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There are very few things in life that can't be fixed by a Cuban feast.

–Sal when he inadvertently brings his dead mother back from another dimension a fifth time in, Sal & Gabi Break the Universe.

Salvador Alberto Dorado "Sal" Vidón is one of the main title characters of the Sal & Gabi Duology along with Gabi Real. He serves as the narrator for the books. Sal is a troublemaker and self-proclaimed magician.


Early Life

Sal was born in Connecticut to two Cuban immigrants. He was bullied for his light brown complexion at his old school. He also dealt with bullies in his old school, making two of them cry. His mother would make empanadas, which he had not eaten since her death due to thinking they didn’t taste the same and not being good for his diabetes.

Car Crash and Mother’s Death

When he was eight he and his mother were in a car crash and both had only minor injuries. When he was nine his mother died of diabetic ketoacidosis. During that time a clown came up to him and pulled a fake dove out of a newspaper, he laughed and decided to practice magic to make others feel better. His father remarried his elementary school‘s vice principal after successfully trying to get the two together.

At one point, Sal was diagnosed with type-one diabetes and went through various forms of therapies to learn to cope with it.

Moving to Miami

He also moved to Miami, due to both unicorns turning his house into a stable from a rip that could not close and alternate versions of his mother destroying the house, and attended Culeco Academy of the Arts.

On his first day, he was sent to the principal to inform her of his diabetes. The following day, he was sent to her again for eating candy in gym class, the principal explained to the gym teacher that Sal has type-one diabetes.

Sal & Gabi Duology

Sal & Gabi Break the Universe

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Sal is in his first week at Culeco Academy of the Arts. On his third day he goes to his locker to get his diabetes bag as he was feeling a little light head in his last class. As Yasmany Robles is having trouble with his locker, Sal offers to help him. Yasmany gets offended by this and knocks Sal’s diabetes supplies on the floor. In retaliation, Sal says Yasmany keeps dead animals in his locker. Yasmany calls his bluff until a girl sees blood drip from the locker. He works the lock, since Yasmany keeps the combination on the back, and steps back to let Yasmany open the locker. When he does a dead chicken falls on the floor. The students scream and flee before a teacher arrives. He and Yasmany are soon in Principal Torres' office. He explains that Yasmany knocked his diabetes supplies bag on the floor. She apologizes and turns towards Yasmany, who she expels, however seconds later Gabi Real enters the office. Once she explains that Yasmany was unable to open his locker all year, but Sal could, Principal Torres turns her attention back to Sal. He claims it was an illusion, Yasmany protests and Principal Torres calls the janitor, to check in on the cleanup, but he says it vanished. Principal Torres concludes that it was an illusion. This causes Gabi to lash out to try and win, but Sal stamps her palm with his GOTCHA ring and impresses everyone. As Yasmany is about to be expelled, he convinces Principal Torres to give him another chance, she agrees.

Sal heads to his locker to eat something in the last nine minutes of lunch when Gabi chases after him to apologize. He speeds up and trips on the stairs. When Gabi catches up to him he says he does not want to talk to her for defending Yasmany and trying to get him in trouble. When he hears the bell he heads to class. He arrives in his textile class and sits with his group, with Gladis Machado and Juan Carlos Chaviano calling him brujo, sorcerer. At gym class Coach Lynott tries to get Sal to do yoga instead of the hardest of the three rock climbing walls. He convinces the coach to let him do it and he even spots Sal. Halfway up he decides to do a trick, but he decides not to since he thinks he will be branded as a brujo for the rest of his time at school. He slips and is lowered down. A tall boy, Octavio Murillo, calls him mago, magic user before the bell sounds.

The school paper on the incident where he pulled a raw chicken out of Yasmany's locker

During interpretive theatre workshop, the teacher asked her students to put on a performance. When he asks to go first she denies this and wants Sal to go last. The performances are well received and when Gabi is up, she chooses Sal for her lie detector. He walks up onto the stage and Gabi hooks him up to her lie detector. When she gets to the chicken incident, he reveals that he pulled the chicken from another dimension. Everyone thinks this a collaboration act between the two and applauds them.

He tells Gabi he wants to speak with her later, much to her excitement, and goes to his locker to get something to eat. He stops when he sees Yasmany, but decides to go anyway and tricks Yasmany into accepting his help. After he opens his lock and goes to detention, Sal looks into the locker to see the rip is still there. He finds and reads a note Gabi wrote before Mr. Milagros finds him and points out a camera. Sal puts the note back and heads home.

