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A Poxie, plural Poxies and also known as Plague Dogs, are people who have been affected by Nergal's plague.

City of the Plague God

As Sikander Aziz and Belet Amari look at a shipping container to see if Nergal arrived in New York City in it, they are attacked by three dockworkers where were turned into poxies by Nergal. As the plague worsens, they mutate more and try to stop Sik from delivering a cure to Manhattan General Hospital. After Sik deposits the cure in a storm cloud, it starts to rain and, a few seconds later, they are cured.


Poxies have a sticky appearance, they have a yellow complexion that is covered in sores and welts. They grow extra limbs and can track others. Sometimes their bodies mutate into slugs and they grow insectiod limbs. They also have flies within their bodies. For some, their physical form changes every few seconds.

Known Proxies

City of the Plague God
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