Poseidon's cabin (#3) is the cabin that houses the demigod offspring of Poseidon.



Percy in his cabin in the graphic novel


Poseidon's cabin is low, long and solid, with all the windows facing the sea. The outer walls are rough gray stone with pieces of seashell and coral and look like the bottom of the ocean floor.


On the inside, it has six empty bunk beds and the walls glow like abalone. Later in the series, Poseidon adds a fountain for his sons, Percy Jackson and Tyson.
Poseidon Cabin fountain
The fountain was made out of gray sea rock, had a fish that spouts the water from its mouth, and had a coral decoration. The bottom was filled with golden drachmas for Iris message, although it is unknown if the coins will ever run out. Percy later sliced the fountain in half, and it is unknown if it has been restored since. Tyson later adds a few bronze Hippocampi on the ceiling as decorations. He also added unknown underwater plants and corals, sitting in the window sill, "more beautiful than the Demeter kids could whip up," Percy commented.



The inside of Poseidon's cabin in the film adaptation

In the film adaptation, Poseidon's cabin is open and wooden with a Trident over the entryway and two banners with a Trident on it and says Poseidon's Cabin on it. There are also tent canvases on the windows for privacy. Inside the cabin, it has a hammock, chairs, desks, a life-sized metal Trident, scrolls, and a book. There is also a steering wheel, a telescope, and lanterns. The cabin leads to its a personal dock. The cabin is built near the beach and has an excellent view of the lake.

Graphic Novels

In the graphic novel, the cabin has a sea shell over the door and waves on the top. A nightstand sits next to the bunk and a lamp is stuck to the wall near the top bunk. The fountain appears to be made of a red sea rock. A light blue couch sits next to the window. In The Battle of the Labyrinth graphic novel, the cabin appears as looking like a Greek temple with columns, waves on the top, and a trident over the door. The bunks have light blue bed sheets with waves on them and two sea shells next to the door on either side.

Known occupants

Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson, the counselor


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Children of Poseidon are some of the most powerful demigods alive since Poseidon is one of the Big Three Olympian gods. Cabin members may have some or all of the following:

  • Hydrokinesis: The ability to control water with the mind.
    • They are able to breathe underwater for unlimited amounts of time.
    • If they fall into water, they will not be harmed.
    • They are immune to water pressure.
    • They have a higher resistance to fire and burns than regular people.
    • They are able to make water shoot from petrified sea shells.
    • They are able to create air bubbles underwater for people who cannot breathe underwater.
    • They can harden water to form shields or solid ground to walk on, as seen in The Demigod Files
    • When they are underwater, they can see in the darkness.
    • They can naturally detect if water is fresh water or salt water.
    • They can make giant fists of water that mimic whatever they do. This can be used to grab enemies or just smash them into the ground.
    • They have the ability to walk on water.
    • They can use water to strengthen themselves and heal most wounds and poisons
    • They can will themselves to stay dry in water.
  • They can telepathically communicate with horses, and other creatures similar to them, all sea creatures, mythical and non-mythical creatures as well.
  • When underwater, they can communicate telepathically.
  • When they are in salt water, they always know their exact nautical coordinates. It doesn't change if they are in water or on a ship or boat.
  • They have the telekinetic ability to control boats and ships. They also know exactly how to work the boats and what all the parts and pieces do.
  • Geokinesis: They have a limited amount of control over the earth. They are able to create earthquakes, as Poseidon is known for creating earthquakes.
  • Atmokinesis (limited): They can create small hurricanes and other types of storms to attack others or they can use it for defense.
  • Aerokinesis (limited): They have limited control over the wind. They are able to summon strong winds, which they can use to create storms such as hurricanes and typhoons.
  • Electrokinesis (limited): They have limited control over lightning. They are able to use this ability to create storms, such as hurricanes, as shown when Percy used this skill unintentionally on one occasion, while creating his own miniature hurricane to fight Hyperion. Sparks of lightning appeared as his hurricane increased in power. His control of this ability, however, is far less than that of a child of Zeus and appears to be a limited side effect of his storms.
  • Cryokinesis (limited): They have very limited control over ice; as shown by Percy in The Son of Neptune when he creates an icy hurricane to attack all nearby monsters.
Poseidon p

Poseidon, their father

Legacy Powers

Some legacies of Poseidon have different powers. If a legacy of Poseidon is from the line from Periclymenus, then they have the ability to shapeshift into animals. Other Legacies won't have this ability. It is unknown if Legacies of Poseidon will have Hydrokinesis or any of the other powers Poseidon kids have displayed, as Frank Zhang didn't appear to be able to use it - though this may be because it is mentioned Poseidon blessed their family line with the power and it wasn't by chance.

Magic Items


The Lightning Thief

Although not said to be the cabin, Percy stays in an open cabin by the beach built by his father, Poseidon. Chiron stated that Poseidon built it just for Percy, although he might have just meant all of his children, though he had no other demigod children. In the cabin, there was a life-sized trident and many other helpful objects that Percy could use. The cabin gave an excellent view of the ocean.



  • Poseidon's cabin is tied with Zeus' cabin for having the second least amount of known possible inhabitants, with each cabin having only two inhabitants each.
    • However now that Thalia Grace is a Hunter, she would stay in the Artemis cabin, meaning that Poseidon's Cabin has the second least amount of occupants.
1st: Zeus Jason Grace | Thalia Grace (Temporarily)
2nd: Hera None: "Hera doesn't run around having affairs with mortals. That is her husband's job."
3rd: Poseidon Percy Jackson | Tyson
4th: Demeter Katie Gardner | Miranda Gardiner | Meg McCaffrey | Billie Ng
5th: Ares Clarisse La Rue | Sherman Yang | Mark | Ellis Wakefield
6th: Athena Annabeth Chase | Malcolm Pace
7th: Apollo Lee Fletcher | Michael Yew | Will Solace | Kayla Knowles | Austin Lake
8th: Artemis The Hunters of Artemis
9th: Hephaestus Charles Beckendorf | Jake Mason | Leo Valdez | Nyssa | Christopher | Harley | Shane
10th: Aphrodite Silena Beauregard | Piper McLean | Drew Tanaka | Lacy | Mitchell | Valentina Diaz
11th: Hermes Luke Castellan | Connor Stoll | Travis Stoll | Chris Rodriguez | Cecil Markowtiz | Alice Miyazawa | Julia Feingold
12th: Dionysus Castor | Pollux
13th: Hades Nico di Angelo
14th: Iris Butch Walker
15th: Hypnos Clovis
16th: Nemesis Damien White
17th: Nike Laurel Victor | Holly Victor
18th: Hebe Paolo Montes
19th: Tyche Chiara Benvenuti
20th: Hecate Lou Ellen
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