percy's fatal flaw is excessive personal loyalty: he would risk the world and even his own life to save his friends and family. He sometimes saves strangers or enemies simply because he empathizes with them. When Percy protests that personal loyalty isn't all that bad, Athena says "The most dangerous flaws are good in moderation" The goddess was obviously displeased that her own daughter is an object of that loyalty. Kronos previously exploited this trait in The Lightning Thief (Sally Jackson), The Sea of Monsters (Grover), and The Titan's Curse (Annabeth Chase). In The Son of Neptune, Mars states to Frank that Percy's flaw would hinder the completion of the Prophecy of Seven unless his son manages to intervene, which worries Frank, but Hera states that his fatal flaw will keep the seven together.


I hate flying!

–Percy to Annabeth Chase, Frank Zhang, and Camp Half-Blood, while in dragon Frank's claws in The Blood of Olympus

Percy is afraid of the Great Prophecy. When Phobos makes Percy see his worst fear in The Demigod Files story, Percy saw that his mistake regarding Olympus would set the camp in flames with his friends inside, which could be interpreted as losing those close to him.

As a son of Poseidon, Percy is claustrophobic. This is because in the Son of Neptune, he drowned in a muskeg of an Alaskan bog. and another reason is that he is used to open, free and wild places like the sea. However, his claustrophobia doesn't seem to bother him in The Battle of the Labyrinth, so it could simply be that he simply becomes restless when confined, but is still functional and his previous phobia now only acts as a mild annoyance.

Percy is also possibly aerophobic. Aerophobia, the fear of flying, is shown in The Blood of Olympus during the final battle against Gaea when he is flying in the claws of Frank Zhang shapeshifted into a dragon. This fear likely stems from him being a son of Poseidon, who has a rivalry with Zeus, the god of the sky.

Abilities and Tools

  • ADHD: Percy's supernatural alertness and keen senses that keep him ready for, and alive, in battle. It also lets him analyze his opponents fighting style as well as pick up minor details about an opponent, such as where their muscles tense so he can tell which direction they will attack from.
  • Dyslexia: Percy's brain is "hard-wired" for reading divine Ancient Greek instead of mortal languages.
  • Swordsmanship: Percy is a naturally talented swordsman. His skills continue to grow as time passes, capable of holding his own against and defeating larger, more experienced, and more powerful opponents, including several monsters and Ares, although he had underestimated Percy. In The Lightning Thief, he was able to disarm Luke, the most skilled swordsman at Camp Half-Blood for the last three hundred years, in a swordsmanship class with a complex maneuver he just learned. In The Sea of Monsters, even when Percy had only trained for a year at the time, he was already regarded by other campers to be better than any other camper in Camp Half-Blood at swordplay in the last 100 years, with many comparing him to Luke. At this point, Percy sparred against entire cabins at a time, and rather easily beat the guys from the Apollo Cabin. Despite being out of practice when he fought Luke, Percy was briefly able to fight him off, but was overpowered rather easily. He repeatedly injured the giant cyclops Polyphemus until he was laying on his back. In The Battle of the Labyrinth, Percy was skilled enough to defeat Ethan Nakamura and beat a recently awakened Kronos without the Curse of Achilles. In The Son of Neptune, even after losing the Curse of Achilles, he fended off an entire army of continually resurrecting ghosts by himself while still protecting Frank and the golden eagle of the legion, as well as easily defeated an Amazon. According to Frank, Percy "fought like a demon." When possessed by eidolons, Percy fought Jason on even footing (Piper couldn't believe the speed of their sword fighting which she described as a 'blur', as they exchanged multiple blows that lasted only a second). It should be noted that Jason was distracted by Piper's charmspeak twice, which allowed the possessed Percy to eventually exploit the opening in Jason's defense. In The Son of Sobek, Carter admitted that Percy was a way better swordsman than he was even with Carter's specialty being combat magic. The only people shown to be his superior are Luke (who was possessed by Kronos at the time) and his half-brother Chrysaor.
  • Dreams: Like most demigods, Percy had dreams that showed him events occurring in the past, present, and future. However, due to his father's unpredictable nature and raw power, Percy's dreams are a lot more potent than those of other demigods. He has managed to view the dealings of fellow demigods like Luke and Hercules; gods such as Hades; and ancient beings like Kronos himself, something Luke proclaimed was impossible.
  • Superhuman Durability: Being a demigod son of one of the Big Three, Percy is more durable than regular humans and fellow demigods. He shook off a hard kick in the chest from Ares, speedily recovered from a dodgeball thrown by a Laistrygonian Giant, brushed off from a whack in the chest by a giant, shook off hard hits from the Titan Atlas, and withstood a hard blow from Kronos without the Curse of Achilles.
  • Superhuman Strength: Being a demigod son of one of the Big Three, Percy is considerably stronger than a regular mortal and demigod. He can strangle a snake when he was a toddler, rip out the Minotaur's horn, topple a seemingly insurmountably strong Polyphemus, snap Clarisse's second electric spear "like a twig", knock out demigods with one hit, and force the tip of Porphyrion's spear into the ground while the giant was running, causing the giant's own momentum to flip himself over. He had even held on a ledge, while supporting Annabeth's and his own weight with just his fingers, without much discomfort. While he does admit that he's strong in his own right, he's still not exactly super strong as he always struggled wrestling Clarisse and was unable to overcome Geras with brute force alone.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Being a demigod son of one of the Big Three, Percy's reflexes are faster than a regular human. He was able to cut a volley of arrows in half in The Sea of Monsters and deflect a bullet that can travel 1,700 miles per hour in The Titan's Curse, even though he could barely see the bullet.
  • Superhuman Agility: Being a demigod son of one of the Big Three, Percy is more agile than a regular mortal. He was able to leap on the huge Minotaur neck, dodge several slashes from Ares, and climb up to Anteaus' head in a matter of seconds.
  • Wit: Although Annabeth makes most of the plans when they are together, Percy is quite intelligent in his own right. He skillfully capitalizes on his surroundings and his opponent's weaknesses when he cannot overwhelm them directly. This has been shown numerous times, such as when he tricked Procrustes into his own technique and Ares into walking into a pressurized tide in The Lightning Thief, when he tricked Luke into revealing the fact that Chiron was framed for the poisoning, when he choked the Nemean Lion on space food so that Zoë and Bianca could shoot the inside of its mouth or when he tricked Nereus into jumping into the water where Percy could overpower him in The Titan Curse, when he tricked Antaeus into jumping into chain, depriving him of his mother's rejuvenating touch in The Battle of the Labyrinth, and when he outsmarted Chrysaor, by utilizing his crew's fear of Dionysus to his advantage in The Mark of Athena.
  • Leadership: Percy has great leadership abilities which is noted multiple times in the series by many different characters with Percy showing himself to be a natural leader from a young age. Most notably, Percy led the demigod forces to victory in the Battle of Manhattan against the Titan Army. In The Son of Sobek, after witnessing Percy give orders to some mortal kids just minutes after they met, Carter Kane is able to tell that Percy has experience rallying outnumbered troops. The impressed Carter notes that Percy sounds a bit like Horus - a natural commander.
  • Archery: As shown in The Lightning Thief, The Battle of the Labyrinth, and The Demigod Files, Percy is horrible at archery. However, he has improved, as it is shown on his report card that "he has stopped shooting his own teammates."
  • Intimidation: During his training with Lupa, Percy mastered the "Wolf Stare" that says "No matter how bad you think you are, I'm worse," which is so intimidating it allows him to scare off gangsters.
  • Will Power: Percy is shown to have great willpower as he held up the weight of the sky for a long period time and endured the sufferings of Tartarus.
  • Latin: Although a Greek demigod, Percy has shown at least a limited affinity for Latin, a language that is more closely affiliated with the Romans. At Yancy Academy, it was stated to be his best subject, although this was at least partially due to him having Chiron as a teacher. In The Lightning Thief, while fighting the Furies on the bus, Percy instinctively cursed them out in Latin and afterwards he wasn't even sure of where it came from. Percy's affinity for the language may have helped him out during Percy's time at Camp Jupiter in The Son of Neptune where he learned to understand and possibly speak Latin.
  • Egyptian Magic Resistance: As a demigod, Percy is resistant (and likely immune) to most forms of Egyptian magic. As shown in the Demigods & Magicians crossover, during his fight with Carter Kane, the latter tried to cast a spell on Percy, but he was merely staggered and the spell "flashed and crackled around him as if it didn't know what to do with him".

Not that powerful, eh? Could have fooled me. You're the son of the Earth-shaker, lad. You don't know your own strength.

Hephaestus to Percy Jackson, in The Battle of the Labyrinth

As a son of Poseidon, Percy is an extremely powerful individual and one of the most powerful demigods in the series. The only other demigods whose powers rival his are Thalia Grace, Nico di Angelo and Jason Grace. He has fought and defeated many monsters probably more than any other demigod in the series, including other demigods, gods, and Titans. On more than one occasion, Percy has contributed to the salvation of Olympus and the world as a whole. Nico later states in The Mark of Athena that Percy is the most powerful demigod that he has ever met which includes the other members of the Seven who are all extremely powerful in their own right such as Frank Zhang and Jason Grace, the latter of whom is depicted as being nearly equal with Percy in terms of sheer power. In The Chalice of the Gods, it's mentioned that Percy mostly has full control over his powers, but they can get away from him in moments of rage. Percy's display of power in one of these moments is enough to frighten a river god to tears.

  • Hydrokinesis: Percy can control great volumes of water to a very high degree, lifting 10,000 gallons of water in The Demigod Files. He can dry himself and items (such as a lighter) underwater as long as he holds onto it, extract water from petrified seashells, create oxygen bubbles underwater for people who cannot breathe underwater, propel himself through water, summon waves that can easily sink ships, as well as control water in order to make it explode or use it to grab something. Percy's skill allowed him to temporarily contend with Ares even while he was unfamiliar with his powers. However, he has a harder time controlling the rivers of the Underworld, particularly while in a weakened state. In The Demigod Files, he managed to lift the River Lethe, but as he was weakened from a Keres' claw, he struggled with it. He also struggled with the River Cocytus after falling into it in The House of Hades due to the negative effect it had on his mind. In a moment of rage, Percy causes Elisson's river to explode outwards away from him in every direction. Percy had reached outward to the source of the river deep down in the Underworld or maybe Yonkers and pulled it up by its roots. As a result, millions of metric tons of water roar through the cavern, flood the pool, scour the cliffs, surge over the riverbanks and probably surprise a whole bunch of snakes bathing downstream before flooding back in around Percy. However, Percy inadvertently cleans the river and its surroundings in the process to the point that the river god didn't even know he had so much water pressure before.
    • Water Solidification: Percy can harden water into an almost solid shape by increasing the surface tension of the water. He can use this power to walk on water and create a strong water shield, and on two instances in The Son of Neptune, he hardened the water into giant hands that followed and imitated the movements of his own hands.
    • Hydrogenesis: Percy can create water from his own power by summoning the "force of the ocean" inside of him as long as he concentrates hard enough, though it takes much of his energy for him to do so. He learned this ability from a Naiad. At Mount Saint Helens, he created water to cause a volcanic eruption, which was powerful enough to cause half a million people to evacuate and cause ash to fall as far as Lake Tahoe and Vancouver. He later used this skill while creating his own personal hurricanes in the Battle of Manhattan. While traveling on the Argo II during The Mark of Athena, he presumably used this ability while combining his powers with Jason's to create powerful storms.
    • Water Empowerment: When in contact with or in the presence of water, Percy gains a disproportionate amount of superhuman clarity, strength, speed, agility, and endurance. While in this state, he was strong enough to snap Clarisse's electric spear "like a twig", effortlessly defeated four children of Ares (including Clarisse) in rapid succession with ease, and shear off a portion of Luke's shield. However, this only lasts for a limited amount of time unless he is completely submerged in water. In The Crown of Ptolemy, falling into the ocean combined with his abilities from Nekhbet empowered him to defeat Setne who previously had the upper hand against Percy. In The Chalice of the Gods, Percy mentions that he has to consciously keep himself from swimming at Mach 5 while a part of the AHS Swim Team.
    • Water Immunity: If he falls from great heights into water, Percy will be unaffected by any amount of water pressure. He doesn't get wet if submerged in water unless he wants to. Additionally, Percy can breathe underwater for unlimited amounts of time and see in the darkness underwater. He is only unable to breathe in the River Styx. While in a weakened state in The Demigod Files, Percy had to actively concentrate to use this power underwater in the River Lethe, either because of his injuries, the river's innate power or both. Percy notes that the small effort of staying dry - something that he had done countless times in normal water - was almost more than he could handle. Later, while grappling with Iapetus, Percy remained dry when he pulled the Titan into the river, possibly aided by Poseidon as Percy prayed to his father that his protection would hold as he pulled Iapetus in. At the same time, the current, which should've ripped the Titan out of Percy's hands, channeled around them, leaving both Percy and Iapetus alone. In The Chalice of the Gods, Percy calls being 200 feet underwater "no big deal for a son of Poseidon" whereas it would be fatal for a normal mortal. As part of the AHS Swim Team, Percy notes that he has to make sure not to breathe underwater, swim at Mach 5, or come out of the pool totally dry in order to avoid drawing attention to himself.
    • Toxikinesis (limited): Percy can control poisons and other liquids to a certain degree as they have water content in them. His most popular display of this ability was in Tartarus, where he was able to bend poison that was used against him by Akhlys. In The Son of Neptune, the giant Polybotes launches water turned to poison at Percy, only for him to "deflect it with his will." In The Blood of Olympus, Percy and Jason are in battle with Kymopoleia when the giant Polybotes suffocates Percy with a poison. After the fight, Percy confesses to Jason that he didn't control the poison because he feared his own power, reflecting back on his unusually aggressive state when he manipulated poison in Tartarus.
    • Cryokinesis (limited): Percy can use cryokinesis to a small degree. He can manipulate frozen or icy water around him, as shown during his interrupted fight with Thalia in The Titan's Curse.
    • Vitakinesis (limited): Percy can heal most wounds and cure most poisons when in contact with water, the amount of water and time needed for the healing being proportionate to the severity of the wound. However, this is limited as he couldn't cure Pit Scorpion venom and nearly died from it.
    • Heat Immunity (limited): Percy has a higher than normal resistance to heat burns, due to his father's nature. In The Lightning Thief, he managed not to drop his sword when Alecto wrapped her fiery whip around his wrist. In The Battle of the Labyrinth, he was able to survive being engulfed by lava thrown by the telekhines (though it began to get more painful the longer he was in contact with it) and not being killed by the super-heated steam from the Mount Saint Helens' eruption.
  • Watercraft Manipulation: Percy possesses an intimate awareness of any ship he is on (sailing ships, canoes, motorboats, possibly submarines) and can telekinetically operate one, although he has so far only shown control over sailing vessels and similar boats. Percy discovers this power when he is able to control the Queen Anne's Revenge in The Sea of Monsters. Later, in The Son of Neptune, even while amnesic he is able to control the Roman rowboat Pax in this manner, displaying a few new aspects to the ability including magically cleaning the boat by commanding a piece of steel wool similar to how he can command a ship's rigging and sails. By the end of the journey, Percy's willpower is the only thing keeping the boat together and it eventually falls apart after they abandon ship. In The Mark of Athena, Percy is able to control the Argo II, releasing the dock ties, weighing the anchor and unfurling the sails as Annabeth fires the engine.
    • Nautical Senses: Percy always know his exact nautical coordinates wherever he is, which allow him to easily navigate his way at sea. In The Chalice of the Gods, Percy's nautical senses allows him to instantly tell where he is underwater even after being unexpectedly flushed to Poseidon's Summer Villa by Eudora.
    • Instinctive Understanding of Sailing: In The Sea of Monsters, Percy discovers that he has an instinctive understanding of sailing while controlling the Queen Anne's Revenge, letting him know which ropes to hoist, which sails to raise and which direction to steer. He could even detect that they are moving at about ten knots and understand just how fast that is.
  • Atmokinesis (limited): Percy has limited control over weather. He can summon storms, such as miniature hurricanes. With his Curse of Achilles, his hurricanes were powerful enough to extinguish the fires on Hyperion's body and leave the powerful Titan vulnerable to attack. However, Percy's control is limited and his power drains him over time. By the events of The Son of Sobek he is able to sustain the storm to knock a giant crocodile off its footing with less effort than his first use of the skill, although it still drains him over time.
    • Aerokinesis (limited): Percy has limited control over the wind. He can summon strong winds, which allow him to create miniature hurricanes. In The Lightning Thief, Percy unknowingly once caused a door to close on its own, sending Gabe Ugliano up the staircase, which was likely him briefly controlling the wind.
  • Geokinesis (limited): Percy has utilized water to alter the earth around him. However, in Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes, Percy admits that he did not inherit his father's earthshaking abilities.
  • Communication: Percy has divine authority over his father's subjects. He can talk (normally and telepathically) to equines and sea creatures who mainly treat him with deference and lordly respect. He can also speak to other children of Poseidon underwater as seen in The Sea of Monsters, in a conversation with Tyson. In The Mark of Athena, when Frank Zhang shapeshifts into a koi, Percy is also able to communicate with him in this fashion. In The Chalice of the Gods, Percy describes communicating with Poseidon underwater as being complicated with Percy partly translating his father's words from whale-song hums and clicks and partly hearing Poseidon's voice telepathically in his head.
    • Zoolingualism (limited): Percy can understand and talk to marine animals, equines and similar creatures, who mainly treat him with deference and lordly respect.

