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Pontos (sometimes spelled Pontus) is the Protogenos of the Sea. As such, he is the personification of the sea itself and has been in existence since the dawn of creation. Like many of the other primordial gods, he has been in a deep slumber for eons, as mentioned in Percy Jackson's Greek Gods



As one of the Protogenos, Pontus was born from Chaos alongside Tartarus, Gaea, Ouranos, Nyx, and many other primordial gods. Although he harbored romantic feelings for Gaea, she ultimately chose Ouranos to be her husband instead. He eventually became closely acquainted with his nephew Oceanus, who spent a lot of time in his company and came to affectionally call him "Uncle Pontus."

At some point after Oceanus rose up as the Titan of the Sea, Pontus went into a deep slumber.


Pontus has a wife named Thalassa, and the two of them sired almost all sea life, including the telekhines. He also had an affair with Gaea and fathered Nereus, Thaumas, Phorcys, Aigaios, Keto, and Eurybia.


As the Protogenos of the Sea, Pontus is one of the most powerful gods in existence and surpasses both Oceanus and Poseidon in their power over the oceans.

  • Hydrokinesis: Pontus has absolute and divine control over water. He can also generate water from nothing.
  • Aquatic Lordship: Pontus has divine control over all sea life, including sea monsters.