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Prickly Pear is dryad that lives in a Cistern near Palm Springs.

The Trials of Apollo

The Burning Maze

Prickly Pear met Apollo and Meg McCaffrey, and glared at Grover Underwood. She asked him where he had been, and he explained that he was called away as a magical summon and introduced her to Apollo and Meg. Pear said that since Meg is a daughter of Demeter, she's okay, and introduced herself. When Aloe Vera woke up and asked if they were hurt, Pear rolled her eyes and told Aloe to knock it off. And when Aloe told Pair that Meg needed water, Pear said "don't we all", snarking about their situation.

At dinner, Pear ate at the Cistern with everyone else, and ate Cheese Enchiladas. When Grover said the Labyrinth was helping them, Pear scoffed and wondered why it would help them when it had been causing fires for months, and swallowed their search parties that they couldn't find the source of. She asked what it would look like when it wasn't helping them. The other Dryad's nodded in agreement. Pear nodded with the other dryads when Grover explained why Apollo wet his pants and was wearing camo pants. When the dryads found out that the third emperor was Caligula, Pear said that she didn't care if his name was Snookums McCuddleface, she wanted to know how to best him and get their lives back to normal, making the other Dryads nod. Pear later grumbled and said no one knew where the palace Herophile lives was.

The next day, Pear mourned the death of Money Maker with the others and ate cheese enchiladas for dinner. During dinner, Pear was angry that the Olympians would allow what Caligula was doing to happen. Pear was shocked when Apollo didn't know who the great hero Plemnaeus is, gasping with the other Dryads, and said that since he is a god, he should know. When Apollo asked who he killed, Pear scoffed and said its typical that killers are remembered as heroes and healers are forgotten, except for by the nature spirits. Pear also agreed with Aloe that she was glad Meg had come home.

The next night, Pear gathered with everyone in the Cistern and heard about the death of Jason Grace, and didn't know what to say to Apollo. Pear said that Apollo was in no shape to go in the Labyrinth and that Caligula would know what he is planning and stop him.

The night after that, when Apollo, Grover, and Meg returned from rescuing Herophile, she scowled and asked how they ruined their clothes yet again. But Pear was happy that the Meliai were alive, and said that no one would bother them ever again with them there, and they can grow in peace. When Herophile mentioned how she can make new game shows, Pear told her to put a pin in it and join them at Aeithales, joining them. The next morning, she and the others gave Herophile a tour around Aeithales.

The Tyrant's Tomb

Apollo notes how he was grateful for her and the other dryads for welcoming him at Aeithales, and how he felt at home with them.


Prickly Pear is a very grumpy and sarcastic dryad, who constantly scoffed and argues. But deep down, she does care about her friends and family at Aeithales, like Herophile, Meg, Aloe Vera, and Grover. Pear can be quite angry and vengeful, like when she was angry at the Olympians for letting her home be hurt. She wanted to also beat Caligula to get their lives back to normal. Apollo noted that Prickly Pears have a tendency to be the natural agitators of the cactus world and if enough of them were brought together, they can start a revolution and overthrow the animal kingdom. She is noted to have a pointy stare.

When Pear cares about someone, she has a tendency to hide her emotions towards them, like when Apollo, Meg, and Grover came home, she complained about how they ruined their clothes, but was secretly glad. She was angry when Grover disappeared also.


Prickly Pear is a small girl with emerald skin, spiky yellow hair and wore a fringe dress made entirely out of cactus bristles. She has a glare almost as pointy as her dress.


Grover, her former roommate at Aeithales

Though not much is known of their relationship, Grover considered Pear as one of her friends and introduced her to Meg and Apollo. Pear was furious with him for being gone for so long with no explanation, and glared at him. She was also mad that he ruined the clothes they gave him. Grover stayed at Aeithales for years trying to help heal the place.

Meg McCaffrey, her roommate at Aeithales

Meg McCaffrey is Prickly's friend and roommate at Aethales. Prickly accepted her at Aethales immediately after finding out she was a daughter of Demeter, and said she could stay since daughters of Demeter were okay. Pear was happy when Meg came back to Aeithales again, and thought it was an honor that she was finally home. She was mad when she ruined the clothes that they gave her.

The Trials of Apollo
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