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Percy Jackson and the Olympians is the second series written by Rick Riordan, (the first being his Tres Navarres series for adult readers) and the predecessor of The Heroes of Olympus series. The series focuses on Greek mythology in the modern day.

Every book follows Percy Jackson's adventures from his point of view. Each book is based on a combination of different Greek heroes' adventures set in the modern day United States of America.

The series follows the completion of the first Great Prophecy. The second Great Prophecy, later called the Prophecy of Seven is revealed in The Last Olympian. The Heroes of Olympus is the sequel series.

This article is written from a real world point of view.

The Great Prophecy

A half-blood of the eldest gods

Shall reach sixteen against all odds

And see the world in endless sleep

The hero's soul, cursed blade shall reap

A single choice shall end his days

Olympus to preserve or raze.

This prophecy unravels throughout the series:

  • Percy Jackson is a demigod child of Poseidon, one of the six eldest gods born of the Titan Rhea, wife of Kronos.
  • Percy reaches sixteen despite all of the numerous times he was almost killed by Luke Castellan/Kronos and his monsters.
  • Percy finds the whole city of Manhattan asleep from Olympus, so the war can go on without any of the humans interfering.
  • Luke Castellan used Annabeth's knife to kill himself to stop Kronos. This is the same knife that he gave her when she was little. He promised that they would be there for her and that they (including Thalia) would be a family. When Luke broke his promise to Annabeth, her knife became a cursed blade.
  • Percy had to choose between giving Annabeth's knife to Luke and allow him to destroy himself or trying to destroy Luke himself. Either choice would have resulted in Luke's death however.
  • Percy's choice would result in the either the destruction of Olympus or its preservation.


Main Characters

  • Annabeth Chase - Annabeth is the daughter of Athena and Frederick Chase. She was taken to Camp at the age of seven by Grover with Thalia and Luke. She is very stubborn and has gone on many quests with Percy. Her favorite weapon is a celestial bronze knife, given to her by Luke Castellan. Her best friends are Thalia and Grover. She and is dating Percy and wants to be an architect.
  • Grover Underwood - Grover is a satyr, the Lord of the Wild, and a member of the Council of Cloven Elders. Grover is the satyr who brought Percy, Annabeth, Luke, Thalia, Nico, and Bianca to Camp Half-Blood. Grover is also a seeker and spent his whole life looking for the lost god Pan. He is best friends with Percy, Annabeth, and Thalia, and is the boyfriend of Juniper.
  • Luke Castellan - Luke is the son of May Castellan and Hermes. Luke ran away from home at the age of nine and went to Camp with Annabeth and Thalia, led by Grover. After Thalia died, he became angry at the gods and joined forces with Kronos. Luke ended up getting the curse of Achilles and became the human host for Kronos. Luke may have dated Thalia and was crushed on by Annabeth.
  • Tyson - Tyson is the cyclops half-brother of Percy and son of Poseidon. He lived on the streets for years until he befriended Percy and went to Camp. He later moved to Poseidon’s underwater palace with the other cyclops and became a general. Tyson is very gifted and happy and is very good with building things and mechanics. He has a pet hippocampus named Rainbow and is close friends with Grover, Annabeth and Percy.
  • Chiron - Chiron is a centaur and the director of Camp Half-Blood. Chiron is the son of Kronos and is immortal, training demigods for thousands of years. Chiron trained many heroes including Achilles, Jason, Hercules, Atalanta, Patroclus, Perseus, and Percy.
  • Thalia Grace - Thalia is the daughter of Beryl Grace and Zeus. Thalia went to Camp with Luke and Annabeth, and she was attacked by monsters but spared from death, being turned into a pine tree. She was resurrected by the Golden Fleece. After Zoë Nightshade's death, she joined the Hunters of Artemis and became Artemis’s lieutenant. She is best friends Annabeth, Grover, and Percy and may have dated Luke.
  • Nico di Angelo - Nico is the son of Hades who was born in the 1930s and spent years in the Lotus Hotel, not aging. After Bianca died, he became a traveler, living in the labyrinth alone, angry at Percy, being manipulated by King Minos. He later forgave Percy and became friends with him, giving him a secret plan to defeat Kronos. He also leads Percy into a trap in The Last Olympian to know about his mother, Maria di Angelo more. It is revealed in the following series that he had a crush on him.

