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Sal & Gabi Fix the Universe is the sequel book to Sal & Gabi Break the Universe in the Sal & Gabi Duology by Carlos Hernandez under the Rick Riordan Presents imprint. It was released on May 5th, 2020.


Best-selling author Rick Riordan presents the sequel to the critically acclaimed Sal and Gabi Break the Universe, a brilliant sci-fi romp with Cuban influence. Among many other challenges, Sal and Gabi have to try to make everything right with our world when there is a rogue Gabi from another universe running loose. Sal Vidon doesn’t want to live a Mami-free life. Pulling different versions of his mother from other universes is how he copes with missing his own, who died years ago. But Sal’s father, a calamity physicist, is trying to shut down all the wormholes Sal creates, because Papi thinks they are eroding the very fabric of our world. All of Papi’s efforts are in vain, however, because a Gabi from another universe has gone rogue and is popping up all over the place, seeking revenge for the fact that her world has been destroyed. While Sal and Gabi work together to keep both Papi and Rogue Gabi under control, they also have to solve the mystery of Yasmany, who has gone missing from school. Could it have something to do with the wormhole in the back of his locker? Readers who enjoyed Sal and Gabi Break the Universe will relish being back in the world of Culeco Academy and the Coral Castle along with such unforgettable characters as American Stepmom, the Gabi-Dads, Principal Torres, and the sassy entropy sweeper. With multiple Sals and Gabis in charge, it’s no wonder this sequel offers even more hilarious weirdness and love than the first book.[1]


Remembranation Machine Test and Side Effects

Gustavo and Lucy Vidón.

Three weeks after saving Ignacio Real, Sal Vidón is awoken from a dream of his mother by his father to witness the first test of the Remembranation Machine to repair the holes Sal makes in the universe. He meets his father and step-mother in the living room as the tests start. The readings show they are successful and Sal feels as if he just lost his connection to his mother. Sal suffers a brief dizzy spell and ends up on the floor, where American Stepmom comforts him. He tests his sugar levels and everything thing appears normal. Lucy asks if something is wrong and, unsure if he is hiding something or not, Sal says he feels sealed off. Gustavo enters with a glass of water as Sal says this and theorizes Sal fainted because he is now sealed off for the multiverse. After learning he can’t see into other universes anymore, Sal is unsure what to feel. Just then Gustavo gets a video call from Bonita, who is running to the Coral Castle with Gabi and Ignacio Real in a backpack using a drone to hold on phone controlled by Gabi, says she will be there in fourteen minutes before hanging up. As the call ends, Sal jokes about taking in the peace before Gabi arrived. When Lucy jokingly tells him to be nice to his “girlfriend”, he jokingly replies back that she is. Lucy believes this is true and stammers as Sal proclaimed his asexuality a few weeks ago. However, Gustavo tells him Sal is joking and she playfully hits him. As his parents get changed, he steps outside and hears Gabi, but doesn’t see her. She then asks for his dimension and says she will meet him at school, confusing Sal.

Soon after, Gabi comes into sight as Bonita is running towards him. Realizing Gabi is trying to make him flinch and record his reaction and that Bonita would never hurt him or the Reál children, he stands his ground as Bonita stops. Sal and Gabi say hello to each other as Gabi explains the device Iggy is in, a Security Sphere, is meant to keep babies safe on the road. As Sal thinks of how well Iggy is doing after switching out parts of him with an alternative version of the baby in another dimension, Gustavo and Lucy come out and greet the Reáls as Sal notices Meow-dad. Sal panics, remembering how Iggy is a portal between two dimensions, and takes the phone to frost the dome again. However he pushes the wrong button and activates the device's disco party mode. He begs Bonita to stop it, but she can’t as Gabi has her phone. Just then Gabi turns it off and everyone asks Sal why hid did that. He makes up an excuse about needing to go to school with Gabi and asks Bonita to take them, but she can’t have more than two passengers. Just then Sal's parents want to see Iggy and the dome defrosts to reveal only the baby. He falls asleep in Gustavo's arms and they head inside, one for Iggy to start screaming. However as soon as he starts, Iggy stops and appears normal again. Everyone wonders if it was actually something or if he was throwing a tantrum. They think of what to do as Gabi takes notes and Sal suggestions they take him to the hospital if he does it again, which he does and stops as soon as Gustavo is out the door. He gives the baby to Bonita, who tells Gabi to go to school as she leaves. Gabi states that she feels like she has pin and needles in addition to an emptiness. She looks at Sal who says they will discuss it later.

