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Whoa! That’s way more awesome in person!

–Ren reacting to Brooks destroying a Mud Person in, The Fire Keeper.

Renata “Ren” Santiago is a thirteen-year-old Mayan godborn and a character in the Storm Runner series under Rick Riordan Presents. She is the godborn child of Pacific and a Mexica bruja.


Family Liniage and Early Life

Through her father, Renata Santiago is descended from powerful Mexica brujos. They are possibly the last living sobernarural Mexica in the modern day. This lineage caused Pacific to have a child with a man of the bloodline, her father, to spite the other gods.

Her father and grandfather had different opinions of her mother. The two would fight constantly over it along with their brujo, magic user, heritage that occasionally surfaced in members of their family.

At the age of five she started to manifest the ability to use shadow magic, her abeulo tried to teach her, but failed.

At one point her father died and she was placed in the care of her abeulo. Soon after she had a dream about him and saw a shadow creature in his shape when she woke up, however it quickly vanished.

She suffered from absence seizures throughout her life, describing them as blacking out, losing track of time, and has no idea what goes on around her. None of the medications doctors gave her had any effect. However, they were really a side affect of her time controlling abilities, as well as a gateway to her powers.

At one point, she went bungee jumping off a bridge.

Triggering her Mayan Heritage

In a library, she found and read a book by Zane Obispo which told of his misadventures with Mayan Gods, she thought it was really good. A few months later about two weeks after her thirteenth birthday, she read the last page out loud and heard noises on the roof. Soon she heard her father’s music and her abeulo came and went to a pier where a boat was waiting for her. She got in and her abeulo gave her his blessing, she went off and was soon surrounded by a fog. Hours later she reached Isla Holbox.

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Fire Keeper

Ren first appears rowing towards Zane Obispo, who is sitting on the beach on Isla Holbox late at night after having retrieved a message from Jazz revealing the location of his father. When she reaches shore she trips and cuts her forehead but Rosie heels her. When she comes to she pushes Zane away in fright but after realizing who he and Rosie are, becomes exited and pets the hellhound and tells Zane she read the book the gods forced him to write. She tells Zane her story she proves she is a godborn by responding to telepathy. She demonstrates her limited control over the shadow creatures that show up around her from time to time and falls asleep in the fire Rosie made. When she falls asleep something comes out of her boat. As Zane, Rosie and Brooks fight the monsters she sleeps but awakes and seemingly freezes time before banishes them. After getting excited about meeting Brooks, Ren explains that the shadow creatures occasionally take the form of whatever she is dreaming about but leave as soon as she wakes up. She also says that only those with magic in their blood can see them. Brooks agrees to let Ren stay with her for the time being, as long as Rosie stands guard.

In the morning she is found by Hondo Obispo and given a walking tour of the town by Zane’s mother She calls her abuelo, who is flying down, and is left in the care of Antonia Caballero. When she arrives she is ambushed by a Mud Person and placed with the real Ms. Cab. She rends out a telepathic message for help as they wait. When the others find them they free the two. She is amazed when Brooks destroys the mud person. As they leave she backs Zane's plan to bypass the barrier by going to Xib’alb’a, wanting to know if Ixtab was her mother. Zane tells her to stay for her abuelo, but she says he would want her to go with them. Just them Hondo arrives and, after revealing he knows Ren is a godborn and after being filled in, asks to join them. Ren backs him saying he helped them out during the quest of Ah-Puch. Zane reluctantly agrees and they head out.

As they hike to The Beast, she zones out and is placed on Rosie‘s back. She comes to just as they enter the beast. She explains that the zone outs happen when she is stressed or nervous and she is concerned what to do if she meets Ixtab. As they go deeper she reveals she does not have night vision like Zane. After wandering the corridors of the beast, Rosie finds a hidden gateway and Zane opens it to reveal a snowy landscape. She stays behind as she feels it is the wrong way. As the others fall through a frozen lake into an icy tornado, she finds an elevator and meets them in the icy cavern covered in eyes and moments later Quinn arrives and reluctantly agrees to help them. As they head to Clementino, who chooses what is salvaged and what is destroyed in Xib’alb’a, she asks Quinn about aliens and the Maya, however she brushes off the questions. When they arrive they are sanitized and given new clothing to hide their human sent. The four are given old fast food employee uniforms and, when the others are given white sneakers, she keeps her red boots. They set out into the underworld.