Supporting Characters

  • Clarisse La Rue- Clarisse is the daughter of Ares at Camp Half-Blood. Clarisse is very tough and arrogant and is Percy’s main rival. Clarisse eventually gets along with Percy and appreciates him as a friend. She went on the quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece and a quest to explore the labyrinth. Her best friends are Silena and Annabeth and is the girlfriend of Chris Rodriguez.
  • Zoë Nightshade - Zoë is a daughter of Atlas, a Hesperid, and the former lieutenant of Artemis. Zoë actually helped Hercules, but got no credit for it, giving her hatred of men and male heroes. Zoë later went on a quest to rescue Annabeth and Artemis and ultimately sacrificed herself by fighting the drakon. She was turned into a constellation by Artemis in her honor. She was friends with Thalia, Bianca, and Percy.
  • Bianca di Angelo - Bianca is a daughter of Hades who was born in the 1920s and kept in the Lotus Hotel for years, not aging. She later joined the Hunters of Artemis to get more freedom and went on the quest to rescue Artemis and Annabeth. She ultimately sacrificed herself in the Junkyard of the gods to stop Talos from attacking everyone and gave an action figure to Percy to give to Nico. She chose to be reborn.
  • Dionysus - Dionysus is the god of wine and madness, son of Zeus and Semele. After he dated a nymph that was off limits, he was forced to work at Camp Half-Blood and couldn’t drink wine. Dionysus is mostly angry and bitter, but secretly cares for and likes the campers, and will even defend them. His wife is Ariadne and he has two children at Camp: Castor and Pollux.
  • Daedalus - Daedalus is the son of Athena and creator of the Labyrinth. Daedalus was imprisoned by Minos for helping Theseus, and tried to murder his nephew, Perdix. Daedalus figured out how to live forever by using automations. Daedalus later disguised himself as a man named Quintus, the new swordsman trainer at Camp. He later sacrificed himself to save the campers and destroyed the Labyrinth.
  • Charles Beckendorf - Charles is the son of Hephaestus and the head counselor of his cabin. He works at the forges and is very kind and nice to everybody. He was one of the only people nice to Tyson at first. He later dies in an explosion on Luke’s ship, the Princess Andromeda, when he sacrificed himself. He later makes it to Elysium and does not blame Percy for his death. He was friends with Tyson and Percy and Silena’s boyfriend.
  • Silena Beauregard - Silena is the daughter of Aphrodite and the head counselor of her cabin. She is one of the nicer girls at Camp and is gorgeous. She was forced to become a spy by Luke and was later blackmailed by him when she didn’t want to anymore. She later sacrificed herself and was killed by the drakon. She made it to Elysium. Her best friend was Clarisse and her boyfriend was Charles.
  • Rachel Elizabeth Dare - Rachel is a mortal girl who can see through the Mist. She has rich parents and she is very artsy, caring about the environment. She later helps Percy and Annabeth go through the labyrinth and fights in the Battle of Manhattan. She briefly was romantically interested in Percy but then decided to become the Oracle of Delphi’s host and vow to be a maiden.
  • Ethan Nakamura - Ethan is the son of Nemesis and was one of the forces of Kronos. He used to be at Camp but then left because he was tired of being stuck in the Hermes cabin and minor gods not being recognized. He became allies with Luke and Kronos and an enemy of Percy.
  • Sally Jackson - Sally is a mortal and Percy’s mother who can see through the Mist. She met Poseidon while at Montauk and fell in love with him, conceiving Percy. She then married Smelly Gabe to protect Percy from monsters from his scent, but later murdered him with Medusa’s head. Sally is very supportive of Percy and is a kind mother. She later remarried a man named Paul Blofis. She loves blue food, probably relating to Poseidon, her godly spouse - his sacred color is blue, like the sea.