  • Curse of Achilles (formerly): After bathing in the River Styx, Percy was given supernaturally superior speed, strength, and invulnerability except for his vital spot opposite of the navel. With the Curse of Achilles, his combat skills are enhanced to the point where he can single-handedly tear through entire armies, gods like Hades, and Titans like Hyperion (albeit he had some help in defeating Hyperion). He held his own against Kronos for a rather long period of time, though the Titan Lord was only on a fraction of his full power. Percy later loses the Curse by touching the Tiber River as it was a Greek blessing and he couldn't enter Roman territory with the curse.
  • Eye of Horus Symbol: Percy has an image of the Eye of Horus drawn on his palm, which can allow him to summon Carter Kane wherever he is just by speaking his name, though Percy can use it only once. He used this to get Carter and Sadie to Governors Island to help him and Annabeth face off against Setne.
  • Empathy Link: Percy has a psychic connection with Grover. This connection allows them to talk each other in dreams as seen in The Sea of Monsters and tell when they are close by, which was why Percy was able to summon Grover to his side in The Titan's Curse. If one dies, the other might die as well. However, they may just go into a vegetative state.
  • Mist Control (limited): Though he can indeed control the Mist, Percy isn't an expert and his power over the Mist is inferior compared to those of children of Hecate and Hazel. Percy once tried to manipulate the Mist after he watched Thalia do it. However, the mortal he tried it on could see through the Mist. Years later in Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo, Percy managed to make a police officer look at an imaginary line of limos to distract him.

  • Eye of Nekhbet Abilities: In The Crown of Ptolemy, Percy temporarily hosted the goddess Nekhbet and gained several abilities while doing so. He lost those abilities when Nekhbet left him.
    • Superhuman Strength: The kopis Percy was wielding felt heavy in his hand except while he was hosting Nekhbet.
    • Vulture Avatar: Percy could summon a giant glowing purple vulture around himself. He used the avatar to fly and to hold onto Setne while flying. The avatar was also able to protect Percy from Setne's attacks.
    • Surveillance Magic: Percy was able to see into the Duat with Nekhbet's "super vulture senses". This allowed him to see magical auras and allowed him to see what Setne was doing to the Duat. However, while Carter was wearing Annabeth's Yankees Cap, Percy couldn't detect him.

  • Riptide


    • Riptide: A Celestial Bronze sword called Anaklusmos. It is usually kept as a ballpoint pen when not in use and will always return to the user's pocket. When uncapped, it becomes a 3 foot tall double-edged sword and causes the fear of most monsters around it. When combined with Percy's hydrokinetic powers and Curse of Achilles, Riptide became an "arc of pure destruction." It was given to Percy by Chiron to fight monsters. It used to be the weapon of Hercules, who got it from Zoë Nightshade.
    • Minotaur's Horn: Percy obtained this as a spoil of war when he killed the Minotaur in The Lightning Thief. As one of his few possessions when he first arrived a Camp Half-Blood, the horn became a prized trophy and Percy eventually hung it on the wall of Poseidon's Cabin after being claimed by the god where it remains. In The Last Olympian, Percy chooses not to claim the two horns that he'd cut off of the reformed Minotaur and lets them presumably fall off of the Williamsburg Bridge when it collapses.
    • Winged Shoes: Whose wings spring out when the wearer says "Maia". They were supposed to be a trap from Luke, as the shoes dragged the user into the pits of Tartarus due to Kronos dragging them in. The shoes were given to Percy by Luke. Percy later gave them to Grover. In the film, he used them to retrieve a pearl.
    • Annabeth's Yankees Cap: Annabeth's magical cap that allows the wearer to turn invisible. Annabeth briefly lends it to Percy in The Lightning Thief in an attempt to avoid the Furies. In The Titan's Curse, after Annabeth is abducted, Percy recovers the cap and uses it throughout the Quest for Artemis, eventually returning it to Annabeth after her rescue. In The Chalice of the Gods, Annabeth lends it to Percy to sneak into Zeus's Palace to return Ganymede's Chalice.
    • Medusa's Head: Percy's second spoil of war collected in The Lightning Thief after he killed Medusa. Percy chooses to send it to the gods on Mount Olympus, but Poseidon later returns it to him. After Sally Jackson uses the head to turn her abusive husband Gabe Ugliano into a statue that she sells as The Poker Player, she disposes of it somehow.
    • Poseidon's Pearls: Can transport a person to the sea when smashed. They were given to Percy by a Nereid.
    • Master Bolt: Thanks to Ares and Kronos, Percy temporarily has possession of Zeus' Master Bolt in The Lightning Thief before returning it to the god.
    • Tyson's Javelin: A light special javelin created by Tyson that Percy uses in the Chariot Races. It has buttons to decide if it would explode on impact, make a blunt spearhead, and active a grappling hook.
    • Chameleon Armor: The armor that Percy uses in of Capture the Flag in The Bronze Dragon. It only works from a distance.
    • Hermes' Multivitamins: Can make the person who eats them to be immune to nearly any attack. Annabeth used them in The Sea of Monsters to turn Percy back into a human after Circe turned him into a guinea pig.
    • Thermos of Winds: It was given to Percy by Hermes. It was used by Percy and Annabeth in The Sea of Monsters to escape the Princess Andromeda and Charybdis.
    • Golden Fleece: Percy obtained it from his fight with Polyphemus. He first used the Fleece to heal a wounded Annabeth and then to save Thalia's tree at Camp Half-Blood.
    • Wristwatch Shield: A wristwatch that turns into a shield. It was inscribed with the images of the events of The Sea of Monsters, including Percy fighting the bronze bulls, Annabeth killing the Laistrygonian, Tyson riding Rainbow the hippocampus and battling the Hydra whilst holding a box of doughnuts. It was given to Percy by Tyson. It was badly dented by Dr. Thorn in The Titan's Curse, but Tyson came back and fixed it at the beginning of The Battle of the Labyrinth. The shield was lost later in The Battle of the Labyrinth when it was thrown at Kampê.
    • Nemean Lion's Pelt: Percy it obtained after he planned the Nemean Lion's death. He sacrificed the pelt to Poseidon in The Titan's Curse.
    • Stygian Ice Whistle: A special dog whistle made of Stygian ice cooled in the River Styx. It was given to Percy by Quintus to summon Mrs. O'Leary and was shattered after it was once blown. Percy used the whistle when his friends were having trouble fighting an army of monsters in The Battle of the Labyrinth.
    • Daedalus' Wings: They were stolen in a skirmish in the center of the Labyrinth. Percy later threw the wings in a trash, as they were too damaged for further use.
    • Moonlace: A flower that grows in the moonlight. It was given to Percy by Calypso. He planted it in a trough at his apartment to remember her.
    • Sand Dollar: A Sand Dollar that was given Percy him for his 15th birthday by his father. He split it in half, giving one half to the Hudson River and the other half to the East River gods to stop Kronos' forces on boats in The Last Olympian.
    • Travel Rose: A special rose that returns a person to the world of the living. Percy used it in The Sword of Hades after having returned Hades' sword.
    • Pandora's Pithos: It was given to Percy by Prometheus to open it and give up hope. Percy later gave the Pithos to Hestia to look after it because "hope survives best at the hearth."
    • Kopis: It was created when Percy took Carter Kane's wand and Percy wielded in battle against Setne in The Crown of Ptolemy. It was destroyed in the battle.
    • Twelfth Legion's Eagle: Percy seized the Eagle from the undead army of the frozen Roman Camp on the Hubbard Glacier during The Son of Neptune. He later used it during the battle at Camp Jupiter, where he used its lightning to destroy hundreds of monsters before passing it to Dakota.
    • Mercedes: In The Chalice of the Gods, Percy has possession of Iris' staff Mercedes for a brief period of time after agreeing to cleanse it for the goddess in exchange for her help. Percy manages to use the staff himself briefly to help Grover before returning to it to Iris.
    • Ganymede's Chalice: Recovered by Percy in The Chalice of the Gods from Geras, the god of old age. After sneaking into Zeus's Palace and getting the cupbearer alone with the help of the kitchen staff and Athena, Percy returns the chalice to its rightful owner.


    Love Interests

    Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson

    Percy with Annabeth Chase, his girlfriend and best friend.

    Also, he was reluctant to share his one clear memory: Annabeth's face, her blond hair and gray eyes, the way she laughed, threw her arms around him, and gave him a kiss whenever he did something stupid.

    –Percy about Annabeth, in The Son of Neptune.

    Annabeth Chase is portrayed in the series as Percy's best friend and primary love interest. When Percy first wakes up in The Lightning Thief, he describes her as a "pretty girl with princess curls." She nursed him back to health after the Minotaur attack. Annabeth disliked Percy when they first met because their parents have a rivalry with each other. Percy eventually developed a crush on Annabeth as they got to know each other through their common quests.

    Aphrodite told Percy that he and Annabeth will have a "tragic love life." When Luke Castellan was still around, Percy would get jealous about how Annabeth would get protective and caring toward him whenever Luke was accused despite his actions against them. It was Luke, though, who made Percy realize his true feelings for Annabeth in The Last Olympian.

    Annabeth has kissed Percy four times in the series. Once, after winning the chariot race in The Sea of Monsters, though that was on the cheek. In The Battle of the Labyrinth, she kissed him again for luck as she leaves him to fight the telekhines at Mount Saint Helens. Later in the Dining Pavilion of Camp Half-Blood when Percy was trying to show his feelings towards her prior to all the other campers throwing them in the canoe lake in The Last Olympian and again underwater in the canoe lake which Percy described as "pretty much the best underwater kiss of all time." It is well mentioned that Annabeth and Percy have officially become a couple. Annabeth tells Piper McLean that Percy kissed her good night before he disappeared, in The Lost Hero. Percy mentions in The Son of Neptune that whenever he did something stupid Annabeth would kiss him, going on to say that she must have kissed him a lot, which meant he probably did stupid things a lot. In The Mark of Athena, they kiss many times: once when they reunite, once before Percy, Piper, and Jason leave to meet Bacchus, twice in the stables on the Argo II, once before Annabeth leaves with Piper and Hazel to search for a ghost at Charlestown Harbor, once before Annabeth goes to find the map for the Mark of Athena, once after Percy successfully defeats Chrysaor, and once before they depart (when Annabeth goes on a motorcycle with Tiberinus and Rhea Silvia).

    Percy and Annabeth have officially become a couple and had been dating for four months before he disappeared a short time before The Lost Hero. When Percy went missing, Annabeth was out of sorts trying to find him (even counting how long it's been up to the minute).

    In the beginning of The Son of Neptune, Percy's only memory of his past life is Annabeth, but it is "frustratingly dim." As the story progressed, she becomes the first person he remembers fully. When the Argo II approaches, with Annabeth on it, Percy states that "If things went right, today would be the best day ever." Percy gets furious at Hera when she states that Annabeth is a troublemaker who will cause the most problems during the quest for Greece and Rome, in which Percy states, "She's the person I want most watching my back," and with a fist of water he smashes Hera in anger. Ironically, Annabeth greatly helped in the quest.

    At the beginning of The Mark of Athena, Annabeth and Percy kiss after so long apart but then Annabeth judo-flips Percy for being gone for so long, the end of the book, they fall into Tartarus holding hands when Percy swears that he will never let her go again.

    In The House of Hades, Annabeth and Percy's relationship faces its hardest challenges ever while they try to escape Tartarus. However, they make it through by mostly focusing on the life they want to have together in the future. Percy sees a possibility of a life of college and marriage with Annabeth while at Camp Jupiter when inside the protected city of New Rome, which could most likely become their future after the Second Demigod Civil War. While they were having those two months of dating they had become closer, romantic and more loving toward each other.

    When preparing Annabeth's cousin for a quest in The Ship of the Dead, the two are looking forward to spending time together in college.

    In The Chalice of the Gods, Percy and Annabeth go on a quest together so that Percy can attend New Rome University with her. Both dream of spending the rest of their lives together with Annabeth making it clear that she intends to see their relationship through, something that Athena finally gets to the point that she helps Percy out.

    Rachel Dare

    Rachel Elizabeth Dare, his friend.

    I found myself calling on Rachel a lot, I needed to remember that the mortal world was still out there.

    –Percy about Rachel, in The Last Olympian.

    Rachel Elizabeth Dare is Percy's only human love interest. Before The Last Olympian, Percy notes that he spent a great deal of time with Rachel. He stated that while he was in the mortal world, he could always call Rachel and she'd be there so they could hang out together. In the beginning of The Last Olympian, the two are seen on the beach in Paul Blofis's Prius driving around. Percy says it was as if his dad were keeping the sea nice, just for them.

    While they are alone, Rachel admits her feelings in the form of a hypothetical question. However, Beckendorf and Blackjack land on the hood of the car before Percy is able to answer (though he remarks to himself that he felt like one of Apollo's sacred cows—"dumb, slow, and bright red"). After he gets up to leave, Rachel kisses him anyways and tells him to go save the world. It is unsure what Percy's exact feelings for Rachel are, as he never openly states them (though, this may be because of Aphrodite making it hard for him, as she said she would because she likes him). Later on Olympus, Rachel tells Percy that she was drawn to him due to his introducing her to the Olympian world, but that they could never be together as she is meant to become the new Oracle (he thinks she dumped him, "which kinda stunk since we were never dating in the first place"). In the end of The Last Olympian, Rachel and Percy are now simply good friends and Rachel was helping Annebeth to find him when he went missing.


    Calypso, who he spent two weeks with on her island.

    She would always be my biggest what if.

    –Percy about Calypso, in The Battle of the Labyrinth.