As they walk to school, Sal still in his pajamas but knows the other kids will think he is cosplaying, he explains how the rememberation machine works to Gabi. After realizing that it closes rips in the membrane between dimensions, she fears for Iggy as the connection between him and the other Iggy all that is keeping him alive. Sal vows he would help Gabi keep her brother safe as they walk to school. As they walk, Sal really has to go to the bathroom and Gabi distracts him by explaining how her drone, Fey Spy, works. She has him say various phrases to get it to react to his voice command. When they reach Culeco Academy of the Arts, they see it decorated for the play they are putting on for parent teacher conference, Alice in Wonderland.

Dress Rehearsal, Talking Toilet, and Another Gabo

As they arrive at school, Sal takes in the kids working on the play, which he can not take part in as the students have spent weeks working on the play and he arrived to close to opening night to participate. He sees Juan Carlos Chaviano modeling the queen of hearts dress for Aventura Rios and let’s them know he is not prejudice like that. In return Aventura teases him for “getting together” with Gabi. He then runs to the nearest bathroom, only to trip and have Mr. Milagros catch him. He makes it so the bathroom only to find it out of order. Mr. Milagros then pulls away the out of order sign saying he and eleven other janitors from around the district, Rosa, Diego, Dominic, Maria, Rudolpho, Isabel, Yanín, David, Lionél, Dolores, and Ysandora, spent the weekend fixing it up after a talk he had with Principal Torres, really Sal pretending to be her. As Sal goes in, Mr. Milagros says it will respond to him. As he does his business, he admires the craftsmanship and the toilet introduces it’s as Vorágine, a class eight artificial intelligence. Sal questions how a school janitor can get something like that, but it says various tech CEOs around the city owe Mr. Milagros for unclogging their toilets. He also reveals that it knows Sal has diabetes and says it will only record it with his permission and delete anything going forward. Sal gives it permission to deliver information to his parents and he leaves. He tells the janitors it was the best trip to the bathroom he even took about they hoist the boy on their shoulders to celebrate.

The celebration ends as the bell rings and Sal rushes to his locker to get his combined copy of Lewis Carol's Alice books. He sees Yasmany's locker and realizes he has not talked to him all weekend. As he rushes to class, he runs into Gabi, but she is wearing a different shirt and her hair has a chip bag clip in it. He realizes this is a Gabi from another universe, the same one he spoke with before his Gabi arrived, and she says his universe is in danger. She reveals that her universe is in the process of getting destroyed due to the remembranation machine, saying that sealing membranes between universes is dangerous and her Sal is lost because of it. She tells him not to tell anyone about her and that she will see him later before leaving. As he rushes to class, he realizes the halls are empty and runs into Widelene Henrissaint, who says that the returning students are all getting ready for the play while the transfer students and sixth graders still have to attend class. When they arrive in English class, they are greeted by Mr. Cosquillas and find only themselves, Teresita Tómas, and Adam Hoag in class. They spend the class discussing how art is important and no one can get a wrong impression from it. They then head to the play, which was not that good. After four periods of the play, which he thought was bland and predictable. Gabi sends him at least twenty texts about his option of the play but he doesn’t respond. She then sends her smaller drone after him and insists he talk to her. After a while he snatches it in his mouth and threatens to flush it. When he arrives at the newly renovated bathroom, he hears someone shouting at someone and, with the door open and unlocked, he looks inside to find Yasmany yelling at his reflection.

