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The following article/section is from the Storm Runner continuity under Rick Riordan Presents and not the Riordanverse canon.

Rosie is the pet dog of Zane Obispo in the Storm Runner series under Rick Riordan Presents. After dying from Demon Runner poison, she was resurrected as a Hellhound.


Rosie was found by Zane in the desert when he was nine or ten. He begged his mother to keep her and the son of Hurakan worked for his neighbors to get money to buy food for her.

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Storm Runner

Rosie is with Zane in his room and goes out to the Beast a close by volcano. She begins to act skittish end urges him to leave. Soon a craft crashes into the volcano’s crater and he falls off. She finds Zane and his mother. Later she runs off into the desert and Zane catches her. They see the creature, but it vanishes when Mrs. Obispo arrives. She spends the night with Zane. She accompanies Zane to the shuttle and pleads with him not to go.

When Zane takes Brooks to the volcano, she charges at her. After she clams down she goes with Zane and Brooks to the volcano and warms up to the Nawal. Soon after entering the cave they find a Demon Runner and it attacks them. She goes for its throat as it starts to ooze poison. She is throw against the wall when it rips her off. Zane cradles her as she dies in his arms and goes to the afterlife. Zane vows to defeat Ah-Puch and save Rosie from the underworld.

When Zane is in the Old World, she is summoned by Ixtab to attack Ah-Puch, she looks like she recognizes Zane. When Ah-Puch convinces the gods to let Zane fight him, she breaths fire at him. When Zane goes to the Empty to fight Ah-Puch, she sniffs him and convinces the gods he has died. When in Xib’alb’a, she comes to Zane and recognizes him and she lets him pet her. When they reach Isla Holbox, Ixtab allows her to stay with Zane. She greets his mother and Hondo, and Brooks when she arrives. She and Zane later play in the surf.

The Fire Keeper

Six months after Zane defeated Ah-Puch, she attacks a messenger bird that Jazz sent Zane and Brooks about the current location of Hurakan, trying to eat it and jumping and spitting fire from her ies to down it. She returns and Zane pets her, the son of Hurakan feels guilty for turning her into a hellhound, something he thinks Rosie hates him for.

Later that night she barks when a girl rows to shore but soon acts friendly. When the girl reaches shore she trips and hits her head. Rosie heals her and the girl recenizes who she is and scratches her belly playfully. She then retreats into the wilderness and returns with a log and lights it on fire to warm the girl, who introduces herself as Ren Santiago. When Ren falls asleep a creative comes out of her boat and Rosie readies herself for a fight. She and Zane fight off the shadow monsters and are joined by Brooks until Ren wakes up and banishes them. She stands guard over the girl‘s castia and snores loudly.

The following morning she and Brooks rush to Ms. Cab’s castia to find Zane in distress and Brooks has her incinerate the Nik’wachinel. However she is revealed to be a Mud Person and they find the real Ms. Cab and Ren tied up in the kitchen. As they leave she sticks close to Ren and silently begs Zane to let Hondo join them.

As they hike she reluctantly takes Zane’s note for his mother to Ms. Cab and asks her to carry a zoned out Ren when she returns. When they reach the entrance Rosie opens the door and lights their way. She senses something in a dead end and has Zane open it, revealing a snowy landscape. All but Ren enters and she melt the ice when Hondo accidentally triggers her. When they fall into an icy tornado and she grows a pair of bat wings and flys. They four end up in a small icy cavern filled with eyes. They are soon joined by Ren, who took an elevator down, and Quinn, who says the entrance is for Zane and Rosie only. The nawal reluctantly agrees to get them out of Xib’alb’a. When they are taken to Clementino to have the livin in the group sanitized and given new clot to hide their sent, she waits for them to finish before the group sets out.

Quinn sends her ahead to look for possible threats and helps them when winged Demon Runners attack the group. They are then brought before Ixtab and the queen of Xib’alb’a joyously greets Rosie and offers her a snake head. When Zane accepts Ixtab’s offer of a temporary death, she appears to him along with the goddess. She is disturbed by the battle but Hondo comforts her. After Ixtab leaves Quinn in charge of Zane‘s Death Ceremony, she goes with them and dives into a waterfall when told.