    Calypso and Percy first met when Percy was stranded on her phantom island of Ogygia. Calypso had healed Percy after he was severely weakened at Mount Saint Helens. Percy later learns that the immortal Calypso was condemned to live on the island forever after supporting her father, Atlas. She asks him to join her and live with her forever where he would become immortal, but he turns her down, even though it would save him from the prophecy (if he had stayed on the island, he would never turn 16). Calypso was in love with Percy, and he somewhat loved her as well. Percy considered her more beautiful than Aphrodite, "but I wouldn't say that out loud or she'd blast me to ashes,". In The Last Olympian, Percy requested that the Olympians show leniency to the Titans who did not support Kronos, freeing Calypso from her prison. Percy has even stated, that for as long as he lived, she would always be his biggest "what-if". It was revealed that Hera sent Percy to Calypso so she could heal him, while the Fates allowed Percy on the island as he was the kind of person Calypso couldn't help but fall in love with. However, like all other heroes that land on her island, Percy had to leave her, which too was part of her punishment.

    In The House of Hades, Calypso reappears. It is known that, when Percy made the gods swear to free her from her prison, she was forgotten, staying trapped on Ogygia. She blamed the gods for this, but also Annabeth, as she thought it was Annabeth's fault she was alone. Although she cursed Annabeth for it, Percy did not blame her but instead blamed himself for not ensuring that the gods freed her from her island.

    In The Hidden Oracle, Calypso and Percy have an awkward reunion and hug. Leo, Calypso, and Percy spend time together for most of the day before Percy has to leave.


    Grover Underwood

    Grover Underwood, his best friend and protector.

    Won't change anything, you're still my best friend.

    –Percy to Grover, in The Last Olympian

    Grover and Percy have been best friends since they were in middle school in Yancy Academy. At the time, Percy would protect him from bullies and others that would pick on him, but he was not aware of Grover being a satyr. Grover is also the one who helped Percy to get to Camp Half-Blood and helped him on his very first quest in The Lightning Thief. Their friendship is as deep as any of Percy's relationships (excluding Annabeth) as shown in The Sea of Monsters, when he saved Grover from being killed by the Giant cyclops Polyphemus and Grover establishing an Empathy link that connects them emotionally allowing him to know if the other is in danger and what their feelings are (such as when Percy got done talking with Aphrodite and Grover knew that she and him were talking about his love life). Grover had all the satyrs and Nature spirits looking for Percy when he vanished in The Lost Hero.

    In The Chalice of the Gods, Grover tells Percy that the thought of losing him to Geras was the second worst experience of his life behind Grover's experiences with Polyphemus. The two promise to visit each other whenever they want once Percy and Annabeth were in New Rome. Grover is even mentioned to be traveling with Percy and Annabeth to California after their high school graduation in The Tower of Nero.

    Jason Grace-Redraw

    Jason Grace, one of his best friends.

    Boys, I'm sure you both would've been wonderful at killing each other. But right now, you need some rest.

    –Annabeth to Jason and Percy, in The Mark of Athena

    Percy and Jason learned of each other's existence in The Lost Hero and The Son of Neptune. Jason figured out that Percy was at the Roman camp, and probably didn't know who he was. As for Percy, he suspected that Jason and Reyna were a couple, and felt awkward replacing him as praetor, and thought it would be awkward when Jason came back. The sole reason Jason went back to Camp Jupiter was to find Percy.

    Percy and Jason meet in The Mark of Athena at Camp Jupiter. They immediately bond, and Jason thinks it isn't surprising that Percy was made Praetor. They also bond over how they both outrank Octavian and give each other a fist bump. Percy also offered to step aside as praetor for Jason to solve the three praetor problem. Percy comments that he looks nothing like his sister, Thalia Grace, and they both thank each other for everything they did for both camps.

    However, Jason and Percy had a slight rivalry. When they fought over the same chair at dinner, they had a silent standoff and sparks literally flew from Jason's hands, until they ceded the chair to Annabeth. Percy also became suspicious of Jason when he wasn't sure if he heard a legend that began the Greek and Roman rivalry. Later, when they were in Kansas, Percy, Piper, and Jason went to meet Bacchus, and they both wanted to summon their horses, and they had a little challenge to see which "friend" got there first. Blackjack got there first before Tempest, and Percy and Jason both complimented each other on their respective horses. Percy also told Blackjack that Jason was a friend, despite their rivalry. After Bacchus left, Percy and Jason were possessed by Eidolons and drew their swords, forced to fight each other, and tried to kill each other until Piper knocked them both out. When they went back to the Argo II, Jason apologized to Percy got knocking him out, but they soon argued how they would've been able to kill each other until Annabeth interrupted. Soon they were possessed again and tried to kill each other yet again. They forgave each other, but they harbored a small grudge about it, with Jason having a bit of resentment in his voice when he talked to Percy, calling him "Captain Salt Water".

    Jason and Percy became closer as the voyage went on, and worked together to fight the Romans at Charleston. And after they defeated Chrysaor, Jason offered to drive the ship so Percy could get some sleep. Percy also told Jason about how Nico di Angelo tricked him and turned him in to Hades. Percy also examined his fatal flaw and realized he felt a responsibility for everyone on the ship, including Jason. Percy also felt more confident when he collaborated with Jason to defeat their enemies, and felt more capable of solving problems. Percy also healed Jason from drowning when they were almost drowned by Hagno. Jason thanked him and clasped his hand. Percy and Jason also collaborated well tracking down Nico and defeating Otis and Ephialtes, and they could understand what they were saying since they thought the same way. As Percy and Jason defeated the giants, Percy could feel a spark of friendship. Percy realized that he and Jason thought very similarly. Percy clapped him on the soldier when they defeated the giants. When they got back on the ship, Jason elbowed Percy and said they weren't such a bad team.

    After Percy fell into Tartarus, Jason felt guilty and said he should of flew down to save them, and should of payed attention. However, Jason was determined to get to Epirus to save him and Annabeth. In The House of Hades, Jason gave Percy a bear hug when he was rescued from Tartarus. Percy was very supportive when he found out that Jason resigned as praetor for Frank and had no arguments about it. Jason also found out that Nico had a crush on Percy, but he kept the secret.

    In The Blood of Olympus, Percy and Jason are very close friends. Before Jason went to Ithaca, Percy pulled Jason aside and asked him to protect Annabeth, since it was the first time they were apart since Tartarus. Jason squeezed Percy's shoulder and promised to get her back safely. Percy and Jason also called each other "bros", and when Annabeth said they shouldn't go together to see Nike, they said they might kill each other again like in Kansas, calling each other "my bro Jason" and "my bro Percy". Percy later offered for him and Jason to face Mimas and get the Makhai. Later, when there was a storm, Percy and Jason went to see what was causing the storm, and Jason appreciated that Percy wasn't treating him like a glass vase after his injury, and could tell Jason wanted to be back in action. They went underwater to find what was causing the storm, when Percy said that Atlantis was a myth, Jason said that they dealt with myths and that he could see how Annabeth was the brains of the operation, and Percy told Jason to shut up. Jason freaked out when Kymopoleia and Polybotes poisoned Percy and tried to make him choke, and Jason demanded that they let him go. He charged at the giant to help him, but Polybotes blocked him with his Trident. He ended up saving Percy.

    After Jason saved Percy, Percy thanked Jason for saving his life, and Jason said that's what people do for their friends. Percy told Jason to not tell anyone about him saving him, and Jason promised to keep it, since Percy would never hear the end of it. Percy confided in him that felt like he deserved to choke after what he did to Akhlys, and how it felt good choking the goddess, and if Annabeth hadn't stopped him, he didn't know what would've happened. He said he thought his choking was payback from the Fates for what he did to her, and that's why he didn't try to control the poison and get it away from him. Percy said it sounded crazy, but Jason understood. Jason confessed that he admired Percy for turning down his immortality. Percy was also proud of Jason when he found his own cure to his wound. Percy later got Jason, along with the rest of the crew, gelato. Later, before Percy went to the Acropolis of Athens, he offered his hand to Jason and called him "bro", saying he will be the one killing giants until they meet again. When they returned to Camp Half-Blood, Jason grinned when Percy said, "Greeks, let's um, fight stuff" and thought that Greeks weren't organized but they made up for it with enthusiasm. Jason and Percy kept in touch, going to monthly Argo II reunion meetings.

    In The Ship of the Dead, Percy mentioned to Magnus Chase and Alex Fierro how Jason saved him from Kymopoleia. He later cried when he found out that Jason died. In The Tower of Nero, Percy is very upset by Jason's death and can barely talk about it without breaking down.

    Thalia Grace

    Thalia Grace, his close friend.

    Thalia Grace and Percy first meet at the ending of The Sea of Monsters when she was turned back into mortal form with the Golden Fleece, introducing herself as the daughter of Zeus. As a daughter of Zeus, Thalia was always looked at when in difficult situations, taught to master more complex skills, such as playing with the mist, making Percy feel rather intimidated by her. During The Titan's Curse, their relationship becomes a love-hate relationship that a brother and sister would have, even going as far as fighting with their elemental powers. By the end of the quest however, Thalia considers him a friend, showing him this when she hugged him after she joined the hunt and became a Hunters of Artemis, stating "I am honoring a friend." Annabeth once stated that Percy reminded her of Thalia a great deal, and that they would either have been best friends or strangled each other.

    In The Sword of Hades, Percy and Thalia travel to the Underworld together. She expresses great concern for him throughout the ordeal. Once it's all over she invites him to lunch and they go for cheeseburgers together. During the Titan War, she and the other Hunters aided Percy and Camp Half-Blood. She also once again decided to make lunch plans with him and Annabeth after the war was over, should they all live through it. During The Lost Hero, Thalia is sent by Artemis to search for him and was worried about his well-being showing, that they still have a strong friendship together.

    Nico di Angelo

    Nico di Angelo, his friend.

    At this point, I was ready to stick the kid in a meat-flavored sack and throw him to the wolves.

    –Percy about Nico, in The Titan's Curse

    Nico and Percy met in The Titan's Curse after rescuing him from Westover Hall and. Nico has the ability to annoy Percy Jackson quite easily when they first met by asking Percy several questions. Nico asked if Annabeth was his girlfriend, why he and Thalia fought so much, and other questions, which made Percy want to feed him to the wolves and or strangle him. But Percy felt horrible for Nico when Bianca abandoned him to join the Hunters of Artemis and thought it was selfish of her to abandon him like that. As Nico and Percy get to know each other, Percy feels bad for Nico after Bianca abandons him and tries to protect him while playing Capture the Flag, which made Percy realize he was acting like his mom. As for Nico, Percy reminded him of heroes from Mythomagic and pirates, and developed a crush on him. He thought he was a hero and could do no wrong. Nico cheered Percy on during Capture the flag. Before he left for the quest, Nico found him and asked if he was going on the quest. Percy wanted to lie to him, but looking in his eyes, he knew he couldn't say no, and told him the truth. Nico covered for Percy so he could go on the quest, but made him promise to protect her. Percy didn't want to make any promises, but Nico forced him to promise, and Percy promised to do his best. Nico wished him luck and ran off. Percy also convinced Nico not to go on the quest himself.

    After Bianca dies, Percy felt very guilty for her death and immediately thought about who will tell Nico. It is Percy that decides to break the news to Nico. Nico takes it very hard and begins to hate Percy, blaming him for his sister's death before running away from camp, telling him he promised to protect her and that he wished he was dead. However, another reason Nico ran away was that he was afraid of his crush on Percy. After Nico ran away, Percy decided to keep his parentage a secret from Chiron and decided to be the hero in the Great Prophecy in order to make sure Nico wouldn't go through more pain. Percy searched for Nico all spring, to no avail. Nico was afraid of himself and afraid of his feelings for Percy, due to internalized homophobia, which persisted for years.

    During The Battle of the Labyrinth, Percy has dreams about Nico and feels bad for him, but he became afraid that he would try to kill him as revenge to bring Bianca back. While searching for Daedalus in the Labyrinth, Percy runs into Nico at the Triple G Ranch. Nico becomes furious at Percy and orders him to go away, and thinks he will kill him. Percy calms down when he finds out that he wasn't planning to kill him, after Nico said Bianca's soul is worth more than his. He completes a job for Geryon to free Nico, even at the risk of Percy having to stay there himself if he fails. Even though Geryon double-crossed Percy, after his defeat, Percy asks Nico to stay on the ranch to keep him safe. In return, Percy helps Nico summon Bianca's ghost, who tells him to forgive Percy. The next day, Nico is jealous that Bianca appeared for Percy and not him, but he wasn't as angry at Percy and needed time to think.

    Nico rushed into the Labyrinth again after Minos told him Percy was in danger, showing that he indeed cared about Percy. However, when Percy found out Nico ran back into the maze, Percy wanted to return to the maze to find him. Percy and Nico were reunited at Daedalus' Workshop and Nico apologized to Percy, saying he was tricked by Minos and wanted to save him. Nico then saved Percy and the others by declaring himself the ghost king, finally becoming friends. During the quest, Nico saved Percy many times, especially when Kronos first rose from his sarcophagus in Luke's body; creating a large wall of black rock between them. He even aided Percy when the Titan Army began to attack Camp Half-Blood, but refused to stay. Also on the quest, Percy asked Percy if he really thougt he would belong at Camp Half-Blood, Percy hesitated, thinking about how he had creeped him out when he declared himself the Ghost King.

    After the Battle of the Labyrinth, Percy ran into Nico in the woods and said that he could've sat with him at dinner, but Nico declined, saying he wasn't staying at Camp, and said he wasn't welcome at Camp. Nico wanted to discover his past that he knew nothing about. Percy wanted to argue, but he realized there was a reason why Pan didn't address him, and that he would have to find his own dark way. Percy then said he hoped he and Nico wouldn't be enemies, and Nico apologized for being a brat and said he should've listened to him about Bianca. The two parted ways when Percy gave Nico his figurine and they shook hands, and promised to keep in touch. Nico later appeared in Percy's apartment a few months later at his birthday party, and told him the fates of Minos and Daedalus. Nico wanted to tell him about how to bathe in the River Styx, but them asked if he had blue birthday cake. Percy realized he had never been invited to a birthday party before and invited him in, saying they had a lot to talk about.

    In The Demigod Files, Percy and Nico meet again with Thalia Grace when the three of them are summoned and sent to the Underworld by Persephone. When he finds out about Hades' Sword being stolen, Percy doesn't want anything to do with Hades but Nico wanted to find the sword for his father and didn't want it to fall in Kronos' hands. Percy knew he wanted to impress his father and could see it in his face, so he decided to help him, not wanting him to go alone. Nico was amazed at Percy when he controlled the River Lethe and helped heal him after. Nico was also amazed when Percy defeated Iapetus. After the quest was over, Nico, Percy, and Thalia said their goodbyes on a balcony, and Nico decided to stay in the Underworld to help his dad. Percy and Nico shook hands and Percy had Nico promise to call him if he needed anything.

    In The Last Olympian, Percy and Nico were reunited, and Nico told Percy he did a good job scaring the satyrs. Percy asked if he was there to see Juniper and Nico blushed and said he just stumbled in on their conversation, most likely to hide his crush on Percy. Nico reassured Percy that Beckendorf's death wasn't his fault, and said he spoke to his ghost. Nico and Percy then talked about the plan for Percy to bathe in the Styx. Though Percy was unsure, he trusted Nico and went on with the plan. Percy and Nico met May Castellan and later Sally Jackson, where Nico pleaded with her to give Percy the blessing to bathe in the River. In order to gain information on his mother, Nico lead Percy to the Underworld to unknowingly speak to his father, Hades. Hades double-crossed Nico and put Percy in his dungeon, making Nico angry at him, since he wasn't supposed to hurt Percy or arrest him, and he was only supposed to talk to him.

