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When Sora first told me I had to initiate, I thought I'd have to betray the family that raised me. Be a traitor or something, you know? […] Now I've realized it's not a betrayal. It's a 'sacrifice'. Just like our clan motto. By Sacrificing my Gom identity, I can save Hattie.

–Riley to Emmett on why she chose to initiate into the Horangi in The Last Fallen Star.

Riley Oh is the protagonist and narrator of The Gifted Clans series by Graci Kim under Rick Riordan Presents. She is one of the Horangi and an adopted Gom, although first presumed to be a saram, a person without magic. Riley is the Last Fallen Star, a shard of the dark sun.


Riley was born to Mina and Yoon Seo, members of the Horangi Clan. Her mother attacked the temple with the rest of the congregation in an attempt to gain more power and died during the fight, which she was pregnant during. Unbeknownst to the gifted community, when the goddesses selfishly destroyed the dark sun, Haetae brought it to the Mortalrealm and hidden it in Mina Seo. Thus Riley was born, the living dark sun.

After Mina was killed, Okja removed her from the womb and gave her to her sister and brother-in-law to raise and told Riley her real parents were teenagers who were to young to properly care for her. The only thing Mina and Yoon left her was a tear shaped onyx stone. At her adoptive parent's request, Riley was placed in a Gi cauldron, a cauldron that determines which four elements a witch is affiliated with. After a delayed reaction, the cauldron revealed all her elements are fire, sometimes was unheard of with elements never repeating. The elders took it as a sign that she should not learn magic. Okja managed to let them permit Riley live with the Oh family, but they wouldn't allow her to train as a full fledged witch. Riley lived with the hope that she still might finally belong in the Gom clan someday.

One time her family went camping in the Angeles National Forest. She and Hattie shared a tent and the family roasted s’mores over the camp fire.

When she was in third grade, she was bard from attending Jennie Byun's birthday by the birthday girl as she wasn’t a part of the gifted community. As she was crying in the library, a boy dropped a bag of chocolate chip cookies in her lap and they started hanging out. After befriending him, she learned his name was Emmett Harrison, who left the gifted community after his mother died, and is a fan of his baking. She once bedazzled a shirt to say Donut Touch My Donuts! due to how munch she enjoys them.

When she was eleven, her father made her take first aid classes.

The Gifted Clans series

The Last Fallen Star

One Saturday, a new client walks into their parents clinic as Riley is acting as the receptionist. When she mentions she is part of the Oh family, the man is surprised as he thought the Ohs only had one daughter, Hattie. Riley becomes crestfallen until her father comes up and says she is his daughter. Soon Hattie asks Riley for help with incarnations and, after Hattie promises to do Riley's chores for a month, Riley agrees. As Hattie struggles to remember the incantations, she remembers them easily and Hattie keeps telling their mother she should get an initiation, however their mother reveals that their aunt failed to talk the council into it and Hattie rants about it being unfair and she jokes about transferring some of her magic over to her, something her mother inadvertently reveals is possible, but extremely dangerous and temporary by looking at the family spell book, which they are forbidden to read. She then fetches her father for services. When they arrive late one of the elders, Mr. Pyo, scolds them for it in front of the entire congregation. They watch as his granddaughter has her elemental affiliations revealed and she thinks of what her parents told her about when they tried to have her elements revealed. Before closing, the elders reveal the library will be opening up for the first time in a decade, a carnival is coming up, and an exiled clan has approached the council, something that worries everyone. As she and Hattie head off to Saturday school, she wonders if they should use the spell of not when their aunt Okja, their clan's elder, comes up and quickly apologizes for not getting her an initiation before another elder wishes to speak with her. Hattie warns her not to tell their aunt about the spell. They head to Saturday school and on the way, Jennie Byun, brags about a lie about the library opening being fake and the Horangi elder trying to break into a temple. Upon entering the classroom, start singing to break the enchantment. When class starts, Riley mentions magic safes and how to break them. Professor Ryu reveals that to open the safe, one must say the password three times and burn a lock of hair, something the sisters can easily get from their mother, but an additional step involves placing a tear on the hair before burning, something they cannot easily get. After class they contact their friend Emmett Harrison who meets them at their house with donuts. They tell him the plan and Emmett tries and fails to talk them out of it. He suggests having their mother watch a K-Drama with them, which she always cries during, to get a tear.

