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We had one home. Now we have two.

–Reyna to Nico after the two camps form an alliance in The Blood of Olympus.

Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano[1] is a Roman demigod, the daughter of Bellona, younger sister of the current Queen of the Amazons, Hylla. She is a former praetor of Camp Jupiter, and is currently a Hunter of Artemis.


Early Life

Even though Reyna and her elder sister were the first children of Bellona in their family, millennia ago, Bellona declared that that her family would play pivotal roles in many battles. Some of her ancestors were heroes and some were villains. Her ancestors originated from Spain when it was a Roman province, and one of her ancestors was a conquistador who came to Puerto Rico with Poncé de Leon. One was Pirate Cofresí, a pirate who had gunshot wounds in his chest. Reyna's family villa was built with money from treasure he buried. Reyna's great great uncle was the first Latino submarine commander from World War Two.

Eventually, Bellona fell in love with her father, Julian Ramírez-Arellano, a soldier in Iraq. He was a good soldier, charming and very gentle before Reyna was born. Bellona blessed Julian, but it wasn't enough for him. He wanted her to be his wife. Julian dedicated himself completely to Bellona and managed to win her heart. Her sister, Hylla, was born before he went back to Iraq for his last tour of duty. He was honorably discharged and came home a hero.

Soon after he came home, Bellona visited him one last time and gave him a glimpse of the future. She explained why his family was so important to her and that Rome would never fall as long as his bloodline remained. She meant to be reassuring but Julian fixated on those words and it began his downward spiral. Reyna was conceived during that visit.

Childhood in Puerto Rico

Reyna loved her home in Puerto Rico, even though she began to fear it as she got older. She loved the sound of Coquí frogs in her neighborhood and the smell of the ocean and magnolia and citrus trees. She and Hylla would walk down the Calle San Jose, counting cats and making stories for each one. She would also love to go to Plaza de Armas and watch old men play dominos. Reyna and Hylla lived in a huge estate with big white steps devoid of decoration. Their furniture was made of oak, steel, and leather. In her main room, there were terraces, which made her feel like she was being watched. Her father did everything he could to make their hacienda look like a modern home, adding skylights and painting everything white to make it bigger and brighter, but it still felt old. Her neighborhood had cats on the street, banana trees, crumbling pastel houses, and cobblestone.

Her father changed during Reyna's childhood, and had PTSD. He couldn't stop thinking about the war and he had constant chronic pain from a roadside bomb that let shrapnel in his shoulder. He be became paranoid and thought Bellona's words meant that their bloodline would die and that Rome would fall. He saw enemies everywhere and began collecting weapons, turning their house into a fortress. He was unable to adjust to civilian life.

Reyna and Hylla would sometimes be able to escape from their father. They would hide in the fireplace and imagine that they could travel to places from there. On Sunday afternoons, they could escape to Barrachina's kitchen, where the staff would take pity on them and let them eat in the kitchen. However, Julian would lock Reyna and Hylla in their room at night, and if they snuck out, he would yell and throw furniture at them. He even became convinced that Reyna and Hylla were the enemies, spying and trying to undermine him. Ghosts began appearing and whispering to Julian, confirming his suspicions. They would watch Reyna from the terraces in her living room. Eventually, Julian became a Mania, with only his worst qualities remaining. Hylla would try her best to protect Reyna.

One day, after they snuck out, when Reyna was ten, Julian was so angry he was glowing. He couldn't touch things anymore and learned how to move things like a poltergeist. He tore up the floor tiles and ripped open the sofa. He then threw a chair at Hylla, knocking her out. Reyna lost it and thought she was dead. Reyna grabbed Pirate Cofresí's saber and used it to vaporize her father. After she killed him, ghosts appeared at Reyna and taunted her, telling her she can never flee her crime, calling her a murderer and a traitor. When Hylla woke up, Reyna and Hylla finally escaped.

Life on Circe's island

Reyna and Hylla eventually ended up on Circe's island in the Sea of Monsters. Circe treated them well and gave Hylla pet leopards and a good health plan. While Hylla was a clerk, Reyna did people's hair and makeup. Both helped turn men into guinea pigs. Reyna learned about the Mark of Athena while there, when a man washed up on the island talking about the Mark of Athena. The man muttered about how he ended up in Rome and saw the giants bane before they turned him into a guinea pig. Reyna spent enough time on Circe's island to know and recognize Charmspeak.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Sea of Monsters

Although not specifically mentioned by name, Reyna was one of the female attendants on Circe's Island (also known as C.C Spa and Resort) When Annabeth and Percy first arrived (as revealed in The Mark of Athena), she brushed Annabeth's hair and helped with her makeover. She was on Circe's island because her sister Hylla had wanted to protect her. Hylla was one of the attendants that Percy and Annabeth met, who happens to have been the one carrying a clipboard. After Annabeth accidentally freed Blackbeard and his crew of pirates with Hermes' Multivitamins, they captured her and her sister until Reyna and Hylla managed to escape after learning how to fight.

Between Series

Kidnapped by pirates

Reyna and Hylla were kidnapped by Blackbeard and his comrades and were captives for months. The sisters endured a lot from the pirates and learned to be tough, otherwise they would have been killed. Their time in the pirates was when they learned they were good with weapons, and Reyna learned how to use two blades, which came in handy when facing Eidolons in Pompeii. Hylla eventually saved Reyna's life by making the pirates respect her to the point said pirates get scared when Hylla gives them a certain smile. After a while, Hylla dueled for their freedom and made the crew so afraid of her that they dropped her and Reyna off in California, just so she wouldn't take over the ship.

Reyna and Hylla eventually parted ways, with Hylla joining the Amazons and Reyna going to the Wolf House. Lupa taught her how to sleep lightly, wake up alert, and be ready for an attack.

Life at Camp Jupiter

Reyna made it to Camp Jupiter and joined the Twelfth Legion Fulminata, being a part of it for four years. It is unknown what cohort she was in, but she eventually became Praetor. But Reyna was never a Centurion. Instead, she went straight from Legionnaire to Praetor.

While Reyna was praetor, Bryce Lawrence was suspected of killing his own Centurion. Reyna was disgusted by Bryce and thought he was a little sicko. Reyna knew he killed his centurion and wanted to prove it, but due to the lack of evidence and the power of Bryce's family, he was just expelled from camp and got away with a light sentence.

During her time at Camp, Reyna became close friends with Jason Grace, a son of Jupiter from the Fifth Cohort. Reyna and Jason bonded over Diocletian and both made a pact that if they ever crossed the Mare Nostrum, even though it was forbidden, they would go to Dalmatia, Diocletian's childhood home. Jason knew Reyna's last name, which she barely used, but Reyna hated when he tried to say it, telling him that it was the name of a girl who she left in Puerto Rico. Reyna developed romantic feelings for Jason as they grew up together in Camp Jupiter. Reyna's romantic feelings for Jason got stronger over the years. Eventually, when Jason and Reyna were praetors, she believed they had a future together.

When Reyna and Jason were fourteen, they went to Charleston, South Carolina for a quest to salvage imperial gold torpedoes from the C.S.S Hunley. The two went to the battery and they saw something in the park. They thought it was a Southern Belle from the civil war, but every time they tried to approach it, it disappeared. Reyna decided to go talk to the ghost alone. When she approached it, it turned out to be Venus. Venus told her that no demigod will heal her heart, and she will not find love where she wished or hoped. Reyna felt like Venus thought she was broken and needed romantic healing, but she knew she wasn't broken. When she came back, she was shaken, and never acted the same about Jason. When she came back to Camp Jupiter, everyone knew what Venus had said except for Jason, and they gossiped about her, giving her pitiful looks and giving her advice on who she should date.

Post Second Titanomachy

After Reyna and Jason defeated the Titan Krios, Jason became praetor of Camp Jupiter. Reyna watched as Jason was lifted on his shield and declared praetor. They were only co-praetors for a few months, but Reyna thought given time, they may have began dating. Before Jason went missing, Reyna was the last person he spoke to in private. After he went missing, Octavian gathered support and tried to become the replacement praetor for Jason.

A month after they defeated Krios, two demigods, Hazel Levesque and Nico di Angelo arrived at Camp Jupiter. Nico demanded that she let Hazel into the legion and told her that he was an ambassador of Pluto. Reyna was skeptical of two children of Pluto arriving and reluctantly let Nico be ambassador of Pluto, though she never knew what to do with him when he visited. She knew he lied about where he came from and was very suspicious of him. She also didn't listen to him when he told her about the Gigantes rising. As for Hazel, she was also suspicious of her and heard rumors about where she came from. Reyna eventually promoted Hazel to legionnaire after she saved Dakota from a stampede.

A month before Percy arrived at Camp, Frank Zhang arrived at Camp and apologized about the actions of his ancestor, Shen Lun. Reyna accepted his apology and told him she didn't judge people on their past, she judged them on their own merits. She let him into the Fifth Cohort and made him Probatio, but told him to not discuss his past with the others or else the campers would treat him badly.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero

When parts of Jason's memory comes back to him, he remembers Reyna as someone really close to him and a good friend and leader, which makes him question how he feels about Piper McLean, who later became his girlfriend.

It would have been around this time that Reyna was pestered by Octavian to hold elections for a new Praetor. She eventually agreed, but only at the Feast of Fortuna. While Octavian began to gain support using bribes and blackmail, Reyna started looking for a suitable substitute for Jason.

The Son of Neptune

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When Juno appeared in her true form and presented Percy Jackson as a son of Neptune to Camp Jupiter, Reyna was one of the campers in the area. Reyna sounded like she knew him somehow and looked at him as if she had seen him in her nightmares. She called herself the praetor of the Twelfth Legion and said that she didn't know him, which Percy believed was a lie but was unwilling to argue with her in front of her soldiers. She then orders Hazel Levesque to take him inside so she could interrogate him to find out if he was a new recruit, or an enemy to kill.

Before she interrogates him, she tells Percy that her dogs, Argentum and Aurum (Silver and Gold in Latin respectively), do not like liars, meaning they could sniff out lies. She finds it peculiar that Percy doesn't have any memory other than being trained at the Wolf House with Lupa. She then proceeds to interrogate him, noting that his arrival isn't exactly a good omen due to the fact that the Feast of Fortuna is coming up and that it is a bad omen of the arrival of children of Neptune at Camp Jupiter. Throughout the encounter, she implies that they have met. During their conversation, Percy noticed that Reyna had feelings for Jason Grace and considered him to be more than a colleague. She then sends Percy to the augur, Octavian, to decide to either let him stay or kill him.

Later through the night, she officially makes Percy a probatio. She then announces that it's time to eat and then go and play the War Games. Reyna acts as the referee for the game, flying around on her Pegasus, Scipio. When the Fifth Cohort manages to break down the defensive teams walls (mostly thanks to Frank Zhang, Hazel Levesque, and Percy) and steal the symbol, Reyna calls the game in favor of the offensive team. Mars then appears on the field and congratulates Frank, claiming him as his son and ordering a quest for him. He then tells Reyna that he was the first person over the wall and should be given the Mural Crown.

The next day, Reyna is leading the Senate meeting to decide what supplies the quest members will receive. Octavian wants to give them nothing as the Giant Army is on the way, and he sees it as a suicide mission. Reyna allows them to use the Roman Navy for their trip to Alaska, which turns out to be a single ship called The Pax, but is unable to give them any other support. Before they leave, she talks to Percy alone and tells him about her past on Circe's Island and how her sister Hylla joined the Amazons. She gives him her ring and says that if he sees her sister, ask her for help, and also offers Percy the position of Praetor at Camp Jupiter.

Hazel and Percy later send Reyna an Iris Message to tell her that Polybotes is on his way. Hazel also jokes that she scared Reyna half to death as Reyna was in the bath at the time. Frank replies that he would have paid to see her face.

When Polybotes' army does arrive, Reyna is seen flying into battle on Scipio and destroying monsters. The Amazons arrive to help Camp Jupiter which overjoys Reyna. Once the battle is over, Percy is lifted into the air as the other campers chant "praetor," including Reyna who grasps his hand in congratulations. During the party to celebrate their victory, Reyna makes a speech welcoming the Amazons and gave her sister a big hug. She then congratulated Percy for becoming a praetor of the Twelfth Legion and gives him a purple toga and medal before removing his probatio neck plate and motions for Octavian to give Percy his SPQR tattoo.

The next day when Percy goes to tell the Senate about the Greek demigods arriving, Octavian wants to blast them out of the sky while Percy says they mean no harm. Reyna takes the middle ground and says she will allow them to land, but she tells everyone to stay on their guard in case it is a trick. After the senate meeting ends, Reyna confides to Percy that she hopes Jason is on the warship. Reyna also says she missed Jason before leaving the meeting.

The Mark of Athena

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When the Argo II arrives at New Rome, Reyna, Octavian, and the seven demigods going on the quest get together to discuss the Prophecy of Seven. Reyna is very excited because shes reuniting with Jason and even had a "hungry sort of gleam" in her eyes when she met with Jason again. While talking and explaining their sides of the story (Jason talking about the quest to free Hera and Percy talking about his quest to free Thanatos), Reyna quickly discovers Jason and Piper's relationship, which Annabeth can tell made her very upset, but didn't show it. After Reyna allows Jason and Piper to tour the city, Reyna will not allow Percy to do the same with Annabeth, as she wants to talk to Annabeth Chase alone first.

