The Quest for Ares’ Chariot was a quest undertaken by Percy Jackson Clarisse La Rue to find Ares' War Chariot and bring it to the Intrepid by sundown.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Demigod Files

Percy Jackson and the Stolen Chariot

Ares Rocco

The Chariot, being ridden by Ares.

During chemistry class, Percy sees Clarisse fighting of a flock of birds and goes to help. After the birds are taken care of, Phobos appears, saying she will fail. Percy and Phobos briefly fight before the god vanishes. The daughter of Ares tells Percy that a child of Ares is permitted to ride his chariot when they come of age, and that she is the first daughter of Ares in centuries to do the feet. However her immortal half-brother, Deimos and Phobos, do not want to break the tradition. Percy offers to help her and she reluctantly accepts.

They take the subway and, remembering what Phobos said about wild animals and an island, they realize it is at the Staten Island Zoo.

They take the ferry to Staten Island and see a sea monster emerge from the water being ridden by Demios, scaring the mortals on board. The half-bloods jump overboard and fight the god of terror. However he vaneshes and Percy takes them to Staten Island.

They find the zoo and the chariot. However the two gods appear and fight the demigods with the son of Poseidon fighting the god of fear and the daughter of Ares fighting the god of terror. Phobos shows him a vision of Camp Half-Blood in ruins and his friends telling him to choose. He is terrified but snaps out of it and stabs the fear god. Phobos swears revenge before vanishing. Percy does not see Clarisse and Demios, he drives the war chariot and finds the daughter of Ares being berated by an illusion of the war god. Percy urges her to stand up for herself and she does. Clarisse strikes her half-brother and disarms him, Deimos then vanishes in frustration.

They ride the chariot across the water to get to the temple in time and succeed. The daughter of Ares thanks Percy for his help and the son of Poseidon leaves before the war god arrives.

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