They succeed in getting the tear and they sneak out before dawn the next morning to sneak into the clinic under the guise of walking Mong, their dog. Emmett meets up with them and keeps watch as they open the safe, succeeding after using the clan motto. She grabs the spell book and finds it blank, but the words appear for the blood Gom Hattie. They find the spell and discover they can make the two potions required for use from ingredients at the clinic and find a warning not to be used between two witches. However she becomes disheartened upon learning in can only work if used in the Gi Cauldron and an elder is present. Hattie suggests they perform it at her initiation the following day and Riley reluctantly agrees. Soon Emmett enters and expresses his concern over the plan, but they ignore him.

The following day she wakes up to find Mong in a Haetae costume and wishes Hattie happy birthday before they head to the temple. She and her parents watch as Hattie passes all three tests and receives her Gi bracelet. After she finishes, the sisters start the ritual, but Okja interrupts it by saying Riley is not a saram, but a member of the exiled Horangi clan. At first she was in disbelief, but the reaction of her parents told her the revelation was true. After yelling at her parents for lying to her her entire life, the other four elders give Okja and the Oh a choice to make by the end of the week, either all will be stripped of their magic and excommunicated, or have Riley exiled and never allowed to speak with a member of the gifted community again. As Riley runs away, she is grabbed by Mr. Pyo, who says her family will be monitored.

She arrives home first and decides to run away so her family wouldn’t have to make an impossible choice. However Hattie and Emmett, the latter of who was told a half truth not revealing Riley is a Horangi, and the two say they found a spell to summon Mago Halmi, the mother of all creation, to give her magic. She agrees and, after she and Emmett tease Hattie for like Noah Noh, Emmett decides to help them as she chooses to tell him about being a Horangi in the near future. They head to the Noh Dojang and Noah agrees to help them out. He gets them in Joseon Chalice and says they need ashes of death and the elixir of life, the blood of an initiated witch, to get it to work. Despite her protests, Emmett donates his mother's ashes and Hattie decides to use her own blood. Noah suggests they go to Santa Monica, as the spell is more likely to work during high tide. Noah activates the portal for them and gives them Boris, his dragon scooter, for the return trip. When they arrive on the beach, they find a lunar eclipses and Hattie says she heard New Zealand had a solar eclipses earlier that same day, which Emmett says is impossible. The Oh sisters go into the Pacific Ocean to perform the spell. However soon after starting Hattie passes out and Riley Pulls her to shore. As Riley tries and fails to revive her, Emmett decides to call 911 when they notice a woman on the beach they recognize as the Cave Bear Goddess. Riley begs her to heal Hattie, but she says Riley must do something for her first, find the Last Fallen Star. She agrees and the goddess takes Hattie with her but leaves her sister's heart in a vial. As they think of their next move, Emmett suggests they tell her parents, but she tells him to push it aside for two days. When he mentions the Griffin Observatory, she remembers a girl from Saturday school, Cosette Chung is spending the night there and they rush there on Boris. When they arrive they fail to find an open door and find Cosette, she refuses to let them in until she realizes she and Emmett are on the same online gaming team. When she mentions the last fallen star, Cosette shows them a video of her sister reciting the legend during the temple talent show. She suggests they check out the temple library, which she thinks Riley can access, and disguises her and Emmett as herself and her sister respectively, and warns them they have an hour before the spell wears off.

