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Python was a monstrous earth-dragon set to guard the Oracle of Delphi. He was later slain by the Olympian god Apollo, who remade Python's former home and the Oracle, the most famous in Ancient Greece, as his own.



Gaea, his mother

Python was born when Zeus flooded the world to punish the humans. When Leto came here looking for a place to give birth after Hera cursed her, Python chased her out.

After Apollo was born, he avenged his mother by slaying Python, shooting him with a volley of arrows and then taking control of the Delphic oracle, who was named Pythia in honor of the beast.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Blood of Olympus

Python is mentioned as having been revived by Gaea to once again oppose Apollo. Python's recapture of Delphi is named as one of Apollo's many failures in the Second Gigantomachy. However, it couldn't completely be blamed on Apollo as he was out of commission at that time, with his Roman and Greek counterparts clashing. 

The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle

While traveling inside the Labyrinth, Apollo, who was turned into a human and Meg McCaffrey overhear a conversation between Python and Nero about the capture of other oracles. The earth-dragon has joined the Triumvirate Holdings, their plan is to control the oracles so they can control fate. Python tells Nero he must burn the Grove of Dodona as it is the only oracle they can't control due to being too ancient. Apollo theorizes he will become a god again once he redefeats the monster.

The Burning Maze

Apollo has a dream where Nero and Python are once again talking at Delphi. Python cannot believe that Apollo is still alive, he saw Commodus as a fool who only cares about spectacle, but Nero insists that he will die as soon as Caligula gets the former god's power, Meg will also return to them. Python was thinking about changing his mind about his promise to back Nero if Caligula's plan succeeds, the Grove of Dodona is under control of Camp Half-Blood, the Cave of Trophonius has been destroyed, and Camp Jupiter has been warned of an attack on the new moon by Caligula. Nero promises he will hold up his end of the bargain if he holds up his, Python responds saying that the next few days should be very instructive.

The Tyrant's Tomb

Apollo learns from a prophecy he must ascend to the tower of Nero and eventually face Python.

The Tower of Nero

Python faces off against Apollo. Note: This is entirely based of speculation and whatever little information that has been released about this book.


Pythons is extremely astute and clever, as when he refused to wage war against Olympus during the Second Gigantomachy, instead preferring to hide in the shadows, waiting for an opportunity to attack the gods.


As Apollo's nemesis, Python is extremely powerful. In fact, Apollo himself admitted he needed to use all his strength and divine power to defeat the monster, and even after Python's defeat, fear of the serpent still haunts the Olympian god.


  • His name has been used as scientific names for a family and genus of snakes: Pythonidae and Python respectively.
  • The Oracle of Delphi was named Pythia in honor of him.
The Trials of Apollo
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