On the way home he remembers the car crash he and his mother were in, he starts to breath hard and heads home to eat. When he got home he hears a woman singing in Spanish. He realizes that she is an alternative version of his mother and they spend hours cooking. Later, when his father and stepmother return he tries to tell them that his mother is back, but they figure it out before he can tell them. The four eat dinner and he tells his step-mother that he told his mother she was an architect renting a room. The four enjoy the meal and he puts on one of his father's records. His two mothers dance and he passes out and wakes up in the hospital. He wakes up and, pretending to still be asleep, overhears his parents talking about his abilities. His father scans him and finds nothing out of the ordinary. He "wakes up" and his parents come over to him. He falls asleep before eating and wakes up later when his parents are asleep. He goes to the vending machines to get a snack and distracts two of the three nurses there. The third, Dulce Sotolongo, takes him to a family party to perform. They give him a plate of food before Gabi arrives, he wishes her brother happy birthday. After the Real family introduces themselves to him he tells Gabi he’s jealous of her family, unknowingly becoming her friend. The atmosphere in the room darkens when he asks about her brother. Gabi takes him to the intensive care unit to see her brother who was born with a weak immune system. Sal feels this is unfair as no child should have to go through this. At Gabi's urging, he puts his hand in a sterile sleeve and Iggy grabs his finger. The doctor says he can go home and go to school. The Vidóns get home and shower and have hot chocolate. They ask him if he brought his mother back intentionally and he says no. He asks his father about his device to fix rips in the universe, he says he does not know. He goes up stairs and gets ready.

He goes to school and sees everyone reading the school paper. Gabi comes up to him and gives him a copy. He reads it and scolds her for defending a bully and cementing his reputation as a brujo. He goes inside to cool off but Gabi stops him. In response he summons a bouquet of flowers in the newspaper and, when he asks again for her to lean in closer, a tarantula launches at her face. She starts to scream and cry once she realizes what hit her. Sal reveals that it was fake and she cries. He goes over to her and apologizes. She has him carry her backpack while she fixes herself up in the bathroom. While he waits he talks with Yasmany, who tells him his paper is going good. When Gabi gets out she asks for an interview after school and he agrees to do one at his house. He watches as Gabi playfully attacks Yasmany for suggesting they are romantically interested in each other. He wishes he had a friendship like that. At his textile arts class, he sees that Gladis is afraid of him. To try and make her like him more, he searches the multiverse and sees an alternate Gladis and himself. They trade out her scarf with the alternate dimension scarf which had a muerto ojo on it. This freaks her out and he goes to Principal Torres' office for the fourth time that week. Principal Torres gives him two days detention and has him write Gladis an apology letter and help Yasmany with his paper. He plays with a goat mask during interpretive theater workshop and Gabi takes him to the detention room in the library. He has Gabi read his apology note out loud and everyone is captivated by it.

He and the others help Yasmany with his paper and gives him a demonstration of the blo glucose meter. After they finish Sal is both surprised and thrilled that he has to come the next day. He and Gabi head to his locker for the interview and, when she sorts Yasmany's locker, she backs up in fear, Sal realizes that she can see the rip and pulls a chicken from the other side. He explains that he can open rips in the universe and takes things out of them. Just then an alternate Principle Torres comes partly through and demands the chicken back. They give it back and Gabi eagerly demands an interview.

As they walk to his house Gabi asks him how his powers work, to which he says he is not sure himself. She asks him to open a rip into another universe and he creates a peephole, she sticks her head in it and he tries to get her out. She tells him what they see and they head to his only to find an eighteen wheeler out front and unfamiliar voices inside. They barge in and find scientists working on a computer. His dad comes in and says this is the machine he was working on. He helps his father with Sundaes and his father explains that he thinks Sal can fix the rips, but he just needs to know how to fix them. During ice cream he eats beef jerky and notices Bonita, one of Gabi's dads, isn't eating. She says she is a robot but he does not believe it as everyone tries to convince him, he finally believes it when she gets a text in her head telling Gabi to go to the hospital as Iggy's condition just got worse. The others leave soon after and, to keep his stepmother from freaking out, they take her out to dinner and tell her about the machine in the living room when they are out. Later that night he goes over the the machine and sees calamitrons in the shape of his mother. As he is about to get rid of them, his stepmother Lucy comes over to him and they talk. He asks Lucy what he could do about Iggy and she suggests he text Gabi, he does and she asks him to take notes for her from her classmates since she will not be in school that day.

Early the next day, he sneaks into Culeco with his father's Entropy-sweeper to check out Yasmany's locker. After distracting Mr. Milagros he heads to it and scans it for calamitrons. It senses thirty-seven, but the measurement drops when he thinks of how to lower it. The sweeper tells him that he inhaled one of them. He stashes the Entropy-sweeper in the prop room and heads to the court yard. He sees Gladis under a tree and goes over to her, after talking to her, and realizing she is friendlier and has a thicker Cuban accent, that this is the Gladis who gave him the scarf. He asks what happened and she says her Sal switched the two. They learn from the alternate Sal that his Gladis is freaking out. He has Gladis and two other girls agree to give Gabi their notes. He sees Yasmany being dragged to the Principal's office and goes to defend him, but is kicked out. In gym he sees that the climbing walls have been given extra handhelds and made too easy. Everyone is upset but Sal switches the red wall with one from another universe and says that he used a magic trick to make it seem that the wall had been easier. After his last class he goes to detention and, after realizing Yasmany is missing, goes to Principal Torres to ask her. He meets up with Alternate Gladis in the prop room and he scans her but gets no calamitrons. She explains that equal trades do not leave calamitrons. They head to the administrative office and Mr. Zacto tells them Principal Torres is in the cafeteria and gives them the scarf. The Alternate Sal let’s them know he's switching them back and they head to the unisex bathroom to do it. He gives his Gladis the scarf, which the other Gladis left behind, Gladis takes it and goes outside. He goes to the hospital to give Gabi the notes. He goes to the cafeteria and talks with Principal Torres. The two talk and play around in masks for a little. When he asks about Yasmany, she says she can't tell him but hints about a troubled home life. She tells Sal to try and be his friend, as at the moment Yasmany needs all the friends he can get.