Minor Characters

  • Michael Yew - Michael is an archer and a son of Apollo. Michael died during the Battle of Manhattan, and his body was never found.
  • Lee Fletcher - Lee is a son of Apollo. He died during the Battle of the Labyrinth.
  • Will Solace - Will is a son of Apollo and current head counselor of Apollo’s cabin. He is a healer and healed Annabeth during the Battle.
  • Austin Lake - A son of Apollo who set traps in the Battle of Manhattan.
  • Kayla Knowles - A daughter of Apollo who set traps in the Battle of Manhattan.
  • Connor Stoll - A son of Hermes, younger brother of Travis. He is a prankster and constantly schemes. He has a rivalry with Katie.
  • Travis Stoll - Travis is a son of Hermes, older brother of Connor. He is a prankster and schemer. He has a rivalry with Katie.
  • Katie Gardner - Katie is a daughter of Demeter and the head counselor of her cabin. She is rivals with the Stolls and thought they were spies for Kronos.
  • Chris Rodriguez - Chris is a former servant of Kronos and son of Hermes. He became mad from going through the labyrinth but was healed by Dionysus. He is dating Clarisse.
  • Sherman Yang - Sherman is a son of Ares and is very troublesome.
  • Mark - Mark is a son of Ares and very troublesome.
  • Jake Mason - Jake is a son of Hephaestus. He became Head Counselor after Charlie died.
  • Castor - Castor is a son of Dionysus, twin brother of Pollux. He is stabbed and killed in the Battle of the Labyrinth.
  • Pollux - Pollux is a son of Dionysus, twin brother of Castor. He is devastated over Castor’s death and fights bravely in the Battle of Manhattan for him.
  • Juniper - Juniper is a wood nymph and the girlfriend of Grover. She is very kind and constantly worries for him. She lives near Camp.
  • Leneus - Leneus is a satyr and member of the Council of Cloven Elders. He voted to exile Grover and is very narcissistic. He died in the Battle of Manhattan and was reincarnated as a Laurel. He is planted on Olympus.
  • Silenus and Maron- Satyrs and members of the Council of Cloven Elders. They didn’t believe that Pan was dead and voted to exile Grover.
  • Phoebe - Phoebe is a Hunter of Artemis. She was supposed to go on the quest to save Artemis and Annabeth, but was poisoned by the Stoll brothers.
  • Tantalus - Tantalus was a former activities director at Camp, briefly replacing Chiron. He was sent back to the Underworld. He was very cruel.
  • Argus - Argus is a 100 eyed giant who works at Camp. He is a former servant of Hera.
  • Gabe Ugliano - Gabe is Percy’s old abusive gambling stepfather who hit Sally. He was later killed by Sally, using Medusa’s head.
  • Paul Blofis - Paul is an English teacher at Good High School. He is very nice and later married Sally, becoming Percy’s new stepfather.
  • Frederick Chase - Frederick is Annabeth's father and a history professor. He and Annabeth have a complicated relationship, but he loves her and saved her and everyone from Atlas. He has a wife and two other sons.
  • May Castellan - May is the mother of Luke. She tried to become the Oracle of Delphi and became crazy, having nervous breakdowns and outbursts. She still makes lunches for Luke and thinks that he is going to go home.

Olympian and Minor Gods

  • Zeus - Zeus is the king of the gods and the father of Thalia Grace. He tried to kill Nico and Bianca and killed their mother.
  • Hera - Goddess of marriage, wife of Zeus. She interacted with Percy, Tyson, Grover, and Annabeth in the labyrinth and saved them from Janus.
  • Poseidon - God of the sea and earthquakes, father of Percy. He is very kind and has a good relationship with his son, visiting him on his fifteenth birthday and helping Tyson.
  • Hades - God of the underworld, original suspect of stealing the lightning. He later imprisoned Percy. He is the father of Bianca and Nico.
  • Demeter - Goddess of the harvest. Mother of Katie.
  • Hestia - Goddess of the hearth, the last Olympian. She sits at the campfire at Camp in the form of an 8 year old girl and befriended Percy, Nico, and Rachel. She helped defeat Kronos and keeps the spirit of hope.
  • Athena - Goddess of wisdom. She voted to kill Percy and told Annabeth to stay away from him. She later admitted that she was wrong about him. Mother of Annabeth and Malcolm.
  • Apollo - God of plagues, music, and art. He is very narcissistic, teases Artemis, and flirts with the Hunters. He helps Percy a lot. Father of Lee, Michael, Austin, Kayla, William Shakespeare, and Will.
  • Artemis - Goddess of the moon and hunt. She leads the Hunters of Artemis. She was kidnapped by Atlas and held up the sky to help save Annabeth and demanded her dead Hunters go to Elysium. Her lieutenant was Zoë, now it is Thalia.
  • Hermes - God of traveler's and messenger of the gods. He gave Percy supplies for his quest in the Sea of Monsters and never gave up on Luke, and was saddened by him and Mays fate. Father of Connor, Luke, Travis, Gus, and Chris.
  • Aphrodite- Goddess of love and beauty. Mother of Silena Beauregard.
  • Ares - God of war. He was manipulated by Kronos into stealing Zeus's lightning bolt. He hates Percy and his friends, constantly antagonizing them. Father of Clarisse, Sherman, and Mark.
  • Hephaestus - God of metalworking. He gave Percy and his friends advice in the labyrinth and visited Calypso regularly, and told Percy about the outside world while on Ogygia. Father of Charles and Jake.
  • Persephone - Queen of the Underworld and Goddess of springtime, wife of Hades. She turned Nico into a dandelion.
  • Melinoe - Goddess of ghosts. She showed Nico and Thalia visions of their dead mothers.
  • Charon - Ferryman of the dead. He took Percy, Grover, and Annabeth to the Underworld and demanded a pay raise from Hades.
  • Morpheus - God of dreams. He sided with Kronos in the second Titan war and put the entire city of Manhattan to sleep.
  • Amphitrite - Wife of Poseidon, stepmother to Percy.
  • Triton - Son of Poseidon and Amphitrite, and a merman. He is very rude to Percy, but respects Tyson.
  • Pan - The god of the wild, who satyrs spent thousands of years looking for. He later faded when Grover found him, in front of Grover, Rachel, Percy, Annabeth, and Nico. He had extinct animals as pets.
  • Nereus - The old man of the sea, who lives on a pier in San Francisco. He is very moody and refused to give Percy’s advice.
  • Circe - A Goddess of magic, who owned a hotel and salon in the Sea of Monsters. She turned Percy into a guinea pig, along with all the men who visited. The salon was later destroyed by Blackbeard when he was turned human again.
  • Phobos and Deimos- Gods of fear and panic. They pranked Clarisse by stealing her chariot and taking it to Staten Island zoo. Percy and Clarisse defeated them.
  • Janus - Roman God of doorways, beginnings, and endings. He bothered Annabeth in the Labyrinth. He is a Roman god.
  • Pomona - Roman Goddess of trees, gardens, and orchards. She sided with the Titans in the war and threw metal apples at Percy when mistaken for Demeter.


