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It requires no small amount of skill to free oneself from one's own demons.

Aru Shah and the Song of Death

Ratri ("RAH-tree") is the Hindu goddess of night.[1]

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Pandava Quartet

Aru Shah and the Song of Death

Durvasa "had not" directed the reincarnated Pandavas to the Grove of Ratri in Amaravati so they could save Mini from the Land of Sleep. When they got there, Brynne Rao curiously picked a dream fruit, causing three black nightmare hounds to appear and chase the three of them. Upon looking at the fruit, Aru Shah stood up to one of the hounds causing it to turn into a Great Pyrenees like the one she saw in the fruit. While playing with the dog, Aru told Aiden Acharya that he couldn't tell her what to do, that was when Ratri came in saying she can. She explained that the dream fruit shows what one cannot normally see, like how dreams help people see things in a different and sometimes more truthful way. She revealed that she "may have" brought Mini, who told them to fight Takshaka with music, into their dreams earlier as they connect people. Ratri admits that she tries to be subtle when providing assistance, unlike her sister, Ushas. She said she was helping for a friend who has lost their way, Aru thought she meant Boo, she told them to remember that this may seem monstrous or not so terrible. Then Ratri said they have to hurry, Ushsas would wake soon and Durvasa's protection would fade. But first she told Aru Shah that she has seen her nightmares, they grow in her land. They are seeded with moments of doubt, watered with the pain of tears not shed, and pruned by the ghosts of paths not taken, but that doesn't make them true. She decided to let Aru keep the Great Pyrenees to guard her dream from nightmares, she lastly warned them that once the red cows cross the Bridge of Dawn and Dusk then they would be trapped there forever.


Ratri wore a black-and-purple salwar kameez that looked like evening fading to night. Her sable skin was star-spangled, her hair ended in smoky black wisps and around her forehead shone a bright constellation crown.


  • Ratri's name means "one who gives rest or happiness."[2]
  • Her Greek counterpart is Nyx.


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