At the hospital, he wears the mask and Gabi tries to get him to talk. She succeeds and they think of doing an Everyman play. He calls his parents about spending the night at the hospital and they agree. They bring him somethings and get to know Gabi and her family. The two leave to get Dulce Sotolongo some coffee and see Iggy. They watch him and talk about how unfair it is for him. He explains his father's line of work and Gabi thinks he can fix the universe.

Sal and Gabi go to school after getting permission from their parents. He is surprised that she has a key to the school and learns that the security cameras are off. They go to the prop room to get the entropy-sweeper and head to the lockers. He snorts three before the others stop him. When they go to the multipurpose room they see mats arranged to form a makeshift bed. Gabi starts to text angrily before Sal realizes it's Yasmany. After Gabi scolds Yasmany, Sal farts and they all laugh before Yasmany agrees to go to the hospital and he and Gabi go to get his things. Sal says behind and scans for calamatrons but gets nothing on the first and second floor. He meets up with them and notices the red wall is back as easy but notices that both the original and new red walls are overlapping each other. They leave for the hospital. When they arrive he sees Gabi's family treat Yasmany kindly and play with him. He notices some of Gabi's relatives talking with police officers and Gabi tells him Yasmany's mother is the problem. He and Yasmany share a room for night and they talk a little before bed. A few minutes after he pretends to fall asleep, Yasmany repeatedly apologizes to him.

At 5:30 the next morning. Gabi texts him to come to the cafeteria and has Nurse Sotolongo drag him there when he does not come. She tells him they need to work on their Everyman play and they enlist their parents to help. After learning Aventura has a sewing machine he invites her over to help. The dads thank Sal and make him a dad for helping them. After Yasmany comes down he asks Sal for his phone to call Principal Torres. After Principal Torres arrive with Cari-dad, a police officer, and a social worker, they talk for a little before they take Yasmany to his aunt's house. Principal Torres indirectly thanks him for being there for Yasmany. He hugs Yasmany before he leaves and tells him Nurse Sotolongo left a few hours ago. When he leaves Gabi announces she has finished her script. On Sunday, he and Gabi put on their play in front of their families and various hospital employees, it is well received.

As they drive home, his parents praise the show and tell him he has a promising future in show business. Just then, his stepmother gets an urgent message and they head back to the hospital. When they arrive they learn that Iggy's immune system has shut down and that he could die at any moment. Gabi asks for him to come inside and he does and stays with her as she asks her mother to leave. She begs Sal to save Iggy by switching him out for a healthier version of himself but he refuses saying that it won't be the same Iggy is she knows and that the Iggy she is holding is one of a kind. Gabi agrees with this and he agrees to search the multiverse for a cure. They search through multiple universes until they stop at one where his mother is holding a prayer session. He sees his alternate self complaining and begging to leave when he throws his Alternate self's phone on the floor and his Alternate self cries on Alternate Mami's lap. She asks if they are good or bad spirits and they say they are good. They explain their Iggy and they realize the two Iggys have different diseases. They realize that they have to concentrate to cure the two Iggys. They manage to save both Iggys.

The following week he and Gabi get an A on their Everyman play. He also slowly snorts up the calamitrons in Yadmany's locker, Gabi scans him and gets no reading. One night she brings Iggy and a cat to the Coral Castle and she explains that the cat is using Iggy as a portal to travel to the other universe with the other Iggy they saved. They scan Iggy and get a reading of no calamitrons. The two vow to explore the multiverse.

After going to the hospital for low blood sugar, his parents gave him a choice, to have an insulin pump implanted or a smart watch, he chooses the watch.

Sal & Gabi Fix the Universe

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A few weeks later, he announced to his parents and the Reáls that he was asexual. He and his parents also revived an email about the play the school has returning students put on for parents and new students during the upcoming parent teacher conference. He is disappointed that he arrived to late to participate in it, but understands.

