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Petsuchos. It's a Greek word, but the monster is Egyptian. It was like the mascot of Sobek's temple, worshipped as a living god.

Carter Kane to Percy Jackson, in The Son of Sobek

The petsuchos, also known as the son of Sobek, was a large crocodile terrorizing Long Island. It is created by placing a magical necklace on an ordinary reptile, endowing the creature with monstrous power.


During ancient times, the petsuchos was worshipped as Sobek's sacred animal in his temple. It wore a magical necklace bearing the god's name. Experimenting with Greek and Egyptian magic using the Book of Thoth, the magician Setne was able to create the necklace to turn a baby crocodile into an unstoppable monster that proceeded to terrorise Long Island, even managing to eat two pegasi from Camp Half-Blood. This angered Percy Jackson, who spent about two weeks trying unsuccessfully to track down and defeat the monster. Carter Kane also tried to track down the monster, but with little luck as well.

Demigods & Magicians

The Son of Sobek

While looking for the crocodile, Carter flies in on Freak to investigate, but Freak senses the crocodile and flies away, leaving Carter stranded. Soon, the crocodile attacks Carter and swallows him whole. Before Carter is able to save himself, Percy appears and stabs the crocodile, causing it to spit out Carter and it flees into a nearby cul-de-sac. Percy and Carter both go after it after calling a truce between them, with Carter explaining that the necklace gave the crocodile its power and made it impossible to kill.

The demigod and the magician battle the creature with Carter summoning his combat avatar while Percy climbs on the petsuchos and attempts to use Riptide to sever the necklace. However, Percy is unable to so Carter locates the clasp on it and points it out to Percy who attempts to open it to no avail and Carter realizes that only a magician can figure out the secret to opening the necklace. As Carter nears exhaustion, his combat avatar collapses and he distracts the petsuchos by creating a deformed hippopotamus shabti and throwing it up the monster's nose. With Carter the only one capable of defeating the petsuchos, Percy uses the water it continually sheds to create a whirlpool to hold the monster in place and distract it so that Carter can get at the necklace. Drawing on the last of his energy, Carter transforms into a falcon and flies to the necklace, transforms back and begins working on unlocking the clasp. As Percy collapses from trying to hold the petsuchos back, Carter is able to figure out the correct symbol and hits it hard, unlocking the necklace and dropping both it and himself to the ground. Without the necklace on, the petsuchos reverts back into its original form of a baby crocodile.

Carter and Percy take the crocodile to a diner and Percy questions what they will do with it. Carter suggests bringing him to the Brooklyn House in order to give Philip of Macedonia someone to play with.

The Staff of Serapis

After learning that Setne summoned the god Serapis, Sadie realizes that he summoned the petsuchos as well and theorizes that it was a test of the demigods and magicians capabilities.


  • Immortality: While wearing the necklace, the crocodile is completely impossible to kill and will simply heal itself when injured.
  • Super Strength: He is incredibly strong, being able to easily destroy homes and cars. His jaw is also able to break Carter's avatar form.
  • Hydrokinesis: He is able to make water from his own skin and control it to a small degree.

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