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The Quest for Thanatos was a quest taken up by the demigods Frank Zhang, Percy Jackson, and Hazel Levesque to save Thanatos from the Giant Alcyoneus and prevent the destruction of Camp Jupiter by Polybotes in The Son of Neptune.


Mars' prophecy

"Go to Alaska.
Find Thanatos and free him.
Come back by sundown on June twenty-fourth or die."

However, this is not the true prophecy, as it was lost along with the Sibylline books. The prophecy was ironically given by Mars to the augur Octavian, during his visit to Camp Jupiter.

Ella's prophecy

Thanatos, the death god in chains.

Ella the Harpy does recite a part of the prophecy while talking to Frank.

"To the north, beyond the gods, lies the legion's crown
Falling from ice, the son of Neptune shall drown..."

Hazel speculates that the prophecy was not finished or parts of the Sibylline Books were destroyed when Ella read it.

Unraveling the Prophecy

  • In the north lies Alaska, which is considered the land beyond the gods, meaning that a god's protection or help will not work.
  • The legion's crown is the eagle that was originally lost in Alaska by Michael Varus.
  • Percy purposefully breaks the ice of the Hubbard Glacier and falls into the ocean. Frank and Hazel speculate that he drowned attempting to save them, but Percy is fine due to his powers from Poseidon protecting him. As a result, the three speculate that the missing part of the prophecy actually talks about Percy drowning the ghosts of Michael Varus and his legionaries which had been the point of him breaking the glacier.
  • June 24th is the day of the Feast of Fortuna, which was when Polybotes was supposed to attack the camp.

The Quest

The quest consisted of three demigod members: Percy Jackson, Hazel Levesque, and Frank Zhang as the leader. The quest was issued in Camp Jupiter originally by Mars to find Thanatos who is in charge of the Doors of Death. The trio is allowed to use the Roman legions navy fleet which consists of a dingy boat, The Pax.

After being attacked by Karpoi, they stop at Rainbow Organic Foods & Lifestyles, which is run by the goddess, Iris, who tells them to search for Phineas, also a son of Neptune. They find him in Portland, Oregon who will give them information if the trio brings Ella, the harpy. The trio succeed but end up making a deal with him by betting on drinking Gorgon Blood with Percy in exchange for the information on where Thanatos is. Percy ends up drinking the correct vial and they start heading towards Alaska to find them.

Alcyoneus, bane of Pluto.

They attempt to find Reyna Ramírez-Arellano's sister, Hylla Ramírez-Arellano, who is the Queen of the Amazons in Seattle, Washington. They successfully get her help to defend Camp Jupiter for the attack of the giant. They eventually meet Grandma Zhang in Vancouver, Canada who gives them instructions on how to get a plane flight to Alaska. Once in Alaska, they take a train to the Hazel's old house near Hubbard Glacier where they are ambushed by gryphons. They use a Hyperborean Giant to freeze them all.

Once the group makes it to the glacier, they battle the giant Alcyoneus who has Thanatos chained up on a glacier. Frank frees Thanatos from his icy chains using his stick connected to his life and now all that will die will stay dead. To defeat Alcyoneus, they drag him by chaining him to a chariot into Canada where they have to the power to defeat him without a god. They successfully defeat him and save Camp Jupiter from Polybotes as well by using the help of Terminus.

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