    Nico later helped Percy escape and swore on the River Styx and said he didn't know what he was planning, but Percy was angry and wanted to strangle him, but knew there was no point in arguing. They escaped and Percy gave Nico ambrosia to heal from his fight, and caught him before he passed out again. After Nico and Percy met with Achilles, Nico had second thoughts on Percy bathing in the river, but Percy said it was his idea and to wait for him, and that if he died, he could be the hero of the prophecy. Nico was very scared when Percy woke up and asked if he was alright, and tried to protect him from his father and his soldiers. After it was done, Percy told Nico to stay in the underworld and help his father, since he owed him, which made Nico believe that he didn't trust him and apologized to him, which Percy didn't accept. It is later revealed that Nico tried to make Percy fall in love with him by bathing in the Styx.

    Nico ended up doing what Percy said and convincing his father, showing up in the middle of the Battle of Manhattan to help Percy, and asked if it was too late to join the party. Nico encouraged Percy to go to Olympus, while he helped Sally and Paul, and said that he would handle the army. Percy later told the gods on Olympus that Nico proved to him that no one deserved to be left out, and that every god deserves a cabin at Camp. Nico also warned Percy and Annabeth that Rachel was going to Half-Blood Hill, and they went to find her. After the events of the book, one of the reasons why Nico left Camp again was his sadness of Percy and Annabeth getting together. In The Lost Hero, Annabeth mentions that he is looking for Percy.

    In The Son of Neptune, Hazel introduces Percy, who lost his memory, to Nico. Nico was shocked when he saw him but regained his composure and shook his hand, shocked to see his crush. Percy and Nico studied each other warily, and Percy thought he knew him, and Nico responded, "do you?". Nico told Percy about the Second Titan War, but omitted details that Percy was involved in. Hazel later questioned Nico about this, and Nico told Hazel that he couldn't say much about Percy due to a promise he made with his father, but said he was one of the good guys and dangerous only to his enemies. Percy later questioned Frank Zhang about Nico, wanting to know more about him. At dinner, Percy questioned Nico, asking if they met before, but Nico lies and said he spent most of his time in the Underworld and unless he saw him there, they never met. Nico didn't want to talk to him much, and on the way to a senate meeting, Nico waved to Percy but went back to talking to Gwendolyn, indicating that he didn't want to talk to the son of Poseidon. However, Nico was proud of Hazel when she stood for Percy, letting him into the Fifth Cohort. He also explained to Percy how Thanatos and Pluto were different. After Percy got his memory back, Percy wanted to wring Nico's neck for keeping secrets from him, but he wanted to find him since he was Hazel's brother.

    In The Mark of Athena, Percy dreamed of Nico and found out he was imprisoned in a bronze jar. However, Percy had mixed feelings about Nico, and was still mad at him for tricking him to go to Hades palace. He was also mad at him for hiding his last from him and thought of scathing things to say to him. But he wanted to rescue him and couldn't stand seeing him in pain in a bronze jar, and didn't want him to suffocate him to death. He also wanted to find him because he knew where the Doors of Death were. In Rome, he helped rescue him with Jason and piper, and was the most determined out of the three to rescue him. However, he was annoyed when he could barely crawl out of the jar, and wanted him to crawl more and groan less. When they went back on to the Argo II, Percy felt so sorry for him he couldn't muster much anger at him. Nico apologized to Percy for keeping his past from him and said he knew about both camps, but couldn't tell due to a promise to his father. Nico also told Percy the Doors of Death were in Tartarus. When Percy later fell into Tartarus, as Nico tried to save him, he had Nico promise to lead the Argo II crew to the other side. Back on the ship later, Nico was determined to rescue Percy and knew he would make it back from Tartarus. Nico said that Percy is the strongest demigod he knows, and that he and Annabeth would make it through Tartarus, but he was secretly unsure if he would live.

    In The House of Hades, Percy realizes that Nico indirectly saved his and Annabeth's lives by reminding Iapetus also known as Bob that Percy is a friend even though Percy didn't visit him and Nico was the one who actually visited him in Hades palace. When Percy found out, he felt low and dishonorable, unworthy of having a friend. He realized that he wouldn't of survived in Tartarus if not for Nico. Percy, when on the verge of death from Gorgon blood, admits that Nico is another friend that he had not treated fairly. While on his journey in Tartarus, Percy realized Nico was stronger than he gave him credit for.

    As for Nico, Nico missed him a lot and his voice broke when he mentioned him as being the sea expert. The crew offered Nico Percy's cabin but Nico refused. Nico's crewmates were confused why he would do anything for Percy if they hated him so much, and couldn't imagine him being kind to him. The Argo II thought that Nico hated Percy, but it is revealed in Croatia that he actually had a crush on him, to Jason, who kept the secret from the others. Nico said he was over his crush, but he wasn't. Favonius also called Percy, though not by name, "The person Nico cared about most." When he rescued Percy and Annabeth from Tartarus, Nico accidentally held his hand for too long and let go. And Nico looked sad when he saw Percy and Annabeth holding hands. Percy was worried when Nico offered to transport the Athena Parthenos to Camp, but Nico angrily said that he'd changed since Tartarus. Later, Percy went to thank Nico for leading the crew to the House of Hades, and Nico said it was the least he could do after he saved him in Rome. Percy then told him about Tartarus and thanked him for helping Iapetus, and Nico said overlooking people can be dangerous. Percy then said he was trying to say thank you, and Nico told him to give him space, making Percy feel hurt. He was also confused as to who Nico was, as he wasn't a nerdy little kid or an angry loner anymore.

    In The Blood of Olympus, Nico thought that Percy's humor was juvenile, and thought he acted so much younger than him, even though he was three years older than him. However, Nico found it endearing, but also annoying. Nico resented Percy for his feelings but knew he would do anything for him. When Nico found out that one of the seven may die, Percy was his third priority after Hazel and Jason. Nico was grateful for Percy for saving him in Rome and letting him onto the ship, and the thought of him or any of the seven dying made him feel like he was back in the bronze jar. When Nico saw Hades in Portugal, Hades hinted that he knows about Nico's little crush on him. Nico was surprised when Reyna and Coach Hedge accepted his crush on Percy, which likely encouraged him to come out to him after. After he returned to Camp, he was genuinely happy for Percy going to college in New Rome, and Percy was happy for Nico staying at Camp. Nico then confessed that he had a crush on Percy, but not anymore, since he isn't his type, but still cute. He said that Percy was a great person and he was happy for him and Annabeth. Percy was too shocked to speak, oblivious to his feelings.

    In Camp Half-Blood Confidential, Percy and Nico are good friends. Percy, along with the rest of camp, supported Nico and knew about his relationship with Will Solace. At the campfire, Percy stared at Nico, stunned, when he sang and danced to a rendition of the hokey pokey. When Nico told the Camp about the orientation video, Percy told him to look at what he started. Nico asked if he should stop them, and Percy smiled and said no and said to get popcorn ready. Percy and Nico later did the FAQ, where they both got annoyed at Annabeth when she yelled at them, yelling her name in unison.

    In The Sun and the Star: A Nico di Angelo Adventure, although Nico no longer has feelings for Percy, he still thinks of him fondly.

    Chiron viria

    Chiron, his teacher and mentor.

    I am your trainer, your teacher. That is not the same as being your leader. I will go gather what allies I can. It may not be too late to convince my brother centaurs to help. Meanwhile, you called the campers here, Percy. You are the leader.

    –Chiron to Percy, in The Last Olympian

    Percy has a deep respect and love for his Centaur teacher Chiron, as he helped him as "Mr. Brunner" when he was still attending Yancy Academy and has helped him try to clear his name when he was blamed for being The Lightning Thief. Chiron in return shows a deep love for Percy as that of like a son, having almost raised Percy into a young man himself in a way of that a teacher would train and raise their student. Chiron became pained when Percy was missing in The Lost Hero

    Clarisse La Rue

    Clarisse La Rue, his frenemy.

    Clarisse: When you, uh, had that vision about your friends…

    Percy: You were one of them. Just don't tell anybody, okay? Or I'd have to kill you.

    –Clarisse and Percy, in The Demigod Files

    Clarisse La Rue and Percy have a rough relationship. Clarisse dislikes Percy at first for dousing her in toilet water when he first arrives at camp (even though she was trying to dunk his head in the toilet). She later learns that Percy beat her father, causing her and her cabin to dislike Percy even more. They manage to grow a bit closer in The Sea of Monsters when Percy manages to free her from Polyphemus (the two were even able to work well together) and sends her ahead with the Golden Fleece, a gesture she greatly appreciates.

    During The Demigod Files, Percy helps Clarisse get her father's chariot back and has a vision of his friends in danger. When Clarisse asks if she was one of the people he saw, he says yes, but not to tell anyone. While the two can at least stand each other by the end of the original series, they do have great respect for the other.

    Zoe Nightshade

    Zoë Nightshade, his late friend and ally.

    At first Zoë did not like Percy, but then she came to respect him after it was his plan that helped defeat the Nemean Lion, even giving Percy the pelt after the fight even though it was Zoe who finally killed the lion. During the quest, Percy learned more about Zoë's past while having dreams, learning that Hercules had betrayed her after she gave him Riptide. He realized why Zoë seemed to resent all heroes, but in the end, she told Percy that he was nothing like Hercules, and that she was wrong about men. Percy even comes to appreciate a lot of Zoë's good qualities as they spend more time together. Before Zoë's death at the hands of her father, she compliments Percy by saying that he is nothing like Hercules (who betrayed her), and deserved Riptide. After she died at the top of Mount Othrys, Artemis transformed her into a constellation named 'the Huntress' after her death by Artemis, as Zoë is part of the Hunt.

    Percy still remembers her from time to time, as he saw her constellation when on Calypso's island and remembered her sacrifice in The Son of Neptune despite having no memories of his past at the time.


    Charles Beckendorf, his trusted ally.

    Not much of Percy and Charles's friendship is shown, but the two were good friends at Camp Half-Blood. Percy respected him because he was the only one who respected Tyson at first. Charles also tries to help Percy with his love life in The Demigod files, when he tells him that Annabeth likes him and to go invite her to the fireworks show. Percy helps rescue him in the same book from Myrmekes, when they capture him and drag him to Ant Hill. The two also help destroying Festus when he goes haywire. It is also heavily implied that Percy told Charles that he had a crush on Rachel.

    In The Last Olympian, Percy is on a date with Rachel Elizabeth Dare when Charles comes with Blackjack, telling him that the Princess Andromeda is here and that it is time to destroy it (the mission they've been planning for weeks). After Rachel kisses Percy, Charles picks up Percy and flies him to the ship on Blackjack, and tells him that he won't mention what Rachel did to Annabeth. The two land on the ship, and Charles is soon captured by Kronos. Percy mentions that when he sees Charles beaten up, his heart almost stopped. Percy was devastated by his death and blamed himself, but Nico di Angelo tells Percy that he spoke to his ghost in Elysium and Charles does not blame him.

    Percy thinks very highly of Charles, and described him as having ripped muscles and being one of the best armorsmiths in the camp, and that he was an ingenious mechanic.

    Silena Beauregard

    Silena Beauregard, his friend.

    Percy and Silena were friends at Camp Half-Blood, with Percy describing her as "One of the nicer Aphrodite girls" and very pretty. Silena also gave Percy his first Pegasus riding lesson. Silena winks at Percy in The Battle of the Labyrinth when Percy's cabin is spotless, thanks to Tyson. In The Demigod Files, Silena helps Percy rescue Charles Beckendorf when he is captured by Myrmekes, and she helps him find Festus.

    In The Last Olympian, Silena hears Percy's orders on Olympus. When Silena dies, Percy is at her side.

    Bianca di Angelo

    Bianca di Angelo, a demigod quested with.

    Percy rescues Bianca from the Manticore in Maine during The Titan's Curse. Percy is originally mad at Bianca when she joins the Hunters of Artemis, but gets over it quickly. When he goes on the Quest for Artemis, he promises Nico that he would protect her.

    During the quest, Bianca and Percy become close friends. Percy likes Bianca and thinks that she is cool, laid back, and easy to talk to. Bianca confides in Percy that she loves Nico, but wanted to know what it was like not being a big sister 24/7, and her feelings about her immortality and being a Hunter. Percy is the first person to realize that Bianca was in the Lotus Hotel and Casino, and he was the one who realized first that Bianca lost a lot of time. When the questers get to the Junkyard of the Gods, Bianca picks up the last figurine Nico needs, causing Talos to go haywire. Bianca gives Percy the figurine, telling him to give it to Nico and tell him that she's sorry, indicating that Bianca trusts Percy a great deal. Bianca crawls into Talos, destroying him, but also killing herself. Percy is very guilty for Bianca's death and blamed himself, thinking it should've been him instead.

    When he returns from the quest, he tells Nico that Bianca is dead, and gives him the figurine, making Nico furious that Percy couldn't protect her, making Percy even more guilty for his friend's death. In The Battle of the Labyrinth, Percy realizes that Bianca's ghost is trying to send him a message, as he has seen Nico and in Iris Messages randomly many times. Nico finally summons her spirit when Percy helps. When Bianca appears, Bianca caresses Percy first, and tells him that her death was not his fault and that she made her choice. She then tells Nico to forgive him, and that Percy is a friend.

    Hazel Levesque

    Hazel, his good friend.

    Percy and Hazel first met in The Son of Neptune, when Hazel saw Percy carrying Juno to Camp Jupiter. Hazel and Frank helped get Percy get across the Caldecott Tunnel to Camp. Hazel helped Percy once he made it and bragged about his deeds to Reyna, calling him brave and heroic. Hazel took Percy to Temple Hill and answered his questions about the Twelfth Legion Fulminata, telling him about legacies and how Camp Jupiter works. Hazel even showed him her favorite view of the city of New Rome. She also comforted Percy when he prayed to his father, Neptune, and put her hand on his back, saying he was one of them. Percy found it awkward but was glad she was there. Percy liked her but could sense she had a deep sadness inside of her: mature for her age, nice and easygoing, but hiding a big secret. He didn't believe she would have anything to be guiltily about and thought she was nice. As for Hazel, she was in awe of him. When she first saw him, she thought he was a god in disguise, with an aura of power, and ordered Frank not to fire on him, since she thought it was the gods testing her. But when she learned he was the son of Neptune, she hoped he would heal her curse. She could also sense he was more dangerous than Jason, Nico, Reyna, or Octavian.

    Hazel ended up standing for Percy and letting him join the Fifth Cohort, which Nico was very proud of her for. Because she stood for Percy, if he did something wrong, Hazel would be killed along with him. They ate dinner together, and Percy told Hazel that they can turn things around for the Fifth Cohort, calling her his friend and giving him a little smile. As she got to know him, she realized he was smarter than he looked and learned not to underestimate him, even if he thought the questions he asked at first were silly. Percy later collaborated with Frank and Hazel for winning the war games. The next day, Percy decided to go on the quest with Hazel and Frank, even though he didn't like Mars, because he thought of them as nice dependable people who made a good team. During the Quest for Thanatos, Hazel and Percy bonded and Hazel told Percy about how she died, her biggest secret. Percy accepted her, to her surprise, telling her that she deserved to go to Elysium, and that she did the right thing by standing up to Gaea.