When they reach a canyon filled with toxic gas, Quinn tells the others to be quiet and breathe only if necessary. She goes with Brooks while the Obispos go with Quinn. When they encourage winged Demon Runners the nawals take evasive maneuvers and hea to a mountain range. She is told the they will be meeting Ixtab and spurts out something about aliens when first meeting the goddess. They two then have a telepathic conversation and she learns Ixtab is not her mother and Ixtab learns of Zane’s call to other godborns. When Ixtab asks to speak with Zane alone, she leaves with the others.

An hour later Zane returns and asks Ren what she and Ixtab talked about, she hesitates and Itzel arrives with their new armor like clothing with her getting a yellow hooded sweatshirt and black track pants with white stripes on the sides. After Zane meets with Hurakan in The Empty, they explain Ixtab’s offer and they set out to find the goddess. The four wander through a battle field and find the Queen of Xib’alb’a on a cliff ledge. After the goddess leaves Quinn in charge of Zane’s Death Ceremony, he asks her what they talked about but she remains tight lipped. When Quinn tells them to jump into a waterfall, she goes with Hondo.

They end up at a wedding reception in San Miguel de Allende and Quinn informs them that despite spending ten hours in Xib’alb’a, only two passed in the lan of the living. Quinn takes them through a church to El Grito, the home of Fausto who will perform the death ceremony. When they enter the property she inspects the death masks, believing they resemble aliens and gives Zane a worried look as he undergoes the death ceremony. She and the others look at Zane in shock when the ceremony ends and they stay at El Grito for the night. As Zane sneaks out early the following morning, he sees Ren sleeping on a bench by the church and shadow creatures start to emerge. Soon after Zane and Rosie st to fight it, she wakes up and banishes it. As Zane makes excuses to leave she reveals he is leaving things out about his meeting with the Red Queen. She then explains what Ixtab told her, that the gods would kill her family if they found out they were brujos. She explains that is has something to do with her Mexican heritage when she spots a figure hobbling towards them and Zane reveals it is Ah-Puch. Zane tells her to trigger her camouflage but she has trouble and just uses the shadows to hide herself. After listening to Ah-Puch offer to take them to the Fire Keeper, she feels sorry for him and pleads with Zane to accept his offer.

He asks to join them but Zane declines her offer, however Ah-Puch feels Ren should come as being a godborn with keep her safe. The death god opens a gateway to just as dawn breaks and Brooks sees them jump through with Ah-Puch. They end up at Cabo San Lucas in Baja California Sur at sunset. She and Ah-Puch do not see the blue money Zane points out and the death god tells them to run when he smells something coming at them. They head to the docks and Ah-Puch steals a boat. They soon see a cloud that becomes a colony of bats that attack them. She hides behind a seat and Zane and Ah-Puch protect her, she uses Hondo’s meditation technique to study calm. After Ah-Puch temporarily regains his form, she starts at him in shock and tells them they bats were after her and requests the bats be put to rest at sea. They head to shore and Ah-Puch takes them to a luxury hotel, courtesy of K’ukumatz’s arrangement and with out his knowledge. They stay in a villa and Ah-Puch explains that bats were under the command of Camazotz, the Mayan bat god, and Ren realizes they were the same creatures from before she left Texas. She explains the gods want to kill her family because their is something not Mayan about them, but before Ren can say more she has a seizure and blacks out. Ah-Puch catches her and puts her on a couch. After she recovers, she and Ah-Puch find Zane on the beach and bring him inside. They soon come under attack by bats and hotel security. Zane tells them to go to New Mexico and calls her a traitor, making he cry. She angrily tells Zane she has Mexica blood in her and the gods want to wipe out her family because of that. As hotel security barges into the villa, they climb on Rosie and escape but are soon quartered by more guards and a helicopter on a cliff. As Rosie distracts the guards, they jump off the cliff and she somehow manages to slow them down and Ah-Puch teleports them to New Mexico. They land near Zane‘s old home and she goes over to check on Ah-Puch. They find a footprint of an Ahuizotl, a Mexica water monster, and evidence that Brooks and Hondo where in a battle and captured. She tells Zane to stay calm and soon after the son of Hurakan triggers a trap.

