Polyphemus' Sheep are two groups of gigantic sheep owned by Polyphemus. He has two variety; one herd of normal sheep and one herd of Flesh-Eating Sheep. One of the two herds' sheep have metallic wool.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Sea of Monsters

Polyphemus' sheep herds live with Polyphemus on his island, with the flesh eating ones who guard the Golden Fleece on one side of the spit in the island and the normal ones on the side with his cave. Both herds cannot cross the bridge leading to the opposite side of the island with the other group as the gaps are too wide for their feet. The flesh-eating ones feed on any living thing that is not a plant, like humans, but don't eat any Cyclopes, for they believe they will get food from them thinking they are like Polyphemus and will eat any people circling them or harboring their grazing area.


Polyphemus, the owner of both herds

Percy Jackson clings on to one of the sheep's underbelly in order to gain access to Polyphemus' cave (like Odysseus did). The Cyclops nearly notices him, but mistakes Percy for extra meat on the sheep.

Known Sheep