    Percy eventually told Hazel his biggest secret one he found out: he was a Greek demigod from Camp Half-Blood. Percy said he felt that he was as close to Hazel as any of his old friends from Camp, and that since he trusted her, he hoped she would trust him. But to his surprise, Hazel kissed him on the cheek and smiled with sisterly affection, saying of course she trusted him, they were family. The kiss made Percy feel warm down to his feet. Percy felt lucky to have Frank and Hazel watching over him, and thought of them as the bright spots in his scary life after his memory loss. Hazel and Frank were the only things making Percy feel not alone, and promised that he wouldn't lose them. And when they made it to Alaska, Percy saved Hazel from Gaea and promised her that they would find Nico. The two later promised each other that they would make it back home, Percy would see Annabeth again, and Hazel make it back to Camp. Percy said that Hazel was too valuable to him and the camp and he wouldn't let anything happen to her. Percy reassured Hazel that there was more to her destiny than dying since that she was destined to fight Gaea with him, and her life was worth fighting for. Once they got back to Camp Jupiter, Percy was glad that Hazel was being treated well and as a savior of Rome, and knew that she deserved it. Percy knew Hazel wanted time alone with Frank and respected that, letting them walking around New Rome alone. The next day, Percy promised Hazel that he would find Nico as soon as they made it to Rome.

    In The Mark of Athena, Percy was near Hazel when the Argo II arrived at Camp. Percy told Annabeth that Hazel was a good person, showing how close he was to her during a short amount of time. When Leo fired on Camp Jupiter by accident, Percy asked if Hazel was going to come with him to Rome, and Hazel said she would, and bought him some time so he could escape from the angry Romans. Percy was very protective of Hazel on the quest, and when she went off with Leo, Percy pulled Leo aside to tell him Hazel's story. While Percy told Leo this, he gave off an undertone that said "If you mess with (Hazel) I will personally feed you to a great white shark". In return, Hazel helped save Percy from Eidolons. Hazel was slightly scandalized by Percy when he was with Annabeth in the stables, not meeting his eyes, but it didn't affect their friendship. Percy couldn't stand seeing Hazel in pain during their voyage while missing Nico, and began to feel a responsibility for her, along with everyone else on the ship. Percy became very worried when Hazel went missing and scoured the entire seafloor to find her, Leo, and Frank. Hazel was supportive of his relationship with Annabeth, smiling when they kissed. After Percy began falling into Tartarus, Hazel realized and tried to cut the ropes, screaming for help and reaching out for him and Annabeth, to no avail.

    In The House of Hades, she missed Percy very much. Percy was the demigod she admired most, and was grateful about the many times he saved her life in Alaska. She regarded Percy as one of the most important members of the crew, the backbone of the group. He gave her confidence while crossing the Atlantic and she wanted to make him and Annabeth proud, because she felt like she failed him. Hazel even trusted Hecate and decided to have the ship go the most dangerous route to Epirus just to ensure his survival. While meeting Sciron, she couldn't believe Percy was a son ph Poseidon, but realized he was like his father's good side, since he was gentle and helpful, like the kind of sea that takes ships safely to distant lands. Hazel sobbed when she saw Percy and Annabeth come out from the Doors of Death limp as corpses, and demanded that Clytius let them go, and could feel Percy's life force wane. Hazel was shocked when she saw Annabeth and Percy covered with black smoke and wanted nothing else but to save them from Pasiphaë and Clytius, which she did. When they returned to the ship, Percy demanded that Hazel stay with the Argo II because they needed her, and didn't want her to get lost in the labyrinth.

    In The Blood of Olympus, they were close friends. They both went together (with Hazel and Frank) to help defeat Nike/Victoria. The two joked with each other, when Percy joked about how her horse, Arion, cursed, and when Hazel rolled her eyes when Percy and Leo tried to get Nikes attention, calling them impossible. While they fought Nike, Percy was against Hazel using the labyrinth to help defeat her, and pretending to fight each other, since he was against both of those things, but he chose to trust Hazel, which saved them all. Percy pretended fo fight Hazel and fired popcorn at her. When Hazel fell during battle, he rushed to help her, catching her when she collapsed. Hazel later got Leo and Percy to stop arguing about zodiac signs, saying that Kekrops was a Geminus, which is different than Gemini. Though Hazel deeply cared about Percy, she kept Leo's suicidal plan from him, at his insistence. When Percy found out, he was angry at Hazel, but his rage dissipated when he couldn't be mad at Hazel while she was crying, and agreed it was a plan Leo would've done. The two are still in contact, going to Argo II reunion parties.

    Reyna Viria

    Reyna Ramírez-Arellano, his former co-praetor and friend.

    Jason...Percy couldn't go very far in this camp without hearing that name. The way you talk about him...Percy said, were you two a couple?

    –Percy noticing Reyna's feelings for Jason Grace, in The Son of Neptune.

    Though Reyna and Percy first formally met in The Son of Neptune, they actually met in The Sea of Monsters on C.C.'s Spa and Resort, where after Annabeth and Percy freed the pirates, they took over the resort and kidnapped Reyna and her sister, Hylla Ramírez-Arellano. Reyna got over her grudge over time, but Hylla never did.

    Percy and Reyna formally met when Percy carried Juno to Camp Jupiter. Reyna was wary of Percy and studied him carefully, giving Percy the idea that she wanted to run him through her dagger. Percy asked if he knew her and Reyna introduced herself, and said she didn't, but she could tell from her eyes that they have met before. Reyna decided to question him in the principia before bringing him to Octavian, and said he was either a new recruit or if he brought an enemy to kill. Percy was scared of Reyna and was even more scared of her greyhounds, Aurum and Argentum, but she reassured him that they won't attack. Percy told Reyna what he remembered and she believed him, except for the fact that he had no memory. But she slightly warmed up to Percy when she said that children of Neptune have a powerful smell, and Percy said that he had been told he smells, making Reyna crack a smile. Reyna decided to believe Percy was telling the truth after her dogs didn't eat him. Since Percy came from outside the camp, Hazel asked if he met their missing praetor Jason Grace. Hazel said the Romans were searching for Jason and have not given up after his disaperance. Reyna grimaced at Hazel's statement, which made Percy realize that Reyna considered Jason to be more than a colleague, and she had strong feelings for him. Reyna wished him luck in the auguries and suggested that they compare notes on his past.

    Reyna welcomed Percy into the Fifth Cohort after his auguries were favorable, but looked at him with pity since he was in the worst cohort. Percy also sympathized for Reyna and could tell how much Octavian bugged her and tried to ruin things for her. After the senate meeting, Reyna wanted to talk to Percy in private. Reyna vented about how much she hated Octavian, Percy understood and Reyna said he was smarter than he looked. Reyna then asked Percy if he remembered her or Hylla, and when Percy said he didn't, and Reyna explained how he and Annabeth destroyed their home when she was young. Percy said he didn't remember and Reyna decided that he was sincere. Reyna believed the gods sent Percy to make up for the loss of Jason and save her home. Reyna spoke very highly of Jason, which made Percy ask if they were a couple. Reyna said they might've been and that if she were given more time with Jason, a romantic relationship would have formed. Reyna said she wants to work with a Praetor that is an honest warrior like Jason. Since Percy reminded Reyna of Jason, she offered him the praetorship. Reyna admitted that a son of Neptune wouldn't be her first choice, but she prefers Percy over Octavian (a schemer), Hazel, and Frank. Reyna tells Percy that she wants to work with him to save her camp. Reyna says that together, they can save the legion, close the doors of death, and defeat Gaea. Reyna tells Percy during this time; she would be a helpful friend. Percy realized she was asking him out and said that he had a girlfriend, and didn't want power, and Reyna inquired that it wasn't very Roman of him. Reyna confided in Percy about how Polybotes was marching towards camp and asked him to find Hylla to ask her to help them, which Percy agreed to. After their conversation ended, Percy noticed that Reyna was extremely desperate to save Camp Jupiter. Reyna knew that she couldn't do this alone and grasped at anything that could help the legion. Percy understood why Reyna would ask him for help after seeing visions of Polybote's army. Percy apologized again before he left, and Reyna said that apologies weren't very Roman, and that she hoped he would consider her offer.

    Percy ended up getting Hylla to help camp, and Reyna was overjoyed, and gave Percy a look that said "I could hug you right now". After Percy and Terminus defeated Polybotes, she chanted "Praetor! Praetor!" along with the rest of the camp and grasped Percy's hand, and held it up in congratulations. At the Feast of Fortuna, Reyna honored Percy and said that their destinies were made possible by Percy's deeds, then made him praetor, saying he earned his praetor's cloak. Reyna trusted Percy enough to believe him when he told her that he was a Greek demigod, Jason was coming back, and that the Greek gods were still around, and told the legion to trust him. When Percy told Reyna that Jason was returning, she hoped that was true. Reyna said she had missed Jason

    But in The Mark of Athena, Reyna was slightly jealous of Annabeth when she arrived, mostly due to Reyna's "love curse" by Aphrodite. Reyna tells Annabeth that Percy spoke highly of her, which made Annabeth realize that she tried to make moves on Percy. Reyna didn't want Percy to show Annabeth around New Rome, and told him not to. Annabeth thought Reyna did this because Jason and Percy rejected her, but also suspected that Reyna knew about the Mark of Athena and wanted to speak to Annabeth privately.

    In The House of Hades, Percy and Reyna met again in Epirus after Percy came back from Tartarus. Percy felt sorry for Reyna after she lost Scipio, and figured she had lost too much already. Percy was very impressed with Reyna for her deeds and couldn't help smiling and complimented her for it, saying she was being too modest and what she did was pretty heroic. Reyna complimented Percy in return, for going to Tartarus and back, but joked that without Annabeth, Percy wouldn't find his way out of a paper bag, making everyone laugh. In The Blood of Olympus, it is revealed that she felt insecure about Percy rejecting her, as told by Orion when he taunted her. By the end of the book, Reyna was over her brief crush on Percy, and told him and Annabeth that they can stay in New Rome when they finished high school as long as they'd and go to New Rome University.

    In The Tyrant's Tomb, Reyna had quested with Apollo. Reyna realized she felt pressured to be with someone romantically. After her conversation with Aphrodite and becoming praetor, Reyna was desperate to find a romantic partner. Reyna admitted she briefly considered Percy a romantic partner after Jason's disappearance. But Reyna later acknowledged that she didn't actually have feelings for Percy and was trying to follow people's expectations and labels.

    Dakota cropped

    Dakota, his centurion during his week at Camp Jupiter.

    Percy and Dakota seem to be on good terms. When Percy meets Dakota, he noted that he looks like a vampire with his mouth stained red. Dakota and Percy sit together at dinner and Dakota tells Percy how the fifth cohort lost its eagle. The two also fight together when they play war games. When Percy retrieves the Eagle, he gives it to Dakota, and he uses it to lead the Fifth Cohort.

    It is unknown if Percy knows about Dakota's death in The Tyrant's Tomb although he likely learned about it following his arrival at Camp Jupiter in The Tower of Nero.

    Leo Valdez-Viria

    Leo Valdez, his good friend and ally.

    Percy and Leo first meet in The Mark of Athena, but Percy saw images and visions of Leo during The Son of Neptune. They're not particularly close and haven't gotten to know each other well yet, as Percy was initially angry at him for shooting on Camp Jupiter. When Percy was mad at him, Leo was scared, as he recognized the look that reminded him of the times Jason summoned lightning. However, Percy later agreed that it wasn't him who did it, and it couldn't possibly have been him. Percy was also initially cautious around Leo, and when he went with Hazel Levesque to Utah, Percy had a talk with Leo and told her Hazel's story, but gave him a look that said "If you mess with my friend, I will personally feed you to a great white shark." But throughout their journey, Percy befriended Leo and felt a responsibility for everyone on the Argo II, including Leo. Leo also heard about Calypso from Percy, who told him that she was nice and awesome. And while Percy was in Rome, when he saw the Colliseum, it reminded him of Leo. Leo ended up saving Percy, Piper, and Jason from Otis and Ephialtes, but wasn't grateful, and was angry that he hadn't rescued Annabeth first. After Percy fell to Tartarus, Leo was wracked with guilt and felt like the fortune cookie that Nemesis gave him that saved Hazel and Frank had cost Percy and Annabeth. However, Leo was determined to save his friend.

    In The House of Hades, Leo felt guilty about Percy and Annabeth and knew it was his fault, but knew that moping around wouldn't save him. However, after meeting Calypso, Leo felt a surge of anger towards Percy, and was mad at him for hurting Calypso. To make things worse, since Calypso clearly still had feelings for Percy, which made things ten times worse for Leo. Ultimately, however, Leo is the one to save Percy and Annabeth by flinging a screwdriver at the Doors of Death, managing to save them just in time. Leo was very happy when Percy survived Tartarus and whooped in happiness.

    In The Blood of Olympus, he loved all his friends, including Percy, and would do anything for them. However, Leo had mixed feelings about Percy. He didn't know what his deal was with blue food. Leo felt awkward hanging out with Percy and didn't know how to make conversation with a survivor of Tartarus. Percy intimidated him before, but now he was even more intimidating after being in the pit. He had trouble thinking of him as from the same Camp, since they never were at Camp Half-Blood at the same time, and that Percy had four beads, and Leo had none. The only thing they had in common was Calypso, and that made him want to punch Percy in the face. Leo wanted to bring up the topic to Percy, but the timing never seemed right.

    They finally got to hang out when they went to Olympia together to find and capture Nike, along with Hazel and Frank. Leo and Percy searched the museum together to try to find Nike. The two skipped stones, and when Percy caught the rock Leo skipped, Leo wanted to show off by blowing up a tour bus with fire. Percy became uncomfortable when Leo angrily stared at him, and after Leo apologized, Percy suggested that they should talk, and Leo agreed. But they began to bond when Percy made a joke about saying Adidas was the best to Nike, and Leo realized that they had another thing in common: their same stupid sense of humor. Leo and Percy also teamed up to defeat Nike. While fighting her, they finally discussed Calypso. Percy said if they didn't make it out, he wanted him to know that he felt bad about Calypso, and felt like he failed her. Percy said even though he lost his memory and went on the quest, he should have made sure the gods freed her. He said he was glad Leo found her and promised that he would do anything to help Leo after they make it out. Leo then asked what his problem was, and said he was just as bad as Jason: he couldn't resent him for being all hero-y. He wondered how he could hate him after he apologized and promised to help. Percy smiled and apologized. Leo finally had no resentment towards Percy, and his anger began to unravel, now that he knew he had no feelings towards Calypso. He just couldn't dislike him after he apologized and acted all nice and sincere.

    After that, Percy and Leo were friends with no problems and they defeated Nike with the help of Frank and Hazel. Leo became sarcastic and joking with Percy, calling him "Water Boy", which he told him not to call him, then calling him "Aquaman", which he hated more. Leo was also miffed and asked him why he had to destroy the plumbing when he did. Percy also joked that if a statue engulfed people in fire, he should send Leo, and Leo jokingly said he loved him too. Leo was also grateful when Percy got everyone in the crew, including him, gelato, and said that it made his whole day better. Leo also joked about how Percy's zodiac sign was Leo's name. However, Leo kept his suicidal plan to sacrifice himself from Percy. Percy was devastated when Leo died, and was initially angry at Hazel and Frank, but his anger subsided when they cried and agreed that it was a plan Leo would've done. Percy was hopeful that Leo was alive and said that if he lives, they can take turns strangling him.

    In The Hidden Oracle, Percy realized that Leo was part of the prophecy to help Apollo and grinned when he saw him and Festus in the air. When Percy saw Leo, he was the only one not to punch him and gave him a hug, though he was disgruntled and couldn't believe he was gone for six months, and Leo explained he tried every way to contact him. After Leo said that he was in the Sea of Monsters, they bonded over how they hate the place and how they hate Polyphemus. Percy was surprised when Calypso called Leo, "Babe", though he supported their relationship wholeheartedly. When Leo said that it'd be easy searching the entire middle of the US for the second emperor, Percy noted that Leo was still sarcastic and Leo smiled, and said he had sailed with the most sarcastic scallywags on the high seas. They then gave each other a high five. After dinner, Percy said goodbye to Leo and the two embraced.

    Piper McLean

    Piper McLean, his good friend and ally.

