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Hearthstone, a user of rune magic.

Rune Magic is the strongest form of Norse magic. Users of this form of magic can either carve the runes into objects (such as Hearthstone's "runestone" tablets) or chant/sing the names and sounds of the runes (galdr) to cast spells.

Effects of each Rune

In addition to being a phonetic alphabet, each rune has it own name and a variety of esoteric meanings that represent the metaphysical concepts ("the genetic code") of the universe; to cast a spell, the user must understand the meanings of the runes and how they apply to their intended spell. For example, Raidho ("r") literally translates as "Ride" and is associated with travel ("the Journey"), motion, evolution, and rhythms; Hearthstone can use this rune to bend the fabric of space to create an "endless" loop to slow down Gunilla and the Valkyries. Thurisaz ("th") is "Jötunn " and represents the giants, chaotic forces, aggression, destruction, and the thunder god Thor (who is of giant stock); when searching for Andvari's ring, Hearthstone used this rune to temporarily evaporate a river thirty feet deep. Perthro ("p") is "the Unknown" and represents fate, luck, mystery, occult powers, and an emptiness waiting to be filled; Hearthstone once used this rune to place himself and his friends in the hands of fate. Blitzen, on one occasion, used Perthro and a combination of other runes to create a size-shifting carpet bag containing seemingly-limitless space.


To be able to perform it one must go through great suffering: Odin hung from Yggdrasil for nine days with a spear in his side; Hearthstone was resented by his family, who blamed his deafness for causing his brother's death, and was treated as less than a slave. Rune magic is taxing for novices, as Hearth became faint whenever he would use a rune stone in battle.

List of Runes


The fehu rune.png

Fehu, ᚠ, (pronounced 'fay-hoo', or [fe͡ɪhuː]) is the first symbol in the rune-row of Elder Futhark. This rune represents Frey, the Vanir god of summer, fertility, and peace. It corresponds to the [f] sound, and symbolizes "wealth", "abundance", "livestock", and "positivity".

Appearances: Appears on Magnus Chase's shield, and as a runestone pendant disguise for Jack. Currently has no meaning as a spell.


The ur rune.png

Ur or Uruz ('oor-ooz'), is the Icelandic word for "rain" and Old English for "wild ox". It corresponds to the [u] sound, and symbolizes "valor", "fortitude", "strength" and "stability".

Appearances: Hearthstone uses Ur on himself to gain an ox-like strength, stamina, and durability. His body transforms into a berserk-like form to handle the sudden surge of power.


The thurisaz.png

Thurisaz ('thur-ee-saz') represents Thor, god of thunder and strength. It can also be reconstructed as thorn and mean "giant". It corresponds to the [th] sound, and symbolizes "masculinity", "courage", "empowerment".

Appearances: While searching for the Ring of Andvari, Hearth drops a Thurisaz into a small lake, causing it to absolutely evaporate in a violent discharge of destructive power.


The ansuz.png

Ansuz ('anhs-sooz') represents Odin, god of wisdom, magic, poetry, and war. Ansuz corresponds to the [a] sound, and symbolizes "divinity", "mental stability", "communication", and "speech".

Appearances: None.


The raido.png

Raido ('rye-doe') corresponds to the [r] sound. It symbolizes "ride", "wheel", or "journey".

Appearances: Used as the rune of spatial manipulation. Hearthstone first uses it to create a loop around Gunilla and her Valkyries to slow their chase after Magnus and his friends. He then used it to transport Magnus, Blitzen, and himself from Alfheim to Midgard .


Kenaz or Kaunan ('kee-naz') represents Loki, Father of Lies, and God of Fire, Magic, Mischief, Artifice and Stories. It corresponds to the [k] sound, and symbolizes "torch", "passion", "inspiration", and "creativity".

Appearances: Hearthstone creates a floating rune made of fire to help his friends traversing through Niflheim. According to Blitz, the fire of Kenaz is fueled by the caster's stamina.


Gebo or Gyfu ('gay-bo') corresponds the [g] sound, and symbolizes "gift", "exchange", or "generosity".

Appearances: Hearthstone casts Gebo to conjure dinner for Magnus and Blitz. It is unknown if Gebo can create other gifts besides food, but it's been confirmed that whatever is created via Gebo can't be used by the caster (as it's a gift from the caster).


Wunjo ('voon-yo') corresponds to the [v] sound, and symbolizes "joy", "satisfaction", "goodness", and "fellowship".

Appearances: None.


Haglaz ('hag-ah-lahz') represents Urd, the Norn of the Past. It corresponds to the [h] sound, and symbolizes "hailstorm", "cleansing", and "destruction".

Appearances: Used by Hearthstone to conjure up a hailstorm.


Naudiz ('now-diz') represents Skuld, the Norn of the Future. It corresponds to the [n] sound, and symbolizes "need" or "distress".

Appearances: None.


Isa ('ee-sah') represents Verdandi, the Norn of the Present. It corresponds to the [i] sounds, and symbolizes "ice", "delay", "self-control", "frigidity".

Appearances: Hearthstone first uses Isa to (unsuccessfully) freeze Loki and prevent his escape from his cavern. He then uses it later to freeze giants and draugr in the fight aboard the Naglfar.


Jera means "harvest".

Appearances: None.


Eihwaz represents death and Hel. It corresponds to ï in elder futhark and ï or ȝ in the Anglo-Saxon futhorc. In the gothic alphabet, its equivalent is 𐌴.

Apperances: None.


Pertho represents an empty cup waiting for being filled. It corresponds to ["p"] sounds and means "luck" or "fate".

Appearances: Hearthstone uses this at Jotunheim to save Magnus and Sam, he also feels represented by this rune and puts it on the top of his staff.



Appearances: To be added


Sowilo means "sun".

Appearances: None.


Tiwaz represents the god Tyr. It corresponds to [t] sounds and means sacrifice.

Appearances: To be added


Berkana means birch.

Appearances: None.


"Ehwaz" represents a riding chair and means "horse", "transport".

Appearances: Hearthstone uses Ehwaz to summon Stanley, the eight-legged horse.



Appearances: None.


Lagaz ('la-gayz') represents Njord, the god of the sea and seafaring. It corresponds to [l] sounds and means "water", "river", "lake", or "renewal".

Appearances: Hearthstone uses this at Aegir's place by making it hit the ceiling and turn it into water. It falls down on top of the Nine Daughters of Aegir.


To be added

Appearances: None.


Dagaz represents new beginnings, transformations.

Appearances: When Magnus arrives to Hotel Valhalla Hunding gives a rune stone with Dagaz on it to open up his room.


Othala means "inheritance".

Appearances: Emma Chase used to wear a necklace with this rune given by her father. Currently has no meaning as a spell.

Known Users



  • The runes used so far are a part of the "Elder Futhark" runic alphabet (named for the phonetic sounds of the first six runes of the first aett: Fehu, Uruz, Thurisaz, Ansuz, Raidho, and Kenaz). This particular alphabet was not used by the Scandinavian peoples (who used the "Younger Futhark") but instead by the earlier Germanic peoples from whom Norse mythology stemmed from.
  • Rune Magic is more powerful than Alf Seidr.
  • At least one rune has healing properties, as suggested by Hearthstone. Presumably Fehu or Naudiz.
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