Three weeks after saving Ignacio Real, he is having a nightmare about his dead mom when his father calls him a wakes him up to tell him the Rememberation Machine, a device used to close the holes he tore in the universe, is operational and to come see it work. They step inside and his father turns it on and it works, he then feels a link to his dead mother vanish. He feels lightheaded and is brought out of the machine. They test his blood sugar levels, which are normal, and his father brings him water. After explaining that he feels disconnected, his father explains that he feels that way because his link to the multiverse has been severed. Just then Bonita calls, who has Gabi and Iggy with her, will be by them in fourteen minutes. After joking about appreciating the calm before Gabi arrives, Lucy jokingly call her his girlfriend and he jokingly confirms it. She becomes stammered until Gustavo says he is joking and she playfully hits him. As his parents get dressed, he sees a message on the rememberation machine asking if it is alive, which he says it is. Sal goes outside and hears Gabi's voice. He doesn’t see her, but she asks for his dimension and says she will meet him at school, confusing him. He sees Bonita running towards him and, realizing Gabi is trying to film his reaction and the act and that Bonita would not hurt him or the Reál children, he stands his ground and she does not hit him. They say good morning to each other as he remembers their school is putting on a performance and Alice in Wonderland for the parent-teacher conference. As Gabi is explaining the device Iggy is in, his parents come out and greet the Reáls, when they do he notices Meow-dad. He panics all tries to frost the dome to prevent Iggy from being revealed as a portal to another dimension and accidentally activates the device’s disco mode. Gabi turns it off and everyone asks Sal why he did that. He explains how he had no idea it even had the function. He tries to leave but fails in doing so. His parents see Iggy and no cat, much to his relief, and they head inside, only for the baby to start screaming. He soon stops and the others wondering what to do next, Sal suggests they wait until it happens again, which it does. Iggy stops when he exits the house and Bonita takes him to the hospital. Gabi looks at him when she says she feels pins and needles and emptiness. He gives her a look in return saying they will talk about it later. As they walk to school, Sal explains that the rememberation machine repairs holes in the membrane between universes and Gabi becomes fearful for Iggy since this connection to the other Iggy is all that is keeping him healthy. Sal vows to help her brother how ever he can.

As they walk, he really has to go to the bathroom as Gabi distracts him by explaining how her drone, Fey Spy works. She has him say various phrases to get it to answer his commands. When they arrive at Culeco Academy of the Arts, they see the school decked out for the play they are going to perform for the parent teacher conference, Alice in Wonderland. He sees Juan Carlos Chaviano modeling a dress for Aventura Rios, letting them know he is not bothered by gender nonconformity, and Aventura teases him about “getting together” with Gabi. Sal leaves Gabi for the nearest bathroom and trips, only to be caught by Mr. Milagros, and discovers the bathroom is out of order. He then removes the sign, telling Sal he and eleven other janitors spent the weekend renovating the bathroom before going in. As he does his business, he admires the bathroom as the toilet introduces itself as a class eight artificial intelligence named Vorágine. As he questions how a magnet school could afford it, it says Mr. Milagros has tech CEOs indebted to him for fixing their plumbing. He also reveals that it knows Sal is a diabetic and will share information with desired individuals with his permission. He asks it to send it to his parents before flushing. When he exits, he says it was the best bathroom experience he has ever had and the janitors lift him on his shoulders in celebration. They let him down as the bell rings and he rushes to get to his locker. When he arrives he realizes Yasmany Robles, his bully turned friend, has not contacted him all weekend. As he closes his locker, he runs into Gabi, who has a different shirt and hairstyle then he last saw her a few minutes ago. He realizes this is the alternative Gabi he spoke with earlier and she says his universe is in danger due to the remembration machine sealing off his universe. Before leaving, she tells him not to tell anyone about her and that they will meet again later. As he walks to class, he notices that the halls are empty. Widelene Henrissaint comes up to him and says only transfer students and sixth graders have classes while the rest of the student body is in the preview of the play. When they get to class, they are greeted by their teacher, Mr. Cosquillas, and learn the only other students in class are Teresita Tómas and Adam Hoag. They spend the class talking about the importance of art before going to the play rehearsal, which was bad. After leaving, Gabi bombards him with texts that he ignores until she sends her drone after him. He then grabs it with his mouth and threatens to flush it. When he gets to the bathroom he hears someone yelling on the other side of the unlocked door. He pushes it open to reveal Yasmany yelling at his reflection. As his former bully says no one wants him, Gabi, with the drone still in Sal's mouth, says she does. Yasmany yells at Sal for listening in on him until the drone comes out of his mouth. After explaining how his grandparents want him to move back in with his mom, he lets Yasmany spend the night at his house. They have oatmeal for lunch in her office and,after learning he allowed Yasmany to spend the night at his house, she lets the boys go home early, as the rest of their grade is getting ready for the play.

