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A reed boat traveling through the Duat.

A reed boat is an Egyptian boat. Magical versions are sometimes used for transport by magicians.

The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

Amos Kane uses a magical reed boat for transportation. It is destroyed when Sekhmet sets the boat on fire and it crashes into the Magic Salsa, Inc. warehouse.

The Throne of Fire

Carter has Walt Stone turn his boat amulet into an actual boat which Carter then ties to Freak the griffin. Carter, Sadie, Walt, Jaz and Khufu then escape the Brooklyn Museum by riding the boat pulled by the griffin across the city until they land at Brooklyn House. Carter unties the boat from Freak who decides to stay at Brooklyn House.

In order to use a portal at the Brooklyn Museum, Carter and Walt again use the boat pulled by Freak to fly across the city.

The Serpent's Shadow

With portals no longer reliable, the residents of Brooklyn House primarily use Freak and the reed boat as their main form of transportation. Instead of being towed beneath the griffin, Freak now pulls the reed boat like a sleigh and flies it through the Duat for long journeys. Freak flies the Kane and their initiates to and from the Dallas Museum of Art in this manner.

Carter and Walt later use Freak and the boat to meet with Thoth. On the way back, Walt's powers, which he has been losing control of as he nears death, accidentally causes him to disintegrate the boat, leaving Carter and Walt to finish the trip by desperately hanging onto the ropes beneath the griffin.

The magicians replace the destroyed boat and its used to fly the residents of Brooklyn House to Egypt to help defend the First Nome from attack. Carter later uses Freak and his boat to take Zia Rashid on a date at the Mall of America.

Demigods & Magicians

The Staff of Serapis

After the fight with Serapis, Sadie is picked up by a flying reed boat similar to Amos' boat with painted eyes on the prow and a single white sail with the tyet symbol. Annabeth Chase, who thinks for a moment that the boat is the Argo II, rejects Sadie's offer of a ride home and Sadie flies off in the boat.


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