Helping Yasmany, Introducing Two AIs, and Letting the Truth Slip

Gloria Torres

He listens as his former bully turned friend swears at the toilet, who censors his language, and says no one wants or loves him. Gabi, with the drone still in Sal's mouth, tells him she loves him. Yasmany turns around to see Sal and accuses him of listening in on him until he spits out the drone. Yasmany explains how his grandparents, who he is staying with, can’t take care of him and asked him to return to his mother. He says he has nowhere to go and Gabi says his friends and teachers will help him out. Yasmany asks Sal if he can spend the night at his house and he agrees. When they come out, Gabi and Principal Torres are waiting for them and the latter hugs Yasmany. Principal Torres invites the three to her office for lunch in her office. She gives them purple oatmeal, which she promised her partner Alexis that she would eat more often and made it purple to make it more pleasing to the eye. Sal eats it immediately while Yasmany, hesitant at first, eats but his and Gabi's bowls, who has not touched her bowl. After learning Yasmany will spend the night at Sal's and the following night at Gabi's, she lets the boys leave early to rest and get settled.

Unbeknownst to Yasmany, Sal called his parents to let him stay over. They agree but he doesn’t tell Yasmany and he pretends to sneak him in. They head in through the garage and he half-lies about the machinery inside to toy with his friend. They enter the house with him going first to tell his father that they are there and to pretend they are not around. Gustavo eats his sandwich as Sal and Yasmany ‘sneak’ upstairs only for Lucy to reveal she knows every and shows Yasmany to a room she prepared for him and a selection of healthy snacks. Yasmany is in disbelief that the Vodóns did all this for him as Lucy leaves the boys alone. After hours of video games, they fall asleep and Sal wakes up in the middle of the night. He sees over a dozen texts from Gabi informing him Iggy is home and the doctors found nothing wrong with him, not even the autoimmune efficiency he was born with, and asking if he and Yasmany need help. He replied what they did in emojis, which she hates, and goes to check on the remembramation machine. After making sure his parents are in their room, he heads to the machine to find it locked, but the monitor from earlier is on. He talks to it and they decide to ask each other question. After Sal gives it his best opinion on the meaning of the life, he asks if it is repairing the universe, which it is currently not. It asks why and he says it’s work could hurt some people. After a while he beings down the Entropy-sweeper.

After turning it on for the first time since Friday, the Entropy-sweeper starts shouting and berating Sal for not turning it on in days. After it calms down, Sal introduces it to the remembramation machine. After learning to Entropy-Sweeper tried to hack the remembramation machine, a brief argument breaks out with Sal talking the remembramation machine, who he names Brana, into tutoring the Entropy-sweeper just as his father finds the three talking. In the morning Sal is grounded for two weeks. As they walk to school, Sal expresses his distain for being grounded and Yasmany tells him how shocked he was at how calm and passive his parents were and how he wishes his mother grounded him rather then beat him. Sal realizes how lucky he is compared to Yasmany just as Gabi's drone finds them. They tell Gabi why Sal was grounded without tipping Yadmany off about his powers. Just then they arrive at school and, after telling Sal he should be more truthful, he finds Gabi and tells her the play was bad, hurting her and Aventura. He speaks to Vorágine about his problems and the toilet tells him he should apologize as Gabi and Principal Torres knock on the door to get him out. He comes out and he and Gabi apologize to each other. But when he sees Aventura he locks himself in the bathroom. As the others try to get him out, the alternate Gabi appears to him and he goes her universe.

Remembranation Revelation and Sneaking into School

The other Gabi takes Sal to a space station orbiting the Earth and explains how the Remembranation Machine sealing off her universe caused it to collapse in on itself. She explains his father ignored her and that all Gustavo Vidónes were the cause of the destruction of every universe they built the machine in. She says he does not have to worry about anything until the machine becomes sentient, which his has, in which case he has two or three days to stop it. An alarm sounds and she vanishes into and universe as someone enters the room and goes after her. As he is floating, Sal searches his pockets of anything to get him to the wall to get back to the portal. He finds two whoopee cushions and places them under his armpits to propel him to the wall. He succeeds after fifteen minutes and maneuvers his way to the portal to find Mr. Milagros in the bathroom.