They reach the temple and head for the elevator. As she is about to close it, Jennie Byun and David Kim enter on their way to David's initiation. She lies that camp was canceled as Jennie and David leave and head to the basement to find a massive laundromat. As Emmett pets a Cheollima statue, it comes to life and threatens to kill them before revealing it is joking. After Emmett offers it his cookies, it allows them entrance if they can answer one of three riddles. They get the third riddle correct and it lets them in after saying the right book will find them and they will have a hoot. They soon find themselves in a tropical greenhouse with their disguises worn off and wonder if they were tricked. As they find a pond, Riley's reflection smiles at her and as she smiles back, they are surrounded by birds. When she touches one it turns into a book and, aft realizing the birds are books and going by what the cheolima told them, they look for an owl. After one flies into her head and turns into a book on magic artifacts, a letter falls out talking about how the elders are close to finding the seventh artifact and find a list of artifacts numbered five to a possible eighth. As she wonders if the eighth artifact is the last fallen star, she and Emmett are surrounded by bluish-purple gas and pass out. She wakes up back in the laundromat in an invisible cage being questioned by who she thinks is the Miru guard. She stays silent when he asks how she was able to enter the library but angrily tells him her business when he shows her Hattie's heart. He tells her how the haetae, ridden with guilt, wonders the world helping others before releasing her and telling her to go back to the beginning before vanishing. She picks up the heart and finds Emmett out cold and tries to wake him to. When he does she hugs and kisses him, much to his disgust. As they try to open a door, the real haetae appears before her and, after allowing her to pet it, shows her Emmett's mother fighting a group of Horangi, one of who has her stone, for an ax before dying, she notices one of the Horangi men has her stone and a similar face to hers, she also sees herself and Emmett drinking before boba tea in front of a tiger exhibit. Emmett pulls her by the arm and out of the temple. When they reach the streets, they notice that Hattie's heart has started to blacken.

As they catch their breath, Riley thinks her father might have killed Emmett's mother, as well as realizing they need to find the Horangi. Emmett objects until she says she will go alone. After telling him about the tea and tigers, she realizes they need to go to the Los Angeles Zoo. Along the way they discover that Boris has an invisibility function. When they arrive they find a food truck selling tea and she finds a red poster with a tiger in a library on it with fragments of the Horangi motto. She orders them those drinks and they head to the tiger exit. As they drink, they turn invisible and are teleported to a mountain forest where they are captured by earthen hands. They pass out and wake up tied to chairs with ropes of water in a partially flooded basement. They see three Horangi, a man, a woman, and a boy. The woman, after believing Riley looks like someone, introduces herself as Sora and demands Riley tell her why they are in their territory. After the man, Austin, nearly hits Emmett with small metal stars, Riley reveals their quest to save her sister and and, unwilling, reveals she is one of them. Everyone is started by the revelation, with Emmett not looking at her. She apologizes for keeping it from him as his binds are broken and he runs away. Sora reveals she knew her birth parents, Mina and Yoon Seo, before they died during the fight. Her binds are released by the boy, Taeyo, and they leave the room, revealed to be in a tree. As they head to another building, Austin leaves them and Sora tells Riley about the chips that allow them to control their dominant element. They reach an offer building and she is told how the Horangi kept watch over the hidden artifacts as well as the sacred texts. She reveals that the Horangi were going to destroy the artifacts as the elders were going to use them to for dark purposes. Riley finds this believable but refuses to believe them. When she is told her parents uncovered a prophecy predicted the end of days, she realize the first two lines happened just as they hear Emmett, accusing someone of killing his mom. They find Emmett in a standoff between himself and a group of scholars that she and Sora quickly defuse. She takes a jar from him and he says she is just as bad as the rest of the Horangi. After Sora learns who Emmett is, she reveals that his mom had become corrupted by one of the artifacts and could not be saved. She tells him his mother's last words stated the a woman she thought was her friend forced her to do it. After calming down, Emmett agrees to work with them to destroy the last fallen star. After that Sora requests that she initiate into the Horangi Clan, get a biochip embedded in her wrist, go on a quest, and forsake her adoptive claim in favor of her birth clan. Riley considers this, but rejects the offer.