When they arrive, after he secretly got his parents to house Yasmany for the night, he pretends to sneak his friend into his house. After guiding him through the garage with the lights off, he tells his father to ignore them as they “sneak” upstairs. However his step-mother, who came home early after learning they have an overnight guest, and shows Yasmany to his room. She then leaves the two to work on homework and hang out. After playing video games and doing homework, they go to sleep and he wakes up a few hours later to check on the remembramation machine. After checking to make sure his parents are asleep, he heads to the living room. He talks with the machine and learns that it is not currently fixing membranes. After telling it that it’s work might be hurting people, he introduces it to the Entropy-sweeper. After apologizing for not turning it on all weekend to charge it and learning the sweeper tried to hack the remembramation machine, Sal berates. After learning that it must become a class-nine AI on it’s own, he convinces the remembration machine, who he renames Brana, he finds that his father has been listening in on the conversation and starts to berate him. In the morning he is grounded for two weeks and laments about the situation to Yasmany, who says he wishes he was grounded rather than being beaten. Just then Gabi's drone arrives and he tells her why he was grounded without tipping Yasmany off about his powers. As they arrive at school, Gabi tells him to be more truthful. He finds her and tells her how bad he thought the play was, hurting both Gabi and Aventura.

He laments his problems with Vorágine, the toilet calms him down as Gabi and Principal Torres try to get him out. Sal and Gabi apologize to each other before Principal Torres invites them to her office. However he locks himself back in when he sees Aventura. As they try to get him out again, FixGabi calls for him and he goes to her universe. She takes him to a space station and shows him how her universe is collapsing in on itself due to the Remembranation Machine and says all versions of his father are to blame for this destruction. He has a hard time believing it, but she says to only worry if the machine gains sentience, which it has, in which case he has two or three days to stop it. Just then an alarm sounds and she vanishes into a rip just as someone enters the room and goes after her, leaving Sal alone. He searches his pockets for anything to get him to the wall as he floats in the zero gravity environment. He puts two whoopee cushions under his armpits to propel him to the rip. He succeeds but finds the bathroom occupied by Mr. Milagros. He realizes the custodian has unlocked the door and is wondering Sal could have gotten out of a locked room with only one exit. Gabi, who sees the rip, tries to create a diversion as he creates a projection of his upper half. They convince Mr. Milagros that Gabi is a bruja and he is an evil spirit. Things take an unexpected turn when the custodian asks to speak with someone named Lourdes. They convince him she is in heaven as Sal finds somewhere he can slip into unnoticed, Yasmany's locker. He just manages to squeeze in with his butt in the alternate universe chicken processing plant. He texts Gabi to get him out, but she says Yasmany will do it. He hears the two putting on a show outside as he hears one of the plant workers saying she will eat him and gets a ladder, having spotted him. Luckily, Yasmany opens his locker and Sal falls out, only for Aventura to drag him to the principal's office.

As he and Aventura sit across the desk from Principal Torres, he apologizes for putting the school in a frenzy as Aventura apologizes for dragging him by the ear. As punishment, he is forced to co-direct the play with her. As Aventura leaves to deliver notes to her next few teachers, Sal is told to stay behind. She shows Sal an article on calamity physics his father and Bonita wrote and questions how he could get from a locked, windowless ground floor bathroom to the same third floor locker he pulled a chicken out of a few weeks ago. He starts to panic but relaxes when she assumes he is using one of his father's gadgets. After saying he has a big heart, she sends Sal home to drop off anything that is not necessary to his classes or for managing his diabetes and threatens to expel him if he does. She then tells him to be back by fifth period, as she intends to announce his role in the play production. He finds Gabi and Yasmany waiting to speak with Principal Torres and asks Gabi to fill him in later. As he walks back the alternate Gabi appears before him and tells him not to trust any Gabi. He soon notice Fey Spy and tricks her into revealing her story. She tells him that her Sal moved to Miami a year before him and they quickly became inseparable before dating. She explains how her Sal sacrificed himself to save her as she notices the drone and sends it to another universe. When they reach the Coral Castle, she drags him over to the hedges. They find his father’s car in the driveway and sneak into the garage, but find no trace of him in the house. They reach the remembramation machine and the alternate Gabi reveals her true intentions to merge all universes into one. At that moment, the Entropy-sweeper comes to life and, after a brief quarrel about the AI at his school, the remembramation machine reveals its sentience and sends the alternate Gabi to another universe. After the hole closes, the AIs congratulate each other while Sal says they should only do something like that again in emergencies. After they tell him the other Gabi was right about how sealing up the universe can destroy it, he becomes shocked. The AIs say they will lie to his father, but he encourages them to tell the truth. However when his father comes inside and gets a call from his school, he runs. After he hears his father hang up, the AIs say he is dead before he goes to his parents room to find his father take something out of his pocket, a cigar, and makes his presence known. They go to the back patio where his father reveals he picked up smoking regularly after get the remembramation machine to work and asks for his and Lucy's help in managing it. After his father talks about his work earning him a Nobel Peace Prize, he congratulates Sal on becoming co-director, and asks tells him he knows about the school prohibiting his magic items. Sal then reveals the remembramation machine lied about not understanding the paper as it knew the dangers of closing off a universe and describes it like a cell, needing to be both permeable and impermeable. Gustavo says they will speak with the remambramation machine and considers lifting his punishment so he can act on his director duties.

