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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is a film adaptation of The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan. It is the sequel to Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, as well as the second and final installment in the Percy Jackson film series. The film was produced by Karen Rosenfelt and Mark Radcliffe under Fox 2000 and directed by Thor Freudenthal. The film opened on August 7, 2013 in America. [1] The DVD and Blu-Ray editions were released on December 17th, 2013.



It was revealed on the 749th issue (February 3, 2011) of an online subscription magazine, Production Weekly,[4] that the film was in production. In another source, the lead cast members from the first movie were expected to return for their roles. Chris Columbus did not return as director, though he produced the movie together with Karen Rosenfelt (producer of the Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn). Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski were hired as the scriptwriters.  On June 16, 2011, it was announced that Thor Freudenthal will be directing the movie.[5] On October 12, 2011, it was announced that the film will be released on March 26, 2013.[6] On May 31, 2012, it was announced that the movie had been pushed back to August 16, 2013.[7] On April 6, it was announced that the movie was pushed up to August 7, 2013.[1]


On January 13, 2012, a brand new production list was released and stated that the movie will film between April 26, 2012 - July 11, 2012.[8] Also, actor Brandon T. Jackson who plays Grover confirmed the movie via tweet and said that the movie will be "hot".[9] It was filmed in Vancouver, B.C. and New Orleans, Louisiana.[10][11] Filming wrapped up in July and then started again in January for reshoots. It has been completed as of January 22, 2013.[12][13]


On July 22 & 27 2013, two videos promoting the film were released on YouTube.[14][15] Two petitions for the remaining book adaptations were also released.[16][17]


The barrier protecting the camp has been broken because of Thalia's tree, which was controlling it was poisoned by Luke. Percy and his crew will now try to get the Golden Fleece, a cloth that can heal anyone or anything, to save Thalia's tree and Camp Half Blood. Luke is also trying to get the Golden Fleece, but for different reasons - to awaken the titan, Kronos. The Golden Fleece is located in the Sea of Monsters, known to mortals as the Bermuda Triangle.[18]


Opening/Prologue: Thalia's Story

The story begins with a young Annabeth, Luke, Grover and Thalia running to Camp Half-Blood while being pursued by monsters. Thalia sacrifices herself to get the others into the camp, and her father Zeus transforms her into a pine tree, creating a magical border around the camp.

Tyson and the Colchis Bull Fight

A Colchis Bull breaks the barrier.

The scene then shifts to Percy in a camp competition against Clarisse La Rue. Percy loses the competition after he assists another camper, and is badgered by Clarisse. Soon after, Chiron and Mr. D (Dionysus) investigate a Cyclops that has somehow passed through the border, and the cyclops is revealed to be Tyson, Percy's half-brother. After Clarisse picks on Percy and Tyson, the camp is suddenly attacked by a Colchis Bull, who breaks through the border and ravages Camp Half-Blood.

Percy finally defeats it with the help of Tyson, Annabeth, Grover, and Clarisse. Luke Castellan suddenly appears and confronts Percy, trying to convert the son of Poseidon to his cause, then disappears.

The Great Prophecy and the Golden Fleece

The campers soon realize that Thalia's tree has been poisoned and that they have been left vulnerable to attacks. Percy asks Chiron about a prophecy he is involved in (for Luke had tried to bait him with the knowledge earlier), and subsequently visits the Oracle, who tells him of a prophecy of Percy either saving or destroying Olympus. Annabeth then proposes a quest to Mr. D, where they retrieve the Golden Fleece from Polyphemus in the Sea of Monsters and use it to heal Thalia's tree. Mr. D subsequently says the idea is terrible, yet that night by the campfire he announces the quest saying it was his idea, but instead chooses Clarisse to lead the quest, much to Annabeth and Percy's dismay.

The Quest Begins

Percy then convinces Grover and Annabeth to accompany him on the quest, and Tyson joins them against the groups' wishes. Annabeth hails the Chariot of Damnation, and Percy threatens the three drivers to tell him of his prophecy, and they give him a set of coordinates(30, 31, 75, 12) in the Sea of Monsters before ejecting the group from the cab in Washington D.C. While walking down the street, Grover is kidnapped by Chris Rodriguez and taken to Luke. Meanwhile, Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson meet with Hermes and he gives them a thermos that releases the winds from the four corners of the Earth, and a magical box sealer that, when taped around as a border, can make anything disappear.

The Sea of Monsters 

The Hippocampus.

The three ride a Hippocampus to Luke's yacht, The Princess Andromeda, where they are captured and brought before Luke. After Luke explains his plan, they are locked in the brig. Percy frees them with the box sealer and they escape after fighting through Luke's men and a Manticore, using the thermos to escape the ship. Annabeth explains to Percy why she detests Cyclopes; one had killed Thalia. The group is consumed by Charybdis after Tyson loses the thermos, and they discover Clarisse in the monster's stomach. Percy and Clarisse work together to escape Charybdis's gut, and they arrive at Circe Land, Polyphemus's lair. Percy finds Grover and the five escape Polyphemus, retrieving the fleece and trapping him in his cave. Afterwards, Luke arrives and demands the fleece from Percy, who refuses. Luke shoots a crossbow at Percy, but Tyson takes the arrow in the chest before falling to the water below, much to Percy's horror and sadness.