Aurum and Argentum, her greyhounds

Reyna walks with Annabeth around New Rome, calling Argentum and Aurum to her. While she stops at one of the shops for some hot chocolate, she explains to Annabeth that Minerva takes her vow of chastity very seriously, not even having demigod children at all, unlike Athena. She also asks her if she understood how Athena changes, which Annabeth never considered. Reyna tells her that Athena in her Roman form of Minerva is not a war god, just the Goddess of Wisdom and Crafts. So even if the goddess did have Roman children, they would be artists or advisers. Reyna eventually takes Annabeth to her favorite spot in the city, the Garden of Bacchus. Here, Reyna asks to hear her side of the story to see if she can trust them or not. Reyna also expresses her pain from seeing Jason and Piper's relationship. Annabeth was able to sense that Reyna "wanted Jason to love her." and was upset to see him return with a new girlfriend after his 8 month disappearance. Annabeth also felt bad because Reyna would have to be a praetor on her own again, but decided not to show any pity. Annabeth told Reyna how she grew up, meeting Luke and Thalia Grace, her quests at Camp Half-Blood, and even about the camp itself, all of which Reyna listened to.

When Annabeth was finished, Reyna pointed to the shrine of Bellona and explained how when the Romans are at war, they throw a spear in the plot of ground inside. Whenever the Romans felt threatened, they would invade anyone around them, including the Greeks. Annabeth tells her that it doesn't have to be that way and the two camps can work together, which Reyna would like as well, but has her doubts. She also gives Annabeth a warning, as she once before met a child of Athena who went to Rome on a quest. She remembered that he had washed up on C.C.'s Spa and Resort in a crazed state, half mad from thirst and heat. He talked about a Mark of Athena and a failed quest in Rome before Circe turned him into a guinea pig. While Reyna didn't know what it meant at the time, after hearing a prophecy by Ella earlier, she feels that it is somehow connected to an old legend passed down by Praetors at Camp Jupiter involving Athena.

Before she can explain more, an explosion erupts in the forum where they were eating and Annabeth believes the giants are attacking again. Reyna, however, saw the shot being fired from the Argo II and thinks that the Greeks have betrayed them. Annabeth claims they haven't and is proven true when her dogs don't attack her. Reyna is still angry and feels that at least one of the crew members of the Argo II is a traitor. They both run back together to try and stop any bloodshed that could be caused by the fighting. After the legionnaires marched on the crew of the Argo II, Reyna ran toward them with her dogs.

After escaping, Octavian began to work the Legion into a frenzy and went on a war path against the Greeks with Reyna powerless to stop him. If she tried and stand in his way, he would claim she had gone soft. Onboard the Argo II, Piper considered turning back and explaining things to Reyna, but Annabeth says that without any proof or knowing what had actually caused Leo Valdez to fire on the Romans, they couldn't do much.

The crew of the Argo II is later attacked by the Roman Legion at Fort Sumter. While Annabeth manages to grab a map at the base, she is confronted by Reyna and her two dogs. Reyna tells Annabeth to come back to Camp Jupiter for trial, where she will be executed painfully, but her death could allow some kind of peace and would be better than the alternative. When Annabeth refuses, Reyna explains that she can no longer stop Octavian and that if Annabeth won't stand trial, Octavian will turn his attention on Camp Half-Blood instead. Annabeth tries to explain to her that if they find Athena Parthenos, they could somehow make peace, but Reyna no longer believes that such an outcome could be achieved. However, Reyna doesn't capture Annabeth and allows her to escape back to the ship, with Annabeth asking her to at least slow down Octavian to give them time. Annabeth also noticed that Reyna had the same bitter look on her face after realizing that Jason was dating Piper. Annabeth regonized that Reyna was bitter, betrayed, and alone after Jason's betrayal. Before Reyna leaves, she tells Annabeth the next time they meet on the battlefield, they would be enemies.

Reyna is later shown in Katoptris in a building in New York, along with Octavian and a few other Roman demigods. She is shown to be staring out the window as the others look at a map of Long Island, deciding on invasion routes.

The House of Hades

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Annabeth, while in Tartarus, has a dream of Reyna standing on Half-Blood Hill. Reyna speaks to Annabeth, but in Athena's voice: I must stand here. The Roman must bring me. Annabeth believes that the Romans' leader returning the Athena Parthenos to the Greeks might be enough to heal the rift between Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood, and by extension stop the Greek and Roman sides of the gods' personalities from fighting over control.

Reyna later appears in Jason's vision, and he immediately feels guility. Jason felt bad because he let Reyna believe that they had "a future together," and he never shut her down. In Jason's vision, Reyna appeared to be very tired, this is something that he noticed after working with her for months. Later, Grover Underwood and Rachel Elizabeth Dare meet with Reyna and Octavian at Camp Jupiter's headquarters in New York. Despite Octavian's attempt to start a conflict, Reyna hears Grover and Rachel out for what they have to say. Rachel gives Reyna a note Annabeth had written and transported to Camp Half-Blood while trapped in Tartarus, which states that Reyna must be the one to deliver the Athena Parthenos. Rachel also reveals Reyna's full name, Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano (Grover notes that her initials are RA-RA which annoys her), to show her faith in what Reyna must do. Reyna agrees to do what Annabeth has written, but reminds Rachel and Grover that their camp still attacked Rome and declared war, and requests that they leave.

Reyna then prepares to depart for Greece to find Jason and the Argo II in a place where she knows Jason will stop due to a promise they made together as kids. This made Octavian angry and shocked. Knowing that she will be stripped of her praetorship for traveling across the Mare Nostrum and breaking the ancient laws and that Octavian will be in charge as the Romans' augur, Reyna gives strict orders to Octavian and the legion's centurions not to attack Camp Half-Blood until her return; she departs shortly thereafter with Scipio. Shortly after she leaves, Octavian immediately states that there will be a change in the praetor's plans and that they will move up their invasion of Camp Half-Blood.

Reyna reappears in a vision seen by Leo Valdez while he is on Ogygia, where she and Scipio are attacked by gryphons and venti while flying to Diocletian's Palace in Dalmatia.

A wounded and exhausted Reyna arrives at the Argo II while its crew is attempting to close the Doors of Death and rescue Percy and Annabeth at the House of Hades. Unfortunately, Scipio collapses from exhaustion and from the gryphons' poisoned talons. Reyna tearfully kills the Pegasus with her Imperial gold knife to put him out of his misery and breaks down afterward. She has dinner with the Argo II's crew, and she and Annabeth both joke about Percy and whether or not he would have survived Tartarus without her; she jokingly states that she doesn't think "Percy could find his way out of a paper bag" without Annabeth.

She is impressed at Percy and Annabeth's survival of Tartarus, although Percy is more impressed that Reyna made it all the way to Greece with only a Pegasus as her companion. Reyna initially believes that she will be stripped of her rank for breaking the laws of the legion, although Frank reassures her by saying that great leaders have to break laws and think outside the box, like Caesar when he crossed the rubicon. Reyna is proud when Jason informs her that he relinquished his praetorship to Frank, and believes that Frank is exactly the type of person she needs to help command the legion with. She also agrees with him when he states that their first order when they return should be to load Octavian into a catapult and launch him into the ocean.

Initially unsure of what to do to transport the Athena Parthenos back to Camp Half-Blood, she, Nico di Angelo, and Coach Hedge eventually decide to shadow-travel back to Camp Half-Blood at several hundred-mile intervals, with her and Coach Hedge defending Nico from the monsters who will attack the Athena Parthenos as Nico rests himself to shadow-travel again. She, Nico, and Coach Hedge depart for Camp Half-Blood as the Argo II continues its voyage to Greece.

The Blood of Olympus

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Reyna, Nico di Angelo, and Gleeson Hedge shadow travel with the Athena Parthenos to Camp Half-Blood. After an embarrassing incident in Albania, the three end up in the sky above Mount Vesuvius during their next shadow travel. Nico is too weak to travel on his own, so Reyna lended him her strength so they could travel away. They landed in Pompeii. When they landed, Reyna explained to Nico and Hedge how she shared her strength. Reyna also learned about the Lemures of Pompeii and encouraged Nico to rest. While he slept, Reyna was shocked by the raw pain he had inside of him, how he had proven himself in many ways, and he put his mission first, despite the heartache and sadness. She now trusted him after she knew the truth, and had a desire to tuck him in, but she chided herself that he was a comrade, not a little brother.

Coach Hedge encouraged Reyna to sleep, and she told Aurum and Argentum to watch the statue and obey him. Reyna had a dream of Camp Jupiter being destroyed, and was shot in the stomach by an arrow by Orion. Reyna’s dream shifted and saw Octavian with the legion, and found out that Octavian had crowned himself Pontifex Maximus. Reyna saw Octavian reinstate Bryce Lawrence as probatio. Reyna also saw Michael Kahale, a son of Venus, try to defend Reyna, but Octavian shut him down. Reyna was soon woken up by Hedge because of the hordes of tourists and lemures. Reyna wanted to talk about the dreams to Nico and Hedge, but she couldn’t because Nico was asleep. Reyna also felt guilty about being away from the legion as she ate blueberry waffles Hedge made her. As she ate, she promised she would bring Hedge back to Mellie and they also shared concern about Nico.

Reyna went to the bathroom in Pompeii,and was annoyed at how dirty it was. She then walked around the ruins and was horrified of the place, since it hit too close to home for her due to reminding her of ghosts and the dead. She never wanted to even go to Pompeii, due to her trauma. Reyna was also disappointed she didn’t get to see Croatia with Jason. Reyna daydreamed about visiting Croatia with Jason and having romantic walks and picnics together. She accidentally stayed near the dead statues until almost noon, and Reyna worried that they were talking behind her back. The rest of the afternoon was uneventful, she guarded Coach Hedge while he slept and Nico woke up at sunset. Reyna told them about her dreams, and suggested it was a giant. They discussed what to do. Reyna and Hedge wanted to avoid a fight and Nico suggested calling Thalia Grace for help, since as a Hunter, she'd know about the giant's past, and Reyna also suggested calling Hylla. Reyna noticed he seemed on bad terms with her but he denied it, causing her dogs to growl, knowing he lied. She decided not to press him.

As they saw more ghosts appear, they all agreed they had to leave quickly. But they were interrupted when Coach Hedge was possessed by Gaea, telling Reyna she would die in Pompeii with the ghosts. Reyna and her dogs defended themselves against the ghosts made of ash Gaea summoned. Nico couldn't control the ghosts due to the shells, but he used Diocletian's Scepter to get zombies, per Reyna's request. Gaea continued to taunt her, but Reyna knocked the satyr out, getting Gaea out of his body. Reyna's anger took over her when Argentum harmed, with his head twisted and a ruby eye missing. Reyna defended herself by fighting the ghosts with two blades. Finally, Nico's zombies appeared but the scepter exploded and they began to fight Reyna instead, telling her she fought for nothing and the empire was gone. She fought all of them until the zombies collapsed, and Nico yelled at her to go. Before she could, a ghost punched her ribcage. The pain almost made her black out, but she used the last of her strength to leap at Nico and travel away.

They ended up in Portugal, and she had to help rescue Nico who was dangling from the statue from a rope. She and Hedge watched Nico for 36 hours while he slept. When Nico woke, Reyna was sleeping with her dogs at her feet, and Hedge guarded her. Reyna later ate dinner with Nico and Hedge at a cafe, and learned about Nico’s dreams. She also learned that Orion and the wolves were on their way, and she noted Orion never hunted in a pack. She was hopeful the wolves were sent by Lupa to help them, though she was hesitant. Reyna also told them that she didn’t have luck contacting her sister, Hylla. Reyna was concerned for Nico and asked how she could help him, surprising Nico. She reassured him he would succeed and she may get retired leggionaires to help him. They were interrupted when they were attacked by Lycaon, and Reyna’s dogs attacked them while she stabbed a wolf in the neck. They then shadow travelled away.

Reyna and the others landed on an Atlantic cruise ship called the Azores Queen, where she shooed kids off of the statue. They then landed in San Juan, Puerto Rico, her old home, near a restaurant called Barrachina. Reyna was very scared, because her biggest fear was ending up back in San Juan. Reyna also didn’t feel self conscious about wanting to protect Nico anymore, and felt that she had a connection to him, wanting him to feel support. She also saw the phrase, "HTK", and knew it was about her sister. Suddenly, Reyna was shot by an arrow and put unconscious, and couldn’t stop that from happening to Nico and Hedge. Reyna woke up tied to a chair with cords with a sack on her head, but managed to get free. Reyna met the Hunters of Artemis and attacked them, asking for the lieutenant, Thalia Grace, but it turned out that Thalia was right in front of her. Thalia told her about Orion, and the whereabouts of Nico and Hedge. Reyna also told her about Jason. Thalia took her to Hylla, and wished her luck.

Reyna had complicated feelings towards Hylla when she first saw her, sarcastically thanking her for being abducted. Hylla replied that rules were rules but she also enjoyed it. She then explained a few of the Amazons were followers of Hecate, and they helped intercept her shadow travel and bring her to Puerto Rico, protecting her from Orion, and HTK was to try to get her attention. Reyna was angry at her for bringing her to Puerto Rico, but she knew it was to protect her. Hylla and Phoebe then explained why Orion was attacking them, and how he fell in love with Artemis but was rejected. She said they never knew what happened to the giant, since Artemis never spoke of it, only saying he died, but that Zoë Nightshade spent years trying to track him down and kill him. But now he was disrupting the Amazon's plan for world domination and needed to be stopped. Reyna figured out she was the bait to catch Orion and asked how they would proceed with the plan. They explained the plan and promised after he was defeated, Reyna and her friends would be sent out on their blessing. She questioned why they couldn't just use an Amazon boat, but she said the statue wouldn't tolerate being on a boat connected to Ares, but they would help her as much as they could, already repairing her dogs and giving her supplies.