She, Rosie and Ah-Puch track down Zane and the godborns and, using her Mexica magic, picks the locks and frees them all. However there escape is thwarted when Marco throws a hammer at Camazotz. After the bat god wake up and Ah-Puch sides with him, she tears up in disbelief. They explain the twin’s plan to use the blood of Hurakan and the godborns to revive the Mexica Gods and creative a world with them selves on top. As Zane, Rosie, and Hondo fight Camazotz, she creates a shield of shadows to safeguard the godborns as they take cover. When Ah-Puch is killed by Camazotz after he stabbed the bat god, she rushes him and gets grabbed by the bat god, who plans to sacrifice her after finding out she has been Mayan and Mexica blood. She blacks out during the ordeal. After Zane gives Ah-Puch his Jaguar Jade, he threatens the bat god and he frees her from his grasp as she and the others escape while Ah-Puch holds of Camazotz. They end up in a jungle and, after quickly coming back, tells Zane it is 11:27PM, giving him an idea about what her mom is. As Zane readies to save his father, Ren asks to come with him and Rosie let’s Ren on her back.

They reach the pyramid the execution is at and see a crowd of sobernaturals at the base with Hurakan chained up at the top surrounded by K’ukumatz, Ixtab, Ixkakaw, Nakon, Alom, Itzamna, and Chaac. She uses shadows to camouflage them and, after being spotted by Jazz, makes them look like his shadow. After Chaac triggers Rosie when saying “dead god”, she loses her camouflage and the crowd recognizes her from the news. Jazz scoops her up as Zane heads towards his father. After the twins escape and the gods catch Zane and Brooks, she stands with the godborns. As they return to Xib’alb’a, she and the others wait outside as Zane talks with the gods. After they agree to train and claim the godborns, she learns her mother is Pacific. After the gods learn she has Mexica heritage, the gods let her live for the time being due to needing her to fend of the twins.

She is excited that Pacific is her mother and greets her abuelo when she returns to Isla Holbox and the two have dinner with the Obispos, Brooks and Quinn when Pacific joins them. As they say their goodbyes, her mother gives her a small gold watch that will always tell her the correct time and that she has somehow magaged to speed up or slow down time on her own.


Ren Santiago has short, dark brown hair that is cut into a choppy bob that seems as if it was cut by a razor. She has a thin face and striking cat like silver-blue eyes.

She first appears wearing pajamas, a hoodie and red boots. She changes into several outfits throughout The Fire Keeper, but still manages to keep her red boots, which she refers to as her lucky shoes.


Ren is an excitable, if very literal, person. She is thrilled to meet Zane, Rosie and especially Brooks and to go on a quest with them, despite the danger. She sort of hero worships Brooks, stating that she is "just like how you described." She takes things very literally. For example, corrected Hondo when he said to put in a 150% effort, stating that it is not possible to do more than a 100%, annoying him.

She is described as having absolutely no filter, saying exactly what is on her mind as soon as it comes to her. She also has a lack of social awareness, missing many social cues from Zane and the others throughout the story.

She has a special interest in aliens, willing to speak about it at any time with anyone who is willing to listen. According to her, she even runs a successful blog about it, Eyes in the Sky, and many people e-mail her about it, implying she is very knowledgeable on the subject.

Ren is also sympathetic, willing to help Ah-Puch if he can help them. Her kindness was such that Ah-Puch grew a soft spot for her and even risked his own safety to save her life.


