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Pacific, the one who uttered the prophecy.

The Prophecy of Fire was a prophecy that foretold of a godborn releasing Ah-Puch from his prison. But due to the hero twins, the gods had made the Sacred Oath to not have any godborn children under threat of a long and torturous death for both the god and their godborn child.


Revealed by Pacific through the Nik'wachinel, the Prophecy of Fire stated that the Storm Runner, a powerful innocent (someone who has no knowledge of their lineage) born with ancient blood, will release evil during a solar eclipse. Fearing what would happen, the gods erased Pacific's existence from their pantheon and sentenced her to death. But Hurakan was able to save her by giving her K'ukumatz to chain at the Pacific Ocean.

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Storm Runner

Zane Obispo, the Storm Runner at the center of the prophecy.

When starting up the school year at Holy Ghost, Zane Obispo encounters Brooks, a part-Nawal, who keeps coming to him to get him to explore the Beast. When they explore the volcano, she tells Zane that he is destined to find and free Ah-Puch. When Zane passed out and was found by Antonia Caballero, she told him that the prophecy was like sleep, no matter where he runs it will always get it him.

A few days later, Zane heard Rosie, who was killed by a Demon Runner, and heads towards the Beast. Brooks arrived with him in order to prevent him from releasing the death god, she hoped that it would get her training. At the end of an underwater cave, light caused a column to open up revealing a ceramic owl that contained Ah-Puch. Brooks got badly injured by a Demon Runner on the way, Ah-Puch told Zane that he could save her if he freed him. The eclipse was seen from a crevice in the chamber's ceiling, so Zane climbed the wall to get to the outside and smashed the owl.

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