Suddenly, the metal doors behind her exploded and the sisters ran as Naomi, Celyn, and Phoebe were killed by wolves. Reyna wanted to help them but Hylla realized Orion tricked them and turned the ambush into a massacre, and all she could do was hold him off and let her escape. They ran up the stairs and through corridors, with Hylla killing a wolf on the way, into a locker room where she grabbed her weapons. They suddenly arrived in their old home, and Reyna was shocked as to why Hylla would want to live there after everything that happened. She questioned why she would want to come back, and though Hylla wanted to know what happened to their father, Reyna didn't and wanted to leave. Reyna took one last look at her old home and ran after Hylla, and saw Orion in front of them.

Reyna was shocked at how handsome Orion was, and Hylla urged her to go. As he taunted Hylla, telling her he killed her comrades, Reyna told him to not hurt Hylla and to hurt her instead. He taunted Reyna as to why she forfeited her rank to help the Greeks and how Jason scorned her, and Percy refused her. Reyna insisted she didn't define herself by them, but Orion continued taunting her, saying her confidence crumbles around men and that she was attracted to dominance. Hylla tried threatening him more, but Reyna taunted him to keep him focused on her about his allegiance to Gaea. After Hylla was attacked, Reyna continued to taunt him to find his weakness as she tried getting Hylla to restrain herself and Orion taunted her about her past and how the Greeks would never accept her. After Reyna realized he lost the statue, she and Hylla charged Orion, with Reyna stabbing him in the chest. Orion overpowered her, but she was saved by Hylla and they ran away.

Soon, Nico and Coach Hedge came to their aid, with Nico chopping off his nose. Then Thalia found them and urged the trio to go with the statue. Hylla urged her to go with them, and Reyna was devastated, not wanting to leave her, but Thalia convinced her to go. Reyna then was shocked at Nico and Hedge's matching outfits, but Nico told her to not speak of it. She questioned why they returned for her, but they insisted she was part of the team. But Reyna then saw the ghosts of her pasts on the balcony, taunting her about her father, saying it was her fault and she was a murderer and a traitor. Reyna finally broke down, and Nico promised he would get her out of there. Thalia took her arm and the four ran away. Thalia stayed behind and let the trio shadow travel away.

They landed in Buford, South Carolina, where Reyna was mostly silent for two days, and refused to tell Nico about what happened with the ghosts in San Juan. Reyna told Nico and Hedge that it was her fault that they landed there, since their town had a battle with a main general who was a son of Bellona, just like Reyna. Nico encouraged Reyna to talk about San Juan, and Reyna began telling Nico about the ghosts of her family, and in return, learned about Jules-Albert, Nico’s zombie chauffeur, something he never told anyone. Reyna told Nico what happened to her father and cried in guilt, but Nico reassured her, telling her it wasn’t her fault.

Suddenly, Bryce Lawrence interrupted their conversation, and threatened to arrest and kill Reyna for Patricide. Reyna told Bryce that he had no right to arrest her, but he said in times of war, things must be flexible. Redcoats under Bryce’s control seized Reyna, and said he needed to bring Reyna alive for a trial, but not Coach Hedge. Reyna decided to go for the trial, and told Nico he could do what he needed. Bryce threatened Reyna with what Octavian will have planned for her, how her execution will happen, and how he can’t wait for her secret to come out, as he cut her cheek with his pilule. Because of this, Nico’s rage exploded, and he turned Bryce into a ghost as Reyna and Hedge watched in horror, reminding Reyna of what happened to her father. Reyna saw all of Nico’s deepest secrets and found out about him being gay.

Reyna and Hedge took care of Nico for three days as he slept in a shadow coma. At first, Reyna didn’t know what to think, however, Reyna trusted Nico and he lifted some of her burden, and she cared more about him after seeing who he was inside. Reyna and Hedge also arranged Pegasi to carry the statue to camp. When Nico woke up, Reyna told Nico everything that happened, told him that he was her friend and that she trusted him, that he shouldn’t shadow travel anymore, and made him promise to not turn any more people into ghosts. Suddenly, as Reyna told Nico the Pegasi probably wouldn’t come, the Pegasi came to take them to Camp, with Pegasus himself.

Reyna, Hedge, and the Pegasi made it to Camp Half-Blood in the early hours of August 1st, where they landed in the sea on top of a yacht in Long Island Sound. Reyna bowed to Pegasus and thanked him for his service. Hedge translated Pegasus for Reyna, saying that her friendship with Scipio inspired him to save her and her friends, and gave her the title: Horse Friend. Reyna almost cried and thanked Pegasus, as he flew away. Hedge told Reyna she did good, but Reyna still felt guilty for Scipio’s death and suffering. Reyna, Nico, and Hedge then saw a black motorboat coming towards them with Michael Kahale, ordered to arrest Reyna. Reyna was afraid and knew he wouldn’t be easy to fight. The motorboat came towards them and she saw Dakota, Centurion of the Fifth Cohort, and Leila, Centurion of the Fourth Cohort.

Michael told Reyna he was ordered to arrest her, and Reyna asked on what charge. Michael said he didn’t like it more than she did, but he had to. When Hedge started attacking Michael, Reyna told him not to attack. As Octavian yelled at Michael to arrest Reyna and Nico, Tyson and Ella saved them, and Tyson scooped Reyna in his arm. As Tyson almost attacked Dakota and Leila, Reyna told him not to attack, and said they were just following bad orders. Reyna learned that the two Centurion’s were planning to take down Michael. Reyna ordered Tyson and Ella to take Coach Hedge to Camp to see Mellie give birth, told Nico to sabotage the onagers, and Dakota and Leila to delay the attack on Camp Half-Blood. She also told Leila to not hurt Michael. Reyna said her goodbyes to Nico and shook his hand, telling him it was an honor questing with him, and Nico told her she was the strongest demigod he ever met, and he won’t let her down.

When everyone left, Reyna broke down in tears in Blackjack's mane, and prayed to her mother, Bellona. Suddenly, Orion appeared in the distance and shot an explosive arrow onto her foot, which would explode in 5 minutes, and pulling it out would make it explode immediately. Another arrow went on Blackjack. Reyna asked Orion what happened to her sister, and she learned she and Thalia were alive. Reyna and Orion talked as the timer went down, with Reyna strangely calm, defending her mother, even after Orion appeared. Reyna even thanked the Athena Parthenos, saying it was an honor being with it. Reyna threw her knife and it pierced Orion’s chest. Reyna fell on her arrow to protect the Pegasi, she was unscathed, and realized Athena had given her a piece of her cloak to protect her, what she does to her chosen heroes. Orion pulled the knife from his chest, and threw it at Reyna, but it shattered on impact with her cloak. Bellona then gave Reyna power, in return for the strength she had lent to people over the years. Reyna used her cloak as a rope and hung it around Orion’s neck, and drowned him to death in the water.

Reyna brought the Athena Parthenos to Camp Half-Blood, and returned the statue to the Greeks as a gesture of peace, with the help of Pegasi, Blackjack, and six Roman eagles circling her. Reyna told the Romans to stand together with the Greeks, and Nico told everyone to listen to her, regaining control of the legion. Gaea suddenly awoke and spoke to everyone, and Reyna yelled to close ranks, making the Romans and Greeks stand together. When the Seven arrived, Reyna happily addressed Piper and said it was about time she joined them, and after Piper said she had giants to kill, she told her to help herself to some barbarians. They then charged into battle, side by side. She also ordered flaming arrows be shot at a bunch of ogres. After she saw Frank, they addressed each other and commanded the legion.

After the battle, Reyna, Piper, and Annabeth became inseparable as they helped the two camps get along, where she valued Piper’s skills as a go-between for conflicts. Guido also adopted Reyna as her human. She and Frank promoted Hazel to Centurion. Reyna stayed at Camp Half-Blood for a few days with the other Romans, camping out in the Strawberry Fields. Due to Percy and Annabeth's efforts, Reyna allowed them to go to college in New Rome after they were done high school and after they graduated from college, they could live out the rest of their lives in New Rome. Reyna also offered Nico to stay at New Rome, but he declined.

One night, she and Frank addressed the greeks at the campfire. She thanked the Greeks for their hospitality since they almost killed them, and Annabeth corrected her, saying she almost got killed, so she responded "Whatever, Chase" causing the entire crowd to burst out in laughter. She promised a new era of friendship between the camps and said cooperation is better than separation. She promised they would still fight a lot of battles, but for now on they would fight together, and they would have lots of parties. She thanked them once again for choosing cooperation and friendship instead of hatred and war. Reyna then pulled Nico out of the shadows into the firelight, and said they have two homes now, and gave him a big hug. The crowd cheered, and Nico didn’t pull away, and blinked the tears from his eyes.

The day Reyna left, Reyna and Piper had one last conversation at the dock. Piper told Reyna that she did so much for both camps and wished she got more credit, and that without her, nothing they did would have been possible. Reyna laughed and thanked Piper, but said she didn't want attention, and that she knew what that was like. Piper understood that she didn't want to attract attention, after being a daughter of a movie star. Piper also told her she could sense that she could lend strength to others. Reyna was skeptical and wondered if Nico told her, but Piper said it was because she can sense it and see how much it drains her. After Piper asked her how she gets her strength back, Reyna joked that when she does, she will let her know, but Piper could sense sadness behind the words. Piper offered that if she needed time to take a break or get away, she can come to Camp Half-Blood and it would be good for her to take time for herself. Piper also joked that they would have to ban her from capture the flag because she could beat the entire camp solo. Reyna thanked Piper and said she would consider the offer.

Before Reyna left, she asked Piper to explain something that Venus told her, since she was her daughter. Reyna told her what Venus told her in Charleston, and her words broke as she said how much she struggled with that. Piper became mad at her mother since she keeps ruining lives. Piper then tells her that she didn't know what she meant, but she knows that Reyna is an incredible person and that there is someone out there for her, and maybe it’s not a demigod or it is a mortal. Piper said that until then she has friends, and that even though she gives strength from others, she needs to draw from it once and awhile, and she is here for her. Reyna said that she had a way with words, and Piper promised she wasn't charmspeaking. Reyna said no charmspeak was required and held out her hand to shake it. They shook hands and Reyna said she has a feeling she would see her again, and a Piper knew, because she was her friend and family now. She then returned to Camp Jupiter with the others.

Between the Series

Camp Jupiter Classified: A Probatio's Journal

As she is in her office, Claudia, a Probatio in the Fourth Cohort, emerges from a passage way into a aqueduct saying she was lost and shows her a full trash bag. The daughter of Bellona then tells her to leave.

About a week later she and Frank break up a fight between the first and third cohorts after a couple from the first broke into the Bathhouse for a date to find it filled with dead rats and accused the lifeguard, from the third who had a crush on the girl, of putting them there. They listened to both sides and had both clean up the dead rats. The following day she and Frank cancel the afternoon march to investigate the decompostible bags after they break and animal droppings rain down on the camp. That night during the gladiator matches, the Colosseum floods and she, Frank, and the centurions investigate who the culprit is. The following day after the camp is called to assemble and are ambushed by the ballistas on the watch tower and the camp’s supplies of Ambrosia and Nectar vanished. She and Frank investigative the incidents. After going over the evidence they deduce that Claudia is behind everything and she wants to bring the legacy of Mercury before the Senate but Frank convinces the daughter of Bellona to wait until they have sufficient evidence. A day or two later she tails the legacy of Mercury and reveals herself to Claudia as she sneaks into the aviary. She asks Claudia why she should not arrest her right then and their and she says she has information concerning the fate of camp. When she finds the son of Mars, Blaise and Janice tell them everything and they hear Claudia out. When Frank asks if others are involved she has them come in and she complaints the probatio’s loyalty and approves the plan, only substituting Aquila with Frank.

The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle

Nico mentions the daughter of Bellona, saying that she and Frank are busy running the Twelfth Legion Fulminata and Camp Jupiter.

The Dark Prophecy

Leo mentions her when wondering how the Romans will react to him.

The Burning Maze

She is revealed to help Apollo escape death if she can open the doorway of the soundless god, Leo also mentions that Reyna survived Caligula’s attack on Camp Jupiter.

The Tyrant's Tomb

Reyna and Frank Zhang greet Apollo and Meg McCaffrey as they bring Jason’s coffin to camp with Hazel Levesque, Lavinia Asimov, and Don. After learning of Jason‘s sacrifice, she and Frank announce a state funeral and to complete Jason’s plans for Temple Hill by the weekend. The two allow Apollo and Meg to stay as guests.

During Jason’s funeral, she encourages Apollo to perform the funeral rites. As they are able to light the pyre, Lupa arrives and asks to speak to Apollo alone. When he returns he says he will tell her and Frank about at the Senate meeting the following day.

As she takes roll call at the senate house, she calls out Lavinia for talking while she is and chewing gum. After hearing that they can call the gods for help if they find Tarquin's tomb, she and Frank approve a quest.

The following day, she and Frank learn that in order to have the gods help them, they need to sacrifice one and inform Meg and Apollo. They specify that it has to be the soundless god, and Apollo theorizes that he is blacking out communications between demigods. She suggests a senate meeting, but Frank uses emergency powers to send her, Meg, and Apollo to find the soundless god.