After detention, he, Gabi, Yasmany, and Aventura wait for his mom to pick them up to take them to the Reál House. He and Gabe text as they wait and he informs her of her alternate self and her goals. When his mom arrives, they get in and she lets her car's AI drive as the five brainstorm to save the play. When they arrive, after working on a solid plan to rewrite the play, he is underwhelmed by the ranch house, but is amazed at the backyard. They see Ms. Reál and the dads at an outdoor kitchen and join them. He asks for two empanadas, but is denied as they are bad for his diabetes. However they made two baked empanadas for him, one by Ms. Reál with almost flour and beef, olives, and onions and one made by dada-ist out of bread made from insects and vegan cheese. He eats both, with the latter empanada grossing out his father, who arrived before them. After eating, the kids discuss their plan to retell the story as a more ethnically diverse play reflecting the various ethnicities of the student body. They go on to explain that the play will be held in different classrooms with different students playing the same part and need multiple costumes. The adults agree to help and Gabi says she and Sal should scout out the school for rooms that will work for the play, as well as something she does want to talk about in front of the others. However before they leave, Ms. Reál says a new dad is joining the family. Every non-Reál present is shocked and, after the Reáls explain that they talked it over with Yasmany's family, joins in a group hug holding Iggy.

They head out and, after stopping by his house to get the Entropy-sweeper, they reach the school by nightfall. After cheering up the Entropy-sweeper upon learning it is struggling to become a class nine AI, they go to the student council room. Sal thinks it would work great for the play, but Gabi reveals she brought him to school to brainstorm defeating the rogue Gabi and reveals four other Gabis. They tell him they are the Sisterverse, a group of Gabis who maintain watch over the universe and the rogue Gabi was their president, until she was impeached for trying to merge all universes into one. After realizing he saw one of them on the space station, his Gabi tells him her plan to stop her. She says the best way to defeat the rogue Gabi is to let her into his universe and trap her before trying to rehabilitate her. He and two of the Gabis don’t like the plan, but feel it is their best option.

The day before the play, he is setting up Mrs. Waked's classroom and helps his teacher with the caterpillar prop. However Gabi soon arrives and asks that he come with her. They find Coach Lynott supervising students building the Freedom Tower, where Cuban immigrants went to apply for American citizenship, and says they are behind schedule. Sal has the students take a break and join hands, showing them an image of the Freedom Tower in an alternate universe to motivate them and succeeds. They leave the set crew to work before running into Dr. Doctorpants supervising one of the costume making groups. They head into a stairwell before complementing each other and going over the plan to catch the rogue Gabi.

The following night everything is going smoothly and Principal Torres congratulates Sal on his hard work. Soon the Reáls come over to them and greet the two. He volunteers to change Iggy when the baby has an accident and tells Aventura to start her shift early. As he is changing Iggy, the Entropy-sweeper informs him the rogue Gabi has not made any attempts to enter their universe lately, concerning them both. After he hangs up, Vorágine asks Sal who the AI was and he realizes the toilet is attracted to the Entropy-sweeper. Just as he puts a new diaper on Iggy, the baby barfs up the rogue Gabi. She takes his smart watch and headset, cutting him off from calling for help, and reveals she knew about their plan to trap her and used the Sal in the other Iggy's universe, traumatizing him to get close to his Remembranation Machine. After learning she is trapping him in his own universe, he becomes concerned for Iggy. He then starts to pretend to talk with the traumatized Sal and she believes him. As she goes to talk to him, Meow-dad attacks her. Soon after he has Vorágine signal the others and his parents, Gabi, Principal Torres, the Entropy-sweeper, and the Sisterverse barge in and subdue the rogue Gabi while Mr. Milagros stands watch. After explaining everything to Principal Torres, and thanking her for not expelling him for his powers, he tells them to let the rogue Gabi up as she wanted to get caught. After she says she misses her old life and cries, they all comfort her before they decide to enroll her at Culeco.

After the after party, the rogue Gabi takes them to an island where she has been sending all the Gustavos. They find the majority of them in a makeshift university and she apologizes for what she did to them and will bring them home after they help her salvage her universe.

About a month later on Halloween, he, Gabi, and FixGabi are in the universe Iggy is connected to, watching an alternative version of his mother make a sandwich for that universe's Sal and gives it the that universe's Gabi to take to him. He tells her he loves her before going to his room. After the other Gabi proves to the other Sal she is her, they make themselves known and he tells his story just as Floramaria comes in.

A couple of months later during winter break, he, the Sisterverse, Principal Torres, Aventura, and Yasmany are attending the wedding of Vorágine and the Entropy-sweeper. As Aventura finishes up the toilet's dress, Sal surprises FixGabi with her own Sal, much to the surprise of the others who thought he sacrificed himself to save her.

