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And I don't have to see the future to tell you what to do now, do I?

–Rachel to Percy, in The Last Olympian.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare is the seventeen-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dare. She is the current Oracle of Delphi.


Rachel was born to a family who owned a lot of money and wealth. Her father is a highly accomplished businessman and her mother is a social worker.

When she was six years old, her pet hamster died, which resulted in her family calling Dr. Arkwright, a therapist, to help her get over her hamster's death.

As she grew up, Rachel developed a rocky relationship with her parents, especially her father because of his business, which made money tearing down down wildlife. Her father's actions played a part in the fading of the wildlife god Pan.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Titan's Curse

Percy first meets Rachel at Hoover Dam, where he mistakes the sound of her blowing her nose for a skeleton soldier speaking. Alarmed, Percy tries to run his sword through Rachel, but as a mortal, the sword does not harm her. Rachel was able to recognize Riptide through the Mist, which dumbfounds Percy.

Shortly after that, the skeleton soldiers had caught up with Percy. However, Rachel was able save him by having him hide in the bathroom. Rachel directed the skeletons away from Percy, claiming she witnessed 'some guy with a sword' run the other direction. Believing her, the warriors left the two in pursuit of their prey.

Just as they left, Rachel demanded a few questions from Percy. She told him her name, and asked for his. Percy, in a rush, left quickly before saying, 'Percy, gotta go!'

Percy does not see Rachel again for the rest of the book, and he assumed she lived near Hoover Dam. However, it is later revealed that she lives in New York.

The Battle of the Labyrinth

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Percy runs into Rachel at the orientation of his new school, Goode High School. Realizing who she was, he attempted to avoid her so she wouldn't ask too many questions. However, Rachel recognized him from her time in Hoover Dam. Right as she did, she spots Kelli and Tammi, realizing the two were monsters. Aware of the threat, she pulled Percy away from the crowd to another room.

Once alone, Percy reveals the existence of the Greek gods to Rachel. Just as he was going to tell her that he is a demigod, the cheerleaders discover their location and attack them, exposing themselves as empousia. Rachel was able to urge Percy from their charmspeak, which irritates them and prompts them to eat her. Their skirmish led to an explosion. Rachel was able to save Percy again by leading him to the exit, where they come across Annabeth Chase. Rachel urged Percy to run and that she would make up a cover story. She writes her phone number on his hand with a permanent marker, telling him to call her, because he owes her an explanation, and much to Annabeth's dismay, Percy ends up memorizing her number.

Later, after journeying through the Labyrinth, Percy seeks for Rachel's help in navigating it, since only a mortal with clear sight could aid them. Rachel agreed to join Percy and Annabeth, assuring them that no one would care about her absence. Rachel convinced a limo driver to ditch his client and take the trio to the entrance of the Labyrinth. With her help, Percy and Annabeth reach the very center of the maze, where they find Daedalus's workshop. Shortly after, Rachel, Percy, Annabeth, and Nico Di Angelo found out that Daedalus has struck a bargain with Kronos. Rachel escapes with the demigods, narrowly escaping the empousai.

Afterwards, they come across Kronos' headquarters, where they get attacked by Luke Castellan, whose body had been taken over by the titan. Luke attempts to chase Percy down, Annabeth and Nico, with the help of Rachel, stop him. Rachel was able to throw her blue hairbrush at Luke's face, disorientating Kronos.

Rachel assists in helping them find the lost god Pan. When the team finally finds him on the brink of dying, the god shared words with each of them. Pan told Rachel that she would be just as important as her father was, which makes Rachel guilty, since her father was a reason why wildlife was withering away, thanks to his habit of buying up land and turning them into malls.

After Pan's death, Rachel parts ways with Percy, Annabeth, Nico, Grover, and Tyson, but not before explaining her rich father, and how Pan's death affected her. She expresses interest in hanging out with Percy again, to Annabeth's dismay. Percy promises to call her and mentions that he has memorized her number, much to Rachel's delight.

Later, during his birthday party, Percy lamented over the fact he didn't have the guts to invite her over, too afraid to try.

The Last Olympian

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At the beginning of the book, Percy used his stepfather's Prius to drive the two of them to the South Shore. Once there, Rachel attempted to convince him to go to St. Thomas with her and her parents. Percy told her that, due to the war, he was unable to. Rachel understands that his timing was bad, but also complained that it always was. She confessed to him that she was being sent to Clarion Ladies Academy, where she didn't want to be alone without him. Rachel attempted to flirt with him, but was interrupted by Charles Beckendorf, who needed Percy for an important quest. They were introduced to another. Rachel promised to explain to Percy's parents of what happened. She kissed Percy and asked him to kill monsters for her. Once Rachel was out of sight, Percy warned Charles to not tell Annabeth of the kiss.