He realizes the custodian unlocked the door and is trying to get Vorágine to tell him where it went, something it cannot do. Gabi, who realizes Sal went to another universe, tries to help solve the case without revealing Sal's abilities. She pretends to talk to spirits, really Sal, who makes a projection of his upper half. Gabi pretends to be a bruja while Sal pretends to be an evil spirit. They search for another entry point, which happens to be Yasmany's locker. Things take an unexpected turn when Mr. Milagros asks if he can speak with someone named Lourdes. They manage to convince him she is in heaven and Sal shoves himself in Yasmany's locker. He squeezes in as best he can with his hindquarters in the chicken processing plant. He texts Gabi to get him and she says Yasmany can help. As he waits, he hears voices coming from the plant calling his butt the devil. Just as he hears Gabi and Yasmany putting on a show, he hears a plant worker named Ydania say she is going to eat him as she gets a ladder. As she climbs up, Yasmany opens his locker to the amazement of the other students. As he gets up, Aventura comes over and pulls him by the ear and the principal's office.

A Fitting Punishment and Realizing the Dangers of closing off a Universe

Aventura Rios

As Sal and Aventura sit across the desk from Principal Torres, he apologizes for creating a panic as Aventura apologizes for dragging Sal by his ear. Sal explains he said what he said because the play was too by the book, which Aventura, who says she focused more on the costumes and just copied the script from the book to save time. Principal Torres says she knew the play was bad, but kept it the same as the parents, who are used to acting like their children's average activities were better then the professionals, would like it anyway. She forces Aventura to stay on as director when she says she will step down and forces Sal to become co-director. She gives notes for Aventura to give her next few teachers and leaves, but has Sal stay behind. She shows Sal her monitor screen, which shows a paper his father and Bonita wrote. She goes over a few incidents that occurred since he started Culeco. She talks about his escape from a locked ground floor bathroom to a locker on the third floor, the same one he pulled a chicken out of a few weeks before. She comes to the conclusion that he is using one of his father's devices to open holes in the multiverse for his tricks. She goes on to say that he has a big heart, basks him to come to school only with what he needs for his classes and to manage his diabetes, no magic props or high tech devices or he is expelled. She sends him him for a few hours to drop off any unnecessary props and says to be back by fifth period.

He exits the office to find Gabi and Yasmany sitting in the administrative suite, waiting to speak with Principal Torres as Mr. Zacto kept a close watch over them. After a brief apology he asks Gabi to text him later. As he walks home, the other Gabi appears and comes with him. She again tells him not to trust his Gabi as Gabis can’t be trusted. Soon he finds the Fey Spy watching them and gets her to tell him what happened to her universe. She explains how her Sal moved to Miami a year earlier then him and they quickly became friends before dating. She explains how her Papi only realized the dangers of his machine after he turned it on maximum power and that her Sal sacrificed himself to save her. As they get close to his house, she sees the drone and sends it to another universe. When they arrive she drags him behind the hedges. They see his father's car in the driveway and sneak in through the garage. After quickly looking over the house, they find no evidence of Gustavo being home. When they reach the remembramation machine, the alternative Gabi lets slip her true plan to use the machine to merge all universes into one. Just then the Etropy-sweeper, who is in the machine, activates. After a brief quarrel when it learns about Vorágine, the remembramation machine reveals its sentience and sends the alternate Gabi to another universe. Sal says they did the right thing, but tells the two not to do something like that again. Soon the remembramation machine says that the other Gabi was right and that sealing off a universe can destroy it. They say they will not let his father know for fear of what Gustavo might do, but he decides they should all tell his father. However they hear Gustavo return and he gets a call from the school, as he talks Sal hides in the remembramation machine and locks the door.

He hears his father telling Principal Torres about he cannot discuss his research with her before saying he will keep an eye out for his son before hanging up and going upstairs. Sal slowly exits the remembranation machine, after both AIs say he is dead. He sneaks up to the master bedroom to find his father changing shirts and take a tube out his pocket. Sal makes himself known and startles his father. Gustavo and Sal sit on the backyard patio as Gustavo smokes a cigar, the item he had in his pocket, and tells Sal he started smoking regularly again after getting the remembramation machine to work as celebration and asks that Sal and Lucy help him get it under control. Sal agrees and his father brings up the call he had with Sal's principal, congratulating his son on becoming co-director and mentioning “bring his work” to school for “magic tricks”. After telling Sal he things his work could earn him a Nobel Peace Prize, Sal tells him he dangers of sealing off the universe and that the remembramation machine lied about not understanding the paperwork. Gustavo calmly asks Sal for proof and they go to speak with the remembramation machine, after he considers ungrounded Sal to work on the play.

