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Rock Crystal Boy is a Navajo Holy Person and the guardian of Sisnaajiní.

Race to the Sun

When Nizhoni Begay, Mac Begay, and Davery Descheny come to his mountain looking for a perfect white shell for Spider Woman, he fires an arrow at them as a warning shot and asks what they are doing on his mountain. He keeps his bow notched until Nizhoni mentions Mr. Yazzie. When the horned toad is mentioned, he warms up to them, wakes Mr. Yazzie from his hibernation, and takes them to his hogan to warm up. He introduces himself and tells them to call him RC, when he learns the Begay siblings are of the Crystal Rock People he calls them family. When they mention they need to find a perfect white shell for Spider Woman, her takes them to a large pile of shells. He wishes them luck and leaves to perform his duties.

A day later he and his mountain’s herald meet with the other guardian and heralds at the House of the Sun to tell them the monsters have escaped. He rides Łigai, the herald of his mountain, with Bethany Begay to Shiprock. When they reach the monsters, he steers as Łigai and Bethany take out the Bináá’ yee aghání. He helps catch Nizhoni when she jumps and flies the mother and daughter to blockade so they can take it out. When Nizhoni is hit by her own arrow, he tries and fails to catch her.


Rock Crystal Boy appears as a teenage boy of about fifteen or sixteen who is made entirely of crystals, clothes and skin, that reflect light like a prism.


Rock Crystal Boy is suspicious of outsiders, but warms up to them if someone he trusts vogues for them. He will help others anyway he can.


  • Archery: Rock Crystal Boy is a skilled archer.


  • He says his youthful appearance is due to a rigorous skincare routine.
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