Later, when Percy is back at camp, Chiron admits that he didn't want to tell him about Typhon rising because he didn't want to come between him and Rachel or spoil his summer. Annabeth is enraged that Percy had hung out with Rachel, telling him to stay with her if he didn't like their chances of winning.

The next day, Percy dreamed of Rachel in her room at 3 AM. In his dream, she was blasting out music. In a kimono, Rachel angrily shot darts at a picture of him, bitter that he had to leave for a stupid quest. Her father walked in then asked her what she was doing. Rachel brusquely tells him that she had trouble falling asleep. Her father notices her art of Percy, and guessed that Percy didn't want to be with St. Thomas with them. Rachel miserably admits that he wasn't coming. Mr. Dare shows worry about her mysterious headaches and dreams. Rachel furiously mutters about him only worrying about their family reputation, rather than her. Her father suggested calling Dr. Arkwright, her old therapist, but Rachel declined. Her father tells her to go to sleep. Rachel is last seen gazing at two of her paintings: one of a young Luke, and another of the Battle of Manhattan.

A few days later, while Rachel was in St. Thomas, she unveils a prophecy in Ancient Greek by writing in the sand. In her prophecy, Rachel realizes that Percy needs her help. She managed to persuade her dad to let her ride a helicopter to New York, but only if she agreed to attend Clarion Ladies Academy. Percy sees all of this in a dream. During the battle the next day, Percy and Annabeth saw a helicopter in the air, realizing it was Rachel. The mortal pilot had fallen asleep due to Morpheus's spell, but Rachel was saved by Annabeth, who managed to manuever the copter and land it. Rachel expressed her gratitude, but Annabeth turned away, still bitter. Rachel told the two that she sensed Percy was in trouble, and told him about a strange glimpse of the future she saw. Rachel told Percy that he wasn't a hero, and that would be a trick that would end in death. Shortly after, Chiron then introduced himself to Rachel. The two talked about prophecies.The next day, Percy, Annabeth, and Grover saw Rachel on Olympus, standing at the foot of Zeus's throne, holding Pandora's pithos. Percy told her to put it down. Rachel, dazed, told him that she saw hope inside. Fortunately, she was able to put it down.

After that, Percy decided to introduce her to Hestia, who they found in front of her hearth. The goddess greeted Rachel, saying she had been expecting her. Hestia told her that to gain her place at the hearth, she must let go of her distractions to survive, and she understood. Percy was confused and Rachel told him that she thought she was coming for him, but she wasn't. It was for a different reason. She said she was attracted to him because he opened her eyes to a new world, but she realized their fates weren't intertwined and that there was something else she truly wanted. Percy slowly realized she was dumping him. Annabeth then came and called Percy to go. Percy told Rachel to not do anything stupid, and she told Percy that she would be okay if he saved the world.

After the Battle of Manhattan ended, Katie Gardner saw Rachel run out of the Empire State Building, and later, Nico alerted Percy and Annabeth that she had taken Blackjack and went to Camp Half-Blood. They were worried that Peleus would eat her. When they arrived, they saw Rachel standing in front of the Big House with her arms spread, with green light coming out of her. Percy tried to help her but Chiron told him not to interrupt. The Oracle came into the doorway, and Rachel said she waited too long, and she was here now. Apollo then went up to Rachel and said she had the gift of prophecy but it was also a curse, and asked if she was sure she wanted to do this. She said it was her destiny and that she accepted the risks. She pledged herself to Apollo and said that she accepted the Oracles spirit. The Spirit took hold in her, and she officially became the new Oracle. Percy went up to her and asked if she was okay, and Nico said her life aura had almost faded completely. Annabeth was in disbelief when Apollo said she was the new Oracle, but she said it was her destiny and thats why she was born with clear sight.

She explained to Percy that she cannot see the future, only visions, when the Oracle took hold of her and she announced the Prophecy of Seven. She collapsed and Nico and Percy caught her. Her skin was feverish, but she reassured them she was alright. Apollo said he would be a great Oracle and told her to rest. Rachel then apologized to Percy for not explaining everything to him, but he accepted it, saying he was happy for her. She said she was still going to Clarion and she would try to be a normal kid, though she was worried she would announce prophecies in school. She then kissed Percy on the cheek to say goodbye, and followed Apollo into the big house where she would stay.