Apollo meets her and Meg just outside camp when Hazel and Frank pull up in a red pickup truck that she drives to Sutro Tower. She talks fondly about Thalia Grace and the Hunters of Artemis along the way. When they arrive and hike up to the tower, she asks Apollo why he acts strange around her. He tells her what Venus told him and suggests they start dating, she laughs and rejects him. When they reach the base she and her dogs inspect the station and find it abandoned. She, Apollo, and Meg start to climb the tower and are attacked by a conspiracy of ravens as they near the second platform. She and Meg scold Apollo for punishing them for telling him that his pregnant girlfriend was cheating on him and having her killed. When Apollo scares them away by singing Dean Martin as badly as he can, they continue. When they reach the platform, they find a shipping container that cancels out all sound close to it. Apollo finds out it is the Ptolemic god, Harpocrates, and that he wants Apollo vaporized. She and Meg chastise Apollo for bullying him and think of ways to open the door. She uses her empowerment ability to allow Apollo to rip through the chains, and it succeeds. The three collapse when Harpocrates show them his memories of Apollo bullying him, in response, she shows him her memories of the recent battle. Apollo tells her and Meg to destroy the fasces, ceremonial axes used to represent status, of Commodus and Caligula to both free the silence god and weaken the emperors. When they do Harpocrates tries to vaporize Apollo but they saved him by showing memories of how much he changed. After the silence god and The Oracle of Cumae leave the world, the three hear the ravens returning.

They fight them off, with a raven giving her a bald spot, and notice it is sunset and that the emperors have reached San Francisco Bay. Meg creates a beanstalk to get down faster, but she passes out and Reyna and Apollo carry the daughter of Demeter to the truck and hit traffic. Reyna and Apollo talk about him forming a consciousness and asks him to contact Frank via a scroll in the glove compartment. They succeed and find the son of Mars in Caldecott Tunnel preparing something with the legion before they lose connection. They soon hit a roadblock and the daughter of Bellona drives through. Meg wakes up just as an Eurynomos attacks and Reyna has her and Apollo drive for her. When she stabs it, Apollo feels pain and swerves off the road. She is next seen with a broken leg and grimacing in pain with Aurum and Argentum guarding her. When Lavinia Asimov arrives with a group of nature spirits who splinted her leg, Reyna scolds Lavinia for desertion. She tries to sit up, but is in pain and is eased down again. She is then knocked out with nature magic before she can say more and carried away when they leave. According to Lavinia, she woke up just in time to provide Lavinia's crew with the power of Bellona in order to invade Caligula's yachts.

After the battle, she hobbles over on crutches to confirm Lavinia destroying the Julia Drusilla Yachts was her idea.

After the mass funeral a few days later she walks up to Apollo and Thalia Grace, asking Apollo to walk with her to the Senate House and tells the daughter of Zeus she accepts her offer. As they walk she says that she has always been pressured into being in a relationship and what Venus said really upset her, and that Apollo’s proposal made her realize this. At the senate meeting, she resigns from the legion to join the Hunters of Artemis and agrees to have Hazel Levesque to take her place.

In the morning she and Thalia say their goodbyes to Apollo and Meg before setting out to find the Teumessian Fox.

The Tower of Nero

After becoming a god again, Apollo visits the Waystation where Reyna and the Hunters of Artemis are having just finished yet another unsuccessful hunt for the Teumessian Fox and taken a beating in the process. Reyna tells Apollo that she has no regrets at all about joining the Hunters and Thalia Grace states that Reyna makes a great Hunter just as Thalia knew she would.

Later, Reyna passes by as Apollo in talking to Leo Valdez about Calypso. Reyna comments that she had to correct Leo on some of his behavior towards Calypso and about having more respect towards women. Reyna tells Apollo that Leo grew up without a mom and so never learned these things, but he now has two foster moms and a big sister who isn't afraid to smack him when he gets out of line. Reyna flicks Leo in the cheek and tells him to cheer up that Calypso will come around because Leo is a doofus sometimes, but has a heart of Imperial gold.


Reyna is a very strong-willed person. She is very strict with the members of the Twelfth Legion and doesn't like to be questioned. However, the reason she is so strict is because she is determined to protect her family after what happened on C.C.'s Spa and Resort. Because of her past, she does her best to be stoic, doesn't show any signs of weakness around others, and keeps up her mature public image to keep up the moral of the camp. She feels that if she ever appears nervous or scared, her emotions will cause the camp to worry as well. Hence, even though she was very much changed by the Giant War at the end of The Blood of Olympus, her exterior doesn't show it, according to Piper McLean.

Reyna is distrustful and dubious of new people or people she feels aren't honest with her, though she becomes slightly more relaxed and friendly with people she trusts and cares about. After Percy tells her his story and her dogs don't attack him (as he didn't lie), she tells him about her past and that she is worried about her sister. However, as Leo notes, Reyna isn't known for being a forgiving person, as she still dislikes him with a fierce passion, even though he didn't intentionally attack Camp Jupiter, though she eventually forgave him for it.

When Jason returns to Camp Jupiter with his girlfriend Piper McLean, this hurts Reyna, but she does her best not show it. It isn't until the Argo II fires on Camp Jupiter that Reyna starts to lose hope. Jason, the hero Reyna had a crush on for years, fell in love with a different girl at another camp. Having felt betrayed by Jason, leading the camp by herself again, Reyna lost hope that anything could go right for her ever again and felt utterly alone. Outwardly, she still projects the image of a confident, fearless leader; internally, she is tired and weary, as noted by Jason during his vision of her meeting with Rachel and Grover. Despite her internal feelings, she still musters the courage to travel across the Mare Nostrum to meet with Jason and the Argo II. Then retrieve the Athena Parthenos to save both Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood, while sacrificing her pegasus Scipio and potentially sacrificing her rank as well for the good of both camps.

Reyna has a softer side as well, and hates to see others experience internal turmoil, and was therefore determined to support Nico throughout their journey together, after feeling his tremendous internal pain. She is also very accepting of others, and, much to Nico's surprise, Reyna, while very surprised, doesn't judge him after finding out about his crush on Percy and seeing a horrifying display of Nico's rage. Reyna's unconditional acceptance was what most likely gave Nico the courage to finally come out to a very surprised Percy and Annabeth shortly thereafter. She also makes sure to acknowledge his role in saving both camps after Gaea's defeat, which helps Nico finally become accepted by them properly. She also shows to have a sense of humor from time-to-time.

She hates people using her full name - "Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano". Jason said it once trying to pronounce it and Reyna shot him a murderous look.[1] She feels as if she left that name behind when she left Puerto Rico as a young girl, as it brings back too many unpleasant memories pertaining to her abusive father.

Despite showing herself as a cold and unfriendly person, Reyna is extremely selfless, caring, loving, and compassionate, like caring deeply about and comforting Nico and her people. She is often seen putting her people's needs before her own, always being willing to put her life on the line for others, sparing Annabeth and allowing her to escape, crossing the Mediterranean Sea alone to help the Seven, jumping on Orion's bomb to protect the Pegasi, Athena Parthenos, and passengers on the boat, lending her strength to others despite the pain and stress it puts on her, accepting people of any past experiences or sexuality, and always putting other people before herself. Pegesus even states he was touched by Reyna's compassion towards her pegasus, Scipio. Reyna is also a very brave and courageous character, as stated by many characters and shown through her noble and heroic feats and even gaining the blessings of two war goddesses, something no other character has ever accomplished. She's also intelligent, inventive, and quick-witted as shown by her knowledge of mythology, expertise with leading a city, and when she taped silver coins to her sword when confronted by Lycaon and his wolf pack. She was also able to cross the Mediterranean Sea in only three days with nothing but the armor on her back and her Pegasus while the Seven took weeks to do so with the Argo II.


Percy describes Reyna in The Son of Neptune as being about sixteen, with piercing black eyes, glossy black hair worn in a single braid, and brown skin. She is often described as having a regal and gorgeously beautiful appearance of Puerto Rican descent and described as having a gaze as if she could take on any challenge. Percy noticed that the worry lines around her eyes made her look older than she probably was, he also describes her as having the 'poise of a sword fighter', relaxed yet vigilant as if she was ready to spring into action at any moment. Like all the demigods in Camp Jupiter, she has SPQR branded on her forearm with four bar lines and a crossed sword and torch, the symbol of her mother Bellona. Being a praetor, Reyna wears a regal purple toga decorated with gold medals over her own Imperial Gold armor, which she wears regularly. In The Blood of Olympus, when Athena gifts her with a portion of her own Aegis, Reyna's purple cloak glitters "as if woven through with filaments of Imperial Gold."

In The Tyrant's Tomb, Apollo says that Reyna is beautiful and imposing and has eyes as piercing as an eagle's. She wears a ponytail swept over her shoulder like a horsewhip. She is even so beautiful that Apollo stops dead in his tracks and is shocked at how beautiful she is. Once she becomes a Hunter of Artemis, she gains the natural silver aura and eternal youth. She is also described as a tall, intimidating, and authoritative young woman with a powerful aura. She often wears her Aegis cloak in a sweater wrap that it can transform into and wears armor as normally as someone wearing t-shirt and shorts.


  • ADHD: Like most demigods, Reyna possesses inborn supernatural battle reflexes and senses that she uses to analyze the fighting style of her opponent.
  • Dyslexia: Reyna may be dyslexic, which makes her brain "hardwired" for Latin instead of modern languages.
  • Spanish: Reyna can fluently converse in Spanish, being Puerto Rican by birth.
  • Fighting Skills: As a daughter of Bellona, Reyna is naturally skilled in swordsmanship and in hand-to-hand combat. She is very proficient in fighting with her spear and knife and was able to hold her own against the Giant Polybotes, though with the help of Scipio. Reyna was skilled enough to fight off all the monsters across the Atlantic to the journey to the Mare Nostrum. From her time with pirates, Reyna noted that she learned several tricks from them, including fighting with two weapons when fending of an army of earthen ghosts. Her skill is such, that she was able to incapacitate Thalia Grace even while tied to a chair. When aided by the power of Athena and Bellona, Reyna ultimately defeated the very formidable Giant Orion. She has shown that she is skilled with a sword, a javelin, a dagger, and an expert in hand-to-hand combat. She is a prodigious sword-fighter and combatant.
  • Superhuman Strength: Being a demigod, Reyna is stronger than the average mortal as shown when she knocked aside Lycaon's overgrown wolves with ease with her knife.
  • Superhuman Agility: Being a demigod, Reyna is more agile than the average mortal as shown when she used her javelin to launch herself up like a pole-vaulter with ease, and flipped around Orion's bow.
  • Superhuman Durability: Being a demigod, Reyna is more durable than the average mortal as shown when she survived many monster attacks during her trip across the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Being a demigod, Reyna has a higher stamina than the average mortal as shown when she was able to go three days without rest and while constantly hit by monster attacks during her trip across the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Being a demigod and a daughter of a war goddess, Reyna's reflexes are faster than an average mortal, being able to fight off many monsters with two weapons and use her javelin as a pole vault.
  • Intelligence: Reyna is shown to have a higher than average intelligence, leading New Rome and the Twelfth Legion by herself for months, taping silver coins to her sword with fighting against wolves who are resistant to all metals except silver, and making many strategies for Camp Jupiter and the Twelfth Legion.
  • Leadership: Reyna has shown prodigious leadership skills as the former Praetor of New Rome and being able to lead her people for eight months alone when Jason went missing. Throughout this, no one but Octavian has ever questioned or insulted Reyna's leadership skills, wanted another leader, or wavered to their loyalty, even after she was stripped of her role as Praetor by crossing the Mare Nostrum. Reyna is a prominent leader as Camp Jupiter and New Rome never wavered, fell, or failed under her rule, nor has she.
  • Willpower: Reyna has an immense will-power shown when she was able to go three days with no rest and against many monster attacks, put her Pegasus out of his misery after he was attacked by gryphons, go months working a two-person job alone without wavering, always put on the face of a confident, brave leader despite how tired and weary she was inside, and always push forward without complaint and little rest.

  • Telumkinesis: As a daughter of Bellona, Reyna is a natural weapons expert, understanding how to use weapons faster than most other demigods, and has a degree of magical control over them.
  • Odikinesis: As a daughter of Bellona, Reyna has control and influence over the emotions of war, such as anger, hatred, fear, and panic.
  • Necromancy (limited): As a daughter of Bellona, Reyna can summon the losing undead soldiers from any war. Being in the rank of Praetor, Reyna can control dead ghosts and skeletons of ancient Roman Legionnaires, as shown in The Blood of Olympus when she used them to help her, Nico, and Coach Hedge fending off earthen ghosts.
  • Empowerment: Reyna can share her strength and courage with others, as she does multiple times with Nico di Angelo in The Blood of Olympus. But she does not like to do so, since Reyna feels they will think that she is controlling them. It is more effective in large groups, being best described as "strength in numbers". As a side-effect, she feels any emotions of those she grants strength to. Her tattoo glows and burns when she uses this ability.

  • As one of the Hunters of Artemis, Reyna has the following abilities.

    • Enhanced Physiology: Reyna is naturally slightly stronger and faster than a regular demigod.
    • Zoolingualism: Reyna can communicate with animals loyal to Artemis, such as wolves, hawks, and does.
    • Huntress Immortality: Reyna became one of Artemis' Hunters in the end of The Tyrant's Tomb, and as a result she is immortal, unless she falls in battle, chooses to leave, or falls in love.
      • Agelessness: Due to being a hunter of Artemis, the daughter of Bellona will never age as long as she is part of the Hunt.
      • Disease Immunity: As a Hunter of Artemis, Reyna is immune to disease.