  • Kronos - Titan of Time. He started the second demigod war against the Olympians and got many minor gods on his side, and manipulated Luke to join his cause and Ares life start a war. He had Luke go in the River Styx so he could be invincible, and then possessed him. Kronos later had a battle at Camp Half blood and a battle in Manhattan. He planned for him to take his true form and having Luke’s body burn up, but Luke stabbed himself in his weak spot, breaking control and defeating him.
  • Atlas - The Earthbearer, son of Iapetus, father of Zoë. He let go of his control of the earth and tricked Annabeth into holding it, and helped kidnap Artemis. He became a general for the Titans but was defeated by Percy. He is currently holding up the Earth again.
  • Prometheus - Titan of Forethought, son of Iapetus. He was a general for Kronos and fought on his side. He tried to get Percy to surrender and tempted him to let go of the spirit of Hope.
  • Iapetus - Titan of Death and the West. He helped murder his father, Ouranos. He was released from Tartarus and fought Nico, Thalia, and Percy in the Underworld. He later was dipped in the River Lethe and convinced that his name was Bob Andvari that’s he and Percy were friends. He got a job in the Underworld.
  • Calypso - Daughter of Atlas. She was exiled to Ogygia after siding with the Titans, not being allowed to leave. She had many visitors over the years, and Percy became one of them. Calypso was very kind and in love with Percy, but let him come home and told him to plant a garden in Manhattan for her. Percy later told the gods to free her.
  • Hyperion - Titan of Heat, Light, and Power. He helped murder his father, Ouranos. He became Kronos second in command. He was defeated by Percy, satyrs, and nymphs, and was turned into a maple tree.
  • Oceanus - Titan of the Ocean. He sided with Kronos in the Titans war and attacked Poseidon’s fortress.
  • Krios - Titan of stars and constellations. He guarded Mount Othrys. Hermes told Percy that he fled from Mount Othrys when Kronos was scattered, but in reality, he was killed by Jason Grace and the Roman army From Camp Jupiter.

