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That rock was once the famously beautiful apsara Rambha. Someone sent her to disturb the meditations of a rishi, to prevent him from becoming too powerful. Obviously she was a bit successful, for she was cursed to assume the form of a rock for ten thousand years.

–Durvasa, Aru Shah and the Song of Death

Rambha (pronounced: "RAHM-bah") was one of the most beautiful asparas.


Rambha was married to Nalakuvara, the son of Kubera, the lord of wealth. One day on her way to meet Nalakuvara, she ran into Kubera's stepbrother, demon king Ravana. Having heard of asparas, Ravana raped her and went back to Lanka. Soon Rambha was found by Nalakuvara, and after hearing what had happened, he went to Ravana and cursed him with his head exploding if he ever tried what he did again. That's why Ravana only tried to marry Sita after kidnapping her.[1]

Rambha was often sent on assignments by Indra to break the meditation of various sages and also test them against temptation, in order to ensure that they wouldn't become too powerful. It went well, until one time when she disturbed a sage named Vishwamitra who turned her to stone for ten thousand years.[2]

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Aru Shah and the Song of Death

Rambha was kept in the cosmic gallery of the Department of Many Voices. When Durvasa revealed to the reincarnated Pandavas that she was the rock, not Dwayne Johnson, he explained what happened. In response, Aiden Acharya argued that she was just doing her job. Durvasa replied that so was he when he refused to help them as they are accused of stealing the bow and arrow of Kamadeva.


  • Rambha is also the name of an asura king. He and his brother, Karambha, performed penance for Agni and Varuna by standing inside burning fire and water respectively. But Indra killed Karambha by eating him as a crocodile, whereas Agni was able to save Rambha who received a boon that stated that he'd only be killed by a dead man. When he fell in love with a female water buffalo, he turned into a buffalo and lived with her. But when another buffalo came in for the female, Rambha fought him and was killed. The female gave birth to the buffalo demon, Mahishasura, who was slayed by Durga.[3]


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