After that, Annabeth stated that she didn't mind Rachel being Oracle, and was no longer jealous of her because she couldn't date. At the end of the summer, Rachel and Annabeth say goodbye with a hug.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero

Piper McLean and Annabeth found Rachel in Hera's Cabin, chanting a prayer or spell. She ran to Annabeth and gave her a hug, and said she had came as soon as she heard about Percy being missing. The two talked about Percy for a few minutes until Annabeth said she was being rude and introduced Rachel to Piper. Piper asked if she could see the future, and Rachel said that she could say prophecies that don't make sense, and not the future. Piper was weirded out and Rachel laughed, saying everyone found it creepy but insisted she was harmless. She explained she was in the cabin because she could sense there was a link between Percy's disappearance and Hera. When Annabeth talked about how she was redesigning Olympus, Rachel said she was great and that he could see the salad bar. Rachel and Annabeth both agreed something bad was happening. Suddenly, Rachel's body stiffened and began to glow. She grabbed Piper and spoke from Hera's voice, telling her to free her by the winter solstice.

Rachel and Annabeth ran into the big house, dragging Piper, to talk to Chiron and Jason Grace. Rachel was crying and told Jason that she thought she may have killed her. Chiron asked Rachel what happened, and she said she didn't remember, but she blacked out and Annabeth told her she spoke in a different voice. After Chiron asked, she said it wasn't a prophecy, but it felt like another power trying to speak through her. Rachel realize it was Hera after they talked and she was anxious after realizing Hera was imprisoned. Rachel later kept an eye on Piper while Annabeth went to take Jason to Clovis.

Piper woke up in the big house with Rachel watching over her with Argus. Rachel explained to her how she got there and apologized to her for grabbing her and talking in Hera's voice, and said it wasn't her idea to get possessed. They discussed her vision and Rachel told Piper the origins of Argus, and why he is sympathetic to Hera. She also said she isn't exactly sure what happened to Hera. When Piper began to almost cry, Rachel squeezed her arm and said that Jason is a good guy, and since he had a vision like hers, they were meant to work together. Piper cried, and Rachel reassured her that they'd figure it out. They also discussed who Piper's godly parent may be, and Rachel said that she hoped it was Athena, since she and Annabeth were a lot alike. Piper asked how she knew that, and she was acting mysterious, and she was just saying that because shes the Oracle, making Rachel laugh. Rachel then took her to dinner.

Rachel sat at the campfire with the others. When Drew Tanaka asked if it was the next Great Prophecy, Rachel hesitated, but said that the next Great Prophecy has begun, causing chaos and pandemonium. Rachel began saying the prophecy to those who haven't heard it, but to her surprise, Jason began saying it in Latin. She was shaken, and looked to Chiron for guidance, but there was nothing he could do to help her. She said that though they have no proof it was happening, she had a feeling, and she knew that some of the seven demigods were there tonight and some were not. She hoped it wouldn't happen for many years, but it started now. But what she did know was that Hera was missing. Rachel told the crowd about Jason's vision and about the incident at the Grand Canyon. She then asked Jason if he remembered his last name, and when he shook his head, she said they will just call him Jason, and that he was issued a quest to save Hera from a great evil. After Jason figured out his father was Zeus, Rachel said he needed a prophecy. She suddenly closed her eyes and swooned, and some campers caught her. Her eyes glowed and she issued a prophecy for Jason's quest. She fell again when she was done and she was caught by campers, who brought her to her corner to rest.

A few days later, after the quest was over, Rachel gathered for a council meeting in the big house. Rachel was wearing her Clarion Ladies Academy uniform and smiled at Jason. She was the only one in the room not nervous about the conversation and said that Jason will help build the boat and then sail for Greece. She said that he would need the help of the Romans to defeat the giants, which Clarisse La Rue objected to. Rachel also said that there would be Romans in the prophecy of seven too to help, since Hera is convinced they would need both camps to defeat the giants.

The Mark of Athena

While not physically present, Rachel is mentioned several times. She is first mentioned by Annabeth when she recalled her "love story" with Percy. Chiron later mentions that Rachel was comparing notes with Ella the harpy to see if they could stop the invasion.

The House of Hades

Percy and Annabeth thought about Rachel numerous times while in Tartarus, like when they were being attacked by Kelli. Annabeth decided to send a message to Rachel while at Hermes' Shrine on a folded napkin, telling her to tell Reyna Ramírez-Arellano to bring the Athena Parthenos to Camp. Connor Stoll found the message, who luckily gave it to Rachel.

