Pontos (also spelled as Pontus) is the Greek primordial god of the sea. He was the sea itself, not merely its resident deity, who was born from earth at the dawn of creation.



The Protogenoi emerge from Chaos, Pontus (the sea), and Tartarus (the Pit). Both of them harbored feelings for Gaea, but she ultimately chose Ouranos as her husband. Oceanus, his nephew, affectionately referred to him as "Uncle Pontus" as he spent the majority of his time with him.


Pontos has a wife named Thalassa, she was his female counterpart. With her, he fathered the Telkhines and almost all sea life. Pontos also had an affair with Gaia, they had Nereus (the Old Man of the Sea), Thaumas (the awe-striking "wonder" of the Sea, embodiment of the sea's dangerous aspects), Phorcys, his sister-consort Keto, and the "Strong Goddess" Eurybia.


Being one of the primordial sea gods, he is extremely powerful, certainly more so than Oceanus or Poseidon.

  • Hydrokinesis: As the Protogenos of the Sea, Pontos has absolute and divine control over water that surpass even Poseidon and Oceanus.
    • Cryokinesis: As Poseidon has a level of power over ice and snown trough water, is presumed that he too.
    • Hydrogenesis: As the Protogenos of the Sea he can create water from his own power, generating it out of nothing.
    • Heat Resistance: He has an extreme resistance to heat and burns, inferior only to that of his great-grandnephew Hephaestus.
    • Enhanced Healing: He can cure himself and others peoples using water.
  • Aquatic Lordship: As the Protogenos of the Sea, he has divine authority control over all sea creatures, as well sea-monsters.
  • Atmokinesis (limited): Due to his control of the weather over the seas, being able to create fierce hurricanes as well as clear skies for sailors as he wished to. However, as the Protogenos of the Sea, it is unknown as to how far Pontos's power of aerokinesis extends over land. He has the same atmokinetic powers over seas that Poseidon and Oceanus has, only to a more powerful level.
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