Pontos (sometimes spelled Pontus) is the Greek primal god of the sea. He was the sea itself, not merely its resident deity, who was born from the earth at the dawn of creation. Like many other primordials, he is in deep slumber as mentioned in Percy Jackson's Greek Gods



The Protogeni emerged from Chaos, Pontus, and Tartarus. All harbored feelings for Gaea, but she ultimately chose Ouranos as her husband. Oceanus, his nephew, affectionately referred to him as "Uncle Pontus" as he spent the majority of his time with him.


Pontus has a wife named Thalassa; she is his female counterpart. With her, he fathered the Telkhines and almost all sea life. Pontus also had an affair with Gaea and fathered Nereus, Thaumas, Phorcys, Keto, and Eurybia.


As the primordial god of the sea, Pontus is said to be more powerful than Oceanus and Poseidon combined.

  • Hydrokinesis: Pontus has absolute and divine control over water that surpasses the abilities of Poseidon and Oceanus.
    • Hydrogenesis: He possesses the ability to generate water from nothing.
  • Aquatic lordship: He has divine control of all sea creatures, including sea monsters.  
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