A few days later, Jason had a dream and saw Rachel with Grover on the top of a building, with Octavian, Reyna, and her metal dogs, Aurum and Argentum. Octavian was skeptical of her, and said that her message was the only reason she got far alive, and otherwise they'd be discussing surrender terms. Reyna asked her if she carried weapons, and she said she hit Kronos with her hairbrush once, but otherwise, no. After Reyna warned Rachel and Grover that if they lied, she would tell, Rachel gave Reyna her message from Annabeth. Reyna was shocked and asked her if it was a joke, and Rachel said she wished, but they were really in Tartarus, and she didn't know how they got there. While Octavian was skeptical, Reyna asked why Annabeth asked this of her, and Rachel said that Annabeth is wise, and that she believed she could do this, addressing Reyna by her full name, making her scowl but wonder how she knew her name. Rachel reassured Reyna that this wasn't a trick, and to ask her dogs. Rachel also chastised Octavian for not taking her seriously that she was the Oracle, and that even the Romans respected his ancestors Oracle. Octavian was in disbelief that she was the Oracle, and joked that he was the Emperor Nero.

Suddenly, Rachel glowed green and had a vision, making the Romans uneasy. Rachel saw the Athena Parthenos on Half-Blood Hill and Reyna bringing it. She also saw that Ella had been reading the Sibylline Books. Reyna was in disbelief while Octavian was angry that her friends lied. Reyna then got back to the conversation at hand and questioned Rachel why the Romans would want peace after the Greeks fired on their city. Rachel said a Roman needed to do it to restore peace and reconcile the gods Greek and Roman sides. Rachel also explained she brought Grover to talk to them so he could say how Gaea was affecting more than the ancient lands. Rachel said that the demigod camps were her targets and she wanted them destroyed first and foremost. Reyna was finally convinced and got Scipio, but warned Rachel and Grover that they declared war, not them, and ordered them to leave. Grover was angry, but Rachel ordered him to go with her.

The Blood of Olympus

Rachel attended a council meeting with all of the head counselors at Camp and Chiron to discuss the Siege of Camp Half-Blood. Rachel doodled on her jeans and said that the Romans weren't barbarians, making Clarisse La Rue angry and blaming her for her gift of prophecy breaking down when they needed it most. Rachel's face got red and she said if she knew what was wrong she would fix it, and Will Solace stood up for her. Rachel also told the demigods about Ella and how she felt trapped, knowing that the Romans intended to capture her, and that she and Tyson were doing all they could to keep her from flying away. She was relieved that Tyson brought his Cyclops friends to camp to defend them from the Romans. Rachel also reassured the bickering demigods that Annabeth knows what she is doing, and they have to try for peace. If they didn't, Gaea would rise and kill them all.

After the battle ended, Rachel went to Camp Jupiter with Tyson and Ella to reconstruct the Sibylline books, since they may be their only guidance for quests after she lost her gift of prophecy.

Between the Series

Rachel thought that when she met with Reyna and Octavian, the building they were in was suspicious. She tried to contact Reyna for information, but due to communication problems, she couldn't. So she sent her dad's lawyers to do some digging, and they discovered a company called the Triumvirate Holdings. She tried investigating them for two months, but she did not know who they were. All that she knew was that they were way richer than her father. She also realized that the company was helping the Romans in the Second Demigod Civil War and Luke in the Second Titan War, with the Princess Andromeda belonging to the company. Lastly, she knew they existed decades before Gaea rose.

The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle

Chiron explained to Apollo and Meg McCaffrey that Rachel planned to visit them over winter vacation, but she never did. He sent Millard and Herbert, two satyrs, to New York to get her. Millard and Herbert arrived at her house badly injured and didn't survive.

Rachel arrived at Camp in her helicopter, but surprised Apollo by how different she looked. Rachel met Chiron, Apollo, and Meg by the entrance of her cave. Rachel and the others met in the cave, and she explained that she got mad and destroyed her paintings the last time she was there. When Chiron arrived, Rachel told him what happened to the satyrs and told them to tell her what happened. After Apollo told Rachel, Rachel was in disbelief why he didn't kill Python when he visited Delphi. After Rachel questioned Meg about "the beast", she told the group things she knew about the Triumvirate Holdings. Rachel was shocked when Apollo told her they existed for centuries and wondered who ran it. While they discussed, Rachel became slightly offended when she found out there were other oracles, though Apollo valued her the most out of all of them. He reassured her that she was unique, though she looked like she wanted to jam a paintbrush up Apollo's nose. They also discussed the Grove of Dodona, and Rachel was relieved when she was told the mother goddess who was in charge of it was Rhea, not Gaea. Rachel encouraged Apollo to free the Grove so she could see the future again, putting her hand on his knee.

