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The Reál House is the home of the Reál family.

Sal & Gabi Duology

Sal & Gabi Fix the Universe

After deciding the play needs to be rewritten, Gabi Real invites Sal Vidón, Lucy Vidón, Yasmany Robles, and Aventura Rios over to help fix it.


The Reál house is a red ranch house with green and gold trimming and hearts cut into the shutters. The front yard has no lawn, but multiple plants with signs showing where they came from. The backyard is massive, bigger then a football field and surrounded by a large and thick privacy hedge. Dotting the yard is eight tiny houses and a patch of barren earth. In the central is a pavilion with benches and an outdoor kitchen with a six burner electric stove, a bar with three taps, a brick pizza oven, a deep fryer.

Tiny Houses

  • Grizzly Dad'um's House: A log cabin with a wooden bear sculpture and a fake fire pit. Three stuffed jackalopes are seen in the window.
  • Cari-Dad's House: A white first-aid cabin with with a Red Cross painted over the door. A Tesla is parked next to it.
  • Lightning Dad's House: A blue, miniature A-frame with a lightning rod, a small windmill, a windsock, six weather vanes, rain collectors, solar panels a various electronic equipment.
  • Bonita's House: A wood and concrete structure painted like a gingerbread house with candy coated shingles, windows with piped frosting around it, and a fence painted to look like licorice with pink and blue gum balls.
  • Dada-dada-dada-dada Dadman!'s House: A two floor house that looks like a balcony prop from a play. A balcony is present with a crash cushion below it.
  • Dadotarian's House: A miniature barn smaller then a tractor with a two story green house next to it.
  • Dada-ist's House: A square house made of shiny black stones that sparkles like stars in a clear night sky. A mobile and a series of slabs that show the face of Martin Luther King, Jr. are outside.
  • Gabi's House: A library to archive older issues of The Rotten Egg. It has floor to ceiling windows. The interior has a library of all sorts of books and a book for writing down quotes.
  • Yasmany's House: After being adopted by the Reál family, Yasmany is gifted with the supplies and help for building a tiny house.
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