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The Quest to Secure the Oracles is a quest taken by Apollo and Meg McCaffrey, along with various temporary companions, as they travel across the United States of America to make sure his Oracles are secured and out of the hands of Triumvirate Holdings.

The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle

Dodona CHBC

The Grove of Dodona, the only oracle to not be associated with Apollo, rather being associated with the titaness Rhea.

When Apollo, turned into a human, is brought to Camp Half-Blood along with Meg McCaffrey by Percy Jackson, where he learns that the current Oracle of Delphi, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, has not had any Prophecies in months. She reveals the existence of a powerful company known as the Triumvirate Holdings led by three evil Roman emperors whose main goal is to control fate with the oracles thus bending the future to their will. The former god recalls them along with the Grove of Dodona.

He eventually comes across the grove and, along with the help of Peaches, stops Nero, the Beast, from burning down the grove. He is given a prophecy to find and heads out to secure the other oracles.

The Dark Prophecy

There once was a god named Apollo

Who plunged in a cave, blue and hollow

Upon a three seater

The bronze fire eater

Was forced death and madness to swallow


Trophonius, The Oracle of Trophonius.

Apollo, along with Leo Valdez and Calypso, fly on Festus to Indianapolis, Indiana to secure the next oracle. Apollo soon figures out that the next oracle is the Oracle of Trophonius, the spirit of his son Trophonius. The group soon learn that the oracle is located in in the Bluespring Caverns.

After taking the Throne of Memory from Commodus, the New Hercules, Apollo and Meg head out and confront the oracle. Apollo drinks from the springs of memory and forgetfulness then plunges into the cavern with Meg. They arrive but Meg receives the prophecy and Apollo pulls her out, Apollo is forced to give CPR on her to ease her suffering. On their way out they, are stopped by a group of Blemmyae who are setting a bomb in a last ditch effort to get rid of Apollo. Knowing that Trophonius actually wants the cave destroyed, his father tricks them into destroying the cave to destroy the oracle. After he defeats Commodus and his forces, he is given another prophecy telling him to go to the Southwest. Leo and Calypso chose to stay in Indianapolis and have normal lives, but first Leo flies to Camp Jupiter on Festus to warn them of an attack on the new moon in five days. Meg transports Grover Underwood to them before they enter the Labyrinth.

The Burning Maze

The words that memory wrought are set to fire,

Ere new moon rises o'er the Devil's Mount.

The changeling lord shall face a challenge dire,

Till bodies fill the Tiber beyond count.

Yet southward now the sun must trace its course,

Through mazes dark to lands of scorching death

To find the master of the swift white horse

And wrest from his the crossword speaker's breath.

To westward palace must the Lester go;

Demeter's daughter finds her ancient roots.

The cloven guide alone the way does know,

To walk the path in thine own enemy's boots.

When three are known and Tiber reached alive,

'Tis only then Apollo starts to jive.

Herophile Viria

Herophile, The Oracle of Erythaea.

Apollo, Meg and Grover emerge from the Labrynth two days later in Palm Springs, California. The area in Southern California has fire popping up from the ground causing natural disasters like wildfires and droughts. The flames are actually the essence of the faded Titan, Helios. Caligula, Neos Helios, had Medea collect that and the remaining godly essence of Apollo so he can become the new sun. Apollo soon realizes this as well as the oracle being the Oracle of Erythaea, Herophile, who speaks in puzzles and is imprisoned in the heart of this Burning Maze filled with Helios' Ichor.

The three recruit the help of Piper McLean to scout out the Labyrinth to find the Oracle. When they decide to get the shoes of Caligula to reach the oracle, they recruit Jason Grace to help infiltrate the Julia Drusilla Yachts, Caligula's mobile palace of fifty super yachts. The group succeed in getting the shoes at the cost of the son of Jupiter’s life. Piper stays behind while Apollo, Meg and Grover explore the Labyrinth with a Pandai named Crest, who led them to closest entrance of the Burning Maze, a bear pit in the Griffith Park Zoo. The four solve puzzles to make up a prophecy and find Herophile, but are ambushed by Medea. She tries to drain Apollo’s divine essence, but Herophile tells Apollo to focus and recite a prophecy, he does this and they realize they need the help of Reyna Ramírez-Arellano, Bellona's daughter, for the next part. After Incitatus is killed, they head back to Palm Springs. Grover heads back to Camp Half-Blood that night while the next morning Meg and Apollo fly to the Bay Area to deliver Jason’s body to Camp Jupiter.

The Tyrant's Tomb

Apollo faces death in Tarquin’s Tomb unless the doorway to the soundless god is opened by Bellona's Daughter


The Oracle of Cumae.

When at Camp Jupiter, Apollo dreams of Tarquin being pestered by The Oracle of Cumae into buying the Sibylline Books. He later dreams of the time he cursed her to never pass on due to rejecting his romantic advances.

When he goes to a bookstore in New Rome, he finds prophecies are being tattooed onto Tyson’s skin by Ella. This is what the Dark Prophecy meant by being "set to fire."

Soon after, Apollo dreams of Commodus and Caligula discussing their plans to take Tyson and Ella.

A few days later he finds the oracle's spirit in a jar held by Harpocrates. Both are imprisoned at Sutro Tower in the San Francisco Bay Area and bond over there shared disdain of Apollo. When the two agree to pass on, she forgives Apollo for cursing her, albeit to leave the mortal world with no grudges.

During the Battle of San Francisco Bay, Tarquins searches for Tyson and Ella and learns they are at Temple Hill. However he is killed by Diana before he can leave his location.

The Tower of Nero

O son of Zeus the final challenge face

The tow’r of Nero two alone ascend

Dislodge the beast that uspired they place

The son of Hades, the cavern-runner’s friend.

Must show the way unto the throne

On Nero’s own your lives now depend.

The Trials of Apollo
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