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The Quest to stop Naglfar from Sailing is a quest undertaken by Magnus Chase and his friends to apprehend Loki and stop Naglfar from setting sail and starting Ragnarok.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Hammer of Thor

After Magnus and company secured Mjolnir and Loki escaped, they are tasked by Helgi to apprehend the tricker on Naglfar by midsummer to stop the ship of nails from sailing and starting Ragnarok.

The Ship of the Dead

After training for sea fairing under the tutalege of Percy Jackson, Magnus Chase and his friends set sail on the Big Banana, a yellow Frey Boat, after picking up Sam and Alex the set out to pick up Blitz and Hearth when they are abducted by the Nine Billow Maidens and taken to their father. He offers them to stay for dinner, which consists of Hearth and Blitz, but they pair are quickly freed when the crew makes excuses not to eat them. Everything is going smoothly and he tells them of Kvasir's Mead. They are safe until the son of Frey is ousted by one of Aegir’s daughters. He agrees to let them live if they could escape his daughters. However they are saved by Njord who tells them to sail to York, also known as Jorvik, and tells Blitz and Hearth to go to Alderman in Alfheim.

They arrive in York and Magnus, along with T.J. and Alex head into town while Sam, Mallory and Halfborn defend the boat. While in town they encounterHrungnir, a Jotunn, who challenges T.J. toa fight if they wish to know where the mead is. The next day they meet in the town square and fight. The demigods win and, before the son of Tyr slays him, tells them the mead is in Flåm in Norway. They return to the big banana and set sail for the town. However Hearthstone and Blitzen arrive and ask Magnus to come with them.

In Alfheim, Magnus is informed of Alderman’s fate and agrees to kill his friend’s father. They see that he has turned into a dragon and, with patients, slays him and find the Whetstone. As Hearth gets ready to consume his fathers heart, the son of Frey accidentally burns it and consumes the blood.

They return to the Big Banana reach Flåm shortly after. While Hearth and Blitz stay behind and sleep, the others split up to find a train to take them to find the mead. Halfborn goes with T.J. and Alex while Mallory takes Magnus and Sam. Mallory’s group finds a hooded figure who she thinks is Loki and she runs after the figure. They find the figure on the train and the figure reveals herself to be the goddess Frigg and Mallory’s mother. She gives them a walnut shell and shows them where the mead is. They leave and seek the mead. They encounter the thralls guarding the mead and trick them into impaling themselves on their scythes. They find the mead and are greeted by Gunlod. She gives them the mead just as her father and uncle return. Sam and Mallory head back to the ship. Baugi goes after Sam and Mallory while Suttung took on Magnus. Suttung is destacked by crows while Jack finishes him off. When he returns the other have killed Baugi and set sail for the palace of Skadi.

The crew reaches Niflheim the following morning, however the Big Banana gets stuck in the ice and they head to shore on foot. They reach land and, just as they are about to freeze to death, invited in to Skadi’s palace by the goddess herself. She allows them to spend the night. The following morning she gives them skies and mead to keep them warm and sends them to Naglfar. Magnus and the children of Loki wait while the others create a diversion for them to sneak onto the ship of the dead. Hearth gives Magnus a ruin before leaving that makes the three invisible. They sneak onto the ship while ignoring the voices of their dead friends and relatives. The others start a fights while the inflation crew attacks zombies during the confusion. Loki stumbles upon them and the son of Frey challenges him to a Flyting. Loki agrees, due to the captain telling him he is honor bound and will not set sail until the contest is over. Loki’s words hurt and shrink Magnus until the son of Frey starts to complement his friends and tells Loki he is alone. The trickster is then trapped in Mallory’s walnut and the crew flees the ship and gets out alive before the harbor is closed off by ice.

Three days after the contest they reach Vigridr and are greeted by the gods. They hand Loki over to Odin and are congratulated on their feat.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard
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