The Cursed Carnival and Other Calamities: New Stories About Mythic Heroes

Calamity Juice

As he and Gabi are performing a skit they created for Mrs. Waked's class, The Malta Falcon, they are called by Principal Torres to hallway C3. They rush to meet her immediately and complain about a foul smell along the way. When they reach their destination, they find the hallway covered in rainbow mush. Sal goes to take a closer look, knowing exactly what it is, an unknown substance mixed with Calamitrons. They briefly go to another universe, with Gabi going to the Chicken Universe, before meeting up with Principal Torres, who points to Yasmany Robles, who is covered in the substance and saying he understands the universe. He and Gabi get it off Yasmany and help him up. Yasmany explains how he saw himself in multiple universes and he says he saw Gladis Machado be approached by herself on a horse, who made her disappear by vomiting on her and then vomited on him. Seeing some of the vomit on his shoes, Sal tells everyone to head to Vorágine for answers.

After anylyzing it, Vorágine says it came from a unicorn. Principal Torres says they have two hours to find Gladis before her father comes to pick her up. Sal reveals he can call the alternate Gladis, however the Principal Torres from the Chicken Universe picks up instead. After the two Gloria Torreses come to an understanding, she tells the three that she explained to her alternate self that they were from another universe and one of the Gladises locked herself in the freezer. Sal and Gabi to to the Chicken Universe, only to learn it is not their Gladis. The alternate Gladis says she can take them to their Gladis and has her Sal bring them to her universe. They find that Sal standing among a herd of unicorns, who says their Gladis went with a unicorn named Carmita. He agrees to take them to find them, but is vomited on by a unicorn named Norberto, who takes the three to find Gladis. When they find her, Gladis refuses to go back as she and Carmita have bonded. Herbert follows them with Sal, as Gabi and the alternate Gladis got off of him. When they catch up with them, Sal begs Gladis to come back, but she refuses as she fears she will lose her confidence. Thinking of her close relationship with her father, Sal says if she does not return she will never see her father again. Sal then gives a short speech, however she leaves before he starts and Norberto informs him they left.

They reach Sal's home universe and watch the Pick up area for Gladis, they find her alone and Carmita approaches behind them with Gabi and the alternate Sal and Gladis, the later two say they wish to apologize, but Gabi says their Gladis sets the rules. Gabi his telescope and she narrates the interaction, saying Gladis hugged her father and is dragging him inside. After the alternate Sal has second thoughts about apologizing, Carmita sends him a universe populated entirely by Gabis. Gabi begs her to take her there as Sal gets a text from Gladis asking for him to meet her father. As the unicorns take the girls to different universes, Sal goes to meet Gladis.

Cave of Doom

He and Norberto are seen by Zane Obispo when the son of Hurakan and Brooks are flying to Isla Pájaros.

The Lonelist Demon


Sal Vidon is a Cuban boy with light brown skin. He has brown eyes and brown hair, which he keeps pretty long, as it gives him a place to hide stuff in the middle of a trick.[2]

He wears canvas pants and a cargo vest, each with four pockets brimming with pretty much all his having a lot of pockets to help in his magic performance.


Sal Vidon is shown to be quick thinking and witty when in the right situation, as shown when a raw chicken appeared in Yasmany's locker. He is a caring friend who would look out for his friends and help them however he can.

One Sal that came from an alternate universe developed an ability to speak without opening his mouth.

A non-diabetic Sal from another alternate universe was a more moody, independent and cool teenager. He'd much rather play Murder Fun Five on his phone than partake in a ritual to save Iggy Real, he thought it was boring. He occasionally got into fights with his parents, he wails like a baby when he doesn't get his way and is occasionally a coward to the point where he would go into his mami's lap. Sal Vidon hated this version of himself so much, he nicknamed him StupidSal.


  • Spanish: Sal knows some Cuban Spanish.
  • Magic Tricks: Sal is good with magic tricks, often performing for sick children in one of his local hospitals. He was able to stamp Gabi's hand multiple times without her noticing, figure out how to trick people into believing he climbed the red wall in gym, and has performed amazing sleights of hands, seemingly pulling giant skittle bags out of nowhere and pickpocketed his father's lighter without him noticing.

  • Spatio-Chronokinesis (limited): Sal is able to control the space time continuum to a degree.
    • Dimensional Summoning: Sal can summon people and objects from different dimensions.
    • Seeing Dimensional Rips: Sal can see tears into the space-time continuum into other dimensions, he can even see into different dimensions.
    • Dimensional Clairvoyance: Sal can see into other dimensions.
    • Dimensional Telepathy: Sal can telepathically speak to alternate versions of himself.
    • Dimensional Rip Creation: Sal can open tears to other universes.
    • Calamatron Absorption: Sal can absorb calamatrons.
    • Dimensional Exchange: Sal can switch people and objects from one universe to another, such as the red wall, The two Gladises, and parts of two Ignacio Reals.
    • Hallucikinesis: Sal can create projections of himself.

  • Items

    His med bag.

