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Poppy Lopez is a classmate of Aru Shah who features in the Pandava Quartet series.

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Pandava Quartet

Aru Shah and the End of Time

Poppy Lopez and her classmates Burton Prater and Arielle Reddy discover that Aru has lied to them about rescuing an elephant from India and going on foreign trips over break, among other things. So they arrive at the museum to meet Aru. Aru takes them to the cursed diya - an item she had been truthful about - to prove her innocence while Burton recorded her. Poppy wonders why the Hindu Gods have so many hands and asks if there were a thousand of them. She jutted out her hip and flicked her hands in imitation of one of the statues then started laughing. She finds the lamp for Arielle and says it looks like something her brother made in kindergarten. Arielle dares her to light the lamp, Poppy tells her to hurry up because she's bored. She gives Aru a green lighter from her brothers car.

After Aru lights the diya, Poppy Lopez is frozen in time while Aru and Mini attempt to defeat the Sleeper. When she was no longer frozen in time, Poppy, Burton, and Arielle try to get the ten dollars, Poppy thinks Aru broke the lamp because she couldn't admit the truth. But while Burton was taping, Aru said things they had lied about into the camera that she learned about from a pen given by Chitrigupta. It reveals that on September 28th, Poppy went to office of a teacher named Mrs. Garcia and told her that she thought she saw someone taking a baseball bat to her car. When she ran out of the room, Poppy pulled a big pop quiz out of the file cabinet and snapped a picture with her phone, she used it to get an A-plus on the quiz. Hearing this caused Poppy to turn pale. When asked how she knew that, Aru says she has friends all over the place. Afterwards, she smacked Burton a called him a suck-up for wishing Aru a nice weekend.


Poppy Lopez has tan, freckled arms and brown hair pulled back in a ballerina bun.

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