    Piper heard about Percy in The Lost Hero, and they met formally at Camp Jupiter in The Mark of Athena. Their first formal exchange was when Percy made a joke about "dam", and Piper didn't understand it, and Percy said it was an inside joke. They formally got to know each other the next day when Percy smiled at her to greet her, which she was surprised by. She was happy to see Percy with Annabeth since Annabeth felt truly happy being with him for the first time in months. She thought they were so easy together that it made her heart ache. However, Piper thought that Percy was unimpressive compared to Jason, and thought it was underwhelming seeing him after hearing so much about him for months. He wasn't Piper's type and thought he looked like a skater boy, a troublemaker, and if she saw him at a mall she would steer clear of him. But Piper could see why Annabeth liked him and knew why he needed her in his life, and thought if anyone could control a guy like that, she could. They cooperated well in Kansas and Piper was impressed when he summoned Blackjack, and she saved him twice from Eidolons. Piper was worried that Percy wouldn't trust her for knocking him out twice, but Jason reassured her that Percy wouldn't hate anybody. Piper was also relieved the next day when Percy and Annabeth came back from kissing in the stables.

    As for Percy, he trusted Piper and felt responsible for everyone on the ship, including Piper. In Rome, Piper comforted Percy when Annabeth went off on her own and reassured him that Annabeth would be fine, putting Charmspeak in her voice. Piper also saved Percy's life from being drowned by Hagno. In return, Percy saved Piper from Otis and Ephialtes. Percy also asked how Piper's arm was after the battle, and Piper said it wad good and that he and Jason did great in the battle. Piper was upset when Percy fell to Tartarus, but she knew it wasn't her fault.

    In The Blood of Olympus, Piper and Percy were friends and Percy was worried when she wanted to fight Mimas with Annabeth alone. However, Piper was afraid of the son of Poseidon. Piper knew that Percy had bad spirits inside him and after he exploded the toilets without trying, she wanted to leave the ship as soon as possible and wondered what he would like if he tried to act scary on purpose. Piper secretly felt uneasy when Annabeth told him how he tried to choke Akhlys with her own poison. However, they were still good friends and Percy got everyone, including Piper, gelato in Delos. Percy, Piper, and Annabeth headed to the Parthenon together to defeat the Gigantes, and Piper encouraged Percy to talk about his family. Percy also gave Piper water to heal her dry throat. When they made it to the Parthenon, Percy and Annabeth kissed passionately and though Piper felt awkward, she thought his relationship with Annabeth was the perfect example of love. Percy apologized, and Piper grinned and said he was a great boyfriend, approving of his relationship with Annabeth. Piper was very worried when Percy got a nosebleed and the blood of Olympus spilled.

    Piper and Percy remained in contact, going to monthly Argo II reunion parties. In The Burning Maze, Piper was very worried about Percy and asked Grover Underwood if he was okay. In The Tower of Nero, Percy agreed that Piper was a tough lady.

    Gleeson Hedge

    Gleeson Hedge, his chaperone and mentor.

    Percy and Coach Hedge met in The Mark of Athena, and he became Percy's chaperone. Percy thought it was hard to take Hedge seriously because he was only five feet tall. When Coach Hedge found out that Percy and Annabeth were kissing in the stables, Coach Hedge was furious with him and swinged his bat, knocking over a plate of apples. Percy told him he was starting to sound like Terminus, and Hedge became even more angry, saying he will terminate him. Percy tried not to laugh and promised it wouldn't happen again, and Coach Hedge said that he will be watching him. After that incident, Hedge didn't trust Percy and Annabeth to go anywhere alone together and decided to go with Percy and Frank Zhang to Atlanta to keep an eye on him, which Percy was not thrilled about. While in the museum, Coach Hedge ended up saving Percy and Frank from Phorcys and Keto. Hedge freaked out when he and Frank were trapped in a tank and was relieved when they escaped. Percy was grateful that Coach Hedge rescued him and was happy to have a chaperone good at martial arts cage matches.

    After that, Percy seemed to trust Coach Hedge more and was fine being alone on a ship with him. Coach Hedge was very impressed by Percy and seemed to forget about his stable incident with Annabeth. He also heard Coach Hedge sing a lot of TV theme songs. Percy also saved Coach Hedge's life from Chrysaor. When they arrived in Rome, Coach Hedge warned Percy that he didn't like the idea of him and Annabeth going off on their own, and that if he heard any funny business, he would ground them until the River Styx freezes over, showing how protective he was towards him. Percy promised Hedge that he would be back soon. And later, when Percy left to find Nico di Angelo with Jason and Piper, Coach Hedge told them to not take too long, or he would blast them with a ballistae. Percy and Hedge later collaborated to help save Annabeth.

    After Percy fell to Tartarus, Coach Hedge was devastated and paced back and forth, tugging his beard, and slapped his head, saying he should've helped them and blown up more stuff. He had tears in his eyes.

    In The House of Hades, Coach Hedge was very happy when Percy came back from Tartarus and said it was about time he came back, and asked what took so long. He scowled, but he his eyes gleamed, showing he was actually happy to see them. After the coach left with Reyna and Nico to bring the Athena Parthenos to Camp Half-Blood, Percy wondered how he was and wondered how long it would take him to transport it. Percy also trusted Coach Hedge enough to give him letters to give to his mother.


    The Mark of Athena 2

    Blackjack the pegasus.

    Percy: How many times have I told you? Don't call me boss.
    Blackjack: Whatever you say, boss. You're the man. You're my number one.

    –Percy and Blackjack, in The Titan's Curse

    Blackjack is Percy's pegasus and his loyal friend. While on the Princess Andromeda in The Sea of Monsters, Blackjack was captured and was planned on being recruited into the Titan Army, until Percy set him free. After that, Blackjack became Percy's personal steed and came whenever Percy needed him. Additionally, Blackjack will come whenever any sea creature needs Percy's help, normally in the middle of the night, much to Percy's annoyance.

    After Percy went missing in The Lost Hero, Blackjack is one of those mentioned to be out looking for him. Blackjack appears in The Mark of Athena where he stops the fight between Jason Grace and Percy Jackson, who had both been possessed by eidolons, by knocking Percy on the back of his head with his hoof.


    Mrs O Leary

    Mrs. O'Leary is Percy's pet hellhound, whom he received from Daedalus before he died in The Battle of the Labyrinth. Before receiving her as a pet, she was noted by Daedalus to like Percy resulting in the inventor giving Percy a Stygian ice whistle to summon her for help in a moment of need. Despite being rather large, even by hellhound standards, Mrs. O'Leary is incredibly friendly toward Percy, licking him anytime they meet. Mrs. O'Leary normally aids Percy and his friends in battles by attacking enemy monsters. In fact, just Mrs. O'Leary's bark and size are enough to frighten other monsters.

    Percy is very protective of Mrs. O'Leary. When Percy was in the Underworld with Nico and Mrs. O'Leary, he called her off when Nico betrayed him because he didn't want his dog being hurt by the Furies. Despite Mrs. O'Leary being angry with the order, she still obeyed. Mrs. O'Leary and Tyson search for Percy together after he goes missing, eventually finding him at Camp Jupiter and helping fight back the Giant Army.


    Sally jackson

    Sally Jackson, his mother.

    Mom; Hey, I'm alive. Hera put me to sleep for a while, and then she took my memory, and… Anyway, I'm okay. I'm sorry. I'm on a quest—I'll make it home. I promise. Love you.

    –Percy leaving a message for Sally, in The Son of Neptune

    Percy loves his mother, Sally Jackson, dearly. He always wishes to make her happy and would do anything to keep her safe. He is very mindful of her safety, even considering to sacrifice himself for her once. He left the moonlace from Calypso's Island under her care. Despite Percy always looking for his mother's permission and approval as he gets older, Sally realizes that Percy is getting too old to always listen to her and tells him to do what he thinks is right.

    In The Son of Neptune, after failing to communicate with Annabeth, Percy leaves his mother a phone message letting her know he is safe.

    When he returned home from the quest to defeat the giants, Sally is shown to be somewhat sterner with Percy; albeit somewhat playfully as shown when she refused to give him cookies before he leaves to take Meg and Apollo to camp.


    Poseidon, his father.

    The way our sons and daughters act in our names… well, it usually says more about them than it does about us. And you, Percy, are my favorite son.

    –Poseidon to Percy, in The Battle of the Labyrinth

    Poseidon and Percy have a complicated relationship. An important memory for Percy before he knew he was a demigod was of Poseidon visiting Percy when he was a baby in his cradle in a warm glow and a warm smile. He initially resented his father as he felt he had abandoned him and his mother. He let go of this when he learned his father cared for him and his mother.

    Though he has met with his father only occasionally, Percy cares much for Poseidon's approval and developed a strong pride for him, though he recognizes when Poseidon does something stupid or horrible.

    Despite caring for his father, Calypso makes Percy wonder if he only fights for the Olympians because Poseidon is his father.

    Percy & Tyson

    Percy with Tyson, his paternal half-brother.

    Percy first met Tyson when they were attending the same school together, Percy was his friend and stood up for him against bullies. Percy couldn't believe they were related when Poseidon first claimed him and was kind of ashamed to have a monster for a brother, thinking that his father was trying to make fun of him. Despite this, he still got angry with Annabeth when she called Tyson a monster, stating that he wasnt a bad person. His resentment and embarrassment disapears after Percy thinks Tyson died when the CSS Birmingham exploded (with Tyson in the engine room). He feels regret for how badly he treated Tyson before and wishes he could take it back. Tyson revealed that he had prayed to Poseidon for a friend, and he had sent him Percy.

    When Tyson turns out to be alive, Percy fully accepts him as his brother. He and Tyson have gone on many adventures together and contact each other even when they are apart. Tyson make and fixes his half-brother wristwatch that transforms into a shield for Percy. The shield is decorated with images of their adventures engraved upon it, but it was later lost in the Labyrinth much to Percy's anger.

    Percy greatly loves his maternal half-sister and volunteers to babysit her. Before she was born, he tells Apollo that one of the reasons he cannot go on a quest with him is because he wants to get to know her.

    Paul Blofis

    Paul Blofis, Percy's second step-father.

    Sally, I can't claim to know what you and Percy have been going through all these years. But it sounds to me... it sounds like Percy is doing something noble. I wish I had that much courage.

    –Paul to Sally, in The Last Olympian

    Percy was at first wary of Sally's new boyfriend, Paul Blofis, but eventually warms up to him. Percy is very happy to have Paul as his stepfather when his mother gets married to him. During the Battle of Manhattan, Percy showed just as much concern for Paul when he found him under Hecate's spell, showing how he has come to see Paul as family in such a short period of time.

    Gabe UglianoGN

    Gabe Ugliano, his former step-father and abuser.

    Percy hated his former step-father, who often bullied him and abused his mother. When he was young, he called his step-father "Smelly Gabe" because he smelled like old garlic pizza wrapped in sweaty gym shorts due to his habits of smoking cigars and non-bathing. Sally uses Medusa's Head given to her by Percy to turn him into a statue and sells him to gain a better apartment.

    Frank Zhang

    Frank Zhang, Percy's friend and distant relative.

    You singlehandedly took out three basilisks while I was sipping green tea and wheat germ. You held off an army of Laistrygonians so that our plane could take off in Vancouver. You saved my life by shooting down that gryphon. And you gave up the last charge on your magic spear to help some defenseless mortals. You are, hands down, the nicest child of the war god I've ever met… maybe the only nice one.

    –Percy to Frank, in The Son of Neptune

    In The Son of Neptune, it is found out that Frank Zhang is related to Percy, although Percy would be his Great, Great (a thousand times)... Uncle. Frank Zhang's ancestor, Periclymenus is the relation linking them. While Percy tries to explain this to Tyson, he caves and says they are all brothers. Frank is first introduced when guarding the entrance to the Roman camp, Camp Jupiter. Percy saves his life when the two gorgons who have been following him, grabs Frank by the arms. Before being claimed by Mars, he hopes that Apollo, God of Archery, will claim him due to his excellent archery skills. Though he doesn't want to be related to Octavian. Frank admires Percy as a hero and is in awe with him as he saved Frank's life multiple times. He is also one of the few demigods at Camp Jupiter who didn't bully Frank because of his clumsiness. Percy also likes Frank and calls him a beast after he took out Alcyoneus.

    Amphitrite RR

    Amphitrite, his step-mother.

    Percy first met his stepmother shortly before his sixteenth birthday. During their initial meeting, the Queen of the Seas was cold towards the Son of Poseidon. However she eventually warms up to him and treats the demigod as if he were her own son. She would bake Percy cookies whenever he would visit Atlantis and never reprimanded him for leaving his dirty clothes out.

    Percy's relationship with his half-sister started very badly because Kymopoleia in her first appearance worked for Gaia and tried to sink the Argo II. She also accompanied Polybotes who tried to kill Percy to avenge his previous defeat and she did not try to prevent it.

    However, Percy felt sympathy for her when he found out that she lived away from her parents because they found her presence disturbing as well as being forgotten, and for her part, Kymoleia felt jealous of Percy because of how famous he had become in a short time and was also upset with him because Percy didn't know who she was.

    Kymopoleia also throughout the meeting referred to Percy as her "brother" something that none of Poseidon's other children had ever done, also when Percy discovered that Kympoleia is Briares' wife and that she resented being married to him, Percy tried to convince her to give marriage a chance which only infuriated her, in the end after the agreement that Kymopoleia makes with Jason she will let them go after warning Percy that he would face his fateful defect very soon and that it could cause the downfall of the world.


    Luke Castellan-Viria

    Luke Castellan, his rival.

    Percy was almost the same age now as Luke had been then. He could understand how Luke became so spiteful. In the past five years, Percy had been a pawn too many times. The Olympians seemed to take turns using him for their schemes.

    –Percy comparing himself to Luke, in The Mark of Athena.

    At the beginning of the series in The Lightning Thief, Percy thought that Luke was a cool guy and thought that they would become close friends when he came to Camp Half-Blood. Luke helped train Percy in sword fighting and gave him moral support as a new comer, but at the end of the book it is shown to him that Luke was the real Lightning Thief and summons a pit scorpion to kill him and before he leaves, he tells of his bitterness and revenge against the Olympian gods.

    In The Sea of Monsters, Percy and Luke fight aboard the Princess Andromeda and it is shown that while Percy was at first confident in his abillity to beat Luke in a duel, he was actually terrified at the prospect of combating Luke in swordplay as he recognised how skilled Luke is. Percy has him reveal that he was the one who poisoned Thalia's Pine Tree to the entire Camp Half-Blood. When Luke was supposedly killed in The Titan's Curse, despite at first showing evident horror at Luke's terrific death, Percy is told by his father that Luke was not dead and that he was alive causing him to become angry and filled with more hate towards Luke. During The Battle of the Labyrinth, Percy witnesses Luke become taken over by Kronos and before that he thrown into a fight against a giant by him. Furthermore, Percy showed signs of jealousy toward Luke because of Annabeth's affection toward Luke (and Percy's growing feelings for Annabeth at the time).

    When they go into Battle of Manhattan just after Kronos has been killed by Luke, he angrily tells Percy with pleading eyes that he didn't want the same thing to happen to the other unclaimed demigods wind up like him and Percy promised Luke that he won't let it happen again and Luke nodded before dying, showing that despite Percy and Luke's mutual hatred for each other, after Luke killed Kronos, their enmity towards each other has toned down. Percy honors that promise to him by saying that as his wish that all the children of all the gods will be recognized and cared about, implying that he still had respect for Luke.

    During The Mark of Athena, Percy starts remembering how angry Luke was with the Olympian gods and how himself felt like that before. Then after seeing Bacchus just watch himself and Jason fighting for their lives against Otis and Ephialtes, he understood why. Because of this, he could understand Luke better.