Rachel aided the Camp in the fight against the Colossus Neronis, supplying Chiron with quivers from the armory.

The next day, when Apollo tried to leave camp, he was stopped by Rachel and Percy, who followed him. She said she knew what h was doing, and that he shouldn't do it. Rachel heard Apollo out, and agreed that he should leave to save the Oracles, but he shouldn't do it alone. Rachel offered to go with him, but Apollo told her not to, since his enemies would love to capture her and that she and Miranda Gardiner needed to stay at Camp and study the Grove. Rachel tried to hide it, but she looked disappointed. Rachel then asked if he was going to find Meg, and reassured him that things can turn out differently, which is the nice thing about being human. The three of them then discussed the prophecy he heard at the Grove.

After Leo arrived on Festus, Rachel went to the big house to fetch Chiron. Rachel wheeled Chiron in his wheelchair to kick Leo in the gut, then grinned and wheeled him away.

The Tower of Nero

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During the months when Apollo was gone, every time he freed an Oracle, Rachel would get a vision and would paint what she saw in said visions. The first painting was griffins, the second was of the Burning Maze and the Julia Drusilla Yachts, and the third was Jason's funeral, which made Apollo misty eyed when he saw it.

A day before seeing Apollo and Meg, three cattle cars filled with livestock appeared in a train yard next door and were being neglected. She calls the authorities but they are unable to see them. At first, Rachel thinks it has something to do with the neighbors but believes otherwise.

The next day, Apollo, Meg, Nico, and Will visited her at her estate. Rachel was waiting at the front door to meet them and told them to come in quickly, since the cattle were watching. When they went to her room, Nico was very impressed by her paintings and called them amazing. Rachel brushed it off, saying it was just warm ups. She also joked to Nico to not bump in to her paintings, or he will ruin the whole black/white aesthetic he had going. She then explained to Apollo that she would get visions every time she freed an Oracle, getting short moments of clarity. They all sat on bean bag chairs and ate candy as Rachel explained the cattle and they discussed the prophecy. Rachel said that she figured out where Nero's fasces were, but it’s almost impossible to break into, and she could sense a powerful entity in there guarding it. But if Apollo and Meg got captured, that was the only way they could find the fasces. They also discussed the troglodytes and how the Nero was going to destroy all of New York except for his tower. Rachel insisted that she was going to help, though Apollo did not want her to. Suddenly, Rachel began choking and speaking in Python's voice, then fainted. Meg, Will, and Apollo rushed to help her.

Suddenly, the Tauri Sylvestres began attacking, and Nico said they had to leave. Will picked up Rachel and carried her until Rachel said to put her down. Rachel and the gang ran back to her room to grab car keys, but they couldn't find them and Rachel decided she felt better and that they could go on foot. They ran out of the house as Rachel's house exploded. Will apologized for what happened to her house, and Rachel brushed it off, saying art could be made again, she had other houses and that she hated the place anyway. They were cornered by the cows, and Rachel had to jump over a canyon they made onto a crane with Nico and the others. Rachel was horrified after seeing the cows die, but couldn't grieve because they were stuck on the crane and there were other cows left. They climbed down the crane, and Rachel and Apollo briefly discussed the prophecy, with Apollo saying she finished the prophecy and channeled Python. Rachel was determined to figure it out and hoped that Python was manipulating her words. She was also determined Apollo wouldn't die. Apollo was grateful, saying he didn't deserve an Oracle like her, and Rachel said he didn't, and he could repay her by killing Python.

Nico Shadow travelled Will and Rachel underground. Rachel stumbled into the wall when they arrived and she was slightly injured, laying with a cold pack on her forehead. Will asked if she felt better, and Rachel said it was better than being trampled. Rachel then ate Kit Kats with the others. Will felt very guilty for everything that happened and apologized for bringing trouble to her door, but Rachel said it wasn't his fault and she was supposed to have trouble due to the prophecy. She also found it nice to be included in their adventure. Meg questioned if it was safe for her to come along with Python in her head, but Rachel said she was fine. She said they weren't getting rid of her, since Python made it personal. Apollo felt guilty about it, and said he was lucky to have her. But Rachel quickly changed the subject by saying they needed to turn Apollo and Meg in to Nero by nightfall. Rachel was also disgusted when she saw the lizard they were going to give to the Trogs.