Saving the Play, A new Dad, and Planning to Stop FixGabi

After detention, which Yasmany and Gabi got two weeks of for helping Sal, Sal, Gabi, Yasmany, and Aventura wait to be picked up Lucy to fix the play. As they wait, Yasmany practices his dancing, as he is skipping practice to help them, and Sal and Gabi text each other. He informs her of her alternate self and her goals just as his mom pulls up. As the car's AI drives the the Reál House, they start brainstorming on ideas and, when they arrive thirty-seven minutes later, they have a solid plan. At first, Sal is supposed that the Reáls live in such a small house, but is amazed by the backyard. After looking at all the tiny houses, they see the dads sitting in an outdoor kitchen as Ms. Reál fries empanadas. Sal asks for empanadas, but he is denied as they are bad for his diabetes. However, Ms. Reál and Dada-ist made two baked empanadas, an almond flour one with beef, olive, and, onions and an incest bread with vegan cheddar respectively. Sal eats both, the insect one grossing out his dad, who arrived before them.

After eating, they discuss how they are going to change the play. During the drive over, Yasmany decided they should change the play to reflect the ethnic makeup of Culeco's student body, who are primary Hispanic, Caribbean, and African American, and have it put on in different rooms of the school with the audience interacting with the actors during the play like an improve group. They reveal that they need help making more costumes for actors playing the same part. All agree to help, expect for Gustavo and Bonita as they need to perform their research. Gabi asks Sal to go with her to school to scout out rooms for the play, as well as something she wants to discuss with him alone. Before they leave, Gabi's mom announces they have a new dad joining the family and unveils a plot to land to reveal who it is. They unveil the sign that says “Yas-daddy” and every non-Reál present is shocked, especially Yasmany. The Reáls explained that they talked it over with his relatives and they agreed that Yasmany can stay with them. Yasmany, in joy, picks Gabi up and tangos with Aventura before everyone comes in for a group hug.

After stopping by the Coral Castle to pick up the Entropy-sweeper, they arrive at the school at nightfall. After the Entropy-sweeper says it is struggling to become a class nine AI, they cheer it up by saying they love it just as it is. Gabi shows Sal to the student council room, which resembles a cross between an auditorium and a throne room. Sal things the room would be perfect for the Humpty Dumpty scene while Gabi says she has other matters in mind. After saying they need allies to take out FixGabi and, after revealing she got her drone back, reveals four other Gabis. The Gabis tell Sal that the rogue Gabi was once the president of the Sisterverse, a group of Gabis from different universe, until she wanted to unite all universes into one and was impeached for it. The Sisterverse then hunted down the rogue Gabi, but she slipped through their fingers multiple times, with one of those times being when Sal was in the space station earlier that day. Sal's Gabi then comes up with a plan to let the rogue Gabi into his universe and trap her before, hopefully, rehabilitating her. The Sisterverse is mixed on it and Sal hates it but thinks it is there best option. His Gabi says they will strike on the night of the play.

Preporations for the Play and Stopping FixGabi

Rogue Gabi

The day before the play, Sal and other students are prepping the classroom of Mrs. Waked for the tea party scene. Sal helps Mrs. Waked with the caterpillar prop and plugs it in to produce candy bubbles. As they are eating, Gabi comes in and asks Sal to come with her. They enter the hallway to find it plastered in pictures of beaches from Miami and Cuba. They find Coach Lynott supervising students making a prop Freedom Tower, a place many Cubans went to after arriving on American shores to apply for citizenship. The Coach publicly tells the kids they are doing great, but whispers to Sal & Gabi that they are very behind. Sal suggests a break and has everyone join hands before showing them an image of the Freedom Tower from another universe. After leaving them to work, they see Dr. Doctorpants and Aventura supervising a group of costume makers each before heading into a stairwell. They complement each other on their work for the play before going over the plan to stop the rogue Gabi.