    In The Hidden Oracle, Percy lists Luke as one of the people that he lost to a bad influence, showing that he still thinks about and cares for Luke as a lost friend, rather than a former enemy.


    Octavian, a former centurion of the first cohort, former augur, and Percy's political rival at Camp Jupiter.

    On the bright side, both Jason and I outrank you, Octavian. So we can both tell you to shut up.

    –Percy to Octavian, in The Mark of Athena.

    When they first met, Octavian was suspicious about Percy, thinking that he's a spy for the Gigantes as he was a Greek. At the end of the book, Octavian disliked Percy because he stole his chances of being praetor. He also accused Percy of leading the Greeks to attack Camp Jupiter (which was actually an accident because Leo was possessed by an eidolons).

    Percy has grown a strong dislike toward him as he was black-mailing Hazel about where she really came from, even going as far as saying that he would uncap Riptide from his pocket to protect her from Octavian if she gave him a signal.

    Gods and Goddesses


    Zeus, the king of the olympians and his uncle.

    To show you my thanks, I shall spare your life. I do not trust you, Perseus Jackson. I do not like what your arrival means for the future of Olympus. But for the sake of peace in the family, I shall let you live.

    –Zeus to Percy, in The Lightning Thief

    Zeus has mixed feelings for his nephew. He was upset over his birth because it violated the pact that he, Poseidon, and Hades made after World War II to not bear any more children, even as he himself did no better by conceiving Thalia. Zeus is nevertheless thankful for the demigod's past services to both himself and Olympus as a whole. During the Winter Solstice council meeting in The Titan's Curse, he voted to let him live even when it was no longer tied to the fate of Thalia. He was later angered by his nephew when he refused his offer of godhood because it seemed like being a mortal was somehow better than being a god.

    However, Zeus once warned Percy that he will strike him down if he ever travels in the sky. Though it is never brought up again by his uncle, Percy is very mindful of traveling by land or sea; barring riding on pegasi (which his father created from seafoam) like Blackjack. However, it seems that in extreme situations, Percy is allowed to fly such as when he is carried by the Angel Statues at Hoover Dam, and traveling by plane in The Son of Neptune.

    In The Chalice of the Gods, Zeus seems to enjoy complicating Percy's life since despite the numerous services that Percy provided to Olympus (and therefore to him), Zeus still set a condition for Percy to allow him to enter New Rome University by making him go on twenty-five quests for the gods before the next Winter Solstice, although Poseidon managed to reduce them to three missions.


    Hades, lord of the Underworld and his uncle

    Like Zeus, Hades has a mixed relationship with his nephew due to his natural dislike of heroes and disapproved of Percy's existence due to Poseidon breaking the oath. He once believed Percy had stolen his Helm of Darkness and tried to kill him until Percy later proved his innocence and returned the helm which the god repaid by returning his mother whom he had kidnapped. In The Last Olympian, Hades had Percy imprisoned Percy in his dungeon to ensure Nico became the child of the Great Prophecy until Nico released him, to Hades' anger.

    Hades was later convinced by his son to aid Percy in the war and played an indirect role in his wish for general acceptance through earlier advice to Nico about getting a "solemn oath." Given that Percy is directly responsible for his position on the council with full privileges and rights, it would be fair to say that Hades has an improved opinion about him.

    In The Sun and the Star: A Nico di Angelo Adventure, Hades reveals to Nico that Percy had changed a lot for the gods, making them rethink their priorities, standards and behaviors. Hades in particular was affected by these changes, having second thoughts about sending his son on a dangerous quest when Hades realized that Nico could lose someone else that he loved and later causing Hades to arrange a dream visit for Nico with his family so that Nico could get closure.


    Ares, the god of war and his enemy.

    That means I can smash him to a pulp as often as I want, and he'll just keep coming back for more. I like this idea.

    –Ares when Percy was offered immortality, in The Last Olympian

    Out of all the gods, Percy's relationship with Ares is by far the worst. The god of war despises Percy for having wounded him during their duel in The Lightning Thief. It is dangerous that they are on bad terms because Ares thinks highly of revenge and is quite violent. Ares puts a curse on Percy's sword, which came into effect during the battle with Atlas. When Percy was later offered godhood, Ares agreed with it because he could fight Percy anytime he wanted and wouldn't have to worry about killing him.


    Athena, the goddess of wisdom and his girlfriend's mother.

    Do not judge me too harshly, half-blood. Wise counsel is not always popular, but I spoke the truth. You are dangerous.

    –Athena to Percy in The Titan's Curse

    Athena is on neutral, if somewhat unfriendly, terms with Percy. She disapproves of his relationship with her daughter both because of his fatal flaw and he is the son of her rival. In The Titan's Curse, Athena guided him at the Hoover Dam in order to save Annabeth though she later suggested it wiser that he be destroyed at the Winter Solstice meeting. In The Last Olympian, Athena had Hermes send a message to Percy and Annabeth, advising how to best prepare for the invasion but also used the opportunity to remind Percy of her displeasure about his relationship with her daughter. Despite her disapproval of him, it was Athena who convinced the other Olympians to honor his request for recognition, though she later confronted him about his decision to decline godhood. He admitted Annabeth was the main reason, much to her annoyance.

    In The Chalice of the Gods, after discovering Percy sneaking into Zeus' brunch for Rhea, Athena surprises Percy by not only not exposing his presence, but covering for him and helping Percy get Ganymede alone. After hearing the story, Annabeth tells Percy that it means that Athena has finally realized just how serious her daughter is about the son of Poseidon and she helped him for Annabeth's sake.


    Hermes, the messenger god and an ally.

    Percy is on good terms with Hermes, who convinced him to go on a quest in The Sea of Monsters and gave him magic items to assist him in his journey. He explained the relationship between gods and heroes to him.

    Their relationship soured after realizing that Percy could not save Luke Castellan. After the war, their relationship was mended upon Percy's counseling and sympathy for Hermes' feelings of powerlessness for Luke's fate. Hermes trusted Percy enough to seek him out for help in retrieving his stolen Caduceus, and repaid Percy's favor by treating him and Annabeth to a magically arranged dinner in Paris for their one-month anniversary.

    Artemis RR

    Artemis, goddess of the hunt and an ally.

    You did well, for a man.

    –Artemis to Percy, in The Titan's Curse.

    Percy is on Artemis' good side since he helped find and save her in The Titan's Curse. She declares him a hero before Olympian Council and calls him a man rather than a boy after he helped her defeat Atlas. Percy's friendships with Thalia and Zoe as well as his loyalty to others regardless of gender places him in the highest regard in her eyes. In The Lost Hero, Artemis sent her Hunters in search of him, deliberately defying her father's orders in order to do so.

    Apollo Viria

    Apollo, the god of the sun and a general ally.

    Apollo tends to side with Percy and can see the good he does. While Percy goes on a quest to try and save Apollo's sister Artemis in The Titan's Curse, he helped Percy directly which goes against the ancient laws of gods, but put his faith in Percy that he would be able to save her. Later during the Olympus party, Apollo thanks Percy for saving Artemis, even offering free archery lessons, to which he declines.

    In The Hidden Oracle, Apollo thinks very highly of Percy, implying that he would rather have him for his master than Meg. The first thing Apollo did after he lost his godhood was to immediately go to Percy's place for help. Apollo brags to Meg about how he taught Percy and is disappointed by the latter's lack of admiration. Nevertheless, Apollo tries to persuade Percy to help him with the quest, but Percy flatly refuses. Percy however agrees to help Apollo in small ways and takes him and Meg to Camp Half Blood. After saving Camp Half Blood from Nero's attack, Apollo goes into despair, but Percy gives him a pep talk on being a hero.

    In The Tower of Nero, Percy is one of the people that Apollo visits after becoming a god again.

    Dionysus GN

    Dionysus, the god of wine and Percy's camp director.

    Both Dionysus and Percy share a mutual dislike of each other. Dionysus detests all heroes in general (despite once being a hero himself) due to Theseus' treatment of his wife Ariadne, while Percy resents his antagonistic attitude towards him and the rest of the campers. On the other hand, Dionysus did once save Percy's life during his quest to save Annabeth and correctly says Percy's name (something he rarely does for any camper besides his children) in a conversation they had after he saved Percy on said quest.

    Despite their mainly tense relationship, Dionysus favors Percy with his advice and aid more than any other god in the series. This indicates that Dionysus likely acknowledges Percy, especially after the end of the second Titan War. However, he did make a point to tell Percy after Kronos' defeat that he wasn't going to treat him any differently at camp.


    Hephaestus, god of the forge

    Good-bye, lad. You did well, destroying the telekhines. I'll always remember you for that.

    –Hephaestus to Percy, in The Battle of the Labyrinth

    Traditionally, Hephaestus has close ties with Percy's father Poseidon in the form of the Cyclopes who work for both of them. Hephaestus is personally grateful to Percy for having discovered and eliminated those who invaded his forge under Mount Saint Helens, even though he not only destroyed the forge but ultimately freed Typhon. Though he was impressed with the boy's performance in the battle for Olympus, he mentions in The Lost Hero that he sees Percy as an ingrate and upstart for refusing immortality and demanding that the gods pay closer attention to their children.


    Hera, queen of the Olympians and his aunt.

    Hera neither likes nor dislikes Percy. Both Percy and Annabeth disagree with her views about family, siding with her son Hephaestus even though Hera helped them several times in The Battle of the Labyrinth. Percy is close friends with Thalia, one of Zeus's illegitimate children whom Hera naturally despises. In addition, Percy is the love interest of Annabeth whom Hera cursed for offending her. Despite this, Hera makes Ares write a thank you letter to Poseidon for saving Olympus The Last Olympian, hinting that she felt grateful.

    In The Son of Neptune, Hera sent Percy to Camp Jupiter, have erased most of his memory to her nephew's great indignation. She commented she considers Percy "a loose cannon" and "impulsive", but also "unswervingly loyal" and "the glue that will unite the seven". Percy mentions he understands her motives, but still is displeased having lost 8 months of his life as a result.

    In The Chalice of the Gods, Percy is less than happy to see her at the brunch that he's sneaking into and refers to Hera as the Goddess of Making Percy Miserable.


    Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

    Always some monster. But my dear Percy, that is why the others are on this quest. I'm more interested in you.

    –Aphrodite to Percy, in The Titan's Curse

    Aphrodite "favors" Percy, having expressed an interest in his relationship with Annabeth Chase. She told that Percy that she planned to meddle with his love life, intending to make it a "nice tragic love story". It was Aphrodite who arranged for Percy to meet Rachel and later Calypso, causing him to be confused about his feelings for Annabeth. Aphrodite was one of the gods who voted not to kill Percy at the winter solstice. At the end of The Last Olympian, she was one of the gods who voted in favor of Percy being granted godhood.


    Persephone, queen of the underworld.

    My lord Hades, are you sure we can't let this little hero go? He's awfully brave.

    –Persephone to Hades about Percy, in The Last Olympian

    Percy only met Persephone twice, but he came off worse both times. In The Demigod Files, Persephone tricked Nico, Percy, and Thalia into recovering Hades' new sword. In The Last Olympian, Percy is considered by Persephone to be brave, but she doesn't vouch for him against Hades and shrugs indifferently when Hades states that he will imprison Percy and make himself king of the gods when Nico turns sixteen.


    Hestia, goddess of the hearth and his aunt.

    Aside from his father, Hestia is possibly Percy's best relationship with a god. Percy actually first saw Hestia his first day at camp but thought she was an eight-year-old girl.

    Hestia helps Percy several times in The Last Olympian which he repays by entrusting her with Pandora's pithos as "hope survives best by the hearth." Percy's respect for her goes as far for him to tell her she is "the last Olympian and the most important".


    Geras the god of old age who Percy embraces.

    Percy literally embraces Geras, who is the god of old age, and embraces the idea of growing older and looking back on a good life, embracing Geras like he's an old friend. In doing so, Percy earns Geras' respect as old age is never embraced and gives the god hope that not everyone is like the Olympians who have turned their backs on old age.


    Ganymede, the cupbearer of the gods who tasked Percy with finding his chalice.

    At first, Percy saw Ganymede as a source for one of his recommendation letters to get into New Rome University. However, after going on the quest, the Son of Poseidon grew to understand the hardships Ganymede had to face for his position and the suffering he experienced from his abduction.

    Percy's experience with Ganymede solidifies his desire to remain mortal rather than becoming a god after seeing that Ganymede was left frozen as a beautiful teen, but stuck with all of his anxiety, self-doubts and fears forever. While talking with Percy, Poseidon tells his son that by accepting Geras' challenge and keeping his promise to Ganymede rather than leaving the god to his fate proves that he's a true hero because he kept his word and helped a cupbearer that he barely knew not because the fate of the world of the world was at stake, or for a letter, but because that's just who he is.



    Kronos, the king of the titans and his first real enemy.

    Kronos is the first true leader of enemy forces Percy has faced and fought against, having spent years fighting the Titan of time from the age of twelve to his sixteenth birthday. Being the father of the Big Three gods, Kronos is Percy's grandfather. However, Percy thought that the concept was too strange, so he dismissed it completely.

    The son of Poseidon saw Kronos as a true threat to Western Civilization as did the rest of the camp, even compared to the cruelty of the gods. He probably hated in a personal level, as he often used his beloved ones as traps.

    Meanwhile, Kronos hated Percy's changeable, unpredictable nature and the threat the hero meant to his return of power. Kronos has tried to recruit Percy several times, but to no avail. When the time comes for him to make the choice to save or destroy Olympus, the son of Poseidon finally chose to gave the cursed blade to Luke, the true hero of the Prophecy, who scattered the Titan Lord.


    Hyperion, the titan of light who he fought against.

    Hyperion and Percy fought during the Battle of Manhattan, which made the Titan of Light easily got furious. In The House of Hades, Percy convinces Iapetus to pierce Hyperion's reforming "bubble" and is annoyed that Hyperion "doesn't stay dead." When preparing to get to the Doors of Death, Percy is afraid that Hyperion might sense his presence and moves further away from him.


    Prometheus, who gifted humans with fire.

    Prometheus and Percy have mixed feelings for each other. Prometheus says he likes heroes because Hercules freed him from being chained to a rock with vultures. Although Percy regards Prometheus as "a slimy worm," the creator of humanity becomes more respectable to Percy after showing him a vision of Hermes lecturing Luke. If they ever meet again, it will probably be under better terms as they are now no longer enemies.


    Gaea, protogenos of the earth.

    Throughout The Son of Neptune, Gaea, the goddess of the Earth has been sending Percy dreams and speaking to him. While she is speaking to him, she told him affectionately that he was her "important little pawn" and that he would be the ultimate key to the Olympians' defeat. In turn, Percy hates the goddess for her trying to destroy his friends at both Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood, as well as the Olympians, especially as this includes his father. In The Mark of Athena, Gaea personally chose Percy to be her sacrifice for blood to make her raise, she also appears to him in a near like human form calling him her "dear friend" along with her "little darling pawn". She is also very active towards Percy, as she appears to him more than the other Seven, appearing in a human-like form during The Mark of Athena, telling him to enjoy Tartarus and that he will fall to her. In The House of Hades, after Iapetus and Damasen are forced to sacrifice themselves, Percy vows to defeat Gaea and avenge them. According to Alcyoneus, Gaea hates Percy more than anyone else, with the possible only equal in this level of hatred being her's for Jason Grace.

    Polybotes GN

    Polybotes, the bane of his father.