After Nico woke up, they crawled through the tunnels to the troglodyte caverns and met the Trogs. Rachel and Apollo sat together while they waited for dinner. She gave him advice on how to deal with Nero and told him to buy them time. She said that while she, Will, and Nico sabotage the vats, Apollo needed to alert Camp to attack the tower. She said she didn't want it to happen but it was the only way. She said she will alert the camp by contacting Chiron. Apollo was surprised by how calm Rachel sounded, and admitted to her that he was scared. He confessed that he felt guilty about putting the entire camp in danger. Rachel was pleased by this and took his hand, saying it was beautiful how he cared about other people and he was making things right. Apollo told Rachel he trusted her, and if he doesn't make things right, he will die trying. Rachel kissed his cheek and said she was proud of him, whatever happens, and to remember that. Meg was grossed out that she kissed him and asked why.

Rachel then ate dinner with Nico, Will, Apollo, Meg, and the Trogs. Rachel aided Apollo in convincing the Trogs to help them save New York. Rachel then went to sabotage the vats with Nico, Will, and The Trogs after the Cows attacked. She also managed to contact Camp. Rachel has visions for an entire day then sent Nico to go help Apollo in the tower.

The next evening, Rachel broke into the tower with Will and Luguselwa. She was holding the fasces of Nero wrapped in an axe. Rachel looked around the room and was confused by the disco ball, and asked what they were doing in there. Nero pointed at Rachel and recognized her as the Pythia, and Rachel introduced herself as the girl holding his life in her hands. But Nero quickly became terrified and pleaded with Rachel that he can convince Python to give her powers back. But Rachel wasn't convinced and said he had chosen his kind, and it wasn't humanity. Rachel gave Apollo the fasces as the Germani charged at them and gave Apollo the fasces. Rachel even threw her hairbrush at the nearest Germani, beaming him in the eye and making him howl. She also stood protectively in front of Apollo and defended him, muttering now would be good to destroy the fasces. After Apollo destroyed the fasces, Rachel knew it was not over yet, since there was still Python to defeat, who was growing in power, and Apollo fainted into her arms. After Apollo woke up, Rachel gave him a pack of supplies to defeat Python with.

Two weeks later, Apollo visited Rachel at Camp and she sat at the campfire with him, Nico, and Will. Rachel thanked Apollo for everything and said her visions were clear again, with Python erased from existence he was no longer in her head. Rachel said that because her house was destroyed, her father is now letting her take a gap year in Paris to study art while they rebuild the house. She promised that she would be back next summer with her “Oracular Awesomeness". Nico promised that he would shadow travel to Paris when he needed her to discuss Tartarus and his mission to rescue Iapetus if he is in fact still alive. They discussed the topic at the fire, and Rachel questioned if Hades would mind him returning to Tartarus. Nico said he didn't ever want him returning, but the Trogs would help him come back safe. Suddenly, Rachel recited a prophecy, which Nico and Will heard, and fainted. Will and Nico said it didn't sound good, and even though Apollo didn't hear it, he said it probably didn't because she is “a wonderful Oracle.”


Rachel is very artistic, witty, and kind. She enjoys volunteering for charity events to help schools in the area to keep their art programs open. She is also very open-minded, being able to accept that Percy is a demigod and that monsters do exist.

Rachel can be very blunt at times and has a habit of talking a mile a minute, which Percy described as "punching him with words." She is very brave, throwing a hairbrush in the face of Kronos' host to escape. Like her parents, Rachel can be stubborn at times, as she doesn't like to accept help from anyone else unless she has no other choice.


Rachel is described as being a tall, slim girl with frizzy red hair, a freckled face, and green eyes. She is noticed as attractive by a jealous Annabeth.

Rachel wears over-sized shirts, doodles on her jeans, and seems to poke holes in them when she is bored. In The Battle of the Labyrinth and The Last Olympian, she dresses in gold and paints her whole visible head of the same color for art projects. Percy described her as she had been touched by King Midas and looked "like a million golden drachmas", with the exception of her eyes.

As an Oracle, Rachel walks barefooted. In The Lost Hero, she wears her Clarion Ladies Academy uniform at Camp Half-Blood while giving out the prophecy. In The Hidden Oracle, she starts to straighten her hair and her freckles have vanished. But by The Tower of Nero, her freckles and curly hair had returned.


  • Clear Sight: Rachel has the ability to see through the Mist. Her ability is stronger even compared to demigods, to the point that she can navigate through the Labyrinth and foresee its various traps.
  • Painting: Rachel can paint with her feet as well as with her hands. She has deep knowledge about historical paintings, to the point she could discuss with someone as smart as Annabeth.
  • Physical Resistance: Rachel can stand still for extended periods of time while painted gold as a living statue.
  • Wealth (limited): Rachel can use the influence of her father's wealth to arrange services although she rarely uses them.