Other figures

  • Minotaur - The Minotaur is a half man, half bull, that killed Percy’s mom. Percy fought him on the way to Camp Half blood and in the Battle of Manhattan.
  • Medusa - Medusa is the daughter of Phorcys and Ceto. She disguised herself as Aunty Em, the owner of a diner, to trap people and turn them into stone. Percy, Annabeth, and Grover killed her and Sally used her head to kill Smelly Gabe.
  • Minos - King Minos is the former king of Crete and one of the Judges of the dead. He manipulated Nico into trying to kill Daedalus as a ghost, but Nico banished him back to the Underworld and took his title as King of Ghosts.
  • Achilles- Achilles is a hero who took a dip in the river Styx and became invulnerable. He gave advice to Percy when he decided to do it.
  • Cerberus - Cerberus is a Hellhound that guards the Underworld. He was tamed by Annabeth by playing ball with him. He later played with Mrs. O’Leary when Percy visited the Underworld again.
  • Echidna and the Chimera - Echidna is the mother of all monsters and the wife of Typhon. She and the Chimera attacked Percy, Annabeth, and Grover on the St. Louis arch.
  • Typhon - Typhon is the Storm Giant and the strongest giant in existence. He is the strongest enemy the Olympians ever faced. He sided with Kronos in the second Titan war and attacked the Olympian gods. He was defeated and sent to Tartarus. His powers are apocalyptic and staring at him too long can make you insane.
  • Antaeus - Antaeus is a giant and a son of Tartarus and Gaea. He is very powerful but he was defeated by Percy in his arena by putting him in the air, separating him from his source of power, and stabbing him.
  • Nemean Lion - The Nemean lion is a lion killed by Hercules in one of his twelve labors. He was killed again by Percy, Thalia, Bianca, Grover, and Zoë at the Air and Space Museum. His pelt was given to Percy, who offered it to Poseidon.
  • Ophiotaurus - The Ophiotaurus is a half cow, half serpent creature who sided with the Titans in the first war. Grover later took him to Olympus to prevent him from killing the gods. He lives in an aquarium on Olympus.
  • Manticore - The Manticore is a monster who sided with the Titans in the first war. He tried to kill Bianca and Nico and appeared in the form of a teacher named Dr. Thorn. He was later killed by Dionysus.
  • Charybdis and Scylla- Charybdis and Scylla are sea monsters who live in the sea of monsters. They attacked Percy and his friends on the quest and sank their ship.
  • Polyphemus - Polyphemus is a cyclops who lives in the Sea of monsters, and kept the Golden Fleece. He kidnapped Grover and wanted to marry him because he thought he was a female. He was defeated by Percy and friends, but also cursed Percy.
  • Procrustes - Procrustes is a son of Poseidon and a bandit, who killed people by stretching them in his beds. He was killed by Percy by stretching him in his own bed.
  • Ladon - Ladon is a dragon who guards the apples of the Hesperides. He wounded Zoë, fatally wounding her and killing her.
  • Hesperides - The Hesperides are nymphs, the daughters of Atlas and Pleione who guard the garden of Hesperides.
  • Sphinx - The Sphinx is a monster with the head of a woman and the body of a lion, and the Master of Riddles. She was faced by Annabeth in the labyrinth, but she thought the questions she was asked was an insult to her intelligence.
  • Agrius and Oreius- They are the bear monster twins and grandchildren of Ares. They worked for Luke and Kronos and killed by Chiron and Blackjack.
  • Furies - The Furies are servants of Hades and the Underworld. Alecto, one of the furies, took the form as Mrs. Dodds and attacked Percy. Alecto also put Nico and Bianca in the Lotus Hotel and Casino.
  • Briares- Briares is the husband of Kymopoleia and the last hundred handed one in existence. He was saved from Kampe by Percy and Tyson and later helped at the battle of the Labyrinth. He lives in Poseidon’s forges and helped defeat Oceanus.
  • Kampê - Kampê is a monster who fought for Kronos. She was killed during the Battle of the Labyrinth by being buried under Zeus’s fist.
  • Sisyphus - Sisyphus is the man who chained Thanatos and is punished in the Underworld. He spoke to Percy, Thalia, and Nico and told them to visit Melinoe.
  • Clazmonian Sow - The Sow is a wild beast who is a force to be reckoned with. He was defeated by Percy.
  • Erymanthian Boar - The boar is a boar killed by Hercules in one of his twelve labors. He was sent to Percy, Bianca, Grover, Zoë, and Thalia as a gift from Pan. He took them to the Junkyard of the Gods.
  • Geryon - Geryon is the owner of the Triple G ranch and a monster with three bodies. He only cared about money and not his animals, and he forced Percy to clean his stables. Percy killed him, but he also cursed Percy. He sided with Kronos.
  • Orthus - Orthus is the hellhound that Geryon owned.
  • Eurytion - Eurytion is a demigod son of Ares and former herdsman of Geryon. He is kind and took control of the ranch after Geryon was killed. He helped Annabeth and her friends find Hephaestus.
  • Sirens - The Sirens are Sea nymphs in the Sea of Monsters who lured sailors to their deaths. They showed Annabeth her fatal flaw and greatest desires.
  • Gray Sisters - The Gray Sisters are children of Phorcys and Keto, and are old ladies who only share one eye. They have a taxi service in New York and drove Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson to Camp. They gave Percy he coordinates of the Sea of Monsters.
  • Oracle of Delphi - The Oracle is the speaker of Apollo’s prophecies, and gives prophecies to demigods. The current host of the Oracle is Rachel Elizabeth Dare. The former host was cursed by Hades.

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The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series is also available in unabridged audiobook form, read by Jesse Bernstein.



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