She and Emmett stay in the dorms for the night, with her having nightmares, and they head back to the zoo in the morning. When they get back, she notices that Hattie's heart is almost half blackened as Emmett realizes Boris is missing. Just then Taeyo arrives with a larger Boris and reveals he has an app that allows them to communicate with gwisin, hungry ghosts who have not passed on, and suggests they try talking to Emmett's mom. She objects on his behalf, but he agrees as it would bring him closure. Taeyo says they need to find a restaurant, as gwisin tend to congregate at restaurants. She and Emmett suggest Seoulful Tacos, a restaurant owned by a Tokki family. They mount Boris with Taeyo taking a selfie before heading out. When they arrive David seats them and takes their orders. After he leaves she watches as Taeyo helps Emmett make a profile to find his mother, but they fail to find her. After Taeyo uses his own profile, they find more promising results and settle on helping an old woman deliver a message to her granddaughter Jennifer. They accept but she is upset to learn the old woman is the grandmother of Jennie Byun. Just then David returns with their food and he agrees to take them to Jennie. When they arrive Jennie reluctantly lets them in after David says they have a message from her grandmother. After Taeyo delivers the message, everyone becomes teary eyed and Jennie's grandmother appears and thanks them before asking what she could do in return. She requests that she finds Emmett's mom, which she does, but she reveals that Sookhee is now a vengeful ghost haunted by the guilt of what she did in life. She tells them that Sookhee did tell her she was tricked into taking the axe by a close friend so that Emmett could have magic. As Jennie's grandmother departs, Riley starts to believe Okja and the other elders framed the Horangi. As Jennie thanks them and promises not to tell anyone they were at her house, she announces that she will be initiated into the Horangi, much to the shock of the others.

She, Emmett, and Taeyo return to the Campus to find it under attack by a Inmyeonjo, a bird woman who hates mirrors. They find Sora and Austin talking to scholars and she says she wants to initiate as Sora tasks her with taming the bird woman. After Emmett pulls her aside, she tells him why she changed her mind as he gives her his ring and she goes with Austin and Taeyo. They take her to a lab where she gets her chip implanted in her wrist and, much to her joy, the gifted marks appear. Taeyo as Austin tell her how they activate their chips as Taeyo gives her his compass, which she unknowingly reveals has blades, before heading out to help. She, Austin, and Taeyo find the Inmyeonjo trapped in a cage by the lake and Sora asks for volunteers to tame her. After two failed attempts, Austin pushes her forward and Sora introduces her a her birth parent's daughter who was taken by the Gom. One of the failed tamers gives her his lighter and she steps forward. After failing to activate her element though Austin and Taeyo's methods, she discovers hers is anger after thinking of the wrongs people she knows have gone through the past twelve years and shoots a fire ball at the bird woman, however it goes out before reaching her target and she gets scratched up the talon. She starts to cry before composing herself and offering to heal a cut from a previous attempt. She cautiously gets flowers with medicinal purposes and grinds them up before applying it to the wound. She says the inmyeonjo is beautiful and names her Areum, Korean for beauty. Areum shrinks to the size of a dove as Sora says she passed and Riley accepts her offer to join the Horangi. As she searches for Emmett, she finds him with Okja and her adoptive parents. Riley, her parents, Okja, Emmett, Taeyo, Sora, and Austin move to a shed as she hugs her parents. They say a Samjogo tracked her down and Emmett filled them in before they accuse the Horangi of kidnapping and brainwashing her, she says she joined of her own free will, but they ignore her until she accuses her aunt of her blaming the Horangi. Okra says she did not, but is far from innocent. She reveals that Bongjoon Pyo, the Samjogo elder, is the true culprit due to his extreme conservatism, recent erratic behavior, and a recently faked vision. The group decides to form an uneasy alliance and head back to Los Angeles.

