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Rahuketu ("RAH-hoo-KET-too") refers to Rahu and Ketu, the ascending and descending lunar nodes in the sky, responsible for eclipses.


After the churning of the Ocean of Milk, Vishnu turned into the beautiful enchantress, Mohini, to give the amrita to the devas instead of the asuras. However, one asura named Rahuketu, who took the form of a dragon, noticed she was giving away all the nectar of immortality. So he diguised himself as deva and got in the other line with them, slipping in between Surya and Chandra, the gods of the sun and moon respectively. Mohini was not looking at Rahuketu when she gave him some of the amrita to drink, but then Surya and Chandra found out and informed her. As soon as Rahuketu started glowing from the affects of the nectar, Mohini beheaded him by throwing a Sudarshan Chakra. Yet since they already drank the nectar, they became two separate entities, the head became Rahu and the body became Ketu.[2][3]

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Rahu was literally the disembodied head of a dragon.

Ketu was the body of the original dragon. He had a tail and four taloned feet, but instead a head there were flames on the top of his torso.


  • In some versions, Rahu and Ketu are the gods of Neptune and Uranus respectively.[4]
  • His Mayan counterpart is Ixkik'.


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