    Magical Items

    • Spear-Sword: Reyna has an imperial Gold spear as shown during the battle at Camp Jupiter and the Camp Jupiter brochure. It can alternate its form between a spear and a sword, at Reyna's will, much like Ivlivs. Since Ivlivs belonged to Jason Grace, former praetor, it is possible that all praetors have a weapon like this.
    • Dagger: Reyna also has an Imperial Gold dagger that she shows Percy.
    • Silver Pocket Knife : A silver pocket knife which Reyna keeps at all times, in case of being attacked by lycanthropes.
    • Roman Legionnaire Armor: Reyna wears standard legionnaire armor.
    • Satchel: A satchel from the Hunters of Artemis, gifted to Reyna by the Hunter Phoebe. It contains healing potions, tranquilizer darts and a highly portable, well furnished tent.
    • Aegis Cloak: When Reyna proves her immense bravery against the Giant Orion, Athena enchants her regular cloak with invulnerability, making it glitter with power.

    Magical Pets/Companions

    • Aurum: Reyna's gold automaton guard dog that appears whenever Reyna wishes to see if someone is lying.
    • Argentum: Reyna's silver automaton guard dog that appears whenever Reyna wishes to see if someone is lying.
    • Scipio: Reyna's pegasus that she rides in the battle at Camp Jupiter. It is nicknamed Skippy by the campers due to it being the same color as peanut butter. Scipio gets critically injured after a wild Gryphon attack in the House of Hades and Reyna had to kill the Pegasus to put him out of his misery.
    • Guido: After being named Horse Friend by Lord Pegasus, his son Guido "adopts" Reyna.


    Love Interests

    Annabeth wondered how Jason could be so dense. Was it possible he really didn’t understand how much Reyna liked him? It was obvious enough to Annabeth. Asking to show his new girlfriend around Reyna’s city was rubbing salt in a wound

    –Annabeth about Reyna's feelings for Jason in The Mark of Athena.

    Jason, her former co- praetor, main love interest, and best friend.

    Reyna and Jason have known each other at Camp Jupiter since Reyna was twelve. Reyna and Jason became very good friends, and Reyna developed a huge crush on Jason and thought of him as an All-American boy, which Jason was oblivious to. Reyna and Jason bonded over Diocletian and liked to talk about him and wanted to see Dalmatia someday. When Reyna was 14, they went on a quest to Charleston to salvage Imperial gold weapons from the CSS Hunley, and Reyna saw Venus, who told her that no demigod would heal her heart. Because of this, Reyna began acting distant from Jason and never told him what happened, and though she was broken and needed romantic healing. The two kept secrets from each other, with Jason not telling her about Thalia Grace and Reyna not telling him about her father. Jason was the only one who knew her last name. However, Reyna hated when he said it and told him she didn't want to use her last name anymore. The two ended up being co-praetors for a few months, and during that time, Reyna believed they had a romantic future together. Before Jason went missing, Reyna was the last person Jason talked to privately.

    In The Lost Hero, Jason remembered Reyna as one of his friends who were there when he became Praetor. He began questioning how he felt about Piper and wondered if he was doing something wrong.

    In The Son of Neptune, Reyna missed Jason a lot. After Jason's 8 month disappearance, Hazel said the Romans were searching for him and have not given up. Reyna grimaced at Hazel's statement. Percy realized that Reyna had strong feelings for Jason and considered him to be more than a colleague. Percy (who can be dense about romance) noticed Reyna's feelings for Jason on multiple occasions. When Reyna had a private conversation with Percy, she had spoken very highly of Jason. Percy heard about him so much, and he asked Reyna if she was dating Jason. Reyna said they might've been together, and she believed that a romantic relationship would form between her and Jason with more time. Reyna really liked Jason as a praetor and wanted a warrior like him to rule Camp with her. When the Argo II arrived at Camp, Reyna's expression turned wistful. Reyna said she hoped Jason was there and that she missed him.

    In The Mark of Athena, it is said that Jason described Reyna to his crewmates on the Argo II. Reyna was very happy to see Jason return to Camp Jupiter safely and called him her "colleague." Annabeth noticed that Reyna spoke the word colleague like it was dangerous, implying that Reyna viewed Jason to be more than a colleague. Jason introduced Reyna to Annabeth, Leo, and Piper. Reyna was very excited to have a proper reunion with Jason. When Reyna turned towards Jason, Annabeth noticed that Reyna had a "hungry sort of gleam" in her eyes. When the group decided to eat together, Reyna sat with Jason and his friends. However, Reyna realized that Jason and Piper were a couple and looked back and forth between them with her brow creased. Reyna was deeply saddened to see Jason's relationship with Piper, and her eyes became stormy, reflecting Reyna's pain. But Jason was oblivious to Reyna's jealousy and even asked her if he could show Piper around New Rome. Annabeth thought Jason was dense for not realizing "how much Reyna liked him." Annabeth recognized that Reyna was really hurt to see Jason give Piper a tour around New Rome. Annabeth compared Reyna's pain to rubbing salt on an open wound. Eventually, Reyna let Jason give Piper a tour of New Rome. But Reyna had a hardened expression, and her tone towards Jason was cold. Later on, Reyna spoke with Annabeth privately and confided that Jason changed. In Reyna's eyes, Jason was not quite Roman anymore, and Reyna's voice sounded like broken glass. Annabeth, who had "spent her whole life learning to read people," sensed that Reyna wanted Jason to "love her." Also, Piper admired Reyna for keeping her emotions in control and not being too upset about Jason. Piper didn't blame Reyna for having a crush on Jason and understood her reasons. Reyna admires Jason for his personality. Reyna looked up to Jason because he always followed the rules, was a leader, and tried to be a role model for other campers. At his core, Jason is a Roman, which is one of the reasons why Reyna was attracted to him.

    After leaving Camp Jupiter, Jason wanted to contact Reyna and tell her what happened, thinking she would believe them. He even encouraged Piper to try, which made Annabeth and Hazel cringe at how oblivious he was to her feelings for him. Jason later confessed to Piper that he never had feelings for Reyna or felt that way towards her and wouldn't abandon Piper for Reyna at Camp Jupiter. However, Jason trusted Reyna and hoped that she would still be on his side. Jason believed that Reyna could slow the Romans down.

    Reyna later confronted Annabeth in Fort Sumter. Annabeth noticed that Reyna's expression looked the same when she found out Jason was with Piper. After feeling betrayed by Jason. Reyna was very bitter, hurt, and too alone and believed nothing would go right for her again.

    In The House of Hades, Jason saw Reyna in a dream and felt guilty for making her believe they had a future together, and even though he wasn't in love with her or led her on, he hadn't shut her down. Jason had no feelings towards Reyna other than friendship, and every time he heard Reyna's name, all he could think about was Piper, making him wonder if she was working Aphrodite magic on him. He also felt guilty for going missing and leaving her alone to rule Camp Jupiter. Jason also felt guilty that he would rather be at Camp Half-Blood with Piper and Leo than rule Camp Jupiter with Reyna. He thought she was a good person and felt like he was turning his back on her. Reyna ended up going on Scipio and went across the Atlantic to find Jason at Dalmatia due to a promise they made to each other when they were young. Jason was amazed that Reyna would journey across the Atlantic Ocean alone, and didn't know if it was terrifying or awe-inspiring, and knew if anyone could make it across the Ocean, she could. Jason told his crewmates about Reyna and left a note for her in Split of their route to Epirus. Reyna ended up finding it and reuniting with the crew. When Reyna and Jason reunited, Jason bragged to Reyna about how great Frank Zhang was. Reyna also accepted that Jason had stepped down as Praetor.

    Also, later in the journey, Jason is aware of Reyna's romantic feelings for him. He hesitates when speaking about Reyna because he doesn't want to make Piper jealous.

    In The Blood of Olympus, Jason learned about Orion from Beryl Grace and wanted to warn her, Nico, and Hedge. Jason was very grateful for Reyna delivering the Athena Parthenos to Camp half-blood and knew she did so much for them. Jason was also glad when Piper asked about Reyna's health. It is also revealed that Jason said good things about Reyna to Thalia (his older sister). As for Reyna, she was upset because she did not see Jason in Dalmatia. Reyna daydreamed about visiting the palace in Split alongside Jason to admire their favorite emperor's home. Reyna pictured having romantic walks with Jason through the old city and having sunset picnics together on the parapets. When Reyna met with Thalia, she was distracted by her electric blue eyes because they reminded her of Jason. Reyna also felt insecure about being rejected and humiliated by Jason, which Orion used to taunt her. By the end of the book, Reyna stops having feelings for Jason and let go of her jealousy towards Piper. When the Argo II arrived, Reyna addressed Piper, not Jason.

    In The Tyrant's Tomb, Reyna finds out about Jason's death and felt anguish. Reyna and Frank agreed to make Jason's dream of building the temples for all the gods a reality and held a funeral for him. Reyna looked tired and weary a few days later at the funeral and looked like she had spent the last few hours crying in private and pulled herself together. Apollo also describes Reyna's eyes to look like "empty wells" during Jason's funeral. Reyna attended and walked in front of Jason's funeral procession. She also tried to notify Thalia about the funeral and wished she was there to honor his death. Reyna was very grateful for Jason's sacrifice and called it the ultimate sacrifice. In a conversation with Apollo, Reyna realized that she felt pressured to find a romantic partner. Reyna initially believed that she was "broken" after her conversation with Aphrodite. Many people were also trying to tell Reyna what to do about her love life which added more pressure. Reyna did care for Jason romantically and believed they had a future together. But after Jason's death, Reyna realized that she didn't need someone else to be happy, which played a role in her decision to join the Hunters.

    Jason...Percy couldn't go very far in this camp without hearing that name. The way you talk about him...Percy said, were you two a couple?

    –Percy noticing Reyna's feelings for Jason Grace, in The Son of Neptune.

    Percy, her former co-praetor and brief romantic interest.

    Though Reyna and Percy first formally met in The Son of Neptune, they actually met in The Sea of Monsters on C.C.'s Spa and Resort, where after Annabeth and Percy freed the pirates, they took over the resort and kidnapped Reyna and her sister, Hylla Ramírez-Arellano. Reyna got over her grudge over time, but Hylla never did.

    Percy and Reyna formally met when Percy carried Juno to Camp Jupiter. Reyna was wary of Percy and studied him carefully, giving Percy the idea that she wanted to run him through her dagger. Percy asked if he knew her and Reyna introduced herself, and said she didn't, but she could tell from her eyes that they have met before. Reyna decided to question him in the principia before bringing him to Octavian, and said he was either a new recruit or if he brought an enemy to kill. Percy was scared of Reyna and was even more scared of her greyhounds, Aurum and Argentum, but she reassured him that they won't attack. Percy told Reyna what he remembered and she believed him, except for the fact that he had no memory. But she slightly warmed up to Percy when she said that children of Neptune have a powerful smell, and Percy said that he had been told he smells, making Reyna crack a smile. Reyna decided to believe Percy was telling the truth after her dogs didn't eat him. Since Percy came from outside the camp, Hazel asked if he met their missing praetor Jason Grace. Hazel said the Romans were searching for Jason and have not given up after his disappearance. Reyna grimaced at Hazel's statement, which made Percy realize that Reyna considered Jason to be more than a colleague, and she had strong feelings for him. Reyna wished him luck in the auguries and suggested that they compare notes on his past.

    Reyna welcomed Percy into the Fifth Cohort after his auguries were favorable, but looked at him with pity since he was in the worst cohort. Percy also sympathized for Reyna and could tell how much Octavian bugged her and tried to ruin things for her. After the senate meeting, Reyna wanted to talk to Percy in private. Reyna vented about how much she hated Octavian, Percy understood and Reyna said he was smarter than he looked. Reyna then asked Percy if he remembered her or Hylla, and when Percy said he didn't, and Reyna explained how he and Annabeth destroyed their home when she was young. Percy said he didn't remember and Reyna decided that he was sincere. Reyna believed the gods sent Percy to make up for the loss of Jason and save her home. Reyna spoke very highly of Jason, which made Percy ask if they were a couple. Reyna said they might've been and that if she were given more time with Jason, a romantic relationship would have formed. Reyna said she wants to work with a Praetor that is an honest warrior like Jason. Since Percy reminded Reyna of Jason, she offered him the praetorship. Reyna admitted that a son of Neptune wouldn't be her first choice, but she prefers Percy over Octavian (a schemer), Hazel, and Frank. Reyna tells Percy that she wants to work with him to save her camp. Reyna says that together, they can save the legion, close the doors of death, and defeat Gaea. Reyna tells Percy during this time; she would be a helpful friend. Percy realized she was asking him out and said that he had a girlfriend, and didn't want power, and Reyna inquired that it wasn't very Roman of him. Reyna confided in Percy about how Polybotes was marching towards camp and asked him to find Hylla to ask her to help them, which Percy agreed to. After their conversation ended, Percy noticed that Reyna was extremely desperate to save Camp Jupiter. Reyna knew that she couldn't do this alone and grasped at anything that could help the legion. Percy understood why Reyna would ask him for help after seeing visions of Polybote's army. Percy apologized again before he left, and Reyna said that apologies weren't very Roman, and that she hoped he would consider her offer.

    Percy ended up getting Hylla to help camp, and Reyna was overjoyed, and gave Percy a look that said "I could hug you right now". After Percy and Terminus defeated Polybotes, she chanted "Praetor! Praetor!" along with the rest of the camp and grasped Percy's hand, and held it up in congratulations. At the Feast of Fortuna, Reyna honored Percy and said that their destinies were made possible by Percy's deeds, then made him praetor, saying he earned his praetor's cloak. Reyna trusted Percy enough to believe him when he told her that he was a Greek demigod, Jason was coming back, and that the Greek gods were still around, and told the legion to trust him. When Percy told Reyna that Jason was returning, Reyna hoped that was true and said she missed Jason.