As the current host of the Oracle of Delphi, Rachel obtained the following powers from the earth at Delphi. If that magic is blocked, she, Apollo, and anyone who depends on them for the power of prophecy loses the ability to predict the future.

  • Prophecy: Though she is a mortal, Rachel has always had the ability to see fragments of the future and the destinies of others. After the Second Titan War, Rachel took the soul of the Oracle in order to properly see the past and future, obtain fragments of truth, and make prophecies. However, she doesn't always remember what she said while she is talking possessed by the Spirit of Delphi.
  • Divine Protection (limited): As the Oracle, Rachel is protected from many unfortunate events such as death even by the gods although she can be cursed.

Academic Education

Nothing is known about Rachel's education before she met the demigods' existence. The following are her schools from 9th grade on up.



Her father is a land developer and her mother is a social worker, although she doesn't feel very comfortable around them. It is said that her parents hate several events they constantly do, like going to the beach, but they are too stubborn to admit it.

Rachel strongly disagrees with the job her father does which consists of finding pieces of the wild and developing them. Because of that, she refuses to ask her father for money or use his influence unless she has no other choice, as seen in The Battle of the Labyrinth'. Her father wants her to go to a private school for her girls, but Rachel objectively denied wanting to go there, though she later made a deal with her father in The Last Olympians, so she currently attends the private school.

Love Interest

Rachel can't date anyone because she's an Oracle. However, before she officially became an Oracle, she was interested in Percy Jackson.


Percy Jackson, her friend and former crush.

Rachel found Percy interesting from the moment they first met at the Hoover Dam. She agreed to help him in the Labyrinth, much to Annabeth's annoyance. She helps Percy out when she can. Percy and Rachel grew much closer between The Battle of the Labyrinth and The Last Olympian. He passes time with her when he needs time away from camp. Rachel genuinely cares for Percy, to the point of making a deal with her father in order to travel home and tell him his real part in the Prophecy.

Rachel showed signs of liking Percy, but is aware of Annabeth's feelings for him as well and calls Percy blind for not seeing it. When the two had to part, Rachel was happy when Percy told her he remembered her phone number and they would hang out. Rachel later asked him what it would take for the dumb guy to kiss the girl, and Percy finally realizes she liked him. They are interrupted however when Percy has to go on a mission, causing Rachel much stress and aggravation, to the point of tossing darts at a picture of Percy. However, she still came to his aid when she thought he was in trouble. While on Mount Olympus, Rachel thanks Percy for showing her the world of gods and monsters, but their destinies aren't linked, meaning they wouldn't have a romantic future together. Percy commented that he was dumped before they even started dating, but the two remain friends after Rachel becomes the Oracle.

Annabeth Chase, her rival turned friend.

Annabeth and Rachel met in The Battle of the Labyrinth, and Annabeth was very jealous of her because she liked Percy. Nevertheless, she reluctantly let her help her and Percy go through the Labyrinth. Annabeth started at Rachel for five minutes when she was a gold statue, and Annabeth wanted to push her over. Annabeth was very rude to Rachel and asked her if she always dressed in gold, and when Rachel said she played dumb, Annabeth asked "Was it hard?". Annabeth was also angry when she announced to everyone that she was half Greek god, and Annabeth called her "mortal girl" and said it wasn't a joke. Annabeth pretended to be polite to her when they entered the labyrinth, but she did not want her there, and was reluctant to believe that she could see through the Mist. However, Annabeth understood her when she said her parents wouldn't notice if she was gone. But later, Annabeth was back to her rude sarcasm and called her Sacagawea, which made Percy to lay off of her, and she was doing the best she can. Percy apologized to Rachel, saying Annabeth usually wasn't like this, but Rachel knew why: she was jealous of her.

However, Annabeth began to slowly warm up to Rachel, and trusted her to get a car for them, though she looked uneasy. When they got back in the Labyrinth, Annabeth tried to ask Rachel more about her background, but Rachel was evasive about it. Rachel and Annabeth then struck up a conversation about architecture, and they talked about different facades in buildings in New York. Annabeth and Rachel also both agreed that they needed to save Percy when he spied on Mount Othrys, which was the only thing they could agree on. But Annabeth also yelled at Rachel when she tried to stop Percy and her from fighting, but she didn't say what she was going to say and started sobbing. Annabeth was also mad when Tyson said that Rachel was pretty. Annabeth later pretended to tend to her Pegasus so she didn't have to say goodbye to Rachel.

