Pottery Barn is a non-binary ceramic warrior created by Alex Fierro.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Ship of the Dead

Alex created Pottery Barn to fight Hrungnir's clay creation while the Jotunn fights T.J.. The battle starts off and the clay creations end up destroying each other. Alex takes Pottery Barn's head with her as she left.


Pottery Barn is somewhere near 8 feet tall, according to Magnus Chase. They have vases for a head, hands and feet, all decorated with Runes, and a “duality mask.” They have two side by side faces, the left one with “heavy-lidded, suspicious eyes, a cartoon villian’s curly mustache, and a huge grimacing mouth.” The right face was “a grinning skull with hollow eyeholes and a lolling tongue.


  • According to Alex, Pottery Barn is non-binary and does not identify as male or female.
  • Their Polish name is Miśnia.
  • Pottery Barn is similar to the Shabti from The Kane Chronicles.
  • They are most likely named after the pottery store by the same name.
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