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Quinn is a Nawal and elder sister of Brooks.


Quinn was forcibly engaged to Jordan to ”Keep her family’s bloodline pure”. She despised him and he would keep her on a tight leash. However, she and Brooks convinced him to let her go out under the lie of going to buy a wedding dress. They found Ixtab and begs her to end the engagement, the goddess agreed only if Quinn spent a few months escorting souls to Xib’alb’a. She agreed but, after seeing how powerful a shapeshifter Quinn was, broke the deal and enslaved her. She allowed Quinn to have supervised visits with her sister.

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Storm Runner


Brooks, her sister

Quinn finds Zane Obispo and leads him to the cave of Saqik'oxol. After Ah-Puch arrives she takes the son of Hurakan to face him. However along the way she is injured by Muwan and spirals down to the ground. Zane helps her land in a clearing where they are met by Brooks. Moments later Ah-Puch arrives and surounds the sisters in hands of smoke. Soon after that they are freed when Ixtab arrives, who calls her a traitor. After the fight breaks out she knocks out Ixtab with a lightning bolt to the spine. When the gods arrive she and Brooks get Hondo Obispo and Jazz to safety. After Ah-Puch is defeated, Brooks and the others return to Jazz’s shop.

Since Quinn's cover was blown when she took Zane's side, she couldn't go back Xib’alb’a, so she was currently in a protection program until she can be reactivated. But Quinn was fine with it, she didn't like being with all the dead people.

The Fire Keeper

When Zane, Brooks, Hondo, Rosie, and Ren Santiago entire Xib’alb’a, she finds them and say that entrance was for Zane and Rosie only and senses that Ren is not all human. She reluctantly agrees to help them through the underworld in exchange for the Gateway Map, but says Ixtab will notice them eventually. As they walk to Clementino, who chooses what is salvaged and what is destroyed in Xib’alb’a, she and Brooks catch up and she brushes off Ren’s statements about the Maya and aliens. When they arrive she has Clementino sanitize them and give them new clothes to hide their human sent before setting out into the underworld.

She takes them to a canyon filled with toxic gases and tells them not to breathe so often. She and her sister turn into giant birds and fly the others across. She takes Zane and Hondo while Brooks takes Ren. Halfway across they run into winged Demon Runners and take evasive action as she tells Zane not to fight. They soon reach mountains. She takes them to Ixtab when the goddess learns Zane is in Xib’alb’a and tells the son of Hurakan to think of something before they arrive. She watches as the goddess scolds Zane for inadvertently revealing the godborns to the gods. She leads the others away when Ixtab asks to speak to Zane alone. Later when she tells Ixtab their is a call for her, she tells Zane to leave as soon as possible when she senses her powers vanishing. When Ixtab returns she tells them “It has begun.” She is ordered to ready Ixtab’s forces and leaves to do so. During battle practice she scolds Zane and the others for bei on the battle field. She is soon followed by Rosie and Ixtab. After Zane accepts her offer she leaves Quinn in charge of the Death Ceremony. She then leads them to a waterfall.

When they emerge they are at a wedding reception in San Miguel de Allende and informs them that, despite spending ten hours in Xib’alb’a, only two hours have passed in the land of the living. She takes them through a church to El Grito, the home of Fausto who will perform Zane‘s death ceremony. When he exits his house he hugs her and puts her arm around Hondo. Zane asks her if this is the best way to hide himself, which she confirms. After the ceremony she and the others spend the night at El Grito and takes the form of a cat. When Zane tries to leave she does not stop him but tells him Hurakan will be executed rather then moved. After threatening him if Brooks is hurt by him in anyway and returns to cat form to set out on other business.

After Hurakan is saved, she greets her sister on Isla Holbox and joins them pizza, during the meal she tells Brooks their father is sick and to help take care of him. She tells Zane that Saqik’oxol sent her undercover due to something she foresaw.


Quinn is a woman in her early twenties who resembles her younger sister with the same dark hair and eyes and freckles.

When she was in Xib’alb’a, Quinn wore loose black cargo pants with ties at the hems and a black long-sleeved shirt. Her hair was tied in a high ponytail that drew her face back so tightly it looked like her skin might crack if she smiled.


Quinn is very serious and focused on the task at hand. She also cares a lot about Brooks. In The Fire Keeper it realeved that humans are very gualable and hates the ancient astronaut theory.


  • Shapeshifting: Quinn is a powerful Nawal, being able to change into almost any animal.
  • Vitakinesis: As a Nawal, Quinn has enhanced healing abilities. Being able to recover from and survive serious injuries.


  • Hondo Obispo finds her attractive.
  • She has some authority over Ixtab’s soldiers.
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