This page contains an official policy of Riordan Wiki.
It should be followed by all editors.

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Users must submit their blog ideas at Project:Blog Request. The ideas must be conform to the requirements listed below. Other users then comment on the blog proposal giving their opinions and comments on it as needed. The blogs that have been approved by administrators will then be allowed to be created. All blogs will be carefully monitored by the admins.

Blog Requirements

The Riordan Wiki's blog policy, like the talk page and User page policies, is designed to keep the focus on editing articles. To maintain this focus there are a few policies regarding blogs.

  1. Blogs must be on-topic – This means they must discuss something related to the site, whether it be new material coming out that will impact our articles and what changes will need to be made, announcing changes to the site structure or content, organizing a project for improving the site or an article, or discussing potential changes in policy.
  2. No fan fiction – This is a canonical wiki, and not the place for fan fiction. It serves little purpose to ban its inclusion in the main wiki, but allow it to blossom in the blogs. There are many Half-Blood fan fiction sites across the Internet, and even a Percy Jackson Fan Fiction Wiki. Users will be redirected to these sites. In the case of abuse, the user can be banned under administrative authority.
  3. Keep it civil – Civility is expected to be maintained in all blog posts and comments. Blogs are not to be used to make a point or make personal attacks against users.
  4. No objectionable material – Please remember that this is a wiki that children and parents are likely to read. No foul language, or content of a sexual nature.
  5. Your blog is not your primary contribution to this wiki – Users who edit their blogs excessively will be subject to sanction. Excessive blog editing, in this case, is defined as over 15% of a user's total edits are in the Blog domain. The majority of a user's edits should be in the more useful (Main space)/Template/Category domains. Users who have an excessive number of their edits in the blog namespace will be warned and potentially blocked at the administrators discretion.
  6. Blogs do not replace forums – Blogs should not be used to ask for help or other site questions that would be more appropriate in one of the Forums, such as the help desk. These blogs will be moved to the appropriate forum before being deleted. Similarly, blogs do not replace article talk pages in being used to talk about changes to a specific article.
  7. Creating welcome blogs – If you are a new user to the site, you may want to introduce yourself to the other members. However, creating a blog to welcome yourself creates clutter on the blog page and the blogs themselves are unrelated to the Camp Half-Blood series. If you do make a blog like this, be prepared as it will be deleted.

Blog posts failing the above rules will be deleted and the user warned and/or blocked at the administrator's discretion. All blog posts must be categorized into Category:Blog posts.

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