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We can't go back, Carter. But nothing is lost, even in death.

–Ruby to Carter Kane, in The Red Pyramid.

Ruby Kane (née Faust) was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Faust, the wife of Julius Kane, and the mother of Carter and Sadie Kane. She was a Diviner in the House of Life. Ruby was killed when she and her husband freed Bast from her prison through Cleopatra's Needle. Ruby was a diviner, which means that she could see into the future. She was born to the ancient and powerful Faust family, but later married into the Kane family, another powerful magician family.


Early Life

Ruby was born in London, England to Mr. and Mrs. Faust. She eventually became an anthropologist specializing in ancient DNA and was also teaching at a university. She met Julius while on a dig in the Valley of the Kings and they eventually fell in love, married, and had two children, Carter and Sadie.

She was also the first member of her family to use magic for many generations.

Sacrificing Herself

Using her divination powers, she saw a future in which chaos would take over, and the monstrous Apophis would be free of his prison after defeating weakened Bast. She and her husband released Bast from the Duat using Cleopatra's Needle as a vessel. In order to keep Apophis from being freed as well, Ruby used her own life force to seal the doorway to the Duat, refusing the offers of power from both Bast and Isis. This caused her to literally burn up. According to her husband, she chose not to use power from the gods as she knew she wouldn't be able to handle it. She was also against the idea of hosting a god.

The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

Despite her death, her memory played a significant role in the lives of her husband and children. Julius continued their work to restore the gods and maintain Ma'at, eventually freeing several gods, allowing Osiris to possess him, and dying soon thereafter. Ruby was only seen as a picture while the police were talking to Carter in Sadie's home. At the time, Sadie was locked in her room, guarded by a policewoman. Sadie states that her grandparents keep a shrine to Ruby in a downstairs cupboard. Sadie has a picture of her mother holding her as an infant, of which she says, "She stood out on the balcony, the pacific ocean behind her, holding a wrinkled pudgy lump of baby that would someday grow up to be yours truly. Baby me was not much to look at but mum was gorgeous." The one thing that made Sadie keep the photo was the bitter irony that her deceased mother was wearing a T-shirt with an ankh on it. Later, her children grew up separately and both missed her dearly, overwhelmed with joy when they finally reunited with her after Set's defeat.

When visiting Osiris (hosted by their dad, Julius Kane) in the Land of the Dead, Carter and Sadie meet the ghost of their mother who now resides with her husband in the afterlife and both children have a happy reunion with their mother.

The Throne of Fire

During Carter and Sadie's quest to wake Ra, they visit Aaru (Paradise) where Osiris resides and thus so do Julius and Ruby. There, Ruby and Julius comfort their children over their failure to make it through the gates of the Eighth House of the Night in time and invite them to dinner, where Ruby has an ice cream cake for Sadie's birthday. Sadie and Carter are depressed until Julius reveals that he has summoned Khonsu to the dinner as Khonsu has the ability to give them the time they need. However, Ruby is against it as it is very dangerous as they will lose their rens if they lose. She tries to convince her children not to do it, and her husband to dissuade them. Carter and Sadie choose to do it anyways and Ruby respects their decision, but must leave with Julius before the game of senet they play for the needed time begins, as they can neither participate nor watch.

The Serpent's Shadow

Along with other spirits, Ruby is captured by Apophis as he rises. After Carter and Sadie destroy Apophis, she is freed and has her first real conversation with Sadie for the first time since she died. The two discuss Sadie's confused feelings for Walt Stone and Anubis, especially since they are now essentially one person as Walt is now Anubis' host, but Ruby helps her see its not so complicated at all and reassures her that as he is walking the Earth in a human host, Anubis will be allowed to stay when the other gods retreat from the mortal world for a time. She also nudges Sadie about other gods and rival magic from as close as Long Island.


Although little is known about Ruby, she has displayed selflessness and kind behavior, highlighted by her decision to sacrifice herself in order to protect others. Carter also states that, like Sadie, Ruby was not good at hiding her feelings and also tilted her chin up when she expected a fight.


Ruby had fair skin, long caramel hair, and deep blue eyes. Sadie is said to bear a great resemblance to her. Isis resembles her as well, albeit only in face and not in coloring.


Ruby was a skilled magician and had a rare specialty in divination. She was connected with Isis so she may have shared some of the goddess's powers.

  • Divination: Though this power is not perfect, she could see the future to a degree, even in death. This is an uncommon gift, and she is the first in centuries to have it. Even as a ghost she still possesses this power. The futures she saw could be changed and were not set in stone.
  • Tyet Communication: Ruby possesses a ghostly tyet amulet and can therefore communicate with Sadie as long as she is wearing her own. During The Red Pyramid she displayed this ability where she communicated with Sadie as she was banishing Set to let her know to look out for her true enemy, Apophis.
  • Shield Seal: When Julius and she freed Bast, the resulting energy would have killed her husband. However, she created a shield so powerful that didn't just stop the energy from killing him, it sealed the obelisk and imprisoned Apophis for many more years. She died casting the spell, but the fact she was able to summon this much power was impressive.

Path of Isis

  • Isis Communication: Using the Path of Isis, Ruby could call upon this goddess for advice or help.


Family: Ruby clearly felt deep love for her children and husband, displaying genuine pride and affection when she is reunited with them.

Anubis: It is hinted in The Red Pyramid that Ruby and Anubis had met before. This is revealed through a conversation between Sadie and Anubis in the Red Pyramid. She also talks about him and shows knowledge of him in The Serpent's Shadow when she discusses his and Walt's potential as a boyfriend to Sadie, mentioning how he is a "good young man" and how he finally has the chance for a normal mortal life, something he hasn't had before.


  • Like her daughter, Ruby liked chocolate caramels.
  • In one of Sadie's pictures of her, Ruby wore a T-shirt with a print an ankh. Sadie finds this ironic and sad because her dead mother was wearing the symbol of life.
  • Her family, the Fausts, are descendants of Ramesses the Great.
  • The Fausts may be related to Johann Faust, who claimed to be a magician.
  • In one of Carter's screen savers, there is a picture of her bouncing Carter (who was a baby) on her knee.
  • In The Serpent's Shadow, Ruby seems to imply a future meeting between the Egyptian and the Greco-Roman gods. This may be referring to the events of The Son of Sobek, The Staff of Serapis, and The Crown of Ptolemy.


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