William H. Seward statue

William H. Seward: The first statue Annabeth activated.

Plan Twenty-Three is a back-up idea created by Daedalus to activate certain automatons he planted in New York.

The Idea

In The Battle of the Labyrinth, Daedalus gives Annabeth Chase, his half-sister, his laptop which is full of his ideas, inventions, and theories. In this computer, Annabeth discovered that Daedalus had a brilliant idea: almost every statue in New York is an automaton that will do whatever you want if you press it in a special location and say the Authorization Code. Percy Jackson and Annabeth were unsure if the statues were meant to help the Gods, or to help the Titans because they knew that Daedalus did not have a side in the war and has never really had a side, however he did say he was going to help Luke until he turned and helped the Gods by killing himself to destroy the Labyrinth to keep Camp Half-Blood safe.

Authorization Code/Phrase

To activate the statues in New York, you must press their activation button on them (William H. Seward's activation button is on his shoe). To give an order, the phrase "Daedalus Twenty-Three" must be said before saying what the statue is supposed to do. For example, in The Last Olympian when Annabeth is activating William H. Seward she says, "Hello, er, Governor Seward. Command sequence: Daedalus Twenty-three. Defend Manhattan. Begin Activation." Immediately, it got up and started the activation of other statues all over Manhattan. When Percy was chasing the Clazmonian Sow, he activated a Statue of Hermes as well as the two Lions in front of the library who were activated to "Kill Flying Pigs, Begin Activation". It is unknown how to change their current commands, or get them back to their pedestals.

Pros and Cons of the Automaton Statues


  • An army that is at disposal and will do whatever as commanded.
  • There are many of these statues in Manhattan.
  • Made of stone, marble, steel, and bronze so they are all hard to break; which could prove powerful and durable in combat.


  • Automatons are very unpredictable.
  • They could malfunction and destroy themselves or their activators.
  • Could join the Titans and all the pros would then become cons.
  • After given an order, they will continue to follow that order and only that order (e.g. An 'attack flying pigs' order will result in them only attacking flying pigs).

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Last Olympian

The demigods activate Plan Twenty-Three to assist them in the Battle of Manhattan. They are seen helping the demigods throughout the battle.

When Kronos sent the Clazmonian Sow out on the Demigod army, Percy was the only one to battle it. Percy and his pegasi Blackjack fortunately killed the Sow, but it was not until Percy activated the Hermes statue and the Lion statues to "kill flying pigs" using Daedalus Twenty-Three. The automatons then proceeded to kill it. It is assumed that they then roam the city looking for more flying pigs.

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