Roman War Games are played by the Roman demigods and legacies of Camp Jupiter, normally on the Field of Mars. Just as the Greeks have Capture the Flag, the Romans have war games.

Known Games

  • Deathball: Deathball is a game similar to Paintball. However, it is used with acid, poison, and fireballs as weapons. Hence the risks of serious injury and death are much higher.
  • Siege: Siege is very similar to Capture the Flag. One team defends a fortress while another team attempts to breach the fort and seize the banners of the opposing team. The defending team is given the fort along with an arsenal of weapons, including water cannons, scorpion ballistae, and iron portcullis, while the attacking team gets Hannibal the war elephant.
  • Gladiator Fighting: Frank Zhang mentions Gladiator Fighting along with Chariot Racing as one of Roman War games. It is most likely fighting in gladiator style. It's unknown if this version is as non-lethal as the historical one, or if the legion allows for serious injury or death.
  • Chariot Racing: Frank mentions Chariot Racing along with Gladiator Fighting as one of Roman War game. It is most likely a race with chariots.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Son of Neptune

Frank Zhang, first over the wall in a Siege game.

When Hazel Levesque  is showing Percy Jackson around camp, she points out the fort being built in the Field of Mars. She tells him that it only takes them a day to build one in preparation for the war games they have that night. When she explains that the objective of the game is to capture the opposing teams symbol, Percy comments that it is like his favorite game, Capture the Flag. Hazel goes on to explain other rules of the game.

In the game that night, the First and Second Cohorts are asked to defend the fortress,while the Third, Fourth and Fifth Cohorts are asked to breach the fortress. The Praetor, Reyna Ramírez-Arellano acts as a referee, flying on her pegasus Skippy. Nico di Angelo merely observes the game from a distance, instead of taking part. Frank, Hazel and Percy, with the Fifth Cohort, help their team to win.

Mars arrives soon after the game and claims Frank. He tells Reyna to reward his son appropriately for his brilliant battle strategy. Frank is then crowned MVP and given the Mural Crown because he was the first person over the fort's wall.

The Trials of Apollo

Camp Jupiter Classified: A Probatio's Journal

Claudia and Janice compete along side each other during deathball.

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