    In The Mark of Athena, Reyna was slightly jealous of Annabeth due to her relationship with Percy. Reyna tells Annabeth that Percy spoke highly of her, which made Annabeth realize that she tried to make moves on Percy. Reyna didn't want Percy to show Annabeth around New Rome, and told him not to. Annabeth thought Reyna did this because Jason and Percy rejected her, but also suspected that Reyna knew about the Mark of Athena and wanted to speak to Annabeth privately.

    In The House of Hades, Percy and Reyna met again in Epirus after Percy came back from Tartarus. Percy felt sorry for Reyna after she lost Scipio, and figured she had lost too much already. Percy was very impressed with Reyna for her deeds and couldn't help smiling and complimented her for it, saying she was being too modest and what she did was pretty heroic. Reyna complimented Percy in return, for going to Tartarus and back, but joked that without Annabeth, Percy wouldn't find his way out of a paper bag, making everyone laugh. In The Blood of Olympus, it is revealed that she felt insecure about Percy rejecting her, as told by Orion when he taunted her. By the end of the book, Reyna was over her brief crush on Percy, and told him and Annabeth that they can stay in New Rome when they finished high school as long as they like and go to New Rome University.

    Octavian, her rival and enemy.

    As seen in The Son of Neptune, Reyna does not have a good relationship with the legacy of Apollo as Octavian always tries to put her down. She is also shown to be annoyed by Octavian constantly questioning her authority and as Percy put it, when he is in front of the Senate he becomes the powerful one. Whenever the Senate approved of her he would try to make it appear as if the idea was his, much to her annoyance. Otherwise, she treats him equally and with respect.

    However, in The House of Hades, Reyna is furious when she learns that Octavian has disobeyed her orders as Praetor and has ordered the Legion to attack Camp Half-Blood with multiple onagers. This outrage is displayed by her agreement with Frank Zhang to load Octavian into a catapult and launch him as far away as possible as their first official act as Co-Praetors. Hence, Reyna does not mourn the death of Octavian at all during the end of The Blood of Olympus.

    In The Tyrant's Tomb, Reyna felt pressured to partner up with someone romantically due to people's expectations of her. After being betrayed by Jason and leading the camp by herself, the daughter of Bellona, much to her horror, mentions that she briefly considered Octavian a romantic partner.


    Julian is Reyna and Hylla's father, who was reduced to a mania and vaporized by Reyna. Reyna often feels guilty about this fact. She is often taunted by ghosts for this, as seen in San Juan, as patricide is one of the worst crimes a Roman can commit.

    Bellona, her mother.

    While she has never met the war goddess, the daughter of Bellona has an undying respect for her mother. During her fight with Orion in the Long Island Sound, Bellona gave the praetor the strength to defeat the giant.

    Hylla Ramirez-Arellano, her elder sister.

    Reyna has a somewhat a difficult relationship with her sister Hylla, queen of the Amazons. They parted ways several years ago, when Hylla joined the Amazons and Reyna the Twelfth Legion.

    When they met again in San Juan, she was angry that Hylla kidnapped her but glad to see her. When the fighting broke out and the queen asked her to leave, she was hesitant and feared Hylla would die.

    They often disagree, but still love each other very much, despite their many differences.

    Since she joined the Hunters of Artemis, all of the hunters are now her adoptive sisters.


    Piper McLean

    But Jason wasn’t like that. He was hardwired to be a leader and set a good example. Breaking the rules didn’t come naturally to him. No doubt Reyna admired that about him

    –Piper about Reyna, in The Mark of Athena.

    Piper, her former love rival and ally.

    Reyna and Piper first met in The Mark of Athena at Camp Jupiter, when Piper came with Leo, Jason, and Annabeth from the Argo II. Piper practiced lines to say to Reyna when she met her, but ended up not having to say them since Reyna welcomed her and her friends, and since Jason introduced Piper to Reyna. However, Reyna quickly grew jealous of Piper as she looked between Piper and Jason with her brow creased, realizing they were a couple, and her eyes became stormy. Reyna became even more jealous when Jason asked to walk around New Rome with Piper, like rubbing salt in a wound, though she let them. While talking to Annabeth, Reyna revealed that she didn't trust what Piper said due to the sorcery in her voice. Reyna then thought that Piper and her friends betrayed her for firing on Camp Jupiter, making matters worse.

    As for Piper, she was prepared to hate Reyna, but admired the way she kept her feelings in check, staying polite and in control after realizing she was dating Jason. Piper didn't blame Reyna for having a crush on Jason, and knew why she would. She respected her for giving the Greeks a fair chance and putting the needs of her Camp ahead of her emotions, and thought she wasn't so bad. Reyna even made Piper feel guilty about dating Jason, which was silly to Piper since Reyna never dated Jason. But Piper never wanted to befriend her and the Romans in the first place, since she was afraid Jason would leave her for Reyna and Camp Jupiter. Seeing Reyna made Piper's worries about Jason leaving her worse. Piper's jealousy became even worse after Jason suggested that Piper contact her to convince her that they were innocent, oblivious to her jealousy, making Piper feel like all the blood in her body was draining to her feet. Piper said she could try, but she knew Reyna wouldn't be able to stop Octavian. Piper lamented to Jason how Reyna was powerful, beautiful, and Roman, and was jealous of how he trusted her, but Jason reassured her she didn't want her to be Reyna, she wanted her to be herself.

    By The House of Hades, Piper was no longer resentful or jealous of Reyna and when she heard she was coming to meet them, Piper gave Jason a teasing smile and said she would love to see Reyna again, but she was unsure if she could find their location. When Piper saw Reyna again, she told her that Frank was amazing in the House of Hades, encouraging her to promote him to Praetor. Piper was also the one to tell Reyna that Octavian was gathering forces to attack Camp Half-Blood.

    In The Blood of Olympus, Piper asked Zeus if Reyna was okay, which shocked Jason, but he was happy about it. After Piper arrived at Camp, Reyna seemed to have been over her jealousy also and said it was about time she came, and Piper grinned, saying she had some giants to kill. Reyna returned the smile and told her to help herself to some barbarians, and Piper thanked her, making them jump into battle side by side. After that incident, Piper and Reyna, along with Annabeth, became inseparable as they helped the two Camps get along, wandering around Camp to check on the repairs, and Reyna valued Piper as a go-between between conflicts. At the campfire one night, Piper teased Reyna and asked if she was sure if her mother was a war goddess, and Reyna said she still intended to fight battles, but now they fight together.

    The day Reyna left, Reyna and Piper had one last conversation at the dock. Piper thought that Reyna was the only demigod who hadn't changed much during their journey, and knew she had been through a lot of pain. She wondered how she could bear it all and wondered if she had anything to confide in. Piper also thought she had a regal and beautiful face. Piper told Reyna that she did so much for both camps and wished she got more credit, and that without her, nothing they did would have been possible. Reyna laughed and thanked Piper, but said she didn't want attention, and that she knew what that was like. Piper, being the daughter of a movie star, understood that she didn't want to attract attention. Piper also told her she could sense that she could lend strength to others. Reyna was skeptical and wondered if Nico told her, but Piper said it was because she can sense it and see how much it drains her. After Piper asked her how she gets her strength back, Reyna joked that when she does, she will let her know, but Piper could sense sadness behind the words. Piper offered that if she needed time to take a break or get away, she can come to Camp Half-Blood and it would be good for her to take time for herself. Piper also joked that they would have to ban her from capture the flag because she could beat the entire camp solo. Reyna thanked Piper and said she would consider the offer.

    Before Reyna left, she asked Piper to explain something that Venus told her, since she was her daughter. Reyna told her what Venus told her in Charleston, and her words broke as she said how much she struggled with that. Piper became mad at her mother since she keeps ruining lives. Piper then tells her that she didn't know what she meant, but she knows that Reyna is an incredible person and that there is someone out there for her, and maybe it’s not a demigod or it is a mortal. Piper said that until then she has friends, and that even though she gives strength from others, she needs to draw from it once and awhile, and she is here for her. Reyna said that she had a way with words, and Piper promised she wasn't charmspeaking. Reyna said no charmspeaking was required and held out her hand to shake it. They shook hands and Reyna said she has a feeling she would see her again, and a Piper knew, because she was her friend and family now. That night, Piper thought the camp was empty without her and the Romans.


    Frank, her former co-Praetor and ally.

    Frank first met Reyna when he asked to be let into the camp, and apologized for the actions of his ancestor, Shen Lun, for starting the San Francisco earthquake. Reyna forgave it and let him join the legion, and told him that she judged people by their own merits. But he had him keep his past a secret between them, or he'll be treated badly. In The Son of Neptune, Reyna is very strict to Frank, reminding him that he is on Probatio, not letting him tell her about what happened when Percy came and not letting him stand for Percy. Frank was very insecure of what Reyna thought of him and he thought that she regretted her decision of letting him join the legion. When Percy asked Reyna if Frank could be praetor, Reyna rejected the notion and said that even though Frank had a good heart, he was hopelessly naive and inexperienced, and he would be rejected if they knew his family history. However, after Mars appeared during the war games and claimed Frank, and ordered Reyna to give Frank the mural crown, Reyna reluctantly promoted him to Centurion and accepted his choice of companions, due to her fear and respect of his father.

    In The House of Hades, Frank was in disbelief that Reyna would try to find the Argo II in the ocean, because she'd be stripped off her praetorship. When Reyna arrived at the Argo II, Frank was uneasy around Reyna, and skeptical about having his boss over for lunch. When Reyna found out Frank was promoted to praetor, she was shocked and skeptical, since he led a legion of ghosts, but after quick convincing, she approved, surprising Frank. She said that a son of Mars who brought back the eagle from Alaska would be a perfect praetor and thinks he is the right person for her to command the Twelfth Legion Fulminata with him. She even called him a hero and smiled at him. But they both wondered how they would convince the legion. Frank reassured Reyna that the legion would listen to her after age made it across the ancient lands, but after Reyna said she broke the laws of the legion, Frank complimented her, saying good leaders gave to do great things sometimes. They both agree that they should catapult Octavian into the ocean once they returned to command after Frank suggested it. After Frank suggested that he could go with Reyna to Camp Half-Blood, Reyna refused, saying that she hoped they would work side by side in the future, but he is one of the Seven in the prophecy and he belonged on the ship with his friends.

    In The Blood of Olympus, Frank and Reyna greeted each other when they arrived back at Camp and led the legion to defeat Gaea. They both worked together to help the two Camps get along and made funeral arrangements, and also agreed to have Percy and Annabeth attend college in New Rome. On the last day of them at Camp, they spoke to both Greeks and Romans in front of the campfire, and Frank said both she and Reyna agreed that there would be a new period of friendship between the camps, and Reyna clapped Frank on the back, saying he was right.

    Frank and Reyna worked together well as praetors and got along very well. In Camp Jupiter Classified: A Probatio's Journal, Frank and Reyna help break up a fight and clean up dead rats in the Bathhouse, and they also investigate who the culprit of the coliseum flooding is, and the missing Ambrosia and Nectar. The two think that Claudia is the culprit for everything, and Frank talks Reyna out of calling Claudia to the Senate House right away, showing that Reyna is willing to cooperate with him. Frank also confided in Reyna about how Claudia giggled when she saw him, thinking she was talking had about him. She is also not against putting Frank in danger for the sake of the camp, as he sends him with Claudia, Blaise, and Janice to stop Mimi.

    In The Tyrant's Tomb, the two are together most of the time and close friends, greeting Apollo and Meg McCaffrey when they arrive at camp, organizing a funeral for Jason Grace, complete his plans for Temple Hill, and they approve a quest to go find Tarquin's Tomb. They have even worked out a schedule where while one praetor sleeps, the other is awake. Frank and Reyna are very supportive of each other and they help Meg and Apollo find the soundless god. Reyna complimented Frank at one point when he said a good point, saying he was studying the praetors handbook. As for Frank, he showed a lot of worry about Reyna and was concerned about how she shouldered the burdens of leadership, and wanted to relieve her. Frank also reassures Reyna that he will be able to handle things at camp himself to prepare for the battle, and though Reyna is hesitant on leaving her colleague alone, even though she knew he could do it, he said he could do it alone, relieving Reyna on her burdens of leadership. Before she left, Frank gave her a bear hug and told her to be careful, and Reyna was unsure what do about his show of affection, and her arms went stiff before she awkwardly patted him on the back, and wished him good luck too. Reyna was worried about Frank, reminding her of things he needed to do before he left, but she stopped herself and apologized, making Frank grin.

    Reyna later contacted him while driving back to camp and finds him in the Caldecott Tunnel, and she was relieved when Frank picked up. However, the connection was bad and the scroll blew up. Reyna was confused as to what he was doing in the tunnel, and became very worried about him. Frank later wholeheartedly supported Reyna's decision to join the Hunters of Artemis and after she joined, Frank said he could thank Reyna all day long. He said she was the best mentor and friend, she gave so much to the legion, and can never be replaced. Frank wished Reyna the best on her new adventures.

    Hazel Levesque, her friend, ally, and successor as praetor.