  • Chronokinesis: As Pacific's daughter, as seen in The Fire Keeper, Ren has some effect on time and possibly some control over it.
    • Temporal Disruption: Time is disrupted in her presence. When she in Xib’alb’a, Ixtab's watches malfunctioned and couldn't tell time right. Not just that, but Quinn was shocked to find that only two hours had passed in the mortal realm after leaving Xib’alb’a, when it should've been ten hours.
    • Time Instinct: Ren can instinctively tell the time.
  • Shadow Magic: Ren has a sort of innate shadowy power that allows the things from her nightmares to manifest in real life as disembodied shadows. Towards the end of The Fire Keeper, she begins to gain some control over them. She can use them to hide herself and make her invisible.
  • Telepathy: As a godborn, Ren can telepathically send her thoughts to other supernaturals as well as receive the thoughts of other supernaturals.


  • Watch: After being claimed by Pacific, her mother gave her a small gold watch to help Ren control her chronokinetic powers.



While Ren’s relationship with her deceased father is unknown, she speaks fondly of him to Zane; implying that she misses him.

Ren is close with her grandfather, having raised and encouraged the daughter of Pacific since her father and his son died. He helped her escape from the twins when she triggered her Maya godborn heritage and met up with her on Isla Holbox four days later, sharing a warm hug.

Despite only meeting each other shortly, both mother and daughter have a loving relationship. Pacific gives Ren a watch to help her control her time manipulation abilities.


VISDEV-2872 readriordan zane.1200

Zane Obispo, her friend and the boy who helped her trigger her godborn heritage.

When the daughter of Pacific first met the son of Hurakan, she was star struck and asked him a valley of questions. After a few minutes she calmed down and told Zane her story.

During the quest to save Hurakan, she stayed with him from start to finish and help him out numerous times, such as allowing him to trust Ah-Puch, his greatnest enemy, for the sake of the quest and camouflaging themselves and Rosie as they snuck up the pyramid to save Hurakan.

Zane would worry when ever she had a seizure and spoke with her about her dual Mayan-Mexica heritage and listen to Ren about her fears of what the gods will do to her if the find out.


Hondo Obispo, her friend and mentor.

Ren sees Hondo as a good teacher.During the quest to rescue Hurakan, the daughter of Pacific would listen to his advice on medication, visualization, and relaxation to avoid stress during battle. This would come in handy when freeing him, Brooks, Zane, and the godborns from the twin’s clutches.

After the quest is completed, she tells the godborns how effective his concentration methods are.


Brooks, her friend.

When they first met, Ren was start struck when meeting the half-nawal. They looked out for one another during the quest to free Hurakan and the daughter of Pacific freed Brooks from the twin’s clutches.

Hellhound RR

Rosie, her friend.

Ren and Rosie get along great with one another, coming to the other’s defense and playing with each other during downtime.

When ever the daughter of Pacific would offer to go with Zane, Rosie would pled with the son of Hurakan to have her tag along.


Ah-Puch, the god of death and her friend.

The daughter of Pacific urged Zane to trust the death god, an act that paid off for the both of them in the long run. As they went to Cabo San Lucas in search of the Fire Keeper, the two grew close. She even gave him a nickname, A.P., only a day after meeting him.

During the quest to find Hurakan the two grew close and she was heart broken when he seemingly switched sides to Camazotz. After turning on the bat god, Ah-Puch would sacrifice his weakened form for the daughter of Pacific and save her for Camazotz directly after regaining his full power, even staying to fend off the bat god so that she and the others could escape.


  • Renata is the feminine form of the masculine given name of “Renatus”, a Latin given name meaning “born again”.
  • Santiago is a Spanish and Portuguese surname meaning “Saint James”.


  • Her birthday is either in late February or sometime in March.
  • Ren shares her surname with Paola Santiago, the protagonist of the Paola Santiago series by Tehlor Kay Mejia, another Rick Riordan Presents imprint series.
  • Ren is allergic to dust, having a sneezing fit if she is exposed to it.
  • Ren is the first known character in both the main literary universe and Rick Riordan Presents to have epilepsy.
  • Ren is the second known demigod in both the Riordanverse and Rick Riordan Presents to have blood from two pantheons, the first being Frank Zhang.
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