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Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone is a stone tablet inscribed with the same passage in three different languages located in the British Museum. It was used as the key to translating hieroglyphs. It was discovered by Jean-François Champollion, the first man outside the House of Life to unleash magic. His grandnephew was Desjardins.


The stone is a fragment of stele inscribed with a decree from Egyptian priests concerning the good deeds done by the pharaoh during the Ptolemaic era. This decree was inscribed in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, Demotic, and Ancient Greek to ensure that all of Egypt would be able to read it.

On a campaign to claim Egypt for France, Napoleon's soldiers discovered the stone in the summer of 1799 while excavating near el-Rashid, translated as the town of Rosetta. The stone was handed over to the Institute of Egypt where the road to translation began.

The Greek portion of the inscription on the stone was translated by Reverend Stephen Weston in April 1802. The Demotic inscription was completed in 1802 as well by French scholar, Antoine-Isaac Silvestre de Sacy, and a Swedish diplomat, Johan David Åkerblad.

As for the Egyptian portion of the inscription, an English physicist named Thomas Young deciphered that the stone contained a decree as he discovered the meaning of the cartouche hierogylph which indicated proper names thus identifying royals, Ptolemy and Berenika. Jean François Champollion connected the hieroglyphs to phonetics thus leading to a full translation of hieroglyphs.

The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

Julius Kane used the Rosetta Stone to free Osiris from the Duat, but accidentally unleashed Set, Isis, Horus, and Nephthys as well; it caused a chain reaction that ultimately freed all god from their prisons in the Duat. The Stone was destroyed in the process, but was repaired by magicians from the House of Life. Museum workers just thought the stone had miraculously survived.


  • It housed the gods Osiris, Horus, Set, Isis and Nephthys when they were imprisoned.


Rosetta explode

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