    In The Son of Neptune, Hazel is Reyna's subordinate at Camp Jupiter. Reyna has little respect for the daughter of Pluto, and didn't trust her. She reluctantly let her in to Camp Jupiter, but she was very much against it, due to children of Pluto being bad omens. Reyna even tells Percy that she thinks Hazel would not be a good leader, due to her being a daughter of Pluto, and the rumors of where she came from. Reyna is also very strict with her, being sarcastic with her when she is late. She is against a daughter of Pluto even standing for Percy but reluctantly agrees, wrinkling her nose at the thought, and promoted her to legionnaire after she saved Dakota. As for Hazel, she respects Reyna but is uneasy around her due to being her boss, and is afraid of being punished by her. Hazel thought that Reyna wasn't that bad as praetor by herself, but was afraid what she would be like if someone bad shared her power, knowing Reyna was dangerous. However, Hazel is willing to help Reyna and asks Hylla Ramírez-Arellano to help her, and stands up for her when Octavian said she was stupid.

    In The Mark of Athena, Hazel knew Reyna's feelings for Jason and hated how oblivious he was to the fact. She sympathized with the daughter of Bellona, knowing she couldn't stop Octavian and that contacting her would be no help. In The House of Hades, Hazel was unsure if Reyna could make it to Epirus alive, since it was hard enough for the seven to make it there with a warship. Later, when Reyna arrived, Hazel was shocked at her state and could barely recognize her. Hazel was uneasy and didn't know what to think about her old boss showing up, and put her arm protectively through Frank's when she addressed him. Hazel helps convince Reyna that Frank is a good praetor, telling her that he was amazing, and she respects her judgement. By The Blood of Olympus, Reyna seems to have warmed up to Hazel, promoting her to Centurion and letting her date Frank.

    In The Tyrant's Tomb, the two are very close, and Reyna is willing to hear her out when Apollo and Meg McCaffrey come back with her. Reyna helps Hazel with driving, and gave her driving lessons with her truck. Reyna and Hazel also joke together, and Reyna lets Hazel use her truck to practice driving, and they joke about how Hazel didn’t run over Terminus again during driving training. Hazel is worried about Reyna during the Battle of San Francisco Bay, and lightly hugs her in relief when she finds out she is okay, thanking the gods she was alive. The two respect each other and Reyna addresses Hazel as "Centurion Levesque". When the daughter of Bellona retired from the legion to join the Hunters of Artemis, she eagerly accepted the daughter of Pluto as her successor, joining in on the Fifth Cohort chanting her name when they need a new praetor.

    Nico di Angelo, her ally, younger brother figure, and best friend.

    Nico and Reyna first met before the events of The Son of Neptune, where Nico brought Hazel Levesque to Camp Jupiter. Dakota mentions that Percy "should've seen Reyna's face" when Nico asked her to take Hazel in, hinting that it was not pretty. Reyna was suspicious of Nico, because children of Pluto were bad omens, and she thought he wasn't who he said he was. She thought of him as a traveling oddball, harmless as fauns, and a bad omen like the other Romans at Camp. She did reluctantly make him Ambassador of Pluto, though she didn’t know what to do whenever Nico came. Reyna was still suspicious of him after months, and didn't believe him when he told him about the Gigantes being reborn. During a Senate meeting, Reyna thought it was suspicious how Nico knew so much about Alcyoneus, and said he sounded like he was "quite familiar" with him. However, Reyna would occasionally ask Nico questions, like when Gwendolyn came back to life, she asked Nico if it was a power of Pluto. In The House of Hades, Reyna was not against going with Nico to deliver the Athena Parthenos to Camp.

    In The Blood of Olympus, the two eventually grow close over the course of their journey. Reyna lends Nico strength to Shadow Travel, and, as a result, she learns quite a bit about his past and the tremendous internal pain that he's been harboring. She is horrified at the amount of internal pain and raw anguish (even a portion of which is greater than what she had felt from even her entire legion during the battle against the Giant Polybotes. Reyna became very impressed with Nico after she found out how he kept the secret between both camps, survived Tartarus, leading the Argo II to Epirus, being imprisoned. When Nico learned that Reyna had seen his memories, Nico put his guard up. Reyna even began thinking of Nico as her younger brother in spite of herself, and wanted to give him her cloak as a blanket, but she stopped, telling herself that he was her comrade, not her brother. But by the time they made it to San Juan, Reyna had seen enough of Nico's pain that she tucked him in with her cloak anyway.

    Nico, on his part, admits to "kind of" liking Reyna, even calling her his friend. When he learned more about Orion from Hades, he remembered that Reyna was being guarded by Coach Hedge and wanted to return to her immediately. Nico became a little upset when he had to shadow travel the Athena Parthenos across the Atlantic, because he was used to people asking him to do the impossible. However, he was surprised when Reyna asked him how she can help him, which was something no one really asked him. Nico told her to lend him her strength again. Reyna reassured Nico that he would make the jump.

    When she was briefly taken away by the Hunters of Artemis, Nico is enraged, since he didn't want them stealing another important person from him, and ripped up the note Thalia gave him in rage. He is relieved to have finally found her again. Nico, however, is worried at how brooding Reyna had become after leaving Puerto Rico, and encourages her talk about what troubles her (much to his own surprise, since brooding was usually his own method of dealing with internal turmoil as well), reminding her of the numerous ghosts of Asphodel, who are unable to speak any longer, due to them never speaking out during their lifetimes, reminding Reyna that her voice is her identity, and that unless she uses it, she is "halfway to Asphodel already." Nico then tells Reyna about Jules-Albert, his French zombie chauffeur that Hades gave him that he never told anyone about. As a result, Reyna finally opens up to Nico and she tearfully describes how she killed her father in Puerto Rico, something she'd never ever told anyone up to that point, since patricide is an unforgivable crime by Roman law, because he knocked out Hylla. Nico is quick to comfort Reyna, insisting that it was a mania (with only her father's worst qualities) that she had killed, not her actual father.

    Reyna later witnesses him kill Bryce Lawrence after he cuts Reyna's cheek and threatens to execute her for patricide (he found out she killed her father) and seems horrified at the ferocious display of Nico's infernal powers. At that moment, Nico accidentally generates a "flood of pain and anger" on everyone present, allowing Reyna to finally experience his hardships from his point of view and also see Nico's greatest fears and secrets (including his homosexuality and his crush on Percy). Reyna was shocked at the beginning and didn’t know how to process it at first, with him reminding her of her father, but then she realized how much she trusts him and how he removed some of her burden, and said that she trusted him, healing him for 3 days. When Nico woke up, he was worried of what Reyna would think of him, and apologized to her, worried that he poisoned another friendship. But to Nico's surprise and relief, she told him how much she trusts him and how everyone lets out the darkness once in awhile, and how they are friends.She did, however made him promise to not turn someone into a ghost again. Nico realised that Reyna wasn’t judging him, but that she cared even more now that she knew who he was. Reyna's unconditional acceptance and support was what most likely gave Nico the courage to finally come out to a very surprised Percy and Annabeth shortly thereafter.

    In addition, Reyna appears to be in awe of Nico's powers, especially after learning that he also possesses hypnokinetic abilities. She also greatly admires Nico's immense tolerance to both physical and mental pain. Nico, in turn, respects Reyna quite a bit, and by the end of their journey to Camp Half-Blood, he even calls her the most courageous demigod he'd ever meet, and promises to not let her down. Reyna wants to hug Nico in return, but doesn't think the gesture would have been welcome, so she settles for a friendly handshake. When Reyna arrived at Camp with the Athena Parthenos, Nico yelled at the Camp about everything she had done for them, and that they should be grateful for her, something Nico barely did.

    After Gaea's defeat, Reyna tells the two camps about Nico's part in saving them, brings him out of the shadows, gives him a big hug, and Nico tearfully returns it, burying his face in Reyna's shoulder. The crowd of demigods roars with approval in response, indicating that thanks to Reyna, both Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter have finally come to truly accept the son of Hades. Shortly before leaving Camp Half-Blood, Reyna promises Nico that he will always have a place in New Rome, and he promises to visit her, Hazel, and Frank often.

    In The Hidden Oracle, Nico states that Reyna is busy with the whole "Twelfth Legion thing", hinting that they don't see each other often.

    Leo Valdez, her ally, younger brother figure, and very close friend.

    Reyna and Leo first meet in The Mark of Athena, where Reyna welcomes Leo to Camp Jupiter, along with Piper, Jason, and Annabeth. Jason introduced Reyna to Leo, and Leo grinned at her and gave her a peace sign. Though Reyna and Leo didn't have a one on one conversation, Leo ate lunch with Reyna and the others in the forum. Reyna also trusted Leo enough to have him show Octavianthe Argo II. However, Reyna quickly grew to distrust Leo when he fired on Camp Jupiter, even though he was possessed by eidolons, and was angry that he betrayed her trust. Annabeth later tried to convince Reyna that Leo was innocent and that it was Gaea's fault, but Reyna didn't listen, and thought someone must pay for what happened.

    In The House of Hades, Leo knew about Reyna flying across the Mediterranean, and while on Ogygia, he saw a holographic image of Reyna flying across the sky, being attacked by Gryphons and venti. When the image in the mirror went black, Leo banged on the mirror and wanted to see what happened to her, and asked if Calypso could sing again. Calypso was suspicious and asked if she was his girlfriend, and Leo said that she wasn't and he needed to see more, proving even though he didn't know her well, he was very worried about her. When Reyna arrived, Leo, along with the rest of the crew, welcomed Reyna on to the ship, and Leo showed Reyna the Athena Parthenos, and when she commented it looked newly made, Leo said he just used some windex and dusted off cobwebs. During lunch, Leo questioned how Reyna could get the statue to Camp Half-Blood without Scipio, but quickly apologized. Reyna snapped that it was fine, due to not having a soft spot for Leo after him firing on Camp Jupiter, and not fully forgiving him. Reyna did agree with Leo, and asked how she could transport something so large.

    A month after the events of The Blood of Olympus, Camp Jupiter received a parchment scroll confirming his fate. In The Hidden Oracle, Leo expressed interest of seeing everyone at Camp Jupiter, including Reyna, and thought it would be fun. In The Dark Prophecy, Leo decided to deliver a message to Camp Jupiter to tell them about Caligula's attack on the camp. Leo said that he wanted to see Reyna again, even though she scared him. When he arrived at Camp Jupiter, everyone at Camp Jupiter made a line to punch him, including Reyna. Leo also helped Reyna and the others with the battle. In The Burning Maze, he was glad that Reyna was okay.

    In The Tower of Nero, Reyna and Leo had become good friends and had developed a sibling like relationship, with Reyna and the Hunters of Artemis visiting the Waystation. Reyna affectionately called Leo "mi hermano". During one of her visits, she heard Leo talking about his relationship with Calypso, and she said they needed a heart to heart. Reyna squeezed his shoulder and told him that he cannot call a young lady "mamacita". Leo was ready to protest, but he thought about it and said okay. Reyna then told Apollo that he grew up without his mom, and never learned those things, but now he has two foster moms and "his big sister" to smack him when he gets out of line. Reyna then flicked her finger on his cheek. Leo said that that’s the truth and Reyna told him to cheer up. She said that Calypso will come around, and that he can be a doofus, but he has a heart of Imperial Gold. The two also speak Spanish to each other.

    Reyna's expression looked the same as it had at Camp Jupiter when she realized Jason had found another girl. The praetor was too alone, too bitter and betrayed to believe anything could go right for her ever again.

    –Annabeth about Reyna, in The Mark of Athena.

    Annabeth Chase, her ally and friend

    Reyna first learned about Annabeth in The Son of Neptune, where she learned that she was Percy's girlfriend. Annabeth also learned about Reyna from Jason in The Lost Hero. In the months after, Jason described Reyna to Annabeth. However, they actually met in The Sea of Monsters, when Reyna was on Circe's island, where Reyna did her makeup and hair. Annabeth helping Percy escape was the reason why Reyna made it to Camp Jupiter: she was kidnapped by pirates, escaped, and made it to Camp. Reyna didn't hold a grudge against Annabeth and actually admired her for what she did, since she never saw anyone refuse Circe's hospitality or outwit her. She thought she was brave and remembered her well, seeing why Percy cared for her.

    Reyna and Annabeth first met in The Mark of Athena, and could easily single her out as the leader. She also recognized a look of hopefulness, worry, and fear that she couldn’t show in public, hid by a facade of bravery. After Annabeth Judo flipped Percy, Jason introduced her to Reyna, saying that Annabeth usually didn't Judo flip people. Reyna asked if she was sure that Annabeth wasn't a Roman or an Amazon, and Annabeth, not sure if that was a compliment, said that she only attacked Percy like that and shook Reyna's hand, which Reyna accepted. On multiple occasions, Annabeth noticed Reyna's strong romantic feelings for Jason Grace. When Reyna called Jason her colleague, Annabeth immediately noticed that Reyna considered Jason to be more than a colleague. Also, Annabeth noticed that Reyna had a "hungry sort of gleam" in her eyes when she reunited with Jason. When the group ate dinner together, Annabeth recognized that Reyna was deeply saddened to see Jason's relationship with Piper, and it made her eyes stormy, reflecting Reyna's pain and bitterness. Eventually, Octavian began insulting Annabeth, Reyna said that Annabeth was there in peace, then told her that Percy had spoken highly of her, which made Annabeth realize she tried to make a move on Percy.