They arrive at Mr. Pyo's place of work and, after Taeyo hacks into his calendar to make an appointment for his relatives, they walk right in. They find him in a meeting and, when he sees them, runs as they give chase. They corner him in his car as Sora, Austin, and Taeyo subdue him. She asks why he framed the Horangi. He tells them Sookhee Harrison was behind every before he comes to the realization that she was possessed by the Cave Bear Goddess as part of a plan for her and her sisters to destroy the artifacts, which are actually pieces of the dark moon and dark sun, to erase their sin so that they can enter the Mortalrealm and do what they please with humanity. After realizing the Cave Bear Goddess can possess members of the Gom, asks if they can sever the clan's ties to her. Although hesitant at first, Okja reveals a spell exists and her adoptive parents agree to it. Just then Areum arrives and says the Dokkaebi know where the artifact is. As they question where to even find a dokkaebi, Mr. Pyo says one lives in the forty-fourth room on the forty-forth floor of the temple. They leave the elder behind and, after stopping at the Tokki elder's house for a sleeping potion, they reach the temple and argue over who is going to make a deal with the dokkaebi. When they reach the room, the decide on the Ohs going in. As her mother drinks the potion, she falls asleep as she and her dad watch over her. Ten minutes later, her mom wakes up crying saying the goblin would get the star in exchange for the life of one of her daughters, something she couldn't do. As her father comforts her mother, she asks Areum to knock her out, which she reluctantly obeys. Riley wakes up alone and searches for the dokkaebi. She finds him and requests the last fallen star. He agrees if she gives him her dominant element, which would not allow her to practice magic at all, and the memories the Gom and Horangi have of her. She is shocked by the request and fears the outcome, but after looking at Hattie's heart, seeing it is mostly black, she agrees to the payment. The goblin summons the last fallen star, only to say she had it all along, and vanished without further explanation. Riley shouts after him and cries over what she has lost.

She wakes up to find the others standing over her as Areum greets her. She hopes that the deal was faulty, but her worst fears are confirmed when her father asked who she is. She explains that the dokkaebi told her she already had the last fallen star and about their plan to disconnect the Gom from the Cave Bear Goddess, which causes them to panic due to their memories of her being erased. She gives Emmett back his ring and shows Taeyo his compass, which after remembering the last two lines of the prophecy has her believing it is the star. They head to the Gi sanctuary where they meet the Cave Bear Goddess, who congratulates her on finding the last fallen star and asked that she had it over. Riley asks for Hattie back just as her heart blackens. The goddess obliges and returns her. She and her parents hug Hattie, who is incredibly thin with a gray hue to her skin, as Riley senses something is off. Hattie starts to spasm before speaking in the voice of Sookhee Harrison. After she explains to her son what she did and how she regained her sense of self, she turns into a jaguar and goes to the afterlife. Riley berates the goddess for not returning Hattie, the goddess responds that, as she and the other goddesses are the daughters of Mago Halmi, all others are beneath them. Okra then starts the spell to sever the goddess from a Gom, binding the two with thread. Riley goes to cut off threads, but fails to do so as she realizes to late that the compass is not the star. As the Cave Bear Goddess berates Riley, for betraying her, Riley says she is powerless in the Mortalrealm without a host. Just then the goddess tries to possess Okja. She and the others try and fail to stop the goddess. She watches as the other try and fail to subdue the goddess as Areum uses her body to block Riley from a direct hit. The two are pulled to safety by Noah Noh and she sees Cosette Chung, David Kim, and Jennie Byun with him. They explain that Jennie had a vision that they needed to be at the Gi Sanctuary and the goddess charges at them. As Cosette creates a duplicate of Okja to confuse the goddess, she watches as David and Jennie douse the goddess with immobilization potion and the others subdue the goddess as she reals a strange warmth in her body and the Gi Cauldron erupts in black flames. Riley starts to formulate a theory as the Cave Bear Goddess breaks free and slams her into her statue, causing her to realize what the last two lines of the prophecy means as she confronts the patron goddess of her adoptive clan. She reveals to the goddess that she is the last fallen star and destroys the statue of the goddess before she destroys her, expelling the goddess from both Okja and the Mortalrealm.

As things calm down, her parents thank her for returning their daughter to her and she cries over the uncertainty of what will happen now that her families have no memories of her. She goes to the elevator where she runs into the Haetae, who reveals that he is the man who found her and Emmett in the library. He explains how Mago Halmi wanted her to find out she was the star on her own and shows her a memory of her falling into her mother's womb. He gives her a wish to undo anything from her past and she decides to resurrect Hattie. He does so and, after a delay, Hattie is resurrected. They all cheer and promise to find a way to restore their memories of Riley as they fill Hattie in.