In The Last Olympian, Annabeth was very jealous of Rachel and hated how she was spending so much time with Percy. Annabeth didn't trust her to help Percy, since she was just a mortal, and after Percy said that he didn't like their chances to win against Kronos, Annabeth said angrily that he should go hang out with Rachel then. Annabeth was furious when Rachel showed up at the Battle of Manhattan and asked what she was doing there, with her face red. But Annabeth reluctantly helped save Rachel from the falling helicopter. Rachel was grateful that Annabeth saved her life, but Annabeth told her to not get used to it and angrily asked what she was doing in a war zone. Rachel said she had to be there to help Percy and Annabeth excused herself, saying she had friends to tend to, and stormed off. Rachel felt guilty, and said she messed everything up. The next day, Annabeth's eyes looked red, showing she had cried after Rachel showed up. Annabeth was also jealous when she saw Rachel on Mount Olympus, and told Grover Underwood to find traps with her. But by the time she returned, she didn't seem angry anymore, just concerned.

Annabeth was later filled with dread when she found out that Rachel went to Half-Blood Hill, and went to see if she was okay with Percy and Nico. Annabeth was concerned about her and was curious as to how she got past the barriers. Annabeth was in disbelief after she became the new Oracle of Delphi, but didn't care too much, after she found out she couldn't date anybody, including Percy, and her jealousy finally subsided.

In The Lost Hero, Rachel and Annabeth had become good friends. Annabeth had Rachel come to Camp Half-Blood, and Rachel gave her a big hug, saying she had came as fast as she could. Annabeth and Rachel talked about Percy for a few minutes, and how they had no news about him, and then Annabeth introduced her to Piper. Rachel also reminded Annabeth to tell Piper how Mount Olympus had been closed. Rachel also bragged about Annabeth, telling Piper she was redesigning the thrones on Mount Olympus and that she was an amazing architect, and said she should see the salad bar. Later, after Piper passed out, Annabeth trusted Rachel to keep an eye on her while she took Jason to see Clovis. Later, Annabeth and Rachel both attended the war council with the others, and discussed together.

In The House of Hades, Annabeth stated in Tartarus that she and Rachel were good friends now, and that their drama was ancient history. Percy was uneasy whenever he mentioned Rachel's name, but Annabeth didn't mind him being uneasy. Annabeth trusted Rachel enough to send her a note from Tartarus to tell Reyna to bring the Athena Parthenos to Camp Half-Blood. She wondered if her message would make it to Rachel, and she felt slightly guilty that she put Rachel in danger, since she may be killed trying to bring the message to Reyna. Rachel ended up getting the note and giving it to Reyna, and told her that Annabeth was wise, showing she thought highly of her. In The Blood of Olympus, Rachel reassured everyone that Annabeth knows what she's doing and that they must try for peace.



Rachel feels personally responsible for the death of Pan due to her father's work. However, Pan didn't resent her and gave her some of his knowledge when she encountered him in the Labyrinth. She took those lessons with her for her entire life.


  • Rachel is a Hebrew name sometimes seen as "Rachael" meaning "sheep; one with purity." This could be a reference to the fact that once someone becomes the Oracle, they must remain virgins.
  • Elizabeth is a Hebrew and Greek name meaning "My God is an oath" or "My God is abundance." This could reference Rachel's oath to Apollo to become the Oracle of Delphi.
  • Dare is a surname of Middle English origin.


  • Her name, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, can be abbreviated to spell "RED" which is the color of her hair.
  • Unlike other mortals, Rachel could resist Morpheus's spell during the Battle of Manhattan, even while in the Area of Effect. This was likely done to foreshadow her becoming the Oracle.
  • It was said that the Clarion Ladies Academy was in New Hampshire in The Last Olympian, but in The Lost Hero, Annabeth had said it was in Connecticut.
  • Rachel's only two rules about music are that no two songs on her iPod can sound the same, and they all had to be strange.
  • Her hair color is her only defining feature in her first appearance in the series.
  • Rachel and the augur of Camp Jupiter, Octavian, met in The House of Hades.
    • She said that Octavian was Apollo's son and not his descendant. Strangely, Octavian didn't correct her.
    • She mentioned hitting Kronos in the eye with a hairbrush.
  • She has a few similarities with Alex Fierro.
  • Rachel, Reyna Ramírez-Arellano, Will Solace and Mallory Keen are the only major characters in any series whose middle names are known.
  • In her official ReadRiordan portrait, her eyes are mistakenly colored blue rather then green.

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