Luke begins reviving Kronos as Percy laments over the loss of Tyson. The team then escapes captivity and a fight ensues. Percy grapples with Luke over the Fleece, but Luke easily gains the upper hand. Luke is suddenly thrown away by Tyson, revealed to have survived his wound, due to the water healing it, as he's Poseidon's son.


The group however watches in horror as Kronos rises from the sarcophagus. Kronos consumes Luke and Grover, before battling Percy. Percy realizes that Riptide is the "cursed blade" of the prophecy, and slays Kronos with it, who regurgitates Grover and Luke, the latter landing in Polyphemus' Lair. The victory is short lived, however, as Annabeth is stabbed from behind by the Manticore, who is killed in turn by Clarisse and Grover. Annabeth dies in Percy's arms, but is resurrected by the Fleece.


Percy then gives the fleece to Clarisse, and they return to Camp Half-Blood. Clarisse places the fleece on Thalia's tree. The group returns later to find Thalia alive, as the fleece "did its job too well" and returned her to human form. Percy realizes that Thalia is a child of Zeus, and therefore is another possible child of the prophecy about either preserving or destroying Olympus.

The sarcophagus that holds Kronos's remains.




Main article: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (soundtrack)

The music for the film is composed entirely by Andrew Lockington save one track.

Differences from the Book

Main article: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters/Differences from the book

For a list of all the differences between the book and the movie, please use the link above.

Cancelled sequel

Paloma Kwiatkowski, the actress of Thalia Grace, stated that she signed on for any future films in the franchise. Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario, Brandon T. Jackson, and Jake Abel also signed on for three films, back when production for Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief was ongoing. Robert Maillet is interested in returning as well. Two petitions exist with regards to support towards the remaining films being made[21][22] while a YouTube video released by the organizer of the petition encourages fans to buy the movie on Blu-ray when it comes out on December 17 (North America), and December 14 (France) or whenever it is released in the fans country to help support towards the remaining movies in the series to be made.[23]


  • Alexandra Daddario dyed her hair blond for the role of Annabeth Chase.
  • This marks the first time Kronos makes a physical appearance in any form of media relating to the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. Though Kronos was a prominent character in the book series, he doesn't have a true form and only his voice is ever heard.
  • This film marks the first appearance or mention of Thalia Grace in the film series. Outside of a mention in a deleted scene, Thalia was edited out of the first film.
  • The Great Prophecy's two alterations are, "A half-Blood of the eldest gods shall Reach twenty against all odds," and "the evil soul, cursed blade shall reap."
  • Two known scenes were deleted from the film: one featuring Zeus (presumably dealing with Thalia), and one featuring Percy and Luke battling on a roller coaster.
  • There had already been a draft of the script written by the time Marc Guggenheim was hired that stayed almost completely faithful to the book. They had to revise it, however, when Guggenheim recognized that certain points in the book wouldn't translate as well into a movie (Grover and Percy's empathy link and telepathy).
  • The movie had a 90 million dollar production budget. The film opened up to a $5.4 million box office profit opening day.
  • Logan Lerman has stated that he would happily return to the franchise as Percy Jackson if the movie does well enough and if the fans enjoy it.
  • The target the team had behind Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters was to create a standalone film so that the audience could enjoy it without having to see the first installment.
  • There was hesitation on whether to go forward with the sequel after The Lightning Thief, but the movie had done well enough overseas as opposed to domestically that they went ahead. Chris Columbus hopes this movie will appeal to and grow more of a domestic audience.
  • It is mentioned that Clarisse accomplished such missions as finding Ares' Chariot and capturing the Bronze Dragon. These events are very similar to those in The Demigod Files.
  • The Blu-ray Edition of the movie will include bonus features: Tyson Motion Comic, Collectible Character Cards, Back To Camp-Half-Blood, It's All In The Eye and Deconstructing a Demigod. It will also include an animated short film featuring Clarisse.
  • The Lydian Drakon and Agrius were originally meant to appear on the Andromeda during the film, but their characters were deleted for time, leaving only the Laistrygonian Giant and Manticore as Luke's monster henchmen.
  • Nathan Fillion's character, Hermes' line, "That's really cute, how you finish each other's sentences", could be a slight reference to one of his other characters: Rick Castle, from the series Castle, in which Rick and Kate frequently complete each other's sentences, along with several synchronized talks.
    • Another of Hermes' lines, about the hit TV show Hercules Busts Heads "The best TV show ever, so of course - cancelled." is a reference to Fillion's most famous role as Captain Mal Reynolds in Firefly, which was cancelled despite its popularity.





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