Though she is Korean-American, Riley doesn't look like her adopted family. She's tall and has freckles, with a pointy chin and high cheekbones and more angles than curves. She keeps an onyx stone shaped like a curved teardrop in her pocket, the only thing her biological parents left her.[1]


Riley really wants to be accepted as a member of the gifted community and as an Oh, which is set back by her being a saram. She tends to cry easily when she's overwhelmed by emotion, but she's not easily swayed when she sets her mind to something.

Riley tends to keep quiet and not draw attention to herself, this is demonstrated through her fear of being banished from the congregation or having her memory erased, so she usually keeps to herself during services. She proves her bravery multiple times and would do anything for her family, even sacrificing her power and their memories of her.

She is selfless, as she agreed to initiate into the Horangi and disown the Gom, as well as volunteers give up her magic and allow those memories of her loved ones to be erased to proceed in finding the last fallen star and save Hattie.


  • Bilingualism: Riley can speak English and at least some Korean.
  • First Aid Skills: Riley has basic knowledge of first aid skills.

  • Mystiokinesis (formerly): As a witch, Riley can use magic. She gave up her abilities to the dokkaebi so that she could get the last fallen star and save her sister.
    • Pyrokinesis: Due to the biochip in her wrist, Riley is able to control and manipulate fire. However she cannot create fire. During her initiation into the Horangi, she discovered her key to controlling it is her anger.

  • Relationship


    Riley is close to her adoptive sister. The two look out for each other and Hattie often stands up for her. When she was hurt trying to summon Mago Halmi, Riley went to great lengths to save her, even giving up her newly acquired magic and the memories her two clans had of her to ensure she is okay. When Hattie is returned dead, she uses a wish she earned to resurrect her, showing the great and strong bond they share.

    Riley is close to her adoptive father. He defends her when other witches doubt she is a member of their family. She becomes angry with him when her Horangi heritage is revealed to her. When his memories of her were erased, she became distraught at losing the only father she ever knew not remembering her.

    Riley is close to her adoptive mother. When her memories of Riley were erased, she became distraught at losing the only mother she has ever known. She feels hurt and betrayed when she learn they hid her identity as a Horangi from her.

    Riley is close to her adoptive aunt. She likes how she tries to get her an initiation into the clan. When she is possessed by the Cave Bear Goddess, Riley does whatever she can to save her aunt.

    While she never met her birth mother, Riley misses her greatly. Feeling a connection to Mina after seeing pictures of her and her father, feeling robbed of being with them.

    While she never met her birth father, Riley misses him greatly. Felling a connection to Yoon after seeing a picture of him and her mother, feeling robbed of being with them.


    Emmett Harrison, her best friend.

    Riley and Emmett have been close to each other since meeting in the third grade when he gave her a bag of chocolate chip cookies to cheer her up after he saw her crying. When she learns she is the part of the Horangi, the clan who killed his mother, she hides it from him for two days out of fear for how he would react if he found out. When he eventually does, he berates her and calls her just as bad as she Horangi. Things start to patch up after he learns his mother was being controlled by someone. When his memories of Riley and erased, she becomes distraught when her best friend does not know who she is. During the fight with the Cave Bear Goddess, he fights for her.

    At first, Riley was distrusting of Taeyo due to being a Horangi. However after spending time with him she starts to trust him and see him as a valuable ally. She becomes distraught when he loses his memories of her.

    At first, Riley was nervous as she tried to tame the Inmyeonjo, however after treating a cut from a previous attempt at taming her and complemented herself, even giving her the name Areum, meaning “beautiful” in Korean. Areum becomes devoted to her after that, going as far as shielding her from the Cave Bear Goddess.


    • Riley is a unisex given name of Irish origin that is derived from the name "Raghallach" meaning "valiant".
    • Oh is a surname of Korean origin.


    • Riley's last name was originally revealed to be Nam, however, this was corrected on Graci Kim's website.
    • Riley is the second main character of Korean heritage in the Rick Riordan Presents imprint.
    • Riley has a tendency to cry when she experiences strong emotions.


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