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Mijo, I’m the ‘original’ Gabi dad. I had to train all these other zánganos how to do it!

–Reina to Sal in Sal & Gabi Fix the Universe.

Reina Real is the mother of Gabi and Ignacio Real. She is the writer of a bilingual advice column that circulates in eight different countries.

Sal & Gabi Duology

Sal & Gabi Break the Universe

Gabi Reál, Reina’s daughter.

When Dulce Sotolongo brings Sal Vidon to them, she greets him happily and gives him a plate of food. After Gabi returns and the rest of her family introduces themselves to Sal, they grow quiet when she mentions her newborn son.

A few days later she meets Gustavo and Lucy Vidón, greeting them kindly and giving them food. She lets Sal and Gabi go to Culeco after hours to do a science project. Later that night after Sal and Gabi bring Yasmany Robles to the hospital she gives him food before talking to police officers with Cari-dad.

The next morning she and the dads help Sal and Gabi with their Everyman play. She does not remember if she has a sewing machine. On Sunday she watches the play and enjoys it.

Later that night Iggy‘s immune system fails and she cradles him waiting for the end. She knows that he will be better in the afterlife and kisses him when Gabi asks to say goodbye to Iggy alone.

Sal & Gabi Fix the Universe

When her daughter, Sal, Lucy, Yasmany, and Aventura Rios arrive at her house to work on the play, she is making empanadas and invites them to join her and the dads. When Sal asks for two empanadas, Lucy informs her he can’t eat them, but she gives him two backed empanadas she made in advance, one out of almond flour and one out of insects. Sal eats both.After eating, the kids discuss their plan to retell the story as a more ethnically diverse play reflecting the various ethnicities of the student body. They go on to explain that the play will be held in different classrooms with different students playing the same part and need multiple costumes. The adults agree to help and Gabi says she and Sal should scout out the school for rooms that will work for the play. Before they leave, she says a new dad is joining the family. After revealing it to be Yasmany, everyone not in her family, including Yasmany, is shocked. After telling him they spoke with his family, Yasmany cries tears of joy and they go in for a group hug.

She and the dads, as well as Iggy, are all dressed up as Lewis Carroll. They greet Sal and Principal Torres and praise them for their hard work.


Reina is a woman of Cuban decent with a similar fashion sense to her daughter. She has a hairstyle reminiscent of the 1950's and wears bright makeup that looks natural on her.


Reina is a kind woman who goes out of her way to be kind to others.

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