They end up in a wedding reception in San Miguel de Allende and she and Hondo split off to get churros. They cross a church and end up at El Grito, the home of Fausto, the dark magical who will perform Zane’s death ceremony. She rests under a tree while the others talk with Fausto.

After the death ceremony she growls at Zane and backs away from him. Early the following morning she catches Zane sneaking out but soon warms to him. After Ren’s shadows attack them she fights back. She and Zane struggle to defeat them until Ren wakes up and banishes it. When Ah-Puch suddenly appears she hides but guards Zane when he notices the son of Hurakan. Ah-Puch also revea he led Ixtab to her, resulting in her becoming a hellhound. When Ren pleads with Zane to accept Ah-Puch’s offer, she joins in.

She begs to go with them but Zane tells her not to. They leave through a gateway at dawn and she goes through when Brooks sees them. They arrive in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur at nightfall and AhxOuch tells them to run when he smells something coming at them. They head to the docks and Ah-Puch steals a boat. She senses danger as a cloud approaches that turned into a colony of bats. She struggles for a little while incinerating them. After disposing of the bodys, they head back to shore. As the others take a cab she runs along side it and they reach a five-star hotel and stay in a luxury villa. After dinner she and Zane go to a fire and he asks it where the Fire Keeper is. After he finds a location called El Arco, she begs to go with him but Zane refuses. The following morning they are under siege by bats and hotel security. As guards break down the door, she carries the others away bu are cornered by more guards and a helicopter on a cliff. She distracts the guards by revealing her true form as the others escape to New Mexico. After the others jump off a cliff she joins them and they end up by the replica of The Beast. She soon finds a demon destroying flashlight and a puddle of Hondo‘s blood and howls in sadness.

After Zane triggers a trap they track him down and free the godborns with her healing Hondo. As they escape, Marco throws a hammer at the bat god and wakes him up. When Ah-Puch teams up wi the bat god and reveals their plan to use Hurakan and the godborns to resurrect the Mexica Gods and creative a world order where the twins are in charge. She, Zane and Hondo take on the bat god while the godborns hide. As a repowered Ah-Puch fights Camazotz, they escape through a gateway to an unknown jungle and she takes Zane and Ren to save Hurakan.

They reach a pyramid surrounded by sobernaturals and see Hurakan chaired up at the top wi various gods. Ren masks them with shadows and, when Jazz sees them, makes them look like his shadow. However when Chaac says “dead god”, she goes into attack mode and Zane absorbs her fire. She helps out in fighting the twins and stands with Hondo, Jazz and the godborns. When they go to Xib’alb’a, she plays fetch with Hondo with a giant bone as zane talks with the gods.

Later that day as she and Zane go for a walk on the island they see Brooks, who informs them tha she will be leaving to care for her father. As Brooks and Zane are about to kiss, she interrupts wanting to play fetch and the son of Hurakan agrees by throwing a fireball into the Caribbean Sea and she chases after it.


In life, Rosie was a medium sized dog with brown fur, dark spots and one white spot on her forehead. She is missing her front right leg.

When she becomes a hellhound, her fur turns black and her eyes turn fiery. She was twice the size of a lion and had long bared fangs, her growls can shake the ground.


Despite missing one of her front legs, Rose loves going on long walks around the sleeping volcano known as The Beast. Rosie is famous for having the appetite of an elephant and wandering headfirst into danger. Loyal to the bone, Rosie will defend Zane against any and all things that would cause him harm.[1]

After becoming a hellhound, Ixtab trained her to attack whenever she hears the word dead and to stop when she hears the word steak.


  • Enhanced Strength: After becoming a hellhound, Rosie’s strength greatly increased, being able to jump twenty-five feet in the air.
  • Fire Vision: After becoming a hellhound, Rosie can now shoot fire from her eyes. She can do this on her own or if she hears the word dead and stops when she hears steak.
  • Vitakinesis: After becoming a hellhound, Rosie gained the power to heal others with her saliva, a rare ability for a hellhound.
  • Teleportation: After becoming a hellhound, Rosie gained the ability to teleport. However she can only teleport herself.
  • Flight: After becoming a hellhound, Rosie can grow a pair of bat like wings and fly whenever she is in Xib’alb’a.


  • Jennifer Cervantes based Rosie off of her own dog[2] who passed away on the 30th of January, 2019.[3]


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