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Philip of Macedonia is a shabti in the form of an albino crocodile that belongs to Amos Kane and lives in the pool of Brooklyn House.


Little is known about Philip's origins, but he was presumably created by Amos to keep as a companion and protector.

The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

Philip meets the Kane siblings when Amos brings them to Brooklyn. He later eats breakfast with them. When the serpopards attack, he fights them off to save Sadie, Carter, and Khufu. He falls to his apparent death. He reappears with Amos in New Mexico to fight off Sobek and the siblings learn that he is a shabti. After Set's defeat, the Kane siblings repair his destroyed pool and the sight of seeing him happily swimming almost makes a traumatized Amos smile.

The Throne of Fire

Philip is seen in his pool at breakfast, eating the bacon that students toss to him. During the trip to bring back Ra, Sadie walks over a bridge full of crocodiles and thinks of Philip. He later fights in the Battle of Brooklyn House on the side of the Kane family.

The Serpent's Shadow

When Brooklyn House is abandoned, Walt takes Philip so that he won't be left behind. This proves to be quite handy as when Sadie and Walt need a ride to Sais, Walt has Philip on him and is able to bring him to life and the two ride him to Sais. Afterwards, not wanting to have to have a 3,000 pound crocodile with them, Walt and Sadie return him to his shrunken form. Later, during the Battle of the Hall of Ages, Walt/Anubis summons him along with his other shabti and amulets to protect the fallen magicians from Kwai's sand creatures.

Demigods & Magicians

The Son of Sobek

Carter decides to take home the baby crocodile that had been transformed into the petsuchos, thinking that he would make a good companion for Philip.


Philip is intelligent and protective of those he cares for, willing to risk his life to save the Kane siblings. He is sensitive about his albinism. 


Philip appears as an albino crocodile with pink eyes. He is described as being 3,000 pounds and is large enough for two people to ride on his back.


Philip is large and physically powerful. He is also very intelligent. He is willing to sacrifice himself to protect the Kane family. His magic power is to increase his strength to such a high extent while protecting the Kanes he was able to destroy half of the terrace.


Kane family

Philip is extremely protective of the Kane family. Sadie Kane takes a liking to him and feeds him scraps from her breakfast. Amos considers him good luck.


  • Philip is named after Philip of Macedon, the Macedonian ruler who was the father of Alexander the Great.
  • Philip likes eating bacon, as Sadie said in The Red Pyramid.
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