    Before Percy could invite Annabeth to walk around New Rome, Reyna asked to have a few words with Annabeth alone, giving her chills down her spine, reluctant to be alone and unarmed with a Roman leader. Annabeth believed that Reyna was bitter about being rejected by Jason and Percy, but she also suspected that the Praetor knew about the Mark of Athena. Reyna gave Annabeth a tour of new Rome, and told her about New Rome. When Annabeth scowled, Reyna laughed, and said she is definitely a warrior and has fire in her eyes. Annabeth apologized and Reyna said to not be sorry, and that she was a daughter of Bellona. Annabeth let Reyna take Aurum and Argentum with them and Reyna also gave Annabeth hot chocolate. Reyna also explained to Annabeth that it is shocking that she’s a daughter of Athena, since her Roman aspect, Minerva, didn't have children. As they talked, Annabeth realized that she met Reyna before, and Reyna said they did, at the house of Circe. Reyna then called Annabeth brave for refusing Circe’s hospitality, and that there was a reason why Percy liked her. Reyna then showed Annabeth to her favorite place: the Garden of Bacchus, and Reyna told Annabeth to tell her about Camp Half-Blood and show her she didn't make a mistake by trusting her. Reyna admitted that she could not trust Piper due to her charmspeaking. Reyna also said that Jason has changed and no longer seems Roman to her. When Reyna spoke about Jason, Annabeth noticed that her voice sounded like broken glass. Annabeth spent her whole life learning to read people as a survival skill. Annabeth could sense that Reyna wanted Jason to "love her." Eventually, Annabeth felt bad for how lonely Reyna felt. But she knew Reyna didn't want pity, and Annabeth started to talk about her life story. In return, Reyna told Annabeth about her mother. Reyna began telling Annabeth about the Mark of Athena, until Leo, possessed by Eidolons, fired on Camp Jupiter. Reyna was angry and said that she betrayed her trust, but she realized she wasn’t aware of the treachery, but knew someone must pay.

    After they left Camp Jupiter, Reyna was angry at Annabeth and the Argo II, and raced across the country with the legion to stop them. As for Annabeth, she wanted to explain everything to Reyna but she knew she wouldn't listen to her. Reyna and Annabeth met again in Charleston, when Annabeth and the others were fleeing from the Romans. Annabeth tried to tell Reyna that what happened was because of the eidolons, but Reyna told her to save the explanations for the trial. Annabeth then said that she shouldn't let Gaea drive the camps apart, and Reyna said that she knows that, but Octavian got the legion all riled up, and if she surrenders to her, she will be executed painfully and have an unfair trial, but it would stop further violence. Reyna said her surrender would be the better option than letting her legion destroy Camp Half-Blood. Annabeth said she would follow the Mark of Athena to Rome and fix the grudge between the Camps. At that moment, Annabeth noticed that Reyna had the same expression on her face when she found out about Jason's relationship with Piper. Annabeth recognized that Reyna felt betrayed by Jason, and she was too bitter, lonely and believed nothing could go right for her in the future. Despite this, Reyna reluctantly let her go and stalled Octavian, respecting her boldness, but she warned her that the next time they met, it would be in battle, ending the friendship for now.

    In The House of Hades, Annabeth got a vision in Tartarus saying the Roman must bring the Athena Parthenos, and realized that Reyna was destined to bring it to Camp. Annabeth ended up sending a message from Tartarus to Rachel Elizabeth Dare to give to Reyna. Annabeth wondered if Reyna would trust her, but she hoped so. Reyna was dumbfounded when she got the note, but when her dogs proved the legend was true, she decided to believe Annabeth, and told Marcus to get Scipio from the stables: she was going to meet the Argo II and bring the statue to Camp, for Annabeth and the peace of the camps, showing how much she trusted her. When Reyna made it, Annabeth invited Reyna to join her and her friends for a picnic. Reyna and Annabeth talked and agreed that without her, Annabeth, Percy wouldn't make it out of a paper bag, making everyone laugh. Before Reyna left, Annabeth gave her the Mark of Athena coin for good luck. Their last exchange was a hug, and Reyna saying they will succeed, and Annabeth said she knew she would.

    In The Blood of Olympus, Reyna, Piper, and Annabeth became inseparable as they helped the two camps get along, and roaming the camp to check the progress of the repairs. When Reyna thanked the Greeks for giving the Romans hospitality, after they almost killed them, Annabeth corrected her and said she almost got killed, and Reyna said "Whatever Chase", making the entire crowd laugh. Reyna also told Annabeth that she and Percy could go to New Rome University, and then live in New Rome as long as they'd like.

    Apollo first hears about the daughter of Bellona from Venus. When Apollo thinks she is pretty, Venus tells him to stay away from her. Later, when he comes to Camp Jupiter, Apollo recognizes her and is instantly attracted to her. At camp, Apollo acts very awkward around her and doesn’t really know what to say to her. Reyna helps Apollo with his quest to become a god again and tells him that he needs to sacrifice a god to summon one.

    When Reyna, Meg McCaffrey, and Apollo go to Sutro Tower, Reyna dresses up in normal college clothes and Apollo thinks she almost looks normal. In the car, Reyna talks about how she is writing to Thalia Grace and Apollo asks her if they are in a romantic relationship, which Reyna denies, because they are friends and she is a maiden. Later, Apollo asks her out, and Reyna laughs at him hysterically and says no, embarrassing Apollo. When Reyna finds out about what he did to Koronis and Harpocrates, Reyna is disgusted but knows that he has changed. Reyna even defends Apollo against Harpocrates and shows him the good memories of him, showing his change.

    The next day after the Battle of San Francisco Bay, Reyna asks Apollo to walk with him to the Senate House. Reyna thanks Apollo for asking him out, because Reyna now realizes how ridiculous she has been, thinking that she needed a guy, and even admits to Apollo’s horror that she considered Octavian as a romantic partner, and that she is sick of being shipped with people. Reyna then joins the Hunters of Artemis, which Apollo is supportive of wholeheartedly. Reyna says goodbye to him and Meg the next day.

    Apollo thinks that Reyna is a capable warrior and that they both respect each other. They are both currently friends.

    Thalia Grace, her best friend


    Thalia and Reyna first meet in The Blood of Olympus, where Thalia kidnaps her in San Juan. Reyna is angry when she first meets her, hitting her with a chair and almost cutting her throat with her knife, demanding to see Thalia. Thalia then tells Reyna that she IS Thalia. Thalia tells Reyna that the Hunters and the Amazons are working together to defeat Orion, and that Reyna is being used as bait for them. They talk and Thalia wishes her good luck when she takes her to Hylla Ramírez-Arellano. Thalia respects Reyna, telling her that Jason called her good and addressing her as praetor, while Reyna also respects her, addressing her as lieutenant. Thalia later fights Orion, letting Reyna, Coach Hedge, and Nico escape.

    In The Tyrant's Tomb, it is revealed that Reyna and Thalia have been writing each other for months, and have become close friends. Reyna talks fondly of Thalia, to the point where Apollo asks her if they are dating, which Reyna refuses saying that they are friends and she is an eternal maiden. Later, Thalia visits Camp Jupiter when Diana is summoned, and Thalia asks Reyna to join the Hunters. When the two see each other, they hug and are happy to meet. Reyna is also the one to tell her that Jason Grace died.

    After the mass funeral of Jason, Reyna tells Thalia that she accepts her offer to join, and walks with her and Apollo to the Senate House, where she announces that she is joining the Hunters of Artemis. Reyna then jokes to Thalia about how joining the Hunters is a vacation, where Thalia refuses, saying that they have to hunt the Teumessian Fox. At some point, Reyna tells Apollo about how she hates being shipped with Thalia as a couple.

    Lavinia Asimov, a subordinate during her time as praetor.

    Reyna is very annoyed with the daughter of Terpsichore at first, being annoyed when she abandons her post and chews gum, and Lavinia thinks she is too strict. When Lavinia tries to tell Reyna what happened when they were attacked by Eurynomos, Reyna silences her, having Apollo tell the story instead. At the senate meeting two days later, Reyna reprimands her for talking too loud to Apollo and chewing gum. When Reyna asks for volunteers to find Tarquin's Tomb, Lavinia pops her gum too loud, causing Reyna to have her volunteer. Lavinia is angry at Reyna after that, saying that she thinks chewing gum is a crime.

    Later, when Apollo, Meg, and Reyna return from Sutro Tower, Reyna sprains her ankle in a Target Parking Lot, Lavinia pretends to be a first responder and helps Reyna, moving her to the woods. Reyna scolds her for deserting, but Lavinia tells Reyna that she has a plan, then knocks her out. It is revealed later that Lavinia and Reyna blew up the Julia Drusilla Yachts, which Reyna confirms that was part of her orders to Lavinia, and lies saying that she never deserted, defending her.

    Dakota, a centurion who served under her and close friend.

    The son of Bacchus was very loyal to Reyna and respected her position as praetor, and reported to her when Reyna ordered all centurions to stand by her when the Argo II arrives. Dakota also defends the legion at Fort Sumter and is at the Empire State Building with her when she meets up with the Greek Demigods.

    In The Blood of Olympus, he, Leila, and Michael Kahale come to arrest Reyna, but Dakota keeps winking at her, confusing Reyna because she thinks he might be twitching from too much Kool aid. After Tyson and Ella knock out Michael, they call Dakota a bad Roman, but Reyna defends him saying that he is good, just following bad orders. Dakota then tells Reyna that he was trying to tell her that he and Leila were going to switch sides and take down Michael. Reyna orders Dakota to lead cohorts in her orders, which Dakota agrees to. Dakota goes to Camp Half-Blood, and he and his cohort swear loyalty to Reyna against Octavian, causing Octavian to threaten to arrest him for treason. Dakota returns to Camp Jupiter with Reyna.

    Leila and Reyna seem to be on good terms. In The Blood of Olympus, Reyna defends Leila when Tyson and Ella call her a bad Roman, but Leila says that she and Dakota were going to switch sides to take down Michael Kahale. When Reyna tells her and Dakota to have their cohorts follow them and fight against Octavian, Dakota worries about being arrested for treason while Leila says that Reyna is still praetor and that it’s her orders. Leila pledges loyalty to Reyna at Camp Half-Blood, causing Octavian to threaten to arrest her for treason.

    Gleeson Hedge, a satyr she quested with, ally and friend.

    Coach Hedge and Reyna are close friends, and the two and Nico di Angelo brought the Athena Parthenos from Epirus to Camp Half-Blood. The two help heal Nico di Angelo together and they care about each other a great deal, presumably talking to each other a lot while Nico rested. Reyna worries a lot about Coach Hedges well being, and demands the Hunters of Artemis to tell her where Nico and Coach Hedge are, and is relieved when they are alive. Reyna is also presumably grateful for Coach Hedge for being there when she had to put down Scipio. He is also driven to tears when Guido tells him that he and the Pegasi helped them because of Reyna's relationship with Scipio.


    • Reyna is Spanish for "Queen", a possible nod to her being a praetor is the Twelfth Legion.
    • Avila is rooted in the ancient Germanic "avi". The exact meaning of avi is unknown but a common possibility is "desired".
    • Ramirez is Spanish for “son of Ramiro”. Ramiro is the Spanish form of the "Ramirus", a Latinized form of the Visigothic name derived from Germanic elements "ragin" (advice) and "mari" (famous).
    • Arellano is a surname of Spanish origin.


    • Her two dogs, Aurum and Argentum (gold and silver in Latin respectively) are similar to the ones given to King Alcinous of Phaeacia by Hephaestus in Greek mythology.
    • In her official portrait, there is writing engraved on a wall, "Iustitia Fundamentum Regni", which translates to "Justice is the foundation of a reign."
    • Reyna had the only Pegasus at Camp Jupiter, named Scipio. Scipio's nickname was Skippy, a peanut butter brand, because he is the color of peanut butter.
    • In Reyna's portrait, it can be seen that her hair is brown and is curled over her left shoulder, however in the book it is stated that she has black glossy hair kept in a single braid.
    • Prior to The House of Hades, Reyna has had more pets than any other character. However, with Scipio dead, she was tied with Percy for having the most pets in the series. As of The Blood of Olympus, Guido "adopts" Reyna as his human, making Reyna the character with the most pets once again.
    • Reyna's surname, Ramírez-Arellano, was revealed in The House of Hades.[2]
    • She may have her driver's license, as she is seen driving in The Mark of Athena. This makes her the third known demigod to drive; the first being Percy and the second being Piper McLean, though Piper only drove cars that she stole off-screen.
    • Reyna and her sister are the only known demigods born in Puerto Rico.
    • Reyna is similar to Annabeth Chase in several ways:
      • Both are daughters of war goddesses (Bellona, Athena).
      • Both are respected leaders at their respective camps.
      • Both fought in the Titan War.
      • Both were romantically interested in Percy Jackson at one point. (Annabeth fell for him, while Reyna briefly considered Percy a romantic partner after Jason's disappearance)
      • Both were hurt by a boy they liked. (Reyna loved Jason Grace and was hurt to see him with Piper, and Annabeth had a crush on Luke Castellan)
      • Both have/once had bad relationships with their fathers.
    • Reyna is similar to Thalia Grace in several ways:
    • Reyna is the only known praetor not from the Fifth Cohort. The other known praetors - Michael Varus, Jason Grace, Percy Jackson, Frank Zhang, and Hazel Levesque - have all been from the Fifth. It is unknown what cohort Reyna is from, but is unlikely that it is the Fifth.
    • Despite abandoning her camp to help the demigods in the Mediterranean Sea, she has been reinstated as praetor.
    • Reyna's favorite treat from her childhood in San Juan was Piragua (syrup over cold ice).
    • One of Reyna's favorite drink is hot chocolate (although not directly being mentioned in any of the books).
    • Her initials spell "rara", which means "weird" in Spanish.
    • In a tweet on July 3rd, 2020, Rick revealed he wrote Reyna to be romantic asexual, someone who has romantic feelings of love towards other but does not act upon those feelings in a physical manner. However, Rick also said that because he did not specify this in the books, people are free to interpret Reyna however they wish.


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