    • Diabetes Bag: Sal's bag for managing his diabetes. It contains insulin, syringes, a blood glucose meter, a sharps disposal container (for used needles), band aids, and a fun-sized pack of candy.
    • GOTCHA Stamp Ring: Sal owns a stamp in the form of a ring.
    • Smart Watch: After fainting from low blood sugar, his parents got him a smart watch with apps to help him manage his diabetes.



    Gustavo Vidón, his father, with his step-mother.

    Sal cares for and respects his father. After the death of Floramaria the two clung to each other for support. His father would use him for his research into calamity physics, but Sal did not mind.

    After learning his father is the cause of the destruction of several universes, he has a hard time believing it but feels there is some truth to the fact.

    Sal misses his dead mother greatly. He would bring alternate versions of her to his dimension to have her live with him and his father and stepmother. However the three would almost always end fighting.

    Some alternative versions gave him support, such as when saving the two Ignacio Reals.

    Lucy Vidón, his step-mother, with his father.

    Sal greatly cares for his step-mother, being the one to set up her with his father. He thinks of her as a good mother figure after his own mother died and greatly cares for her, with the feeling being mutual.

    On his thirteenth birthday, she gifted him a double hardcover copy of both Lewis Carrol Alice books.


    Gabi Real, his friend.

    At first, Sal thought of Gabi as annoying and invasive, wanting to get him in trouble to save a bully and not letting him have his secrets. However after getting to know her the two became friends.

    As time went on, Gabi would help him discover the limits of his dimension powers and Sal would explain everything he can to her whether noticed her own powers.

    Yasmany Robles, his bully turned friend.

    At first, Sal saw Yasmany as a bully for knocking his diabetes bag on the floor. However, the two boys bonded over their mutual friendship with Gabi Real, becoming acquaintances. Yasmany would come to understand Sal's struggle with type-one diabetes and Sal would learn of Yasmany's troubled home life. Over learning of each other's struggles, Sal and Yadmany would gain respect and semi understanding for one another.

    A few weeks after meeting, he lets Yasmany stay at his house, showing how close they have come in under a month.

    FixGabi, his enemy turned friend.

    At first, Sal was surprised and unsure of what to think of her, questioning her motives for a week. Upon learning her true motives, he has the Remembranation Machine banish her from his universe. Upon her defeat, he takes pity on her, realizing she only did what she did to avoid being lonely. After a few months of knowing each other, he finds her Sal, causing her to shed tears of joy.


    Gladis Machado, his classmate.

    While Sal tries to be friendly towards Gladis, she fears him due to his magic hobby, calling him a brijo, a wizard. When he tried to give her a scarf an alternate version of himself and Gladys made as a way to make her not fear him, it backfired and he received two days detention. After spending a day in another universe, she start fear him less, but avoids him more due to her experience.

    In an alternative universe, the two are close friends with the two dating.

    Gloria Torres, his middle school principal.

    Sal respects his principal, following her instructions and cheering her up after learning of Yasmany's troubled home life. After vanishing from a group floor bathroom and reappearing in a third floor locker, he starts to fear she knows about his powers. Luckily, she assumes, he is using one of his father's inventions. After she threatens to expel him if he brings anything to school that is not related to his class or diabetes, he starts to fear her again.

    When she helps him subdue FixGabi, he thanks her for not expelling him upon learning of his abilities.

    Aventura Rios, a classmate of his.

    Sal and Aventura a on friendly terms with one another, knowing each other better the their mutual friend Gabi Reál. She helped him make a death costume for their Everyman play after only knowing his for just under a week. Almost a month later, he hurt her by saying the play she directed was terrible, causing her to cry and for him to lock himself in the bathroom. He apologizes later and becomes her co-director, both working hard to improve the play for the better.


    • Salvador is means "savior" in Catalan, Spanish, and Portuguese.
    • Alberto is the romance language version of the Germanic name Albert, meaning "noble and bright".
    • Dorado is a masculine given name and surname of Spanish origin.
    • Vidón is the name of two municipalities in the Italian province of Fermo, but it was made up by Carlos Hernandez.


    • Sal has type-one diabetes, making him the second diabetic character under the Rick Riordan Presents imprint after Jazz in the Storm Runner Trilogy.
    • Sal's favorite foods are ropa vieja, plátanos, bacalao, and pernil.
    • Sal Vidon is the first human protagonist of a story to begin the story with a grasp on how his powers work at the start of the story as opposed to discovering them during the story. 
    • Sal was based on a grown-up theoretical physicist in The Assimilated Cuban's Guide to Quantum Santeria, a short story also written by Carlos Hernandez that was published in a collection of the same name.[3]
    • His favorite book is A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle.
    • He reads a lot of fantasy novels.
    • Sal wears black silk pajamas to bed.
    • Sal is the first Rick Riordan Presents main character to have a made-up last name.
    • He speaks with a French accent when he is nervous.
    • Sal is the first aromantic character in the imprint to have a point of view.
    • He is a fan of Lewis Carrol's Alice books.


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