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This article is about the pearls in the book. You may be looking for their film counterpart or their TV counterpart of the same name.

Poseidon's Pearls were three magic pearls given as a gift to Percy Jackson from his father Poseidon. They were delivered to him by a nereid in The Lightning Thief.


The pearls' main power is to return the user back to the sea. When the pearl is smashed by the user, nothing will happen for a few seconds. When Percy was in the Underworld, he used a pearl, and a bubble surrounded them, bringing them up from the Underworld and near a beach, but still out to sea. Hades calls them Poseidon's "little tricks."

Percy Jackson and the Olympians[]

The Lightning Thief[]

Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson, the receiver of the pearls.

As Percy jumps into the Mississippi River from the Gateway Arch, a Nereid, sent by Poseidon, tells Percy to go to Santa Monica. When he arrives, a Nereid gives Percy three pearls saying they are gifts from his father, Poseidon. Percy takes the pearls with him to the Underworld. Percy wanted to save his mother, but only has three pearls. Hades tries to kill Percy, Annabeth, and Grover when they smash the pearls at their feet, the pearls then carry them to the middle of Santa Monica Bay because, as the Nereid said, "what belongs to the sea returns to the sea."

The Chalice of the Gods[]

After meeting Eudora, Percy recognizes her as the Nereid who had given him the pearls.


  • The pearls share a similar purpose to Persephone's travel roses, as they both grant a quick means of leaving the Underworld. However, Poseidon's pearls can transport you from anywhere to the sea, rather than being restricted to just being transported from the Underworld to the sea.
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