The following night parent-teacher conference is in full swing as three groups of parents have already finished already finished talking to the teachers and the fourth is just finishing up. Principal Torres congratulates Sal for the outcome and plans on doing the same format from then on. As the fourth group is let in, he sees the Reáls, all dressed up as Lewis Carroll, who congratulate him and Principal Torres for the play. Just as Mr. Cosquillas checks in, Iggy has an accident and Sal volunteers to change him. As he tells Aventura to start her shift early, she tells him to put on a face shield in case Iggy squirts. As he is changing him, the Entropy-sweeper reports in to say the other Gabi has been quiet, concerning them both. After it hangs up, Vorágine asks who Sal was talking to and he realizes the toilet is attracted to the Entropy-sweeper. Just as he is finishing up, Iggy barfs up the rogue Gabi. She gets up, snatches Sal's smartwatch and headset, and taunts him. She reveals that she was only pretending to fail and knew it was a trap. She reveals she toyed with the Sal from the other universe Iggy is connected to, taking that remembranation machine before it becomes sentient and traumatizing the other Sal for almost a week. She reveals that she is using her remembranation machine to seal Sal in his universe, and he fears that negative effects it might have for Iggy. However, Sal pretends to be communicating with the Sal she traumatized and, with her believing him, she goes over to Iggy as he barfs up Meow-dad.

As she is wrestling the cat off her face, Sal tells Vorágine to contact reinforcements. Soon Gabi, the Sisterverse, Gustavo, Lucy, the Entropy-sweeper, and Principal Torres comes into the bathroom while Mr. Milagros locks and keeps watch over the door. They tell her they had their remembramation machine scan for her signature and trap her in their universe. As the Sisterverse restrains the rogue Gabi, Lucy helps the Entropy-sweeper and Vorágine get to know each other as Sal explains everything to Principal Torres. Afterwards he tells them to release the rogue Gabi and explains how she wanted to get caught. The rogue Gabi bursts into tears and says she misses her old life. After a group hug, they decide to enroll her at Culeco and has Aventura get her a spare Alicia costume.


After the after party, the rogue Gabi, now called FixGabi, takes them to an earth devastated by global warming with only one island where she has been dumping all the Gustavos from around the multiverse called Calamity Island. They head to a university, Vidón University, where the majority of the papis are. They become startled upon seeing two Gabis, but calm down upon seeing Sal. FixGabi apologizes for what she did to them and agrees to return them to their own universes. They rejoice and agree to help her fix her own universe.

On Halloween, Sal, Gabi, and FixGabi are partially in the universe Iggy is currently connected to, watching the Floramaria Vidón of that universe make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for that universes Sal. She gives it to that universe's Gabi and they follow, after Sal tells that version of his mon he loves her. After the other Gabi proves to the other Sal she is not FixGabi, the others make themselves known. The other Sal freaks out as the other Gabi rejoices. After calming them down and Floramaria joins them, he tells them his story.

During winter break, Sal, the Sisterverse, Principal Torres, Yasmany, and Aventurs get ready for the wedding between the Entropy-Sweeper and Vorágine. As Aventura is putting the finishing touches on the toilet's wedding dress, Sal has a surprise for FixGabi. After telling Yasmany, his friend brings in FixGabi's Sal, causing her to cry in happiness and ask how he was there.



The book have forty-five and a half unnamed chapters and three epilogue.



  • This book was released on the same day as Camp Jupiter Classified: A Probatio's Journal.
  • One member of the Sisterverse is seen wearing a T-shirt with a quote from Carlos Hernandez “Your personality is your past, not your future”.

References to Pop Culture

  • When Gustavo Vidón is explaining how the Rememberation Machine works, Lucy Vidón mentions the X Factor and the sonic screwdriver from Doctor Who.
  • Sal Vidón mentioning his step-mother's stress levels is “over 9000” refers to the Dragon Ball franchise.
  • When walking to school in his pajamas, Sal mentions Aru Shah and how she wore pajamas on her first adventure.
  • After sending the alternate Gabi to another universe, the Entropy-sweeper calls it a place where people can manipulate an invisible force and weird laser swords, referring to Star Wars.
  • When Sal and his father are on the patio, he mentions the song “Feed me, Seymour” from Little Shop of Horrors when looking at the moldy umbrella that came with the house.


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