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Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief is a video game developed exclusively for the Nintendo DS by the company Activision. It is based on the film of the same name.


The plot is based on the The Lightning Thief film. The story follows Percy Jackson discovering his godly heritage. He has been suspected of stealing the Master Bolt from Zeus and it is up to him and his friends to prove his innocence to the Lord of the Sky. It includes many important parts from both the first movie and book like Percy battling Ares, fighting Ms. Dodds at the bus station and the Medusa fight.


The player can form a party of three members, with Percy as a default and irreplaceable character. Each character has a specific weakness, with the exception of Grover. All 6 of them have set of moves that can be equipped at any point in the map. These moves are learned as the party/character levels up.

Percy, using a water attack

The map consists of points scattered though out the DS lower screen. There are three types of points that the player can go to. The first, represented by a yellow circle with a star in the middle, are story points. They need to be visited in order for the story to progress. The second, represented by a gray circle with two swords crossed over each other are normal battles. The third are brown circles. When the player lands on this point, they will engage in a combat that is usually harder than most gray point battles.

The leveling system is like most RPGs. The player receives experience after a battle. Each character earns upgrade points that can be distributed over Protection, Dodge, Strength and Accuracy. In addition to these attributes, each character can also be equipped with two drachmas. These drachmas improve character abilities and power.

The Teamwork Attack Bar is full

When entering a battle, the first turn depends on what circle the player landed at. If the player landed on a gray circle, the player will strike first, if not, the enemies will get the first turn. Each move that the player chooses has a cost, depicted by bars. When the move is executed, the turn bar at the top of the screen is decreased by the amount of the bar the move required. After the execution, this turn bar will be filled again. The next turn will go to the either the player or the enemy, depending on whoever fills their respective turn bar first.

There are also special moves called Teamwork Attacks that can be performed only if the Teamwork Attack bar is full. Each character has a move that increases Teamwork. The Teamwork Attack bar fully depletes after the execution of the Teamwork attack.



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