    Percy and the giant Polybotes have a large amounts of dislike for each other, as Polybotes is the Bane of Poseidon/Neptune and has attempted to capture, torture, and eventually kill Percy. According to Polybotes, Percy's blood will bring back the Earth Mother, but before that he wants to torture Percy and keep him as a pet until the time is right. In The House of Hades, Polybotes hates Percy more than ever and is determined to avenge his death by chasing him all over Tartarus. However, after Percy and Annabeth tumble into the domain of Night, Polybotes refuses to follow them there and leaves them for dead. In The Blood of Olympus, Polybotes encounters Percy and Jason underwater. He almost succeeded in capturing him.

    Alcyoneus GN

    Alcyoneus, the bane of Hades/Pluto.

    Alcyoneus has respect for the son of Poseidon, as he has been watching him all his life and knew he was the one to defeat Kronos. However, because of his orders from Polybotes, he apologizes that he will not be able to kill him. Beyond this conversation, the two share no more interaction, but share dislikes for each other.


    Iapetus RR

    Iapetus, his enemy turned ally.

    Bob the Titan, originally Iapetus, became an ally in The Demigod Files, while he is fighting Percy, Percy tricks him into splashing into the River Lethe, wiping his memory clean. Because of this, he is the only Titan that is on the good side with Percy and emerges believing he is a man named Bob and his friend is Percy.

    He rescued Annabeth and Percy in Tartarus about a year and a half later and stayed behind at the Doors of Death to sacrifice himself so that Percy and Annabeth could escape.

    However, he is presumed dead after fighting the embodiment of Tartarus and ensuring Percy and Annabeth reach the mortal world safely in The House of Hades. His last words to Percy and Annabeth were, "Tell the sun and the stars hello for me."

    The son of Poseidon would feel guilty for not visiting.

    In The Sun and the Star: A Nico di Angelo Adventure, after learning that Nico and Will Solace are going on a quest to rescue Bob, Percy and Annabeth express guilt over forgetting their friend and offer the two demigods advice on how to survive Tartarus.

    Magnus viria

    Magnus Chase, Annabeth's cousin and his trainee.

    At Annabeth's request, the son of Poseidon helped train the son of Frey for his voyage to Scandinavia and the Quest to stop Naglfar from Sailing. His training methods involved Magnus jumping off the highest point of a ship to prepare him for an attack on his ship.

    He would remind the Norse demigod that his teammates are his most valuable asset during a quest and to put his faith in them and he will be fine. Percy also tells the einherjar to keep his butt clenched as a joke, something Magnus would tell him when the quest was over, much to the Greek demigod's amusement.

    Carter Viria

    Carter Kane, the most recent pharaoh of the House of Life and his ally.

    At first, Carter and Percy got off on the wrong foot with the son of Poseidon, who was unaware that Carter was mixed-race and thinking he was a demigod, called him a half-blood. This prompted Carter to unintentionally attack him and they had a brief fight before agreeing to team up to stop Petsuchos.

    The magician and son of Poseidon worked well in the fight, the giant crocodile and disarm it of the necklace making it the size of a bus, reverted it to the former of a baby crocodile. As the two have burgers afterward and tell the other about their respective pantheons and see each other as close allies. Carter gives him a direct line to himself to be used only in emergencies.

    During the Battle of Governors Island, he and Annabeth teamed up with him and Sadie, combining Greek and Egyptian magic to overpower and trap Setne. Afterward, the four have a picnic and cheerfully say their goodbyes.


    Sadie Kane, his ally during the Battle of Governors Island.

    When the son of Poseidon called her brother for help, she came to Governors Island with Carter and dropped a camel on Setne to save him and Annabeth. When he and Sadie expressed a desire for a frontline assault on Setne, Carter and the daughter of Athena convinced them to form a plan first, showing their similarities in combat.

    As they walk, he feels that Sadie is like a future daughter of himself and Annabeth, with the daughter of Athena's looks and the son of Poseidon's personality.

    After the battle, the four had lunch and congratulated each other before parting ways.

    Video Game


    Percy Jackson in the video game.

    In the video game, Percy appears as the main protagonist. After getting more than three characters, besides the son of Poseidon, the player may decide upon switching, however, Percy cannot be replaced. His attacks are mostly Water based. He also has a few Physical attacks and one Poison attack. Percy is resistant to Water but is vulnerable to Poison. The table below contains all the moves Percy can learn throughout the game.

    Ability Name Effects Ability Cost
    Gale Slash Physical attack against a single enemy. 4
    Hero's Fate Increase Accuracy for one ally. Increases Teamwork. 3
    Water Jet Water damage to a single enemy. 3
    Sewage Stream Poison damage against a single enemy, causing Sicken. 4
    Fly by Slash Inaccurate, a light Physical attack against all enemies. 6
    Tropic Wind Water damage and Weaken vs Fire to a single enemy. 5
    A Twist of Fate Increases Accuracy for all allies. Increases Teamwork. 6
    Eddy Slow and water damage against a single enemy. 5
    Deluge Water damage to all enemies. 8
    Polar Gust Chill and Weak vs Water to a single enemy 6
    Blinding Rain Water damage and Blind against all enemies. 8
    Water Trident Heavy Water damage to a single enemy. 6
    Trident Strike Three quick Physical attacks against a single enemy. 7
    Undertow Water damage and Slow against all enemies. 9
    Olympic Blow Heavy Divine attack against a single enemy. 7


    • Perseus is a Greek name derived from the verb (perthein), meaning "to waste, ravage or destroy". Thus, his name means "the destroyer", possibly alluding to his role in the Great Prophecy (i.e, Olympus to preserve or raze) and his father, Poseidon, who is known as the Earthshaker/Stormbringer and often destroying places due his earthquakes and storms. His mother named Percy after the famed hero Perseus, as he was the only hero who had a happy ending in the Greek myths.
    • Jackson is a common name of English and Scottish origin meaning "Son of Jack".


    • Percy Jackson is based on Rick Riordan's son, Haley, who has ADHD and Dyslexia.
    • Percy is currently 18 years old in series continuity and was 12 years old in his first appearance in The Lightning Thief.
      • Rick Riordan has stated that the characters' ages, like the events of the series are not tied to any particular year, meaning that Percy does not have a specific birth year. However, if Percy were to age in real-world time and have a specific birth year, he would've been born in 1993 due to being twelve in 2005, the year that The Lightning Thief was released. If one was to alternatively say that the timeline of the books was tied to the current year, then Percy would've been born in 2005, being 18 in 2023. However, Percy does not canonically have a birth year, simply being born on August 18th 18 years ago.
    • Percy's real name, Perseus, is used by many of his enemies and many gods in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. In The Heroes of Olympus, he is mostly addressed as Percy, with the exception of The Blood of Olympus, in which he is referred to as Perseus by Polybotes and Kymopoleia.
      • Percy never revealed his real name to anyone prior to the events of The Lightning Thief, when he first arrived at Camp Half-Blood.
    • Nico, Leo, Will, and Meg, and Percy are the only known demigods to mostly be called by their shortened first names.
    • Rick Riordan has said that he gave Percy the name "Perseus" simply because he liked the name. In Greek Mythology, Perseus was the son of Zeus, not Poseidon. Riordan made Percy a son of Poseidon because, in his words, "everyone is a son of Zeus". In myth, most of the known demigods are children of Zeus and he found it unfair. He also thought it'd be too obvious.
    • Percy's birthday is inconsistent with what Sally said about only being with Poseidon for one summer since Percy was born the next summer which is much longer than a usual pregnancy.
    • Percy is similar to Jason Grace in several ways:
      • Both were named after legendary Greek heroes
      • Both are children of the big three gods
      • Both are looked at as leaders of their respective camps
      • Both were praetors of Camp Jupiter at one point
      • Both are dense about love (Jason didn't realize how his actions made both Reyna and Piper jealous at times, and Percy didn't know Annabeth Chase had a crush on him since she was 12)
      • Both are accomplished swordsmen
    • Percy is thus far the only known demigod to be written in the two major prophecies in both series: he is the "half-blood of the eldest gods" mentioned in the Great Prophecy and one of the seven half-bloods in the Prophecy of Seven.
    • Percy has fought a total of five Titans, two of which he defeated (Artemis ultimately defeated Atlas).
    • As of The Crown of Ptolemy, Percy is the first mortal to have no known Blood of the Pharaohs who hosted an Egyptian goddess.
    • Percy is the only known bearer of the Curse of Achilles not to be killed by their weak spot and the only one known to lose it.
    • As of The House of Hades, Percy, Annabeth, and Nico are the only demigods known to have gone to Tartarus and survive the experience.
    • Percy is the only one that has been able to keep the River Lethe from erasing his memories, as he won't get wet in water because he is a son of Poseidon.
    • It was mentioned in The Son of Neptune that it was unheard of for a probatio like Frank Zhang to be promoted directly to centurion rank. Percy was still probatio when he was made praetor, the highest rank at Camp Jupiter.
      • He is also the first and only known Greek to hold a position of leadership within Roman ranks.
    • Percy was one of the only two demigods in Camp Half-Blood (the other being Thalia) who was considered to be capable of equaling Luke. Although unlike Thalia, Percy was fairly easily beaten by Luke in their only duel to the death whereas Thalia not only fought Luke equally but even beaten him in their only duel to the death.
    • Percy has only led one quest but has been on multiple others.
    • Percy is on his school's swimming team.
    • Percy claims to have never gotten a grade higher than a C- in The Lightning Thief. However, in The Ultimate Guide, his report card gives him a B- in science. This may be from after the events of The Lightning Thief, possibly from his time in seventh grade since he and Tyson successfully completed a science exam the fastest thanks to the latter's clumsiness.
    • While acting as a narrator, Percy heavily censors explicit content.
    • Percy's favorite color is blue. Him and his mother share in this rebellion of Gabe Ugliano's statement about blue food not existing. Also, it is the color of the sea, Poseidon's realm.
      • Percy's love of blue food comes from Rick Riordan's habit of eating orange food when he's stressed.[3]
    • Percy told Thalia in The Titan's Curse that he likes listening to alternative rock and bands such as The White Stripes. He says that it's one of the "only CDs he owned that his mom liked."
      • It was revealed in Percy Jackson's Greek Gods, that Percy's favorite type of music is rock 'n' roll.
    • Percy's favorite brand of chewing gum is Trident.
    • Like Annabeth, Percy dreamed of getting his parents back together at one point.
    • Percy has done many things that previous demigod heroes and mortals from mythology have such as:
      • Killed a snake as a young child as Hercules did (The Lightning Thief).
      • Slew the Minotaur (twice, once in The Lightning Thief and later in The Last Olympian) and defeated Procrustes as Theseus did.
      • Killed Medusa as Perseus did (The Lightning Thief).
      • Successfully won a fight with Ares as Diomedes did (The Lightning Thief).
      • Took the Gray Sisters' eye and threatened them for directions to a location as Jason and Perseus did (The Sea of Monsters).
      • Faced the Sirens, Scylla and Charybdis, Circe, and Laistrygonians as Odysseus did (The Sea of Monsters).
      • Taunted Polyphemus and escaped his cave as Odysseus did (The Sea of Monsters).
      • Got the Golden Fleece as the first Jason did (The Sea of Monsters).
      • Battled and defeated the Nemean Lion, fought the Erymanthian boar and the Hydra, and entered the Garden of the Hesperides as Hercules did (The Titan's Curse).
      • Held the weight of the sky like Hercules did. (The Titan's Curse).
      • Spent time with Calypso, like Odysseus did (The Battle of the Labyrinth).
      • Entered the Labyrinth with the help of a mortal with a clear sight like Theseus did (The Battle of the Labyrinth).
      • Entered the Underworld alive (multiple times) and returned alive as Hercules, Orpheus, Odysseus, and Houdini did.
      • Bore the Curse of Achilles as Achilles did (The Last Olympian).
      • Carried Hera/Juno in another form across a river like Jason did (The Son of Neptune).
      • Confronted Phineas, like Jason and the Argonauts did (The Son of Neptune).
      • Faced Alcyoneus, like Hercules did (The Mark Of Athena).
      • Fought Ephialtes and Otis, like Hercules and Dionysus did (The Mark of Athena).
      • Fought in the Giant War like Hercules and Dionysus did (The Blood of Olympus).
    • During The Son of Neptune, the only things Percy remembers are the fact that he is a demigod, Annabeth (including the way she laughed, her looks, her vague connection with San Francisco), and their romantic relationship (including the way she kissed him every time he did something stupid).
    • As Percy states in Percy Jackson's Greek Gods, the only demigod son of Poseidon that he is ashamed of being related to is Halirrhothius, who tried to rape Ares' daughter Alcippe.
    • Percy appears on the cover and in the storyline of almost every novel in both the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and The Heroes of Olympus series. The only novel in which he does not appear on the cover or in the story is The Lost Hero.
    • Percy has some similarities with Mac Begay from Race to the Sun under the Rick Riordan Presents imprint.
    • Percy and Luke are alike in several ways:
      • Both of their mothers can see through the Mist.
      • At some point they were both in Hermes' Cabin.
      • Both of them, at one point, felt resentment towards their respective fathers.
      • Both of them are their father's favorite sons.
      • They are both excellent sword fighters (Percy himself learned from Luke at camp while training during their first friendship).
      • Both of them have met Ladon, the guardian dragon.
      • Both of them held the weight of the sky, and escaped. This resulted in a streak of grey hair for both of them.
      • Both of them have bathed in the River Styx.
      • Both of them saw Annabeth while bathing in the River Styx (Luke also saw Thalia).
      • They were both possessed by a figure from Greek mythology, turning their eyes gold (Kronos and eidolon respectively).
      • Both of them are subjects of the Great Prophecy.
      • Annabeth was interested romantically in both of them at one point in time.
      • Both were brought to camp by the satyr, Grover Underwood.
    • On the original American cover of The Battle of the Labyrinth, he is seen opening Kronos's sarcophagus, while in the book he was wearing Annabeth's invisible Yankees cap.
    • Hazel thinks that Percy and Jason Grace are similar in personality, as they both give off the aura of power and authority, but also a sadness like that they have seen their destinies and are waiting for the day when they will face a monster that they cannot beat. Other ways that they have in common (besides being best friends) are:
      • They have both been praetor at some point by being raised on a shield.
      • They have/had a girlfriend who is the daughter of a goddess (Annabeth Chase, Piper McLean).
      • Aside from each other, they had a best friend who performs more comic relief than they do (Grover Underwood, Leo Valdez)
      • At some point in the quest, each had girls that did not trust them (Piper McLean wasn't sure of Percy at first and didn't catch her eye as a hero, and Hazel Levesque and Annabeth Chase disliked Jason as he seemed too perfect).
      • They were kidnapped and switched by Hera in The Lost Hero for the purpose of forging bonds between the camps.
      • Both of their godly parents (Jupiter and Poseidon) didn't appear at all in The Heroes of Olympus series until The Blood of Olympus.
      • Both were under charmspeak by a sorceress (Circe, Medea) which backfired.
      • They were both compared to a superhero (Aquaman and Superman respectively).
    • As in revealed in The Blood of Olympus, Percy's zodiac sign is a Leo.
    • Percy is one of only two characters, along with Annabeth, to have his POV told in both first- and third-person. The original series is all his perspective in first-person, while he had third-person POV chapters in three books in The Heroes of Olympus. Additionally, all of his perspectives in companion books for all three series are told in first-person.
    • Percy is both the oldest and the youngest of the Big Three's kids. Thalia was born before him but is biologically younger, the same goes for Bianca, Hazel and Nico. Jason was younger and died (so is out of the equation). Bianca also died. Most of them were born before Percy but are technically younger.
    • As revealed in The Sun and the Star: A Nico di Angelo Adventure, Percy lives in an apartment on 104th Street and First Avenue in Upper East Side, Manhattan, New York.



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