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The Quest to find Mjolnir is a quest under taken by Magnus Chase and company in order to find Mjolnir.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

After saving Thor from a Jotunn, he invites Magnus, Sam and Hearth to dinner. He tells them Mjolnir is missing and he thinks Geirrod has it. After they are joined by Blitz they set out the following morning. After killing the giant and his daughters they find Thor’s Staff. The thunder god arrives and takes the staff before sending them on their way.

The Hammer of Thor

Thor, owner of Mjolnir

Six weeks after finding Thor’s Staff, Magnus Chase meets with Samirah al-Abbas at The Thinking Cup to meet with an informant and discuss the possibility location of Mjolnir, the primary weapon of Thor. They are interrupted when Sam is told of a possible heroic death in progress and leaves to collect the soul. Magnus meets with the informant,Otis, who tells him he has reason to believe Mjolnir is in a Wight’s tomb in Provincetown. Just then Otis is killed by a stay ax and the son of Frey and Jack chase after the assassin. He tells them to stay away from Provincetown and vanishes. After the incident Sam returns and he relays the information to her.

During Battle Practice, Loki uses Magnus’ uncle as a way to invite Magnus to an upcoming wedding. He is decapitated by Alex Fierro to cut him off from Loki. After dinner, Sam tells Magnus her father arranged a wedding between her and Thrym. They think this is connected to Mjolnir and set out the following morning to investigate the Wight’s tomb in Provincetown with Blitzen and Hearthstone. They arrive at the tomb, but fall in and become trapped. They are greeted by Gellir, the wight in the tomb and his body guards, who reveal Mjolnir is not with them and he sends his bodyguards to kill the intruders to break free of the tomb. After a brief netting on the matter a fight breaks out and they destroy all the wights and claim the only item in the tomb, the Skofnung sword. Just then Loki and Randolph arrive and the trickster puts his daughter in a temporary coma, he tells Magnus that his uncle has been working for him for quite some time and, on Loki ‘s orders, Randolph draws the sword and stabs Blitz. Magnus attacks with Jack and cuts off two of his uncle’s fingers. Loki tells them that only the Skofnung Stone, in the care of Hearth’s father in Alfheim, can save Blitz’s life before he and Randolph leave. Seeing no other option, they collapse the roof of the cavern to let Blitz be petrified by the sunlight in order to prolong his life for a few more days.

Alderman, Hearth's father

Sam requests to borrow a plane and fly it with Barry Al-Jabbar, her flight instructor, to get to Alfheim. He agrees and brings Amir Fadlan with him. He is then possessed by the assassin who tells them to talk with Heimdall and bring Alex with them. Soon Magnus and Hearth jump with Blitz to Alfheim and, after an encounter with the police, are taken to Alderman, Hearth’s father. He says he will give them the stone of Hearth can pay off his brother’s wereguild if he is to hand it over willingly. They agree and set out to find the Andvari, a dwarf in Alfeim that has enough gold to finish it. They track him down and take him hostage for his treasure, he agrees to give it to them but says it is cursed. They return and pay off the doubt, however they are a hair short and reluctant give Alderman the cursed ring in exchange for the stone. Blitz is depetrified and healed before Alderman throws a party in his own honor. The ring starts to drive him mad and he improsons and Tory’s to kill the guests with Nøkks. They are stopped by Hearth and Jack and they, Magnus and Blitz flee to Midgard.

Magnus takes the sword and stone with him while Blitz and Hearth head home for the night. He reaches the roof to find Sam and Amir arguing while Alex and Halfborn Gunderson watch over them. Sam eventually gets him to open his mind and see the Bifrost. The group, minus Halfborn, go up to talk with Heimdall. He tells them that a mass of giants are siding with Loki to attack Asgard and that the assassin is Utgard-Loki. He drops them of, by literally dropping them out of the sky and they agree to travel to Jotunheim the next day.

Magnus and Alex go to the Chase Mansion to look for clues as to what Loki might be planing and find a picture of Bridal Veil Falls next to a wedding invitation. They meet up with Sam, Blitz and Hearth and prepare to set out. Hearthstone goes with Sam while Blitz, Magnus and Alex take Stanley. Magnus’s group gets side tracked with a giant asking them to take his bowling ball with them. They reach Utgard-Loki’s palace the following day and find Sam and Hearth already their. The group is given hard tasks to complete and if they succeed he will tell them Loki‘s plan. Sam is told to bowl against Little Billy and determines that her opponent is fear itself and wins, Blitz is tasked with making a a jotnar that was asleep behind the counter for forty years presentable and succeeds. Hearthstone is challenged to pinball and scores in the millions before he is forced to stop and declared the winner. Magnus and Alex are tasked to win a bowling match, they win by breaking the jotunn’s illusion. Utgard-Loki tells them Mjolnir is located eight miles below the Earth’s surface and Loki wants the sword and stone as dowry for Sam at the wedding and asks that Sam get the hammer the following morning. The group realizes that Loki is planning on using the sword and stone to free himself from his binds and start Ragnarok. The five are then chased by the jotunn, but are saved by Sif.

The goddess tells them that she was watching them, and waiting until they obtained the information on Thor’s hammer to relay it to her and she sends them off to tell Thor. They tell the thunder god that the Mjolnir is to be used as the morning after gift and where the hammer is, he says the bride has the right to request the hammer for the ceremony and Alex agrees to be Sam’s body double for the mission. Thor loans them his chariot along with Otis and Marvin so he can track them. He also states he will lead a squadron of God’s to infiltrate the wedding and secure his hammer. He also gives Blitz and Hearth permission to enter Valhalla in the form of a hall pass. They set out to the hotel while everyone else spends the night. The next morning everyone is dressed for the wedding and they head to Bridal veil falls.

The plan goes smoothly until they head to the location of the ceremony, Loki’s Cavern. They see the god in his true form and Alex fouls him with shapeshifting to look like Sam, who he thinks is Alex. Magnus reluctantly hands the sword and stone over to his uncle. Just as the ceremony is about to conclude Alex reveals herself and a fight breaks out. Just as Randolph is about to cut the trickster free, Blitz and Hearth arrive with Halfborn, Mallory Keen and Thomas Jefferson Jr. arriving to help out. However, Loki is freed and fleas with Sigyn to the abyss. Randolph also jumps in to be with his wife and daughters. Thor and his backup, consisting of Heimdall and Vidar arrive just in time to finish off Thrym and Thrynga. Thor thanks the heroes and invites them back to Valhalla for dinner.


Cannot be stopped.
Before OSTARA.

Unraveling of the Prophecy

  1. The is a short and very minor prophecy about Blitzen read by Hearthstone through his runes.
  2. Randolph Chase stabs Blitzen with the Skofnung sword resulting in a lot of blood.
  3. Blitzen's friends turn him to stone to prevent dying from the wound.
  4. Then they use the Skofnung stone to heal him before Thrym's wedding on OSTARA.
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